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Currents is the band’s follow-up to their Equal Vision debut The Valley, released in 2011 and a five track EP, Deep Space, released in 2012. Eisley is comprised of Sherri DuPree-Bemis (vocals, guitar), Stacy DuPree-King (vocals, keys), Chauntelle DuPree-D’Agostino (vocals, guitar), Weston DuPree (drums) and Garron DuPree (bass). The cover art for Currents was also illustrated by DuPree-Bemis. The album was self-recorded and self-produced in their home studio in Tyler, TX - the band’s first time recording completely independently, which proved to be a rejuvinating and rewarding process. The new album sees Eisley’s signature tapestry of rich harmonies, delicately woven over the band’s most intricate instrumentations yet. The relaxed, creative setting also allowed for the band’s most collaborative effort to date, seeing more prominent bass and guitar lines than ever before, a song written and sung by lead guitarist Chauntelle DuPree-D’Agostino (her first ever full-song solo lead vocal performance), and guest performances from Merriment and Say Anything’s Max Bemis.

Submitted By Andrew Mc

Track list:

1. Currents
2. Blue Fish
3. Drink The Water
4. Save My Soul
5. Millstone
6. Real World
7. Wicked Child (feat. Merriment)
8. Find Me Here
9. Wonder English
10. Lost Enemies
11. The Night Comes
12. Shelter
Submitted By Andrew Mc

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  • Taylor Brogan
    May 27, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    By far my favorite Eisley record, and it has as much to do with Eisley leaving WB as it does with Jeremy Larson’s production. Those STRINGS.

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