Big Boi OutKast-ed, Andre 3000 Plans on Solo Efforts

Remember 2009, when Big Boi promised OutKast fans “the album is coming,” referring to a fresh OutKast release? Well… bad news is that it’s not happening. Poor Big Boi…

But… have no fear! Andre 3000 is not slowing down. With the recently released single “Do Ya Thing,” by artists Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy, and hints at a forthcoming release outside the confines of OutKast, there is no reason to suspect Andre 3000’s departure from music.

Alluding to his next solo album, Andre states that “The only thing I can really say is I’m going to get back to having fun because that’s what it was all about when I started this in high school—with OutKast—those were like high school dreams. I’m 36 now, so I have grown-man dreams. This album will just be me being myself as normal.”

Fans, however, have grown impatient. From participating in Gillette commercials, to restructuring his clothing line, Benjamin Bixby, Andre 3000’s responsibilities have soared in the past year or so, adding fuel to the fire of expectation. “People talk about Andre 3000, they talk about fashion, they talk about film, they talk about music, and it’s almost like they put you in this place, but it’s work. It’s hard work just like anything else,” Andre told GQ concerning the expectations of his fans.

So… there is light at the end of the tunnel, and for Andre, he’s “just hoping, at this point, [to not] let [his] history get in front of [his] future.”