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Influenced by the cinematic structure of auteurs like John Cassavetes, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Nicholas Winding Refn, Guilt Mirrors is a sprawling, haunting, beautiful, and at times violent and alienating trilogy, that is much less a curated “album” than it is a personal mix tape. While Guilt Mirrors may be alienating to some, it is a work of singularity and bravery, chronicling life in a bold and truthful way.

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Guilt Mirrors I:

1. "GUN NEST?"
2. "Not Gambling?"
?4. "Ten Years?"
5. "My Best Friend"
?6. "SoapsuddS"
?7. "Love Projection (Dedicated to Jerry Fuchs)"
?8. "What's Up With That Girl?" (Featuring Ashlin Frances Raymond/Arkitype)
?9. "Vendetta" (Featuring Designer Violence)?
10. "Swam"
?11. "therearenorivershere?"
12. "Few Skeletons"

Guilt Mirrors II:

1. "LV VS SX" (Featuring Ashlin Frances Raymond)
?2. "Motel?"
3. "Hardfuck?"
4. "(take me) Lower?"
5. "St Louis" (Featuring Gemma Syme)
?6. "Glass Slippers"
?8. "Hardfuck (remix by Tristen R Deschain)?"
9. "Get In There Bitch"

Guilt Mirrors III:

1. "A Million Times?"
2. "Slightly Killed" (Featuring Arkitype)
?3. "Chorus Girls"
?4. "Working Holiday"
?5. "Looks Black Rain?"
6. "B & B?"
7. "Translation"
?8. "Hospital Garden"
9. "Out of Town Girl?"
10. "BLISS?"
11. "eleven?"
12. "dance the dance electric?"
13. "Black Rain Looks"

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