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The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1

Five Finger Death Punch : The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1

Five Finger Death Punch : The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1
Five Finger Death Punch will release The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1 on July 30, while Volume 2 is scheduled for later this fall. Eleven Seven will release the albums outside of North America. Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory recently shared, “We came off the road after a couple of great years of touring and were really amped up to write the 4th record. Everybody was in the right headspace and the band tighter than ever so it was a perfect storm. We jumped in head first and found ourselves 12-13 songs deep fairly quick but were still coming up with better and better material so we looked at each other and said…. ok why stop there? Let’s keep going. Once we passed the 24th song we knew we’re going to have to do two albums. We had this massive amount of music that’s very dear to us, possibly the best material this band has ever created. At that point there was no way to decide which songs to leave off one album. So we made the decision to release them all.”

Five Finger Death Punch will release The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1 on July 30, while Volume 2 is scheduled for later this fall. Eleven Seven will release the albums outside of North America. Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory recently shared, “We came off the road after a couple of great years of touring and were really amped up to write the 4th record. Everybody was in the right headspace and the band tighter than ever so it was a perfect storm. We jumped in head first and found ourselves 12-13 songs deep fairly quick but were still coming up with better and better material so we looked at each other and said…. ok why stop there? Let’s keep going. Once we passed the 24th song we knew we’re going to have to do two albums. We had this massive amount of music that’s very dear to us, possibly the best material this band has ever created. At that point there was no way to decide which songs to leave off one album. So we made the decision to release them all.”



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The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1 Leak Updates

On 07/25/2013, The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1 was reported as leaked by 5 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

jagwire12 (A Level 1 user with 25 points) reported an album download leak at LimeTorrents.

hydr0sh0k (A Level 1 user with 89 points) reported an album download leak at GetMetal.

beng8686 (A Level 2 user with 188 points) reported an album download leak at GetMetal.

qalpal (A Level 1 user with 72 points) reported an album download leak at GetMetal.

intensify (A Level 1 user with 49 points) reported an album download leak at GetMetal.

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Anticipation: +89

Album Verdict: 8.9

Five Finger Death Punch : The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1, 8.9 out of 10 based on 53 ratings


  1. first single is out, Lift Me Up Ft. Rob Halford

    • already got that song

  2. eh I dont know what they are doing but ever since the last album, some of their songs sound like Nickleback on steroids. Parts of lift me up (excluding Halfords vocals) sound Nicklebackish. Hope they steer away from that and back to their own sound like from War is The Answer.

    • That’s a ridiculous comparison and if it did sound like Nickelback that would be great because Nickelback is a good band that has been the biggest selling rock band on planet earth for 10 years…so you slagging them doesn’t matter.

      • You’re ridiculous… for liking Nickleback. Unless your a bitch.

    • if anything youd like dot your eyes. that is original enough for you. and they sound nothing like nickleback.

      • Yeah some of the samples sound awesome.


    New clip for “Dot Your Eyes”

  4. in such a short time i’ve become a fan of FFDP, really looking forward to this :D

  5. itunes leak samples ths is gonna be killer for my playlist

  6. Guys, who have a full track called “You”?
    It’s already released, but no one didn’t leak it.

    • Dude, been thinking the same thing and been looking for it… I got this album pre-ordered, but I want this track now! D: If you find it, let us know!

  7. I am a HUGE 5FDP fan cant wait for new album stop teasing and bring it out already OMG the suspense is fuking killing me lol

  8. Damn this is going to be so good. I can hardly wait. I am so excited!!

  9. check out the sample clips on itunes! damn great

  10. The second “Track By Track” episode…

  11. Has anyone else noticed that “Here to Die” isn’t on the track list? I pre-orded the deluxe edition and it isn’t there either. Here to Die was the first clip they released quite a few months ago promoting their tour.

    • maybe it will be on the volume 2?

      • Ah, didn’t think about that.

        • Or it may have just been a demo track that they used to promote the album without spoiling any of the actual content too early.

  12. TrackList:
    “Lift Me Up” (feat. Rob Halford)
    2.”Watch You Bleed”
    4.”Wrong Side of Heaven”
    5.”Burn MF”
    7.”Anywhere But Here”
    8.”Dot Your Eyes”
    9.”M.I.N.E (End This Way)”
    10.”Mama Said Knock You Out” (feat. Tech N9ne; LL Cool J cover)
    11.”Diary of a Deadman”
    12.”I.M.Sin” (feat. Max Cavalera)
    13.”Anywhere But Here” (Duet with Maria Brink)
    14.”Dot Your Eyes” (feat. Jamey Jasta)

  13. How hasnt this leaked with every song having a 1:30 sample on itunes available?

  14. How I can’t wait any longer for some deathpunch!

  15. If this doesn’t leak soon I might just die

  16. Okay someone has this album, some one recently uploaded a few FULL tracks and it was taken down almost instantly!

    • You better not be joking!

      • Being as excited as I am, I am always refreshing pages and whatever for this leak. I heard “Mama Said Knock You Out” for about 40 seconds before YouTube froze and the video was taken down. The user account was also terminated. I know some one out there has this damn album.

        • You sure it wasn’t the iTunes preview?

          • Yeah, it was the literal beginning of the song. It is some where and it isn’t being shared… I keep listening to the iTunes previews. I’m way too pumped for this album.

          • Damn. Keep your eyes peeled then and keep us informed.

          • I saw your link. Please, don’t misinform people, there was a fake

          • Really, because the account was terminated and I heard the song myself, bro.

          • You heard this on channel called “FiveFingerDeathPunchAlbum” and video like this

          • I have most of the songs that were put up on youtube and Wayne isn’t lying….

          • Really? Maybe you can share them or send me PM?
            I’ll be very grateful to you.

    • Downloaded it, fake

    • Yeah, it’s floating around but no one wants to share yet.

  17. Just letting everyone know, the release date is July 30.

  18. WTF leak this shiz already!

  19. Also remember guys, this album is supposed to come out the 30th now, and not the 23rd…

    • Its actually been like that for a while…

      • It was just changed to the 30th on here today.

        • But its been like that for a while on the actual ffdp site though.

          • Yes, but I was talking on here. I knew it was the 30th since they announced it.

  20. it think it has leaked..i am trying to see it is true

    • There was another fake leaked about 12 hours ago.

  21. yes it has been leaked i have i´m sin

    • Just one jam doesn’t count. It hasn’t leaked in full yet…

    • I can’t find it :/

      • This is a lie, the only track I’ve found was a really good pieced together one which is really just the iTunes sample. It hasn’t leaked.

    • haha, these extended previews from our small fan-page extended to internet and youtube – I like it :D

  22. Please don’t compare 5FDP to Nickelback. Lol

  23. 15th july – Listening party at North Attleborough, MA.
    Probably they’ll sell CD at this party, but I don’t think so.

    • They didn’t play it or sell it. They just played American capitalist.

  24. And guys, what do you know about iTunes stream of this album?
    I saw banner on internet, but I don’t know, fake it or not.

    • It is supposed to be in July 22nd, we’ll see

  25. I found a torrent link

    • There’s a lot of torrent links which ask you for a password, they’re all fakes.

  26. Hoping this band stops making albums. Is this the UFC soundtrack?

  27. Interested to hear the Maria Brink duet! :D

    • You can hear an extended preview of it on youtube, it’s really good

  28. Dot Your Eyes surfin’ in da web

    • Found it, it’s pretty sick. Hope the rest of this album leaks.

      • Where you guys finding it?

        • I might be wrong, but it might just be someone who compiled all the previews together. I think it’s missing one verse and a solo, although it has the correct runtime for the song.

          • I have it to.

            honestly, of all the songs on the album, “Dot your eyes” is probably one of the only tracks I don’t like, other than “Diary of a Deadman”

          • Already the second time I write this to you – if you have it, share this songs) Or can PM me, I want to hear it.

          • I guess you can’t read. He said something about having a version that consists of all the extended previews, I said I have it to.

            Did you understand now? Or would you like me to repeat myself?

          • I have heard all the songs as well, I have all the extended previews…just need the album to leak already !!!

          • .. or you like only tease this on messages like “I have it too” ?

      • Yeah, not finding it, unfortunately…

        • Pretty sure its not leaked. I looked everywhere and there is nothing.

    • I cant find it anywhere!

  29. The release date in Sweden is 24th

  30. Here is a new sample for “Dot Your Eyes” as the 11th webisode of FFDP, 15 days to the release, someone leak it already:

  31. Release date in Germany – 26th july

  32. Since it hasn’t leaked yet, let’s play a “game” — What one song would you want to listen to right now off the album?

    • The Wrong side of heaven… im hooked

    • Damn.. Hard to choose, but either “You” or “Mama Said Knock You Out” most likely.

    • To pick one would be extremely difficult. So I shall choose my favorites from the previews, Dot Your Eyes, and I.M. Sin.

    • All of them are great, but if I had to pick just one, it would be I.M. Sin

    • burn mf

  33. How the hell has this not leaked yet? 90 second iTunes previews are not enough for what surely will be an epic album

  34. So will this album leak in 8 more days since every album leaks a week before they come out?

  35. Seeing as “here to die” isn’t on this album I’m calling BS.

  36. There is nothing but extended PREVIEWS.

    • Yeah, or people remixing the song to just last the regular length. The one I have for Dot Your Eyes is pretty good, so I don’t mind much.

      Still wish people would stop considering all of it leaked though.

  37. Guys, I have seen this album leaked on a site as of 6 hours ago … Anyone else confirm?

    • I haven’t seen it anywhere so thats news to me.

    • where?

    • I saw it too, didn’t get the chance to download it though, because the link was already down. I managed to get the first three songs before the zip stopped downloading

    • Do you remember the website maybe they put it back up

  38. My patience is as thin as paper right now… Leak already, dammit!

  39. Supposedly, it has leaked alerady, acording to F5FDP fan groups on Facebook. I’m just trying to figure out some links

    • good luck… for all our sanity hahaha

      • Please, please be true and report back if you found anything. :P

    • so any news on that front?

  40. I’ve already preordered on iTunes, I’m just wanna hear it early damn it!

  41. Man this shit has to leak soon..

    • Yeah, we are in single digits for days left. Going to be shipped to stores soon too. (Oh, and Go Pack Go!)

  42. Will this album be leaked in 2 days?

    • Who knows? I’m hoping so man

      • Yeah same, been looking everywhere on google for this but sadly it either had a password or that it was a survey. So i’m just going to wait the 2 days and google it again to see. :)

        • yeah be wary that theres a new one on some torrent sites that went up today saying that its the unzipped version but theyre empty files listed as mp3s. if its got a file saying “inforeadme.txt” its prob the same fake one

          • Yeah i know dude i look out for the ones with read me and the ones when the torrents have been released. I always know when their fake so i don’t waist my time downloading :)

  43. Where did you find those 3 songs?

  44. You going to post it here or is there a site to go for it

  45. Curious, where did you get it from?

    • I think he’s lying… He posted that he was uploading to Mediafire 11 minutes ago… And he actually posted about the “leaked” album 22 minutes ago. So more than likely he was lying.

  46. Did you have any luck?

  47. How much time left until it’s done uploading?

    • He posted this 40 minutes ago… He’s obviously lying like I stated before.

      • I’ll believe him when he posts the link that has the REAL album. Until then, I don’t believe him either.

        • Wait he might actually have the album???

          • Then where is it? Hmmm?


          • Actually Brad, you are the one that cannot even upload a FAKE file within a certain amount of time. If you want to be taken seriously on this site, then maybe try this: search the Russian scene sites for stuff early, download it from there, and, wow, maybe then say you have a legit copy of an album. Your spelling and uploading skills are horrid so please go back to the drawing board before you try to become someone worth trusting

  48. i was just on mediafire and there is nothing there stop lying to people

  49. I can confirm that it has leaked. Good link over at a well known torrent site.

    • B.S. It’s not on any torrent sites


    • Check your shoes? lol

    • Well i would suggest wiping better then.

    • You’ve been “uploading” for hours, unless you have the worlds slowest internet connection, it doesn’t take that long.

    • If it was actually leaked, I would have it…. Everybody here would have it.

    • and it looks like 21 people gave me a thumbs up so they must agree with me….

    • mate, you were claiming you had “full” versions of you, dot your eyes and here to die (cough) a while back and that was also a bit of a porky pie

    • Your shit sucks bro

  51. big calls have been made… still waiting on the follow through…

    • Big calls you mean by when the album will be leaked? :)

      • nah… big calls as in someone claiming to have the album and putting it up yet we’re all still waiting

  52. Send the link!

  53. have you uploaded it yet?

  54. I really hope it leaks tomorrow or tonight this album will be so bangin! :D

    • - “You can download your password at…”

      • All the 71 MB ones are fake. They just keep floating around with their stupid password shit.

        • Theres no pw on the one he posted, its all mp3 files not a zip.

          • It’s still fake… When you try and click on a song, it asks for a password

          • I see that now, its .rar files masked as .mp3 files.

          • Typically for the fake ones it seems the passwords are always the same – B$5%asd(*da1&n0KIN?)S@%+N//S!* and when you do unzip them and play them, its either really crappy folk music or shitty rap

    • FAKE

    • Yeah, the password ones are fake. I even got it to the point of using the password, and it turns out it’s just metallica tracks renamed. Very sad. :(

    • Bullshit

  55. So did you upload it?

    • Don’t hold your breath, he doesn’t have it. He also claimed to have full versions of 3 songs a few days ago but never shared them. He’s just full of shit.

      • And once again, another epic fail on your part – Permission Denied. Maybe Mediafire knows you are so full of shit that it is now blocking you from trying to upload fake files to pass them off as real

  56. Knowing when albums usually leak I say its gotta be up by tomorrow at the earliest! If its not up then I might just die!


  58. Wheres the upload brah? We’re waiting!

  59. how the hell is no leak with a week left? i mean damn

  60. blocked

  61. send here link to full album

    • He doesn’t have it, he posted a “full song” but has the wrong permissions set to it so no one can download it. Also claimed on his comment to me that the album had “5 minutes left” to upload but that was 31 min ago still nothing.

  62. Hows that going?

  63. Probably another troll.

  64. brad is bullshit said album was leaked and was uploading itway earlier today so where is the link to the full album???? definitely not here, im waiting till tomorrow to see what happens… just gotta say hes bullshiting us :) loves the smells like shit pic

  65. So, I have found the album. The only problem is it requires like a $1.99 payment! commenters on the page make it seem legit! Im not gonna pay to get it but I just thought I would let everyone know

  66. I FOUND IT! Only issue is it requires a $1.99 fee. Commenters of page have verified that the download on the page is legit! I’m not gonna pay $1.99 but I just thought that I would let people know that it is out there and should be on a free website in due time

    • Also, it looks like the website may be hosted in the U.K. since the date on the page says it’s the 22nd. Where I live it’s still the 21st

    • Well if it is true (which i doubt) link the site so maybe someone here will buy it to get it out faster?

      • I didn’t think you were allowed to link downloads?

        • Just leave out the .com part or something. Shouldnt be a problem

          • alright. Idk if it is in fact legit but fuck it. I shall post link

          • mp3face/five-finger-death-punch-the-wrong-side-of-heaven-and-the-righteous-side-of-hell-volume-1-2013-new-album/

          • Sadly, not legit.

          • :( Damn. Was seriously hoping it was

          • Oh well, it should be up online within a day or 2. Knowing when albums usually leak its around 6-7 days before release. Lets just keep fingers crossed

  67. mp3face/five-finger-death-punch-the-wrong-side-of-heaven-and-the-righteous-side-of-hell-volume-1-2013-new-album/ May or may not be legit. Seems to be tho

    • I have seen real leaks come from that site so I have my hopes up!

  68. no one shows links…… like I said wait till tomorrow since it will be the 22nd pretty sure it will be out by then

  69. saw that website link yesterday like he said 1.99 gotta sign up its bs waiting till tomorrow if people on there made the comments and got it they would have got it up by now its bs.

    • You can tell its bullshit so easily. Just look at the comments. They are so faked.

  70. Well, I just downloaded a torrent and the size was around 145mb because its supposed to be the main album and the bonus disc which is a live album, only problem is that its pass protected but when I went to the torrent to download it, there was never any mention of any pass…so for the ones that are over 140mb might be fake as well

    • If it asks for a password it’s 99.9% fake.

  71. if you say leaks have came from that website I got my hopes up too
    but I saw that website yesterday. just saying if those people made comments it should have been leaked already.

  72. Uggg im going to see them at the mayhem fest on the 24th and really want this to leak before that!

    • I’m going the 23rd, I feel the same way.

      • its rumored that its going to stream today (the 22nd) and hopefully someone will get that up and leaked…

  73. im gonna see them on the 28th at mayhem detriot!!! saw slipknot lst year FFDP is gona be the shit!!!!

    • any other bands your excited for? i cant wait to see cob and rob zombie also

      • definitely rob zombie, COB and amon amarth will be cool slipknot last year was the shit I was hoping they would go with FFDP this year :(

  74. I’m currently downloading it… If it’s legit I will reply back saying it’s good.

    • Uggh I have 12 minutes and im almost shaking….

      • It’s fake. You need a password in order to “access” the songs.

        • password is hearit

          • how do you know

          • says in the instructions he provided. i got errors tho when i tried to extract

          • files are corrupt. its fake

          • Really? I told you that… haha

          • lol. well, a man can only hope right?

          • haha Yeah, I guess. :D

          • Dont worry all. I use other reputable sites to get my tunes from, so believe me, like I did with the Skillet album Rise, once I receive the 5FDP album, I will have it and will post it as leaked.

          • You sir, deserve a medal!

          • Nah….I just cannot stand idiots out there who try and pass off fake files as real, but like I said, once I get a copy of it via the other sites I use, once it leaks, even if its 128kbps, I will let you all know and plus, it only takes me a few minutes to upload stuff due to my 30mbps+ internet connection

          • Fucking DO IT! Im tired of waiting! D:

          • But maybe for Brad, I will send him a link to the censored version of it once that version leaks

          • I think the album is too inappropriate for his you ears so that sounds like a good idea

          • Don’t offer any downloads via PMs please.

          • Uh oh! Mod is here!

          • Um I just tried that and it didn’t work…

          • worked for me

  75. downloading right now! If this is legit then you have made my fucking night!

  76. If this is legit I’ll apologize.

    • It’s not you need a password.

      • password is hearit. says in instructions

        • It doesn’t work… It’s fake.

          • the password worked for me but then i got nothing but corrupt file errors

          • LOL! he deleted the link! funny shit brad

          • HAHAHAHAHAHA that is hilarious!!!!

          • Yeah, I saw that. He is like, I got the file, uploading it, but its taking me 8 hrs to do it and then posts a link but then takes it back. Sounds like to me that Brad indeed may be a 15 yr old or so but has the mind of a 7 yr old. Christ, my cats are more mature than that dumb fuck

      • Good thing I didn’t cancel the download, so there is still hope. 15 min left on my DL.

        Edit: Supposed to be in response to Hunter.

  77. ya so i entered password and got nothing but errors

    • Yeah, I’m letting my DL finish, I have a feeling he’s full of shit though, it took him like 10 hours to upload this and to share a link but I will let this DL finish and try the instructions and return with my results as well.

      • It’s fake bro… Cancel the download.

      • ya i got the password to work but then when i tried to actually extract the files i got corruption errors

  78. Fake bro….

  79. Can Brad get banned already? He’s obviously trolling… I vote we ban him! Who’s with me?

    • Yep I’ve had enough let downs.

    • Agreed! HE gets me all excited and then me all sad and stuff! We don’t like to be fucked with Brad and that is literally all you have been doing!

    • Brad is now banned permanently. Remember, trust the site – If it’s not reported as leaked, don’t trust any download links.

      • Thank you so much! Dude was really startin to get on everyones nerves!

  80. Fake…..

  81. So, anyone know if the album is actually gonna be streamed today or not?

    • I’ve herd rumors about it and i think it comes out in like Sweden or somewhere on the 24th

      • if it comes out in sweden on the 24th then wouldn’t it be on the interwebs by now?

        • I dont know i think that they said it in an interview but don’t quote me on it

          • huh. alright. I would just think it would have leaked already if that were the case.

          • They probably have people working 25/8 on keeping links down so..

          • Ya, this is true. Ugh, I just want this shit to leak already.

          • You have No Idea I’ve seen them 15 times and I just can’t sleep lol.

          • They are my favorite band and I have yet to see them live. I don’t have the money for it but they are coming to Seattle on the 20th of September

          • Im seeing them the 24th at mayhem fest in va

          • Im jelly! My friend made me feel all bad and shit when he posted pictures of Mayhem in Seattle

          • wow lol. Is black sabbath comming near you cuz im going to see them august 2nd

          • I dont think Sabbath is coming to Seattle. I could be wrong tho. Im not really interested in seeing Sabbath tho

          • Personaly im just going to see ozzy :P

          • see and thats the thing. Im not a huge Ozzy fan either. Never have been

          • 0_0

          • I know I know.

          • Metalica Korn megadeth GnR?

          • love korn and GnR. Not a huge fan of Metallica but a fan none the less. and I dont really like Megadeth. too thrashy

          • True True I just thought it went along with the other bands lol, and are you a a7x or asking alexandria fan?

          • HUGE fan of both! Ive actually met Asking Alexandria and seen them live! Stood next to the guy that caught the bra they threw out into the growd and bruised my leg in a wall of death. Havent seen A7x live yet but I want to

          • Ok now im jelly can you believe only like 15 days till from death to destiny releases?

          • Ya and Im lovin the new single!

          • Im lovin all 3 lol

          • Oh hell ya! Def gonna be good

          • Did you download the new ep?

          • DUH!

          • Lmao its amazing they did all the right songs

          • They did

          • I say as im listing to the whole ep

          • Lol! There is one album that I have been waiting years for and have yet to hear anything about. Fucking A Day to Remember just needs to fucking tell us when that album is gonna be released!

          • Man i havent listened to them in a while…

          • Saw them live too! Same year I saw AA. That, was one hell of a show

          • niccee im am super jelly ive seen motly crue poison def leppard, lynard skynard bad company areosmith cheep trick journy and a few more i cant think of in concert :P

          • Ive seen TDWP, Asking Alexandria (met them), ADTR, Blessthefall (Met them too), August Burns red Twice, Chelsea Grin (met them also), We Came As Romans twice, Dance Gavin Dance, Sleeping With Sirens twice, Of Mice and Men, Attack Attack, Upon a Burning Body (met them too), The Black Dahlia Murder, Woe is Me, Chiodos, Pierce the Veil, Memphis Mayfire, Miss May I, Born of Osiris, Iwrestledabearonce, Man Overboard twice, Tonight Alive, Prince, Hollywood Undead and a bunch of others that I cant remember right now. xD

          • 0_0 I am super jelly, did you go to warped?

          • Gone to warped 3 times now I think

          • I thought so… with all those bands you named

          • Yup, 2011 and 2013 were definetly the best years! I saw Prince with my dad in 2011 cause he has always been a big part in our house when it comes to music plus hes who i grew up listening to thanks to my dad and saw Hollywood Undead on June 26th with Pop Evil, 3 Pill Morning, and All Hail the Yeti. That, was the greatest fucking show I have ever been to

          • I kinda wanted to see Hollywood undead with fir but they didnt come around me

          • Such a good show. I have some vids on my facebook of it. The lights were fucking insane. I can try and post a linnk of it if you want

          • Ive seen many on youtube lol

          • It was a pretty good show. Got signatures and everything! OH!!!! I just remembered another band I saw live! Fucking Atilla. That show at Warped was brutal, everyone was smoking weed and fucking just partying!

          • -_- omfg was this with about that life or earlyer

          • This was like a week earlier but they opened with Middle Fingers Up and then finished with Payback! They said it was the first time anyone got to see About That Life and Middle Fingers Up performed live! IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE.

          • Did they play party with the devil?

          • Yep. Everyone went nuts during the final verse. They were all like oh shit oh shit oh shit here it comes. And then hes just lets out the whole final verse and people fucking lost their minds

          • That is prob my favorite song by them

          • Ya, its one of mine! Payback is my favorite tho

          • For me its either Party with the devil payback about that life callout or holler at ya boy

          • Yup, those are my favorites too

          • what do you think of sws new album

          • I like it. It still has that great SWS sound! Little different from their previous albums but still great none the less. They were fucking terrible live at Warped this year which was odd. Idk, Kellin just didn’t seem prepared

          • Hmm i’ve never herd anything bad about them live? prob family issues

          • Ya, idk. They are normally really good live. Ive seen them twice and the first time was incredible. It could be the fact that it was the first day of Warped this year and his voice just wasnt warmed up or something. Idk, it was weird tho

          • I love the song he did with the fronz

          • I do too! I just love Fronz and Kellin in general but that song was amazing

          • GUYS, FFDP! Not those other bands, stop getting off topic of how this album isn’t out and keep complaining! NEED MORE PEOPLE TO CRY WITH ME!

          • YA! You’ve got a fucking point! Sorry, we were trying to take our fucking minds off of it! Waiting is painful!

          • I’ve been trying to get this shit and the last album was leaked over a week before it was released, this is making me sad

          • Ya, they got this one under fucking lock and key this time! Im surprised it hasn’t leaked yet honestly! Most albums leak by this time

          • Gotta find some way to waist the time waiting for this album man…

          • YA! Fuck it! Time to listen to my entire 5FDP discography!

          • Have yet to go to a Mayhem fest tho. Plan on going to it next year for sure

          • Ive seen TDWP, Asking Alexandria (met them), ADTR, Blessthefall (Met them too), August Burns red Twice, Chelsea Grin (met them also), We Came As Romans twice, Dance Gavin Dance, Sleeping With Sirens twice, Of Mice and Men, Attack Attack, Upon a Burning Body (met them too), The Black Dahlia Murder, Woe is Me, Chiodos, Pierce the Veil, Memphis Mayfire, Miss May I, Born of Osiris, Iwrestledabearonce, Man Overboard twice, Tonight Alive, Prince, Hollywood Undead and a bunch of others that I cant remember right now. xD

          • weird….im not a guest…

          • Whoa… Hate to chime in here. But why did Asking Alexandria throw a bra out into the crowd? haha

          • Lmao

          • You know. No one really knows

          • I guess that’s one way to put it. haha

          • They were just like, “Which one of you perverted motherfuckers wants this fucking bra?!” and then they threw it and was like “That motherfucker right there is gonna go home and cross dress while touching himself” and then they went into Not the American Average

          • LMFAO thats one way to start a song

          • Oh, and after that they were told they had to cut their show short…which made everyone sad.

          • I have been monitoring this site sence the first day it was posted on here… I feel like I’m going to die if it doesnt leak soon

          • I have checked the site probably like 600 times since it was announced on the site. Ive checked it at least 8 times today

          • I have been on here since 7pm and its 4:21 now :/

          • LOL! I know how it feels! Im hoping I can see them live soon

  82. It just HAS to leak within 12 hours from now, cos then i can still hear it when im flying to italy haha by the way Brad, nobody thinks youre funny posting fake stuff. Just fuck off of this website if you dont have anything useful.

  83. Guys I strongly suggest checking out “All Leaks” and “Hardcore Leaks V2″ over the next 24 hours. I have a very strong feeling that it will leak between today and tomorrow. :)

    • Why thank you good sir, I now have 2 more site to obsessively click refresh on!

      • I have been on those sites and this one for 4 hours waiting…..NOTHING… :(


  85. I’m sitting here…listening to the Death Punch discography and refreshing multiple pages to make sure I get the album the minute it drops! The wait….is painful

    • You have to post it on here lol!

      • Dude, if I find it before I go to bed I sure as hell will! Its like 3 AM and I’m impatiently waiting and hoping it leaks within the hour! But, if it doesn’t then I hope it’s there waiting for me when I awake

        • 5am here I’ve ben up all night searching man!

          • Well, if you find it post it and make us all happy!

          • Will do haha

      • Good to know there are other people out there who are as obsessed as i am lol. If this shit dont leak soon i might go crazy.

        • Dude, favorite band! I did this for American Capitalist too!

          • Amen Brothers!

          • We are what you call the hardcore Knuckleheads! xD

          • Damn Straight!

    • I have 5 tabs open and random youtube videos playing whilst obsessively refreshing the other tabs…

      • xD A niggas gotta do what a niggas gotta do

  86. Any of you knuckleheads found it yet?! I have yet to find a single thing and it’s getting exhausting!

    • im refreshing getmetal every couple of minutes… feel like a sonic junkie

      • HA! I know how you feel! I’ve had like 4 websites open for like 5 hours now or some shit! Its almost 4 AM and I will not rest until I have this album in my hands!

        • yeah… my brains gone numb looking and im sure google gave me a search reply of “not fuckin’ you again” for the album

          • LOL! Im sure its done that to me as well!

          • But, Is it supposed to leak today or something?

  87. Ok ok. I know I’m posting a lot but I think it’s time for me to go to sleep! All this waiting and searching is exhausting! Hopin its here, waiting for me when I wake up! Night knuckleheads. See you all later!

  88. Good thing its just past noon where im at so ive got all day to search :)

  89. I guess I have found it as a Torrent. But I can’t download torrents here (I am at work) any Idea how I can give you the link to check?

    • Prob fake, man… I monitor the torrent sites non stop lol

    • Most torrents are fake, but send the link to me in an PM. Ill check it out, but i highly doubt if its real

      • Stupid Question, how can I PM in Disqus?

        • Click on my profile, you can send it there ;)

          • I’m sorry, I don’t see any possibility to write an PM. Can you send me a PM please? I’m in now way a internet noob but I can’t see to find it

          • Hmm as soon as i try to message you an error pops up. Damnit.

          • .

  90. Seriously…where is this album?

    • In all reality FFDP must be quite happy it has taken this long to leak

      • true…I don’t think it would have matter much if they had fired Ivan last month like they wanted to

  91. If anyone has found this album please dont hesitate to post it as a torrent or on mediafire or anything it will make everyone on this page very happy including myself :D

    • unless your name is brad… brad can fuck right off…

  92. I just saw, release date for germany is this Friday, the 26th.

  93. The new Nine Inch Nails album leaked… Where is Five Finger Death Punch!?!?!!?

    • When I tried to download the NIN album, it asked me to do some survey or download things and install them on my computer… fail leak….

      • Yeah sorry about that. I didn’t have to do the survey or anything and when it finished downloading it asked me for a password and stuff. I usually get my leaks from that site so I thought it was the real deal. Once again I apologize.

  94. I say this might leak either tonight or later today. I have faith! :D

    • Same here man
      Fingers crossed! :)

  95. Hey guys im going to help keep an eye out for the album as well and let you know if i manage to find it
    So far i already know that anything that is from that albumleakdownload or mp3face is mostly just bullshit

    • along with anything torrent based thus far

      • Yeah mostly I’m getting torrent’s that are fake right now it annoys me :(

    • I hate mp3face so much I keep looking on youtube as well and i get that annoying bullshit all the time. :

      • I already had my experience of bullshit websites with the killswitch album a few months back

        • Oh yeah i know dude thank god mostly every album leaks a week before they come out.

  96. It’s out tomoz in Sweden….if I remember correctly from video I watched with Ivan being interviewed on some swedish rock show on you tube.

    • If that’s true then it must leak tonight!

      • I think they changed the release date… I think the interview was done before the date was changed from the 23RD to the 30TH

        • You mean the one from Sweden that they changed the date?

  97. Been refreshing this page constantly… i have no life lol then again i did just wake up so it gives me something to do :)

  98. Damn this is frustrating

  99. Feels like I am about to explode if this don’t leak soon!

  100. Can’t wait any more, damn. It’s impossible to refresh this page every minute for three days

    • Refresh away bro! I have faith that it will be leaked tonight. (crossing fingers)

      • I’m from Russia and it’s 11 P.M. Gonna be there til 3 A.M. to get lucky and hear that

        • Привет землякам)

          • И тебе привет) Все-таки ждать чего-либо всегда невыносимо)

  101. Pretty sure I had War Is The Answer at least a month before it was out officially…

    American Capitalist was about a week if not two before it was out.

    I’d love to know whats been going on to prevent leaks – I swear security on this album has been tighter than a ducks’ butt!

    This makes me sad. I’ve gone out and bought a copy of The Way Of The Fist – Iron Fist Edition to console myself.

    Watching this site with great interest!

    Peace knuckleheads!

  102. Wow when I added this album I didn’t expect this much anticipation! This bitch should leak soon!

    • We’re dying over here! Lol

    • Lol you and me both bro. But thank you for the post I hope we find a leak soon :D

      • LIFAD from Rammstein leaked 1 day before the release. Sad.

  103. I quite literally refresh this page every hour. This damn thing needs to release!

  104. I should just go to sleep now and wait till midnight and check this page again it’s alot better then refreshing constantly lol

  105. LEAK WATCH officially starting for me now. Tech n9ne-Something else and this album. Lets go! Will be updating if a confirmed leak is found.

  106. ON LEAK WATCH STARTING NOW! Will update if I find a working link! Also on leak watch for Tech N9ne-Something Else

    • Thanks :)

    • ty as I am waiting for FFDP and new tech n9ne also lol

  107. Still hasn’t leaked yet….I’m about ready to just give up and wait for this motherfucker to be released! Also, any update on iTunes stream?

    • No updates at all

    • Nope. It’s doesn’t stream on iTunes.

      • Damn. There was a rumour that it would! Oh well. Guess I’m just gonna have to wait

        • I think it’s still gonna stream on itunes internationally, although I can’t find anything to back that up, so I’m hoping the guy below was right. It NEEDS to leak before tomorrow I need to be blasting this en route to Mayhem Fest.

          • I just want my album man. That’s all I want! Whether it streams or not! Whether it even fucking leaks or not! I just want my Death Punch

  108. Can someone tell me some websites to keep refreshing so that I am up to date with this leak? thanks and also it should leak tonight! wasn’t their supposed to be a stream today??

  109. hahaah

  110. Knowing that this album was delayed a week pisses me off! If it were being released on its original date (July 23rd) we would all have our sweet baby in our hands tomorrow! But no! They had to go and fucking delay the damn thing by a week!

  111. Anybody else notice it says “The album has been reported as leaked by 1 Level 1 user(s)”
    So…….where’s the info???????

    • Hmmm….

    • What’s it take to be a level one user?

      • Gotta have 20+ points

        • Sorry, I meant what are points? Just up votes?

          • The points system is explained under “Member Levels” in the FAQ

          • Doh, I should have figured. Hmm it seems easy to get to level one so I won’t get my hopes up just yet.

    • Doesn’t say that for me! If its true I want links pronto!

    • maybe someone earlier that is level one claimed to have had a link and it either A. got taken down or B. was fake.

    • It was prob that Brad faggot.

  112. once the comments reach 500, the album will leak :)

    • If that’s true can i just spam leak now 100 times? :)

    • Watch it reach 500 and the album not leak! I would be all sad and stuff.

  113. album reviews are already up for the album… how in righteous fuck has this not come out yet?

  114. 420!

  115. Come on I want something new to listen to on my drive home tonight!

  116. I’m really hoping it will leak today or tomorrow.

    • I have a feeling that this is gonna be one of those albums that doesn’t leak until like 3 or 4 days before release.

      • Yeah. They must be keeping security tight on these copies.

  117. is this 500 comments thing true?

  118. sooooooooooo……anything?


  120. At least for their next album Ill know to buy a straight jacket and pads for the corner of my wall so I can rock back and forth in comfort

  121. Ok 7 days from release! If it doesn’t leak today I might just have to crawl into a corner and rock myself to sleep

  122. Any info about the 1 Level 1 user leak?

    • A guy name Brad trolled us last night claiming he had the album then uploaded a rar file to media fire that required a password that ended up being corrupted. The same fake that is running on the torrent sites.


    • Then why don’t you do it?

      Just throwing that out there…

      • Just throwing it out there if I had the cd I wouldnt even be here waitong for it to release?

    • wait a sec
      so does this mean there is an album leak but there is jus a watermark on some of the songs or something? im confused.

      • NO, what he is saying is that there are people that have the album but it has a watermark so if they were to upload the album to the internet they could track who uploaded it

        • 57 more comments to go :) lol

          • lol

          • Haha. I wish

        • Hi jus have to say I made an account I was sick of being known as “guest” lol anyways thanks for clearing up the watermark stuff with me. Either way it goes hopefully it leaks tonight or tomorrow every album ive seen usually does a week before the release date

          • Ya, usually albums do leak about a week or so before but they have this album under serious lock and key. I bet you anything the day this album leaks will be the 26th considering the fact that its released in Sweden and Germany on that date

  124. I’m just going to go die in a whole I’ve ben up 3 days like fuck.

  125. When is the earliest a country will get it?

    • ive heard shit about tomorrow and also the 24th in germany??? someone correct me if im wrong :/

      • Germany and Sweden – 26th july

        • couldnt remember if it was the 24th or 26th thank you :)

        • If it doesn’t leak before then that is the day for sure! MARK YOUR FUCKING CALENDERS!!!!

  126. gotta leak tomorrow bros. it just has to

    • people been saying that for the past week lol

  127. Hopefully this will finally leak tomorrow. This is the first time I’ve ever seen an album this hyped stay out of fans’ hands early for this long. Here’s hoping it’s tomorrow.

  128. Keep Calm
    Burn MotherFucker!

    • Im about ready to Burn Motherfuckers if this album doesn’t leak soon!

  129. So ready for this album to leak feels like a fucking lifetime waiting on it to leak or be released knuckle head for life. FFDP rules

  130. Well looks like no new FFDP before Mayhem in the morning……I’ll just have to take it out on someone in the pit.

    • Dude you have to tell me the best bands to see besides main stage because i go tomorrow!

  131. Still not leaked and after all that sleep i got… damn :(

  132. I really thought it was going to leak by now… :/

  133. come on guys… push on to 500!!!! Just for shits and giggles

    • Plus they better leak the album to show their appreciation or i will club a baby seal

      • That seems a bit extreme all for an album bro then again I have no patience either so club away :P

        • i blame the baby seals for the lack of leak

  134. Leak leak leak leak leak leak leak leak leak leak leak leak leak! Has it leaked yet? I think not. :)

  135. I worked at Target for a few years. They usually get a new album a week prior. Sometimes they get it the Monday before. Hopefully it ships soon…

  136. I give up!

  137. Still awaiting like an addicted one. I. Need. This. Album. ASAP.

  138. What if like there is no album and this is them getting back at us for the last album leaking like a month earlier… like its all a big midddle finger to us lol… but seriously they prob have so much security because how early the last one leaked.

  139. He’s gotta point, this is the key to getting album!

    • In that case i’ll be the 500th comment! :D

      • Nope I was … didnt fuckin work

  140. So Tech N9ne’s album leaked an hour ago,which has the same release date as this album. Now we wait for 5FDP. Hopefully it leaks soon so I can survive the wait till I get the hard copy.

  141. 482

  142. 483

  143. 484

  144. 485

  145. 486

  146. 487

  147. 488

  148. 489

  149. 490

  150. Its out there somewhere since the reviews are now coming in, its only time before its leaked to all

  151. Ok shadow way to fuck the count up lol

  152. 500

  153. 600

  154. Jsosnsh

  155. Fuuuuckin leak damn yoi

  156. Come on

  157. 3 more?

  158. 2 more?

  159. And I win

    • I think the 500 comments have to be from different people :P

      • Well I ran outta that kinda patience when they announced the cd was coming like 5 months ago

        • Lol yeah i love FFDP and i heard all of their previews off of the new album on itunes so it kept me sane. The previews are a minute long so it may give you an idea of what all of the songs sound like. :)

          • I tried that … wasnt enough … its never enough … yea I fuckin went there … lol dnt judge me

  160. Tech n9ne album leaked before … with the same release date … wow … I dont want to live on this planet anymore

    • Yup haha im downloading that tech album now

  161. Stupid 500 comments …. didnt work …. well maybe it did lemme check

  162. Tech N9ne album has been leaked already…

    • That is correct

      • I’m ready to listen to anything new which can be somehow (even by a presence of guest vocalist) called rock music just to kill some time. What’s really sucks is that most of albums are leaked when it’s a night here in Russia.

  163. I need to find a level 3 to follow … where are u level 3?

    • why do you need a level 3?

      • No particular reason im just being weird.

  164. Well every new album leaked or the actual date always come out on Tuesday so let’s have hope. :D

  165. Alright im back. Woke up and tech n9ne leaked but still no leak for this. *rocks back in forth in fetal position* I DONT NEED IT..I..I DONT NEED IT

    • can i get a link for tech?

      • [Link removed]

        add a .net after castle

      • Go to the page for it on here bro

        • sorry new to this site

          • Its alright you’re just not allowed to post links.

  166. I’m tired of typing in the same damn thing in Google hoping that i would find a legit download of this album. :

    • if it does leak today, it wont probably happen until later this evening or early morning on the 24th

  167. The album has been reported as leaked by 3 Level 1 user(s)…it was just 1

    • I hope there not just saying that it was…

      • Yeah…that’s the problem…i’m not finding it anywhere

    • it better not be fucking Brad again for an encore

    • just checked getmetal, allleaks and hardcoreleaksv2 and came up with bupkiss

    • Brad, is that you

    • I checked their sources, and they were incorrect – I removed those three Level 1 user votes. That’s why we have the Level system, to make sure newly registered users can’t spread incorrect reports.

      Kudos for your guys commitment, but make sure to sign-up for the leak notification and try and relax, if that’s possible ;)

      • its more fun going through collective torture than waiting nervously by the inbox hahahaha

        • I hear you guys! Us moderators are on top of this one, making sure no trolls are bothering you while you wait.

          • cheers for that… love the work you guys do on this site by the way… now resuming the foetal position…

          • I really hope that you guy’s can find this album quicker then we can :P

      • Thx Mojib & it’s hard to relax when we realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want the cd

      • Relax? What is that word? There’s a new FFDP album coming out soon!

      • Good to see you guys on this one.

  168. Now it says 0 Level 1 user(s) WTF!!!!

    • It was one for me but now its 0 and that one was prob Brad…. Fuck Brad.


  170. If this doesnt leak today then i hope it leaks on my birthday which is in 2 days :D

  171. I heard this album leaked sometime this morning but i cant confirm

    • Some people just want to see the world burn

    • Brad….

      • I think brad should be the new word for bullshit.

        • this album not being leaked yet is total brad!

        • YES

        • This is complete BRAD!!!

          • This, this could be a thing!

    • Totally Brad.

    • I heard if you do 100 jumping jacks in 30 seconds and then spin around 10 times quickly, a million dollars will fall from the sky

    • Ken, let me ask you a question. DO YOU WANT TO FUCKING DIE?!?!

      • Maybe he didn’t hear about the brad guy Brad.

  172. I say that this will be leaked at like 4 or 6pm

    • People have been saying that for weeks…

    • It’ll be leaked this Thursday

      • Thursday? are you sure?

        • 95% sure

          • Yay it comes out on my birthday! :D

      • Comes out in Germany and Sweden on Friday. If it doesn’t leak Thursday then I know it will on Friday! Fingers crossed everyone!

  173. well they now are showing everything for Volume 2 its due in 112 days

  174. This is total horseBrad!!!

    • Haaaaahahahahahahahah i laughed way to hard at this!!!!

  175. *this is not the ‘LEAKED!!!’ comment you were waiting for, sorry*

  176. I am soooo temped to knock myself out hard enough so i’ll be out in 2 days that’s when i can download this album :)

  177. Well, since the new Texas in July and Tech N9ne albums have leaked at least I have something new to listen to while I wait for this beast!

    • What about the beartooth ep?

      • Eh, never been a big beartooth fan

        • I always look a band up on youtube before i download or buy anything and the whole ep is on there and it sounded good so i downloaded it…

  178. Everytime i see a new comment i’m like, GASP!!!!! Someone must know something about the leak and then im like damn another one begging for the leak. I guess i just pulled off what i was talking about. Tehehe I just mind fucked myself. :)

    • I just did that with your comment..

      • :P

      • Well, why you wait for it to leak, why not download the new Backstreet Boys album :)

        • Meh, but I am listening to the beartooth ep and tech n9ne album and yup im that guy..

        • Backstreet boys album?? WHO ARE YOU!!!????

          • Lmfao my thoughts exactly

        • This

        • Some people just want to watch the world burn

  179. Damn….went to see Pacific Rim & hoped to come back to 5FDP….started so well with seeing an awesome movie, but ended in disappointment with no leak :(

    • That basically describes this whole week….

      • yeah…at least I found Download Fest 2013 full concert HD on youtube so that can tide me over for now.

        • I’m going to see them for the first time in concert at mayhem fest tomorrow and I don’t want to watch another one and ruin the awesomeness so I’ve been watching slipknot concerts whilst pausing and refreshing the 5 tabs i have open every 5 minutes :P

  180. I think mojib is my new favorite person …. lol

  181. He doesnt stand for any brad.

  182. How does one add a leak alert? Every time I click the button it just refreshes the page and never appears under “My Leak Alerts” or whatever.

    • Make sure you’re signed in with your Has it Leaked account. If you got problems, PM your username.

  183. All this waiting is absolute brad… Tour de France level of brad… So much sleep deprivation

    • Brad… Brad everywhere


  184. FUCK U BRAD!!!

    • Brad’s IP, email and username – All banned, including all of his past comments. We’re keeping you FFDP fans up to date with troll free comments and leak reports. Hang in there guys.

      • We’ll still utilise brad’s name in the current context

        • I’m game. If this thing doesn’t leak in advance I’ll rename every troll on the site to Brad – just for you guys ;)

          • Oh Brad. lol

          • Reminds me of The Rocky Horror Picture Show… Oh Janet. XD

          • That would be the best thing that has ever happen!

        • Mojib, I think this needs to be a thing regardless of the outcome hahaha

      • You guys are the brad… I mean the shit!

  185. We’re absolutely sick

  186. I guess commenting on the same page actually helps out our patience because of all of the suspense. :P

    • Guys you should check an amazing band called ‘Tokio Hotel’, their style is very close to the FFDP’s one ;)

      • Alright man i’ll check them out, ty. :)

      • Um not trying to be a dick or anything but it’s not really close at all. Their style of music is mostly rock and it’s a bit too soft for metal. But their alright.

        • Was just kidding lol

          • You sounded serious it’s hard to tell on the internet :P

          • But in all honesty i am finding new bands like this one :)

  187. the got this under lock and key huh?

    • Yes! As much as we all want it early, you all should definitely pay for it and support the band/label.

    • Yeah got my pre-order through iTunes but they reckon the Aussie release is August 2nd… Such a load of brad

    • Already have mine ordered! :D

    • Just ordered mine :P

    • ive had the bitch pre ordered for idk how long

  188. What happened with that early download of the song You with the pre-order on their site? Didn’t find the song anywhere.

    • +1
      as though nobody doesn’t have it.

    • Yeah, I know. I’m really surprised no one has shared that.

  189. So whats up at 5:30pm today? they are doing an album signing? Can someone clarify for me? Will they be giving the album out?

    • If its like the one they did in Massachusetts, they’ll be giving out free signed booklets for the album but not the album itself.

      • What a load of brad

        • ahahaha I don’t think this is the type of attention Brad was trying to make for him self, ahahahah

          • Well next time he knows not to troll ffdp fans. Also to avoid the kivk ass admins here

  190. Darn worked all day hoping to come home to some Death Punch, major let down!

  191. I don’t think I’ve ever refreshed a page so many times before in my life … Mad pumped for “You” and “Mama Said Knock You Out”. Hoping it’ll be leaked for me when I get home from work tomorrow!

  192. Holy BRAD. This is Driving me INSANE…

  193. what a bunch of brad im like a junkie hit my refresh so much i locked my computer up lol share already come on

  194. I haven’t Braded in a while, guess I better cut back on the cheese.

  195. Hold on, I have to go take a BRAD

    • Alright we fucking get, it get over it god damn.

      • ARE YOU BRAD?

        • No, I just think you need to pull his dick out of your mouth and get the fuck over it.

          • No we are totally making this a thing

          • You’re like a fucking child.

          • Now now.

          • I know you are but what am I?

          • OK BRAD…..

          • Meet me At Mayhem Fest so I can Beat the shit out of you in the mosh pits.

          • Cool, Brad, I’ll see you there

          • Alright Brad.

          • Cool is that all you have to say I’s call me Brad? To bad I’m not even Brad.

  196. :(

  197. lol

    • We all already know you Want to suck Brads dick. How about you stop being a little faggot and get the fuck over it.

      • Cool story, Brad

        • God you’re fucking stupid if all you have to say is Brad…

          • Your claim is pure brad sir.

          • Thats great keep calling me Brad, Now that I know the Leak Link i don’t need this Website anyways….. and If I was Brad I would of Crashed you Ip Already Good Day Mate.

          • Again i say Bullshit (Brad)

          • Follow My Twitter My names Fucking Charlie Dipshit,

          • I don’t think you know brad means bullshit here….

          • I’m pretty sure he has better things to do then troll you…..

          • he obviously didn’t cause that’s exactly what he did or else we wouldn’t be waiting for the leak.

          • I dont think he knows what Brad did or what brad means

          • Dude you have the same BS link as me. Go f*ck yourself

      • take it easy brad

        • no need to brad all over the place

    • this pic is awesome sir u made my night even if it doesnt leak lol

  198. The minute this album drops I think I might Brad my pants!

    • XD

      • Inside joke between everyone on this page! We gotta get this going everywhere on he internet cause its hilarious

        • The funny thing is that on another site I use some people are accusing him of being on there under a different username. I was like, woah, staying out of this one

          • xD What a bunch of Brad!

  199. Everyone Thanks Daniel and James, but to bad I’m not Brad. I’n not sharing the link Good day M8s.

    • Idk….That sounds like something Brad would say. ;)

      • I’ve had my account Long before Brad was on here Dipshits.

        • How do we know you aren’t Brad and you just had this account before you made the Brad account hmmm? I think you’re full of a bunch of brad

          • Idk man brad was quick and to the point but i still do think he is full of bullbrad

          • This is true. Brad was quick to the point. He is full of it tho for sure

          • And i think he thinks we are calling him Brad but doesn’t know we are saying he is full of brad

          • Ya idk. Nigga is chill. I had a full on convo with him. Brad on the other hand….he can kill himself

          • Look on my fucking twitter. I’ve ben fucking talking to you hunter on here for the past fucking days.

          • My apologies. You know we’re just playing. Brad was full of himself tho. I know who you are. xD

        • And how do we know you didn’t just take random mp3 files and name them the song names? None of the tags are filled out, but they all should be.

          • guys, enough. he isnt brad. I promise

          • But does he have the link if he doesnt the his is full of brad

          • idk if he does have the link. No one really knows

          • THEN HE IS FULL OF brad

          • Never thought he was, but still, theres no proof that the picture is legit

    • Dude, really? This is so obviously a bunch of bullbrad.

    • someone obviously took the time to rename .mp3 files.

      • Yeah because I have the fucking time to sit there and do that,

        • Do you have a link to the album that is in fact legit? Because if you do just go ahead and post it so we can all go about our business peacefully

          • Honestly After Daniel and Reed running there fucking mouth I’m not going to post it…….

          • That’s because you don’t have anything to post, quit being a douchebag.

          • He has the fake torrent loool

          • He doesn’t have shit lol if it was leaked, we would all have it

          • So many fuckin trolls on here its sickening.

          • If it was one of the fake torrents i would have to do surveys to get them of Winrar Dumbass. Actually no I’m not doing what brad is doing . He said he had the album like 5 times. I have it and I’m not feeding you dumbfucks.

          • Show us them in itunes then

          • I don’t even use Itunes lol…….

          • then show us the site you downloaded it from

          • I’m not going to tell you dumb fucks. Maybe you shouldn’t of pissed me off I’m done Bye lads.

          • You said that a while ago and that is just more proof that you just downloaded the one brad gave us/was floating around the torrent sites

          • Brad couldnt even get his out of Winrar How stupid are you?

          • So you took yours out…. woopty doo

          • Mine was never in Winrar Woopty doo. Don’t be mad you don’t have the Album.

          • i updated my argument

          • You’re not even worth the time even If i wanted to do that.

          • It just stalls the time for the real leak to bullbrad around with you charlie

          • after pausing my music and re-reading i change my argument to wow you relabed everything *enter sarcastically happy face here*

          • thats what i said.

          • Don’t listen to him. He doesn’t have shit

          • I know but this is one way to pass the time XD

          • If you had a legit torrent it would be all over Piratebay and Kickasstorrents.

          • Charlie We beg you! PLEASE JUST END ALL THE MADNESS AND GIVE IT TO US!!!

          • Unless he puts it in Itunes or shows us where he downloaded it from then its fake

          • I agree. No offense to Charlie but if he really does have them and isn’t sharing them then he’s just being a whore!

          • He 100% does not have it. Like i said in my post earlier if there was a legit torrent like hes claiming he has it would be all over PB and kat. We should really stop feeding the troll because hes probably getting off on this.

          • But its a good way to pass the time

          • Agreed!

          • lol you don’t have it or we would all have it… You are not “special” we know of all the sites that would leak it out early… give up…

          • And wouldnt be here bullbrading around waiting for it to leak

          • PM it to me then. I wanna see if this is legit. If it isn’t I won’t say a word! If it is…well Idk what I would do!

          • If you are that butthurt by a inside joke on the fucking website then you just gtfo

          • Dude is doing the same exact shit that Brad did, maybe he will get banned

          • Or get renamed brad XD

          • I’m game. If this thing doesn’t leak in advance I’ll rename every troll on the site to Brad – just for you guys ;) took me awhile to find it again but hopefully this statement holds up

    • “Info ReadMe” Hmmmm wasn’t that in the fake one? Me thinks so.

    • Songs dont have a file size. Theyre fake

      • Well no brad

      • They don’t show file size in a folder full of mp3s, at least not in windows 8.

        • I have Windows 7 Ultimate! FUCK WINDOWS 8!

          • Its actually pretty awesome

          • My sister has it on her PC and I fucking can’t stand the damn thing! Im a Linux guy myself. I only use Windows for gaming

          • if I had a choice I’d have 7, but 8 was installed on my PC when I got it. It actually isn’t that bad in desktop mode though.

      • look in there he has a folder called “REED IS A FUCKING”

        Wow, what a tool box this guy is

        • Just thought I’d prove that it’s my computer;)Hunter Mc8,Op3 don’t show file size.

  200. poor brad must have brad himself :(

  201. oh and i have a question the point system said 2 points if you comment on an album? does that mean a comment like this one? was just wondering cause i still only have 11 points :/


    • Im literally rocking back an forth repeating this over and over

    • all wait and no leak makes me a dull boy…

      • THIS! THIS!

      • Like I haved rocked myself to sleep the past 3 days while repeating these exact words

  203. Who wants to play a game while we wait for this to leak? What, is your favorite song by Five Finger Death Punch? Mine would have to be at the moment “Back for more”

    • God so many… mine would prob have to be Salvation

    • Hate me ( succubus)

    • Preparing for Mayhem Fest next week by listening to songs they’ll most likely play. Hands down, The Bleeding is my favorite of the group.

      • I go tomorrow, god i cant wait i wanna go to sleep now but i want to get this if it leaks

    • The Tragic Truth

    • thats hard to pick one in particular top three is ashes, burn it down, and of course the bleeding. all of which have a space in my soul.

    • The Tragic Truth

    • oh the devils own :)

    • stranger than fiction

    • Never Enough is my favorite, got lyrics tattooed on my arm. But aside from that, the way of the fist, The Bleeding (fun to play on guitar), under and over it, the devils own and many more

  204. Ok ok. In all honesty this new Tech N9ne album kicks some serious fucking ass. Just thought I would throw it out there. xD

  205. LOL.

    • why are we loling?

      • I think the pic didn’t load for you

        • post it again :)

          • I think if you refresh a couple times it will load

          • yes it definitely showed up LMAO


        • Ah.

    • guys, its not funny anymore. lets just stop

      • You’re not getting butthurt for someone else are you?

  206. omg Someone leak this or ima have Brad Attack!!!

  207. i went to meyehy, five finger plays under and over it,burn it down, lift me up,bad company the bleeding. I may have missed a few and they are not in order. Figured id help and it also gave me something to do while i wait for the hoover dam to leak.

  208. under and over it. burn it down. bad company. lift me up. the bleeding. All songs they play at mayhem. Not in that order and i missed a few. Just food for thought while we wait for the hoover dam to spring a leak.

    • They played 5 songs 0_0 but i thought it was going to be awesome

      • Look up their set list on Google, it shows they play like 10-11 songs

      • i know thats not all of them. it was last week and my memory is bad. There was more. they played for like an hour and a half.

  209. once its leaks we all will be back here a week before volume 2 comes out lol

  210. I wonder if this is a record for most comments ever on an album for this site?

    • Lets get it to 1k just to make sure! xD

      • Maybe then they’ll leak it

        • Ya! Lets get this to 1k! It’ll leak then!

      • hopefully it leaks before then! lol

        • Hopefully it leaks tonight that way i have something to listen to tomorrow on the way to mayhem fest

          • In all honesty. I think the earliest it will leak is Thursday or Friday

          • if it doesn’t make your way on to that stage and make Ivan give you a copy lol

  211. my fav track is under and over it and man i want this to leak lol

  212. I’m Sin,You>

    • What does this mean

      • The best songs off the album..

    • its tracks on the new cd that his has

    • See, now everyone just thinks you’re a fucking douche bag.

      • Honestly I could care less, all I care is I have the album It’s a FFA
        welcome to life. I’m sin is a Lot like the Tragic Truth

        • You “could” care less?

          Aw, thanks. Good thing you still care

        • You. Don’t. Have. Brad. You. Twat.

        • Dickface

          • You’re such a nice guy.

          • You know. I can be. But, you’ve gone and pissed me off! A nigga don’t like to be fucked with man

          • Honestly if Daniel and Reed weren’t fumb fucks I would share it but ohfuckingwell. You’re whiter then glue don’t say ‘Nigga”

          • I can say Nigga all I want cause you know what? I DONT GIVE A FUCK OR SHIT! Suck my dick douche face

          • I agree with you for once on the “nigga” thing

          • You don’t fucking have the album you twat, give it up. We don’t even want the copy if you have it, we will wait for a non douchebag to upload it, alright?

          • How about you fucking stop asking for it then Dipshit.

          • wait so if you do have it WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL HERE

          • ‘Cause he’s a dumbfuck…

          • And full of Bullbrad

          • Saying this and calling yourself knucklehead, applause to you sir. You missed the whole point of the knucklehead beeing… Remember the song “no one gets left behind”?

          • Cool were not the Military……..

          • Never said that, but a knucklehead family… well atleast that’s what it’s supposed to be for people that aren’t total idiots and childish because two people said something that wasn’t positive for you. Is your ego alright?

        • I call “Brad”

  213. we just need our fix! the samples only made it worse lol

  214. I got another question for all of you. If you could pick one person from any band, to feature on a five finger song, who would it be?
    Matt Heafy – Trivium

    • M Shadows! GG

      • Was just going to say M Shadows =D

    • Corey Taylor fuck yes

    • I think Corey Taylor would be good on one of their songs.

      • OMFG that song would be so good

    • mine is done maria brink

      • ivan should replace that guy in the promise

        • Just keep Ivan where he is! Kthx

          • i agree but i was just saying he would be awesome in that song. either way they both are amazing.

          • They are both amazing!

    • Jonathon davis would be awesome

    • Ryan McCombs from SOiL/Drowning Pool. It seems like him and Ivan would make a damn good song.

    • David Draiman

    • James LaBrie or James Hetfield? Anyone?

  215. Charlie Knuckles has a pink buttplug to go along with his violet colored dildo

    • That butthole must be incredibly loose from all the Brad

    • Mod should so step up and change his name to brad like he said he would

  216. Hey mods, If you are reading this just ban the fucking Charlie kid! He’s seriously just starting to piss everyone off! If anyone else agrees just hit upvote! Kthxbye

    • No re name him to brad like he said he would

    • agreed… The guy is a total douche, almost worse than Brad

      • orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn he is brad *enter huge gasp here*


    • I didn’t break any rules m8;)

      • Doesnt matter! youre a troll. People don’t like trolls.

        • What I’m doing isn’t even close to trolling dumb fuck.


          • So you shited your self?

          • YUP! XD

          • then *brad/*shit

          • Whetever. Im tired

      • nope but mod said he would name all trolls brad

      • What are you ? a 13 year old kid on his moms computer or a 40 year old virgin in his moms basement?

      • the point of all this is to get the album and share the resources if any of us find it. whats the point of trying to start brad****?

  217. the charlie guys file is fake

    • Ya, we know this

      • yeah i know, just wanted to post some picture proof that the charlie guy was full of it. Was surprised to see that it was released a couple days ago. It gave me false hope :(

    • We’ve known this

  218. well holy brad… i think i just stepped in some brad..

    • That’s not good….

    • not at all welp time to buy some brad free shoes

    • I recommend just burning the shoe

  219. New saying! This whole fake leaks thing is a bunch of CHARLIE! XD Yup, I just went there

    • One should be bullshit and the other just shit

      • Brad shall be Shit and Charlie shall be Bullshit

        • i second that motion

          • I third that motion

        • 4th that

    • it has a nice ring to it lol

  220. lol

  221. Brad= shit Charlie= bullshit

  222. Don’t fuck with Knuckleheads!

  223. im glad i have entertainment while i wait for my food cuz domino’s is being a brad and charlie and its pissing me off

  224. tis be the mod getting rid of brad lol (no offense to the mods)

  225. BRAD IS A FUCK!!!

  226. Every time I get on here to see if it leaked, I see like 100 more comments only to find them to be about some douchebags named Brad and Charlie.

    • In all honesty tho. They really are douchbags

    • Welcome to the Charlie party

    • I totally agree. It’s filling up the comments with stupid stupid shit. Its actually turned me off this site and I only just started coming here a few days ago. If brad could see this he would be in heaven, just giving him what he wanted all along.

      • It passes the time for us and if it leaked we all would be talking a bout it so you would technically see it

  227. My god why wont this f’in album leak!?!?!?….Oh and this Brad thing is just getting out of hand. I understand everyone is just getting restless because it hasn’t leaked, but going through these comments are painful. He’s gone, leave it alone now. If he was able to read all those comments, it would make him feel amazing….It’s like you guys are idolizing him… LOL. He pretty well got what he wanted.

    • We would all be talking about it if it leaked so dont worry so you would see it

      • That’s what I’m hoping for. I have it set to notify me so I’ll just wait for that. No more refreshing this site anymore! Also, its shown as leaked by 1 level 1 user again. I guess that would probably be charlie?

        • More than likely

          • Fuckers! Ah well, its out in Germany and Sweden on the 26th correct? I can make it till then…I think…lol

    • You got it wrong, Tom. We all idolize you

      • Hmmmm…. Ok then.


          • My god this is sad.

    • it makes better conversation than breaking out in a rendition of kumbaya