Controversial Ad System in place

Update #3, October 4: Pop-up ads have been disabled.

Update #2, September 29: A less-intrusive pop-up ad has been enabled. Also temporary.

Update September 27: The ads have been disabled. This isn’t a future proof solution and the ads are too spammy, even if registrations went up.

Hey guys,Quick heads up! This week we’re trying out a new ad system, a pretty annoying pop-up. It’s temporary as we try and find out what kind of ads our audience is interested in.

To avoid the pop-up:

  • Either register a membership. Members are 100% free from ads, forever.
  • Or use an adblocker.

Remember that the test is only temporary. I don’t like the ads either, and I wish there was a way to not do this. But to cover server costs, and more importantly, add new features to the site and pay our mods – We need to generate some income.

I’m listening. If this is too much of a hassle, I’ll shut it down. In the end, you guys are what makes the site and I don’t want to piss you off.

– M