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In Hearts Wake will release our fifth studio album, “Kaliyuga” on August 7th 2020.

Our primary goal for this album was to reduce our carbon footprint however possible, whilst not detracting from the quality of songs or live shows. We have researched ways to completely offset the carbon emissions in creating this album, & we have worked hard with our label to develop sustainable & eco-friendly physical products. In fact, the reason we don’t have vinyl or CD pre-orders launched yet is because we’re still researching the last pieces of materials that will enable us to deliver high quality & eco-friendly records (we plan to launch these globally on May 27).

Further to that, In Hearts Wake plan to put on shows around the world while keeping these same principles in mind. We won’t be using single use disposable plastics, or CO2 cannons anymore. But we will still do what we’ve always done – which is try & create the most fun, chaotic & energetic live shows possible.

During the touring cycle of our last record ‘Ark’, there were many things that came to light. For instance, the frisbees we had made arrived packaged in single use plastics, backstage rooms filled with disposable plastic bottles, live stage production that was directly releasing plumes of carbon dioxide, & our punctured stage prop inflatables ended up in landfill. Last year, when we all got back together, we made a decision to draw a line in the sand. In Hearts Wake made a commitment to discover all the ways in which we could reduce our impact on the Earth.

We’ll be the first to admit that we aren’t perfect, because being a band that tours globally is problematic. We certainly don’t have all the answers but we’re going to do the best within our means to seek solutions, & learn from the important conversations that happen along the way. We can’t get everything right, but we’ve decided to open up the conversational space so that it may help improve what we do as a band.

Given that our last three albums were inspired by the natural forces of Earth (Earthwalker), Air (Skydancer) & Water (Ark), it only seemed fitting that our next album would be born of fire. But we couldn’t predict the craziness that was to come: the writing & recording process was surrounded by three catastrophic fires; the raging Californian wildfires, the burning of the Amazon rainforest & the devastating Australian bushfires that killed over 1 billion animals.

According to many ancients, Kaliyuga is the fourth & current age we are experiencing. A time when humanity would be forced to face itself through discord, destruction, disease, greed, materialism, & fear. But it is our belief that we were all born into these times for a reason. It is through our journey of discovery–both as individuals & as a community–that we have an opportunity to evolve & overcome. Now more than ever, we need to dream what we want the future to look like, & take the necessary steps to create it.

These times are indeed challenging, but quite often the greatest places are the hardest to get to. Although most of the terrain is yet unknown, we look forward to discovering what lies on the path ahead. Thank you so much for your support on this ever-unfolding journey. Here’s to Kaliyuga & beyond!

– Wake

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Worldwide Suicide

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Son of a Witch

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Track list (Standard):


1. Crisis
2. Worldwide Suicide
3. Hellbringer (featuring Jamie Hails of Polaris)
4. Moving On
5. Timebomb
6. Son of a Witch
7. Crossroads (featuring Georgia Flood)
8. Husk
9. Nãgá
10. Force of Life
11. Iron Dice (featuring Randy Reimann of Massappeal)
12. Dystopia
13. 2033

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