Apple Music: Your First Impressions

Apple Music and its radio station “Beats 1” is launching today, June 30th. It’s going to be available on the iPhone (requires iOS 8.4) as well as Mac and PC using iTunes. Unfortunately Android users have to wait a bit longer.

Apple have already dealt with artists and labels concern not being compensated when people are using the 3 month trial. Taylor Swift’s open letter, criticizing the deal, made a huge impact in the media, and while Apple did a complete u-turn and changed it policies, they noted it wasn’t all due to Swift’s response. The important thing is that they seem very keen on listening to public opinion.


Did Apple just make Internet Radio cool again?


While Jay Z’s Tidal is struggling to convince both fans and artists, Apple Music seem to have taken advantage of the situation – Making it the first serious Spotify alternative. When I asked you which streaming service you’re most likely to use, Apple’s service ended up second with 26% of your votes. Spotify is still your number one choice, but it might not be.

Is the user interface, the curated playlists, some exclusive music and a radio station, enough to make you switch from your current set-up? If you’ve had the chance to try out Apple Music, share your thoughts below.


What’s your first impression of Apple Music?

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And for those who are craving more, me and my co-host Louise will be reviewing Apple Music on The Only Music Podcast!