Download Death Grips New Album?

Following a string of clues, it looks as if Death Grips are releasing new material under the moniker I.L.Y.s. While it’s still unclear how and in what capacity the members of Death Grips are involved, there are definitive signs of Death Grips involvement. A link was shared this morning, by a Twitter account named @bbpoltergiest. The download includes an album, titled “I’ve always been good at true love” by a group called I.L.Y.s. The zip file which includes the album is hosted on a server related to Death Grips.

As Pitchfork points out, “[It] sounds like MC Ride on “All She Does is Kill Shit”, the album’s final song, while some of the vocals throughout the album recall drummer Zach Hill’s solo work.”

Reddit fans also noted that the phrase “the sickest fuck of them all,” the title of a track on the album, appears on a shirt worn in the “I Seen Footage” video.

Download the album here, below is the track Sickest Fuck Of Them All. Death Grips have previously stated that the band is no more.