Poll: New Front Page

There’s a lot of albums being updated with new content, such as news and music, all throughout the day. The problem is that it goes unnoticed, simply because we don’t have a way to alert you guys. We only list albums being added, and albums being leaked – But thanks to our very own site programmer Prakhar, we’re going to introduce a news stream which covers everything happening regarding albums.

Introducing The News Feed

Check out this early News Feed test which prints not only new albums and leaks – But also includes albums being updated with news, quotes, release dates, songs and videos! While it lacks pagination and a few layout tweaks, I think you’ll get the idea.

To get this integrated into the front page, we might want to move things around and not just paste this beauty at the footer. We will always prioritize leak news, but what about the retail release calendar, do we need to keep it? How about the Trending albums section, is this something you use on a regular basis? Or does the new feed cover it all? Or did we forget something?

Vote below, comment and we’ll try and make the best front page possible. I should note that yes, we need to keep the ads, promote our social accounts and have the slider visible in order to alert you of fun things like this poll (fun is subjective).


Which front page section do you value the most?

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