• Devin replied to the topic Does Earl deserve more mainstream attention? in the forum OFWGKTA 7 years, 9 months ago

    I think you all said it pretty well. They all have something different to appreciate in their own right. In my opinion, Earl is definitely the most talented rapper and lyricist out of the entire group and keeps getting better with each track he puts out. With that being said, Tyler is still unbelievably good when it comes to his wordplay combined with his sporadic musical influence, whether it’s jazz, old-school hip-hop, or a little hardcore thrown in. I love Hodgy for his unique voice and how he’s always just fun to listen to. Mike G has a surprising amount of standout tracks that don’t get a lot of attention either. Domo is pretty awesome too, however I just haven’t put in the time to listen to his solo stuff like I should. And of course, Frank is world-class in my opinion and I can’t wait to hear his next project when it finally comes out. With all that being said, Odd Future is pretty stacked all around, with Earl being their predominant talent (even though OF is apparently done, it’s easier to just use that collective term to group em all together).