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... Like Clockwork

Queens Of The Stone Age : … Like Clockwork

Queens Of The Stone Age : … Like Clockwork
The Queen of the Stone Age has been in the studio for quite some time, and have on numerous occasions teased both the fans and music publications about a forthcoming album. The album, titled ".. Like Clockwork" has now been confirmed and snippets from the upcoming release can be heard on the QOTSA's website. A possible June release has been reported by Antiquiet. But no set date or tracklist as of yet. Foo Fighters Dave Grohl have recorded drums for the album as we await the announcement of a drummer for the forthcoming tour. Other guests apperances include Elton John, Trent Reznor, Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri and Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters Read. I guess, if Elton John, why not the Scissor sisters as well? We've also learnt that two other high-profile names have been added to the feature list, Alex Turner (from Arctic Monkeys) and James Lavelle (from UNKLE). The new drummer, Jon Theodore, is going on tour with the band. Theodore played for The Mars Volta, so I don't think we need to worry he wouldn't be up for the task. Listen to the studio version of My God is The Sun below!

A featured album, written by Matt Doyle.

Unless you took the movie 2012 very seriously and you’ve been living under a rock for months, you know that Queens of the Stone Age are returning this summer, with their comeback album, ’… Like Clockwork’. For me and many others I’m certain, it was a long wait…

It had been 6 years since ‘Era Vulgaris‘’ release, an album that still gets shunned into the shade when held up alongside the band’s 4 other long plays, with not a sniff of any new material, only empty promises littered by the wayside. Sure, there were album re-issues, tours, festival appearances, etc. And sure, frontman Josh Homme never really went away what with Them Crooked Vultures, that band with that one really good song they played 12 times on an album, working with Eagles of Death Metal and Arctic Monkeys and varying other gigs. But none of them were that brooding, sweltering, exhilarating sound that we’d been spoiled with for 10 years.





"Unless you took the movie 2012 very seriously and you’ve been living under a rock for months, you know that Queens of the Stone Age are returning this summer, with their comeback album, ’… Like Clockwork’. For me and many others I’m certain, it was a long wait…"



… And then, on August 22nd 2012, a single word was on the mind of the Californian rockers, in the form of a Facebook update; ‘Recording…’. Since then, QOTSA have dropped increasingly cryptic and meaningless morsels of news, while fans devoured voraciously, like Pacman powering through perplexing pellets. In the past week, we’ve received the most meaningful and tangible piece of information to date; a release date (June 3rd), an album cover, and finally… a new single!


The band has managed to endure a fractured existence since its inception. Even when QOTSA first started out, it was made from the splinters of Kyuss, Homme and troubled bassist Nick Oliveri’s old group. The remaining members of Kyuss still exist today, although recently under the new legally enforced new guise of Vista Chino (That’s a whole other story though…). Since then, QOTSA has had a revolving door policy on band members. Aside from regular guest contributors, gravel voiced Mark Lanegan and Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl returning to reprise their roles on vocals and drums respectively from 2002 hit Songs For The Deaf, Nick Oliveri returns to the band after he was fired amid domestic violence charges against his then girlfriend in 2003. Drummer Joey Castillo made way for recording drummer Grohl this winter, and now Jon Theodore (of The Mars Volta fame) is picking up the sticks to tour.




Fittingly, the announced list of collaborators on ‘… Like Clockwork‘ reads like a game of Chinese whispers gone awry. Probably never again will the sentence ‘I heard Alex Turner, Julian Casablancas, Trent Reznor, that guy from the Scissor Sisters (to me, the very talented Jake Shears) and god damn Elton John were going to be on this record’ be uttered. In any other situation, this would be dismissed as fragmented drivel. But not to Josh Homme. Yet none of this esteemed list of contributors appear on the new single, My God is the Sun, so the jury must still remain out until we can actually get a view under his fiery quiff to the mind at work.


And what of ‘My God is the Sun’? The song definitely calls to mind a rougher grittier reflection of ’Lullabies to Paralyse’; the piercing sounds of raised tuning guitars, endless metronomic crashes from Grohl, while Homme sweetly croons about nothing but solely walking on a lonely desert road under the blistering pious sun. The simple abstract material, coexisting with smothering stoner rock is a combination so elementary, yet joyous when done correctly.


There will certainly be more news and sneak peeks to come in the future, as we’re still in early days of the build-up to release time. Frankly though, this reviewer is sold on ‘… Like Clockwork‘ and is quite content to believe the hype early.





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... Like Clockwork Leak Updates

On 05/15/2013, ... Like Clockwork was reported as leaked by 3 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

foxindie (A Level 1 user with 114 points) reported an album download leak at Soulseek.

fabripav (A Level 2 user with 473 points) reported an album download leak at Mega.

goncaloshred (A Level 4 user with 10126 points) reported an album download leak at Realm Of Metal.

1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled 2. I Sat By The Ocean 3. The Vampyre of Time and Memory 4. If I Had A Tail 5. My God Is The Sun 6. Kalopsia 7. Fairweather Friends 8. Smooth Sailing 9. I Appear Missing 10. …Like Clockwork[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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  1. Avatar of Jennimandy

    This should be a real treat when it comes out. Look forward to it.

  2. Avatar of Gus

    Fuck yes, I am so stoked about this. And Dave Grohl is doing drums again, even better!

  3. Avatar of Nolan Daniels

    Is there any idea yet how many guest artists are on this yet?

    • Avatar of Étienne

      Like clockwork includes drums by Dave Grohl, Joey Castillo and Jon Theodore and guest apparences by Sir Elton John, Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri, Trent Reznor, Jake Shears, James Lavelle and Alex Turner.
      Form the Matado Records website.

    • Avatar of Christopher

      Another guest appearance confirmed.
      Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys.

  4. Avatar of Nik Matt

    One confirmed track name is “My God Is The Sun,” which they played about thirty minutes ago at Lollapalooza Brasil. It was fantastic even though apparently Brazilian media conglomerates can only afford to transmit data between the speed of fail and aids.

  5. Avatar of Peter Pan

    @Nik: here is the video to the new song “my god is the sun” with Jon Theodore (ex-the Mars Volta) on the drums… nice song which let’s hope for more good old qotsa-stuff…:-D

  6. Avatar of maurugrafix

    I’m so excited about this!

  7. Avatar of Davindio


  8. Avatar of Alex

    Queens of the Stone Age will premiere the new song “My God is the Sun” from their upcoming album “…Like Clockwork” on Monday.

  9. Avatar of noseeds

    I can’t edit, so:

    [cheers, added!]

  10. Avatar of Beto

    My God Is The Sun (Album Version) on Youtube

  11. Avatar of Christopher


    [Edit: Added]

  12. Avatar of Steve bennett

    the band have posted this little tease of the album being cut to vinyl, with a track being played in the background. a little bit of homme falsetto?? :)

  13. Avatar of David

    JUNE CAN’T GET HERE SOON ENOUGH!!! Era Vulgaris was good, but it wasn’t Rated R, Songs For The Deaf or Lullabies To Paralyze. I NEED NEW QUEENS NOW!

    That said, Them Crooked Vultures was quite good, albeit a bit longer than likely necessary. Three songs less and it would likely have been perfect.

  14. Avatar of Dan

    Dave Grohl on drums…wow. QOTSA is always a treat, it’ll be great for sure.

  15. Avatar of Jamey Puccio

    I’m so excited for this album to be released and for them to go on your because after that Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, and John Paul Jones will get together for the second Them Crooked Vultures album. Only then will I be able to die peacefully.

  16. Avatar of JD

    What’s the song with Trent?

  17. Avatar of Alex

    It looks like QOTSA wants to play a game:

    You will have to wait until Monday, May 6th to find out what this creepy video and the phone number is all about.

  18. Avatar of Kaylian Harteveld

    They just uploaded a new song on, called ‘I appear missing’. It seems to be just half of the song. It’s only three minutes, but the tracklist says the song is six minutes. I’m eager to know why they only posted half of the song. Enjoy!

    • Avatar of Carl Hutson

      its what they alway do . just put pieces of that finished stuff so we are eitherway excited about the full version …

  19. Avatar of Alx

    Reading the feature on the album, Julian Casablancas is a really a collaborator? I didn’t read that anywhere else…

    The new track is pretty good

    • I think that may be a mistake – I didn’t think he was on …LC, but he was definitely on Era Vulgaris.

  20. Avatar of Sonny Rene

    This will be there best album, You heard it here first.

    • Not even close to first on this opinion.

  21. Avatar of Sean Skokan

    Their last two records were disappointing to me, and with years of hype around this, I’m doubting it’ll impress me. Still going to give it a shot

  22. Avatar of Antonio

    This is going to be so huge…

  23. Avatar of Antonio

    …Wake Up

  24. Avatar of Will

    Here’s high quality live versions of If I Had A Tail and I Sat By The Ocean. It can’t be but two more weeks before we get a leak, at least I hope.

  25. Avatar of Carl Hutson

    @matt doyle – maybe u should add all those “vine” – videos from em ,
    i think they are worth seeing by every fan: these are 2 of those u can acces through browser.

    I´ll see you real soon

    Brainwashed or true believers?

    there are 2 more when u´ve installed the vine app…

  26. Avatar of Joe Redding

    Can the release date be updated? All sources now show this album coming out June 4th, instead of the previously announced June 9th.

  27. Avatar of Daniel O'Leary

    Can’t wait! I Appear Missing sounds amazing! If the rest of the album is anywhere as good it’s gonna fantastic

  28. The album was reported as being leaked by a Level 2 HIL member. The report was incorrect and the user has been stripped of his points and ranking.

    • NOT A FAKE – boerse has got it listed!!

      • I was referring to an old report, this new one is legit.

  29. there is a new teaser!

  30. no era vulgaris is and always will be there best album, because it defies the true soud of the band

  31. The german Itunes store has a an expeted release date for 31st may –
    might be because most albums are released on fridays in germany.

  32. It has leaked, I got it over Soulseek. I thought the first album is going to be their best, followed by Era Vulgaris; but ‘…Like Clockwork’ is just unreal. Way darker, yet somehow mellower. Definitely Album of the Year.

    • Any chance you could dropbox me the album? Cant seem to get it on soulseek. Cheers

        • They’re full of shit. They don’t have it…

          • realmofmetal. easiest leak download ever

      • It’s forbidden to ask for links. Your comments are and will be removed.

      • Sorry man just read your comment, I guess you may find it somewhere else by now.

  33. happy guy!

  34. Rgold717 I’ve searched for it and can’t find it. How did you search for it on soulseek? Cheers.

  35. New song released on the youtube channel!


  37. What’s the reaction so far? Leave your initial album comments!

    • i feel dirty

    • It is currently making my nether-regions all tingly, if that’s any idea of the quality. Definitely an improvement from “Era Vulgaris” (which I loved). It’s like all of the best attributes of their last three albums fucked into one beautiful entity.

    • incredible. loving it. we are not worthy

      • Smooth Sailing!!!!!

        • fuck yeah I love Smooth Sailing, but every song is good.. a bit different from what they did before but a true QOTSA fan will love all of them.

          • and listening for the 3rd time.. (a bit more stoned this time lol) The Vampyre of time and memory is really awesome too

        • Smooth sailing kicks serious ass. I’ve had it stuck in my head all day. If I had a tail, Kalopsia, I appear missing, Keep Your Eyes Peeled… My God Is the Sun is also better in context too. This is a great album.

    • Best album of the year. I wasn’t expecting EVERY SONG to be this good.

    • Just brilliant. I’m expecting a following B-Sides, like the way Chili Peppers did.

    • from 1 to 10 a creepy new mix style , like u put sftd , ltp and era together in a blunderbuss and shoot it in your face! – i cant go to bed …. finally i can stop listening to RAM… xD

    • By far, one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. I was certainly not disappointed.

    • Songs 2-4 have been on repeat for me – I can’t get deeper into the album because I crave going back. Those 3 songs, instant favorites…

    • It’s the first album they’ve had without any skip-able songs. Simply outstanding work.

    • I freaking love it, but am I the only one who is mostly enthralled with Fairweather Friends??? I love that song, but yeah, every single song is absolutely awesome. Cannot stop listening to it. Will Buy it when it’s actually out.

  38. I can confirm the leak at Realm of Metal mentioned by Goncaloshred

  39. guys you can find it on kickasstorrents now


  41. Holy fucking shit. This is the best album I’ve heard this year (and I’ve heard many), and the best album QOTSA have ever done.

  42. yeah it’s leaked

  43. what do i do if it says the file does not exist on this server?

  44. This album is pretty good and after the rather disappointing and lazy “era vulgaris” a welcome return to form from the gods of stoner rock. It doesn’t reaches the heigths of a “Songs for the Deaf” or “Rated R” but it’s a very pleasant and varied experience. It’s most comparable to “lullabies to paralyze” in my opinion but has influences from all of qotsa’s albums. So far im giving it a decent 8 out of 10 points.

  45. oh gwod, is this a bit of jizz i my pants?

  46. This album is incredible! What to say…we were expecting something great…but this? this is tremendous!!!! this is something else!!! thank you QOTSA! ALBUM OF THE YEAR BY FAR.

  47. It has been leaked. It is awesome. And I will still be buying it on the release date. QotSA are the best. If Josh stops making music I will kill myself. The end.

  48. Love the song Like Clockwork. It really rocks!

    • erm no? its very slow and boring tbh. rather listen to smooth sailing

    • it doesn’t rock in the slightest. it’s slow boring and forgettable

  49. “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”: Probably the weakest opening track for a Queens record I’ve heard yet. Overall kind of underwhelmed by this effort.

    • that song is awesome. you’re crazy

  50. Songs 2-4 have been on repeat for me – I can’t get deeper into the album because I crave going back. Those 3 songs, instant favorites…

  51. Songs 2-4 have been on repeat for me – I can’t get deeper into the album because I crave going back. Those 3 songs, instant favorites…

  52. This album is amazing!! I just hope all of you fans out there (and everyone else) is only using this for getting an advance listen to this music and still buy the album. I for one bought all three vinyls and the cd and am paying to download online. Let’s face it, if we want these guys to keep making this music, we have to pay for it!!!!!

    • would It be better to purchase the album outright or make a donation directly to the band? I know record sales help keep bands employed but with purchasing an album the record company and others all get a piece where as a donation is straight money in the hand.

  53. Did a 320 link surface?

  54. Really enjoying this album, best of the year (so far) for me.

  55. A masterpiece.

  56. 7.5/10

    Best songs are Smooth Sailing, If I had a tail, I appear missing, Keep your eyes peeled, My god is the sun.

    The rest are okay but I would rank this album on par with Era Vulgaris.

  57. Any hq yet?

  58. I’m lovin’ it. It’s different… not at all what I would expect from QUOTSA. This album is… epic-ish. At least in atmosphere compared to other QUOTSA albums. It works!

  59. This Album is the bomb I already hear it

  60. The first minute of “If I Had A Tail” is awesome, the chorus isn’t so great, still my favorite from the album.

  61. guys, just found a 320kbps/FLAC leak… FINALLY!! haven’t listened to the album yet, but oh my god, I’m so pumped!!

  62. There seems to be some hq torrents up now. Don’t know about the actual quality though!

  63. Autant dans la vie tu ne connais pas les conséquences de tes choix, autant en musique les choix sont lourds de conséquences….

  64. I’m not saying that someone should get me a dropbox link or something similar, but that’s exactly what you should PM me.

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