Ask Us Anything

Update: Episode recorded, but you can still send us questions for upcoming episodes.

I get a lot of emails and tweets asking me when a certain album is going to leak. And I get questions about where leaks originate from, if they could be part of a marketing campaign and if there’s a way to prevent or stop leaks.

And as a somewhat-successful music producer, having worked with indie and major labels, I’m fairly good at answering these questions. But my podcast co-host, Louise, she’s been in the business longer than I have, worked with a ton of artists and labels. She’s the real deal. She knows everything from the smartest way to get an album deal to what genre makes the most money.

So this Friday, we’ll be answering your questions. Ask us anything. From rumors to in-depth questions. What does an average artist make on a vinyl sale? Why did Guns n’ Roses album Chinese Democracy cost so much, and sound so bad? Is the loudness war real? Would there be a legal way to check if Drake writes his own lyrics?

E-mail me your questions. We’ll read your first name only but do include where you’re from. You can of course request total anonymity. We’ll answer them on our Music Podcast episode, which is recorded this coming Friday and goes out on Monday next week. And if you think, listening to our podcast seem like a waste of time (our last few episodes have actually been really good), I’ll try to email you back if you’re going to be included.

I hope this sounds like fun, and I’m excited to see what kind of questions you guys come up with.

Staffan (Mojib)