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The new album named "Legacy", is even more aggressive and heavier than previous one, but it still retained melodic, hypnotic and cinematic qualities of its predecesor. "Legacy" is logically divided into three idealogical archs: one dedicated to social solitude, occult part, which is closely intertwined with actual historical events and traditional part of our music, which is based on culture of Finno-Ugric people. We see it as a trilogy unified by a sole idea, which was earlier described as social black metal (black metal about social decay and absurdism in society, about cognitive dissonances between the conceptions of personality in our society and meanings of life). All tracks are undoubtedly our legacy, which is the foundation for album's name. Brilliant artwork for both version of release, created by Denis "Forkas" Kostromitin, who also worked with such bands like Behemoth and Children of Bodom.

Track list:


1. Devil
2. Confessional of the Black Penitent
3. Pages For A Manuscript (feat. WV)
4. Monster
5. No Need To Be Afraid Now
6. Once Upon A Time In Russia
7. Raida
8. Me Or Him 2020 (Bonus Track)
9. Virgo Mitt 2020 (Bonus Track)


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Once Upon A Time In Russia

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