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This is the final installment of a conceptual trilogy we began with the release of "The Three Lightbearers" in 2014, and continued with "Noumenon" in 2015.

The ongoing lyrical theme of the trilogy has been transhumanism, the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations. The characters at the center of this work are obsessed with and attempting to achieve immortality mainly through a combination of occult/spiritual/ritual means, plus dabblings in mad science and experimental technology. They draw inspiration from various philosophical schools of thought (Gnosticism and Nihilism in particular), and the kind of pseudo-scientific research that took place during different periods in history (like WWII and the cold war that followed).

They are fueled by a belief in a secret history where their goal has already been achieved in the past by a small, elite group of others, but the nature of the transformation and the formula for achieving it were kept hidden through a rewriting of history, designed so that these elite can maintain their advantage. Things like totalitarian governments and the enforcement of religious beliefs on large populations are believed to be the means to this end, so for the characters, there's this quest to expose the nature of "godhood," whether it really exists, and if it can be achieved by mortals as opposed to the idea that there is only divinity through divine origin.

Long story short, it's about 2 eccentric characters who are sick of their mortal existence and its limitations, and obsessed with finding a way to transform or evolve beyond it by employing everything from arcane spiritualism to mad scientific experiments.

Track list:


1. Postmortem Exordium
2. Necroquantum Plague Asylum
3. Vaterchen
4. Eucharist of the Breathing Abyss
5. Masquerade Macabre
6. Baphometic Catalyst
7. Dilemma Manifestation
8. In the Revelations of Bloodstained Void
9. Phainops

Eucharist of The Breathing Abyss

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Eucharist of The Breathing Abyss

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