Top Gambling Songs

Music affects our lives in different ways. Some people listen to particular songs when they are stressed while others listen to soft rock or reggae while relaxing. Also, some gamblers like listening to music when placing bets. It helps them calm down and make accurate predictions. In this post, we discuss eight top gambling songs you need to listen to.

  1. Good Run of Bad Luck-Clint Black

RCA released the song in 1994. It highlights the effects of gambling based on emotions. Good Run of Bad Luck refers to poker, lady luck, chips, and high rollers. Also, it featured in the Maverick film. The comedy film features a love story and a poker tournament.

  1. Shape of My Heart-Sting

A&M released Shape of My Heart in 1993. It has an amazing concept as it talks about a poker enthusiast who isn’t concerned about losing or winning. The gamer doesn’t play for profit. Instead, he focuses on understanding the game’s tricks. He used the cards to find the geometry of chance and how to predict a possible outcome. After a while, the player discovers that clubs are war weapons while spades are soldier’s swords. Shape of My Heart is the leading Ozzy Osbourne slot review of many gamblers.

  1. Poker Face-Lady Gaga

There is a thin line between card games and relationships. Lady Gaga wrote Poker Face soon after she started her music career. Poker Face talks about hiding emotions while playing poker. The trick is essential to be a professional poker player. Lady Gaga revealed in a British television show that Poker Face was about being stoic when hanging out with a partner.

  1. Waking Up In Vegas-Katy Perry

Capitol released the song in 2009. Las Vegas is amajor resort city that is lively at night. Waking Up In Vegas narrates a young couple that tries to recall what happened the previous night. They are afraid of getting married before they reach 18.

  1. On The Nickel-Tom Waits

Asylum Records released On The Nickel in 1980. Tom Waits talks about 5th Street in Los Angeles. Many card players know it for its wide variety of poker games. The artist reminds his fans that each casino game has losers and winners.

  1. Diamond Jack-Wishbone Ash

MCA released Diamond Jack in 1977. It is popular in the United Kingdom. The lyrics might inspire you to sing it aloud. It talks about a poker game that has high stakes. It often mentions ace of hearts and it has different gambling lingo. Diamond Jack emphasizes the importance of having luck to win poker.

  1. Huck’s Tune-Bob Dylan

Sony/BMG Music released Huck’s Tune in 2006. Bob wrote it for the Lucky You film. It stirred Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana. The song highlights the dangers of money, relationships and playing poker.

  1. The Gambler-Kenny Rogers

The Gambler is among the best gambling songs. Kenny Rodgers linked poker to real life. He urges gamblers to know then they need to take a break if they are on a losing streak and to use different betting strategies. The Gambler emphasizes that each hand has a winner and a loser.

Many musicians have written songs about poker. They include Leonard Cohen, Clint Black, Sting, and Lady Gaga. Some renowned casinos play different music genres. They offer an enjoyable gambling experience to pundits. But, blackjack and roulette have inspired a few artists to compose songs about them.