Has it Leaked’s Downtime

Someone clearly doesn’t like us.

We’ve experienced several DDoS attacks since saturday, which have caused outages. We’re dealing with this as best we can, but for now the site might experience issues or downtime. Note that these attacks don’t mean your personal information has been extracted, such as membership emails or passwords.

Thank you for all your kind words and support during the downtime. You can always follow me on Twitter and I’ll update you with the latest if the site goes offline.

Update: We have yet to fully recover, since there was another attack since the original post. We’ve gotten help from a new security team but for now we’ve disabled membership functionality and there’s bound to be some error messages popping up. Some pages are cached as well, which means you’re not actually loading live content but a version of the page from before the attack.

Final Update: We’re now protected, and are able to counter the attacks. We’re slowly but surely re-adding membership functionality throughout the day. The error messages you see will also be gone by the end of the day, thanks to our programmer Prakhar.

Let’s get back to what we do best, what do you guys say?