What’s up with Travis Scott fashion line?

Travis Scott is one of the most influential artists. Although he is well-known for his music, he has also become famous for his high-profile collaborations with major brands. Read on to take a look at some of his popular clothing lines that are a result of some of his most notable brand partnerships over the years.


Travis Scott Clothing Line

The music of Travis Scott is as influential as his style as he has worked with some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. The wardrobe of Scott generally features oversized jackets with bright colors or bold brands, relaxed joggers, baseball cap, denim, vintage t-shirt, and flannel.


Travis Scott


Travis Scott x McDonald Clothing Line

Travis Scott x McDonald clothing line features a work jacket, a burger tie, polos, embroidered print denim, boxers, shorts, sweatpants, hoodies, t-shirts, and a full Cactus Jack/McDonald’s branded basketball uniform.

This particular clothing line is exclusively available on the official Travis Scott website as well as China Haul and includes a wide variety of vintage-style products, e.g. wide range of t-shirts, pants, boxers, shorts, jackets, and hoodies. Accessories are also included in this clothing line. These include socks, ties, hats, as well as special items like basketball and basketball jersey. His new clothing collection features assorted t-shirt designs and other clothing items. A series of shirts depicting Scott as his action figure persona is amongst the most notable options.


Astroworld Clothing Line

Travis Scott’s Astroworld clothing line is based upon his iconic album of the same name. It features wide variety of tees, including a t-shirt designed by Virgil Abloh. The irreverent and bold designs of Astroworld clothing line are inspired by psychedelia and punk and align with Scott’s aesthetic.


Astroworld clothing line includes the popular Astroworld hats, shirts, hoodies, and other apparel. The hottest items of the merch include the iconic Happy Face shirt, No Bystanders shirt, Scattered Astroworld hoodie, and Wish You Were Here hat and hoodie. The bold designs of the Astroworld apparel are made for next-level style. Each item in the collection features a unique, bold print.


Jordan x Travis – Cactus Jack Clothing Line

This is another popular Travis Scott clothing line that is influenced by Scott’s unique sense of creative expression and Jordan Brand’s heritage of greatness. The clothing line is a stylish combination of purposeful comfort, utility, and simplicity.

The most popular item in this clothing line is the Air Jordan 6 British Khaki, often sold by 158sir as a rep. It showcases a full desert utility vibe while keeping things super minimal. The jacket features a slick zip-up finish and crimson accents with several handy pockets.

Travis Scott Cactus Jack x Jordan Pool Short is another popular item that is considered the ultimate summer essential. It is a classic short that features desert-inspired illustrations, decorated with the iconic Cacti graphics and skulls. Lastly, Travis Scott Cactus Jack x Jordan Button Down Shirt also deserves a mention. Drenched in embroidered additions and fire graphics, the shirt boasts a classic sandy beige color. Pair this with the shorts and you are all set for the summer.