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Arcade Fire : Reflektor

Arcade Fire : Reflektor
Reflektor is the new album by indie/alternative darlings Arcade Fire. According to reports, the album was recorded in multiple locations over the last year, including at New York’s DFA Studios alongside former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy. “I think it’s going to be a really great record, actually,” Murphy told Rolling Stone. “I’m eager to see it come out.” In December, the band previewed new material during a private concert at Breakglass Studio in Montreal. The new songs were described as “dance-y and groovy,” with themes “rooted in the mid-19th century and African American history in the US.” It's been confirmed that Reflektor is a double album since its now available to pre-order on Arcade Fire's official website. The album cover features Auguste Rodin, from the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. Check out the video for the title track below, which also confirms that the band is set to release one of the most interesting albums of 2013.

Reflektor is the new album by indie/alternative darlings Arcade Fire.
According to reports, the album was recorded in multiple locations over the last year, including at New York’s DFA Studios alongside former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy.

“I think it’s going to be a really great record, actually,” Murphy told Rolling Stone. “I’m eager to see it come out.”

In December, the band previewed new material during a private concert at Breakglass Studio in Montreal. The new songs were described as “dance-y and groovy,” with themes “rooted in the mid-19th century and African American history in the US.”

It’s been confirmed that Reflektor is a double album since its now available to pre-order on Arcade Fire’s official website. The album cover features Auguste Rodin, from the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. Check out the video for the title track below, which also confirms that the band is set to release one of the most interesting albums of 2013.


Arcade Fire have themselves posted the full album, stream it below.

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Reflektor Leak Updates

On 10/24/2013, Reflektor was reported as leaked by 1 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

fabripav (A Level 2 user with 476 points) reported an album download leak at Twitter, /mu/.

Disc 1 01 “Reflektor” 02 “We Exist” 03 “Flashbulb Eyes” 04 “Here Comes The Night Time” 05 “Normal Person” 06 “You Already Know” 07 “Joan Of Arc” Disc 2 01 “Here Comes The Night Time II” 02 “Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)” 03 “It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)” 04 “Porno” 05 “Afterlife” 06 “Supersymmetry”[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Anticipation: +232

Album Verdict: 9.4

Arcade Fire : Reflektor, 9.4 out of 10 based on 101 ratings


  1. “with themes “rooted in the mid-19th century and African American history in the US.”

    Oh…I guess we’re back to some Neon Bible style stuff aren’t we?

  2. is that the official cover? yeesh.

    • Dude, I wouldn’t take much of this too seriously. The album title is based on speculation that a graffiti tag reading “Reflektor” is some how tied to the band. Also, this is only an image they tweeted when they announced the release date of the album. Tons of bands release promotional images before an album release, and they don’t necessarily have anything to do with that album’s cover at all.

  3. LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy spoke about the band’s new album, which he is helping produce. Quizzed on what it sounds like, Murphy said: “It sounds like Arcade Fire in the way that only Arcade Fire sound like Arcade Fire, you know? It’s really fucking epic. Seriously. I mean, I feel at this point like I’m too close to it to really talk it up and do it justice, you know?”

  4. they have gone progressively worse so far, so I’m trying to keep my hopes down. James Murphy’s cool tho.

    • Why do you feel they’ve become worse?


    well it looks like it is titled Reflektor they just released a teaser of some sorts! Something is going down on 9/9/9

  6. The single Reflektor leaked on bandcamp it’s since been pulled. Sounds like Bowie’s on the track too. Regine sings a little in French, it’s almost 8 minutes long and sounds awesome!

    • Yep, but it is still floating around… It’s quite a danceable tune, for AF. James Murphy all over

  7. The single Reflektor has been leaked.

    • NSFW

    • maaaan huge fan but i think they could’ve done better with the cover :/ but yeah i am one of those idiots who needs great album artwork

      • Well, do you know the story of Orpheus and Eurydice? Orpheus was a great musician who tried to retrieve his wife Eurydice from the underworld, basically bringing her back to life. All he had to do was lead her out of the underworld without looking back to make sure she was following. He was almost there, when he couldn’t resist the temptation to peer back and make sure she was following, and as a result she was lost to the underworld for eternity. It’s actually amazing that they used that for their album cover, I think it’s brilliant, but hey, that’s just me:))

        • Orpheus was basically the first ever rock star. And supposedly he was later killed by the maenads (frenzied cult like groupies) which allowed him to reunite with Eurydice in the Underworld. Greek mythology is trippy and fascinating.

        • Could have worked it into something that looks a lot less like the cover page for a high school paper on Orpheus.

  8. About to feature this album on the front page.

  9. I think this will be a fun album for AF fans. “Reflektor” has been growing on me, it even seems like a different song from when I first heard it. Pumped for the full thing!!

  10. I’ve literally listened to the song “Reflektor” twenty times in a row now. That’s approximately 2 and a half hours! Rarely do I love long songs (5+ minutes) but this song keeps getting better with each listen like good wine.

    • Then we should listen to it while drinking that good wine. Oh Arcade Fire, I love you.

      • I thought I found the wine opener. It’s just a reflektor.

        • Haha

          Thought you were drinking the red one; turns out it was just a reflektor
          (I really had to)

          • It’s just a reflection of a reflection of a reflection…

          • (Aw, I wanted to say that line). :/

            If this is wine, I need something more.
            Just a drink that’s more hardcore.

          • I though I was a little better; It’s just a hangover (Just a hangover)

          • LOL! Made me laugh hard! (Oh my, how AF must be proud of their first single being turned into a getting wasted game).

            But we have 3 more weeks to kill until the release date, so I’ll continue what I have started.

            “Thought you were spewing on Santa’s helper.
            Turns out it was just a hangover.
            (Just a Reflektor).”

          • Yeah, really proud haha!
            Let me just improve this a bit…

            “if you had a rough night, if you had a rough night just get in the line – cause here comes the aspirin”

          • Thought I broke a wine glass, but it was just a reflektor. ¯(°_o)/¯

    • Totally agree. The song doesnt seem to be over 7 minutes long.

  11. Excited!!

  12. Tracklist
    Disc 1:

    1 Reflektor

    2 We Exist

    3 Flashbulb Eyes

    4 Here Comes the Night Time

    5 Normal Person

    6 You Already Know

    7 Joan of Arc

    Disc 2:

    1 Here Comes the Night Time II

    2 Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice)

    3 It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)

    4 Porno

    5 Afterlife

    6 Supersymmetry

  13. Whether you care about major critics or not, Rolling Stone just posted a review for the double album:

  14. arcade fire played ‘Afterlife’, a new song from reflektor on snl last night:

    after snl Here Comes the Night Time was premiered, directed by Roman Coppola featuring ‘Here Comes The Night Time,’ ‘We Exist,’ and ‘Normal Person’ from the new album:

    • At first listen, “Normal Person” was my favorite with it’s chaotic (yet somehow beautiful) guitar distortion.

      But now, I say “Here Comes the Night Time” is easily my favorite – a song that has fun with tempo changes. During the slow playful piano line it transports me to a nightclub on some really exotic tropical island. And then the tempo cranks up full speed! You can’t help but move your booty fast like shake and bake. And the tempo slows down again as you attempt to calm the blood flow from the after effect.

      All I’ve heard is really excellent though, and there is no doubt in my mind that this double album will be my favorite of 2013.

      • I agree with you on hctnt and it seems there will be more songs on Reflektor with that vibe, I can’t wait.

  15. nbc concert video from last night is on youtube. they played 3 new songs: ‘Here Comes The Night Time’, ‘We Exist’ and ‘Normal Person’


  17. We Exist is the best new song I have heard so far. I have seen it written as similar to Billie Jean and a poppier Cure. So you know it is has to be good.

  18. We Exist is the best new song I have heard off the album. It is epic. The other songs are great too. This will be at least as good as The Suburbs maybe even better. A dance slant on their sound is refreshing and awesome.

  19. Video of new songs SNL Afterparty….youtube

  20. Here Comes the Night time, We Exist, and Normal Person are on this channel –> <–. Check them out they're sick.

  21. Arcade Fire tweeted a new 30 second or so teaser for “Awful Sound.” In my opinion, the clip is far from ‘awful’ and reassures me that this album will be the album (double) of 2013. Two and a half more weeks until we’re blessed with orgasmic sounds!

  22. Arcade Fire tweeted a new 30 seconds or so teaser for “Awful Sound.” In my opinion, the clip is far from ‘awful’ and reassures me that this album will be the album (double) of 2013. Two and a half more weeks until we’re blessed with orgasmic sounds!

  23. New teaser posted for Afterlife:

  24. C’monnnnnn, only 11 daysssss

  25. we need to leak this soon as possible.

  26. C’MON — NEO.

  27. Anyone know of a leak yet?? Desperate.

    • Friday, when it hits shelves in Ireland.

      But really — you can’t wait five more days?

      • no

        • Five days? I’d rather be murdered

          • Then you’d never listen to the album…

          • Good point.

      • Why wait of it’s leaked? I’m a fan, i’ll still buy AND go to the live shows :o)

    • now it’s leaked…

  28. Seriously, how has this not leaked? Killing me.

  29. where is the leak fuckers?

  30. I’m gonna die if this doesn’t leak very soon.


  32. I have a feeling today will be the day.

  33. fuckers! Today is the day!

  34. Please, today must be the day

  35. No promo discs given to journalists & co, only listening sessions, so it probably won’t leak before the release date, or maybe the day before.

    • Anybody read any of the listening session reviews? I read Spin’s the other day.

  36. new song called supersymmetry:
    god bless ARCADE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. C’mon!!!!!!

  38. – Studio version of Afterlife.. Very good! This album NEEDS to leak!!

  39. :(

  40. afterlife!

    • oh my god what an awful word…

  41. just listened to joan of arc and its never over….eargasm!!!!

  42. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Dear Lord. Please . Leak.

  44. The album will leak tonight, at 12am.

  45. They previewed a second full song, “Afterlife”, on Zane Lowe. Here’s the lyrics video:

    P.S. One week early streaming is for irrelevant musicians. You should know Arcade Fire don’t roll like that! (With that said… leak, leak, leak!) ;P

  46. fuckerz. today is the day.

  47. flashbulb eyes flashbulb eyes i’ve got nothing to hide…

    • the studio version is just too good to be real…

    • The masterpiece i’ve been waiting for. so much better than “reflektor”(ofc its great too but pales in comparison). Even more stoked for the new album now

      • to me reflektor is their centerpiece for this album, afterlife is insanely good too

        • Yeah but Reflektor just didnt hit me quite hard like this did.
          “Reflektor” is just missing something imo that makes their older classic singles so memorable. But despite of that in the context of the album it makes just much more sense.

      • Reflektor es mucho mejor que esta. Posiblemente sea el temazo del album.

        • Because replying in spanish to english comments makes sense.

          • Si, porque no vaya a ser que entiendas mal lo que diga en inglés.

      • Just so much heart and soul in this song, reflektor is ok but if all their songs were like that they’d just be an average band, this is the kind of stuff that sets them apart.

  48. most of the songs are avaible albeit in poor quality on you tube, so excited by this record they truly are the greatest band of our generation been a massive fan since their first ep 8 years ago , pre ordered it iTunes and vinyl still that vinyl sound , come on do a sneaky leak .

  49. YES it has leaked = Heart Attack

    • wat.

    • Not cool Guillermo

      • It is not a statement, it is an equation. You understand?

        • It has no sense. Or, rather, no purpose.

          • Sí tiene sentido, quiero decir que en cuanto vea “YES it has leaked” voy a tener un ataque al corazón.

  50. Reflektor is number 1 on our “most wanted” list for indie titles!

  51. WHERE THE FUCK IS TEH LEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!11


    • chill out man , music is beauty , it will be out on Monday am UK , pretty sure someone will get a copy early in post as well , so relax go back to their back catalogue or better still check out Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros albums all very goood :)

      PS i do feel you though i been checking 6 – 8 times a day for a leak .

  52. ONE WEEK! they seem to be keeping a tight lid on the album, no signs of leaking.

    • In Germany it’s actually released on Friday. So i guess on thursday it will be available. STOKED

  53. there are some links on youtube with the download link. don’t try to download the album there. they are just trying to discover your phone number in order to steal your credit….

  54. I needs this album, like… NOW!!! D:

  55. Unfortunately, Reflektor is unlikely to leak. People who did have a chance to hear the album (such as critics, etc) had to listen to the album in a supervised lab. They didn’t send out any digital or physical copies to anyone.

  56. you will all most likely get the album thursday night… the album releases friday in germany and they are about 7 – 8 hours ahead of us…do the math

    • unfortunately i live in europe……

  57. Y U NO LEAK?

  58. Copies already being sold in Ireland, watch out for that leak!

  59. this is driving me crazy. I pre ordered the album but n***a damn just leak it already

  60. Physical copies are being sold in Ireland, prepare for a leak.


      • I think the 20 hours was necessary to prepare for an album of this calibre.


    • Hey, thats…not completely….true… and we do have a bank holiday coming up…. give us a break… :oD

      • You can drink as much as you want after you kindly upload it for us.

        • Stop man, im developing a twitch from first waiting for the Lightning Bolt leak and now this… it isnt good for the nerves

      • it is because the bank holiday that is on sale today….

  62. The album is already for sale in Ireland but it hasn’t leaked. Unbelievable.

    • I dont think its on sale until Friday in Ireland but you can get it in the smaller record shops the day before, so it should be on the net tomorrow at the latest.

      • There are already pictures on the internet of Irish people with the record, obviously obtained at smaller record shops.

        • obviously?

          • Yes. Not really hard to understand, small records already started to sell the album, 2 days before the actual release.

        • Link the photo please, it’s not forbidden to link photos

    • The image of a physical album in the hands of an irish bloke, allegedly posted on twitter and brought to light by Arcade Fire Tube, has vanished, so here are some (un)likely theories: a) irish people are selfish and/or unwilling to leak albums for legal reasons b) the irish are still at the pub c) it was a trick by AF to get people drooling d) it was just a reflektor

  63. come on irish brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!help us!!!!!!!!

  64. This thing is already being sold, and no leak yet… Whyy!!! D:

  65. Well it’s 5pm in Ireland so maybe when someone gets home from work/school they can do the deed

    • Fingers crossed… I’m about to lose it!!

  66. Are you drunk?

    edit: of course you are, you’re irish.

  67. Gosh! I’m sitting here waiting for the damn leak, unable to do anything else. Imma go listen to Wasted Hours!

  68. Only vaudou will bring the leak to the internets

  69. *You’re

  70. Definitely.

  71. What’s with all the drunk Irish comments? Come on Internet, we’re all here for the same reason

  72. tuuumblr how i love you (sorry for that, was a fake)

  73. I need a leak!!!

  74. Leaked!

  75. Cmon folks

  76. fuckerz. today is not the day.

    • This is causing me physical pain

    • Today has to be the day! The album is being sold an it’s not leaked ? I can’t understand it…

  77. Oh please, please, please, let me, let me, let me, let me get what I want this time! :(

    really, I can’t wait any longer.

  78. come 0n come 0n come 0n come to dada

  79. Oh god why is this not leaked yet!!! I wanna scream and cry right now.

  80. we’ll scream and shout, ’till the leak is out

    • The irish Bloke
      Where has he gone?
      Where did he go

  81. I just wanna pop my pussy and twerk it out to the reggaeton breakdown on Here Comes the Night Time

  82. ok, i give up. :(
    good night everyone.

  83. Seriously, Ireland? Ya can’t get the magic up on the interwebz yet? Disappointing. You too, Czech Republic.

  84. Fun Fact: The Suburbs was released on August 2, 2010 but it leaked on July 24, 2010. I guess the labels are getting better on preventing leaks.

    • It was a conscious step on the part of AF and their manager or whomever to have listening sessions for journalists and critics rather than distributing early copies to them. They can only delay shipment to retailers for so long, so that’s why copies are trickling out now.

    • Y “Neon Bible” se filtró casi un mes antes de su salida oficial!

    • The album has been sold in Ireland yet.. and the fucking idiots are not able to leak..

      • Hey Fernando, It’s not the frustration of reflektor coming out.. It’s yourself… Make sure u don’t run out of baby oil before the release

  85. I think we’ll be getting it soon. Something has to give. Just one person has to upload it.

  86. maybe I’m taking this too far, but the (original) leak zip contained some (fake) mp3s and a copy of itself. just a reflection of a reflection? it seems strange that they wouldn’t exploit the release moment after doing the whole #newmystery thing and the reflektor campaign. thoughts?

  87. Thinking of those two irish dudes who have the album and made fun of everyone asking for a leak. Dicks.

    • apparently some guys in chicago have bought it as well.

    • Haha

  88. WHERE THE HELL IS THE LEAK? seriously guys, any irish here?

  89. xD

  90. I had posted a comment earlier about how it was going to leak on a certain day. That day, was the day in which the early copies of Reflektor were shipped to those few independent record shops received their shipments. (I know this, because I am the manager of one of those shops.) I would’ve figured that a buyer would’ve leaked the album by this point, after some copies have since long-been purchased but apparently the IQ of those buyers were a lot lower than I thought they were. Do not fret, HasItLeaked community, you shall get your Reflektor fix yet.

  91. Apparently, this user in LastFM has the album: I sent him a PM.

  92. This site reports 2 leaks… Both bs?

    • both are fake

    • This site hasn’t reported any leaks

      • Above it says 2 level 1 leaks… First time on the site, so apologies if I’m off on the protocol

        • They probably were both bs, yeah.

          • Oh weird I don’t see that Duddy_17.

            Edit: I see it now. You’re right.

          • That’s why we have the level system. Those were from two new users – I checked them, both of them were fake and they’ve now been removed. Once there’s a legit leak, you’ll notice – Guaranteed ;)


  94. Soooo there are also some guys in Chicago who bought the record already…. well I’m still wating on a leak or I’ll check a record store to see if they have already put it on shelves as well.

  95. Not yet?

  96. It leaked. Link get deleted immediately though. I’m downloading. Look on /mu/

    • What is /mu/ ?

      • ……..type “mu 4chan” on google

    • Seems like it is a bad quality rip like the ones before.

      • No, the ones before were fake stuff and audio from the trailers. This is legit

    • There’s a new link through /mu/

  97. It’s a transcode, even if it says 320kbps

    • Fake?

      • No

        • Where can i find a link?

          • You can’t, clearly.

          • Exystence chat box. Quality is poor and “Normal Person” sounds like a live version.

          • Why would anyone leak all the new material but include a live version of Normal Person? Sounds fine to me, but yes, it’s not the best quality rip.

  98. Leaked In KL !!!!!

  99. Today is a great day.

  100. Not great quality! I would wait for a better rip.


  102. i got my amazon copy today

  103. fukers. today was the future.

  104. i think its a vinyl rip, i can hear pops and dust noises at the end of “We Exist”. that would explain the abnormally warm and bass-heavy sound

    • where can i download the album :O ?

    • I agree. Balance is slightly shifted, too.

  105. oh my god!!!this is just too good to be real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if there is a god bless ARCADE FIRE!!!!


  107. Kingdom Leaks has it too

  108. new album releases …

    • its all the same rip, as of right now

  109. A new version has popped up: “Arcade_Fire-Reflektor-2CD-2013-P2P”. It’s a VBR rip this time. Seems to be a transcode of the transcode. So don’t get too excited about it.
    “… guess it was just a reflektor” ^^

  110. KAT has one as well. Don’t know if it’s the same as the first leak.

    • This one is one CD – 13 tracks

      • The double album is 13 tracks in total.

  111. on rutracker as well, which is open-signup russian torrent tracker

  112. until we have a copy of the album with Supersymmetry as the the full 11:16, i think it’s safe to assume these are all derivative of the original low-quality rip

    • Oh! That’s a good indicator! Haven’t thought of that!

      • There is one torrent on TPB which has Supersummetry listed as 11:16. Anyone heard that one?

        • No, but it has the same filesize as the other 320kbps versions. So it can’t be 11:16.

          • You are right

  113. Hunting a reflektion like a bunch of cats! xD
    But I’m not going to listen to this until the quality is perfect. Even if that means that I have to wait for another 7.5 hours till Amazon releases the AutoRip version.
    Oh, come on!! Waiting for too long!!

  114. Just so people are aware, this is the info on the current leak:

    “Noisy analog rip — potentially Vinyl source, track lengths don’t match official, look manually cut. Missing 5 minutes of final track.”

    If you really must listen to the album before it comes out, this will do, I suppose. Or you can wait until later today/tomorrow for a better rip.

    • I’ve listened to it all the way through. It’s not that bad of a leak – it definitely gets the job done until there’s a proper rip.

    • A better leak is already available on and I can assure you that it is from a CD and it sounds perfectly fine and it has the entire 11 minutes of Supersymmetry.

  115. Anything with better quality ?

    • There’s one that was just uploaded which looks promising that I’m gonna check out for everyone. Gimme a few minutes.

      EDIT: Nope. It’s on TPB – Supersymmetry is still cut off. Uploaded by “AB-F13″. Ignore it.

      • All you have to do is look at the size of the torrent/.rar. Any new 320kb rip will be over 170MB.

        • Yeah, I thought the main leak was 140, not 160, so that’s why I gave it a shot.

          • It’s up on exy now. 198MB.

          • what is exy?

          • What is exy?

      • If it’s a new rip, please tell!

  116. The pirate bay has it.

  117. They should sell the album now on itunes, i and i’m sure a lot of more people will buy it right now

  118. Yes this has leaked

  119. Uh suprised noone has pointed this out: “The album cover features Auguste Rodin, from the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice.” This isn’t the case. The album cover actually features sculptures of Orpheus and Eurydice, Rodin is the sculptor – more famously known for The Thinker and The Gates of Hell

  120. waiting for something with a better quality.

  121. exystence

  122. FLAC seems to be out there as well, hope its legit

    • Pretty sure it’s legit. Wouldn’t have been posted on exy, otherwise.

      • i actually found it on a separate site, the exy link told me the FLAC download had exceeded its limit

        • There’s also a 320 kbps that weighs 198 MB. Gotta check that out!

      • I’m sorry, but what is exy? A Google search didn’t yield anything.

        • exystence

          • Much appreciated.

    • Just got the FLAC version – it’s legit. Supersymmetry is 11:17 and there is a hidden track that is 10:02. The total file size is 491.45 MB

      • that is fantastic news. hows the sound?

        • Fantastic – night and day difference from that crap version that was leaked earlier.

          • Totally agree! Awesome!
            I was actually worried there for a sec, cause Arcade Fire did press Suburbs on vinyl first and rip it to CD afterwards. Thought they did an extreme lo-fi mix for this album.
            But the new FLAC version is supreme quality!

    • The download is taking 2 plus hours for me.

    • Found it on wrzmusic. It came with cue + log and supposedly has a hidden first track! If this is not legit it’s an actual fake, not just a lousy copy.

      • That’s the legit version that I grabbed.

        • Sorry, missed your post!

          • No worries! :)

      • It’s legit alright! :D
        Compare “Supersymmetry” for example.
        The way the FLAC’s dynamic is compressed, supports the idea that the previous rip was a vinyl copy. And – of course – it’s the full 11:16.

  123. Man. The entire Internet must be trying to download this right now. Won’t even begin to download for me.

  124. Where o where!?!?!

  125. Tell us a bit about the hidden track, please.

    • its a 10-minute soundscape compressed of tracks from disc 1 (i believe). in reverse.

      personally, i’ve flipped the track right-ways and it makes for a nice interlude between disc 1 and 2, or i have it at the end with the other soundscape after Supersymmetry

      • That’s a great idea! The original version of the hidden track is just too weird.
        But to be honest I doubt that I will include the hidden track for “day to day use” at all. :)

        • yeah, i gave it one listen between disc 1 and 2 and realized its better suited at the end of disc 2 for a nice epilogue

          • I did the same thing!

        • If you come to think about it… the hidden track is a reflection of the first CD of Reflektor. Mirrored, so to speak. I think it’s the same with the end of Supersymmetry, just sped up. But I’m not sure about that yet.

  126. The version of 195 Mb is pretty good

  127. This album is glorious, everything sounds beautiful! buyin’ it!

  128. Finally

  129. Legit FLAC on RuTracker

  130. They uploaded the whole thing at their YouTube channel:

    And by checking the lenght of the tracks, the hidden track is supposed to go between disc 1 and 2.

  131. Incredible. They launch a teaser on youtube with the full album included in this day. Incredible. Maybe the leak was planned, too.

  132. We’ve added the full album stream above. Thanks Arcade Fire for giving us a proper alternative to piracy!

    • Hard to imagine another band that earned my respect so frequently. Really impressed… again…

  133. Listening to “We Exist” and prefer the live version from their live video in Montreal… I played it so many times!

  134. Got it off wrzmusic. Legit.

  135. Speaking only for myself…I love this frakkin’ album. Hardly stopped listening to it.

  136. This album is good

  137. The album stream has since been made private.

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