Which Musicians Are Massive Gamers?

It’s truly not uncommon to see your favourite musicians playing several video games. Some even have their own Twitch channels and are fully dedicated to bringing fans into the action. You also have the ever-evolving quest that people have to try and understand celebrities better. The one thing to take note of here is that video games do offer an insight into both the minds and personalities of famous musicians. They allow you to understand a celebrity more and they also give you an insight into their lives and their hobbies. If you want to find out more about musicians and their gaming habits then the only thing you have to do is keep on reading.

Image Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

Katy Perry Loves Final Fantasy

A lot of people think that Katy Perry is a legend as she can put out hit after hit. This is especially the case when you look at how much work she has put in over the last few years. Believe it or not, though, she is a huge fan of the Final Fantasy games. In the year 2018, she wrote a song for the franchise, and she was also a playable character. You may have seen her if you knew what to look out for. She was the famous Brave Exvius, and she always tries to devote all of her spare time to playing the game. She has helped a lot of fans get into it too.

Ariana Grande is a Huge Pokémon Fan

Ariana Grande is another celebrity who loves gaming. She loves nothing more than to do this during her downtime. She has spoken time and time again about her love for Pokémon. She has said that she once spent 15 hours playing it on her gaming console in one single day. She has also confirmed that she loves to play the Pokémon Go game. She joined the Blue Mystic team and ever since then, she has been hooked. Her love for the game is so serious that she has a Pokémon tattoo on her arm. She has the Eevee, which is a top Pokémon.

Eminem with Call of Duty

If you sit down and you talk to Eminem, then you will soon see that he tells everyone what a fan of Call of Duty he is. He has written a lot of songs for the game, and he released one for Call of Duty Ghosts. Aside from promoting this during his spare time, he has also played Black Ops as well. He has been very vocal about his long-standing love for the game and his love for the franchise is yet to be compared.

Lady Gaga and Bayonetta

It’s not hard to believe that Lady Gaga is a huge gamer. She is devoted to the games that she does play, and she is always willing to showcase her love for the top games she plays. She adores the game Bayonetta, and she has spent most of the Thanksgiving holiday trying to play the game. She has even admitted that she played it until her hands hurt. She is in talks with the maker of the game to try and get more out of the game and even turning it into a movie as well which is great.

Lemmy Kilmister Loves Casino Slots

Lemmy- who is the lead vocalist for the band Motorhead died in 2016. He is a titan of the rock industry, and he has a lot of passions as well.  He is truly missed by a lot of fans all across the globe. Some of the interests that he has is playing casino games. He loves slots and he has openly said that he cannot get enough of them. Motorhead even managed to get their own branded slot machines to showcase the love that he had for them. Of course, anyone who wants to emulate him in his love for slots or who wants to play tabletop casino games can take advantage of handy blackjack tips online.

Jack Black Loves Brutal Legend

Jack Black is one half of the band Tenacious D. He has put in a lot of work to make his band as big as they are, but that being said, he has also lent his voice as a comedian. He has even gone as far as to start up his very own gaming channel. One of the top ones would be Brutal Legend. This is an action game, but it is also packed with adventure. He has done the voice and he plays the main character known as Eddie Riggs. He has put in a lot of work to try and make sure that the character is as likeable as he is, and it truly shows.

Diplo and Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the biggest game releases yet. It’s a battle-royale-style game and it is very easy for players to go against each other to see who is the last one standing. Diplo is a huge fan, and he has played a lot of live performances over the years. He has devoted a lot of his time and energy to making sure that the game gets the recognition it deserves and it’s not hard to see that he has achieved all of this and more.

Joni Mitchell Has a Thing for Poker

Joni Mitchell is certainly not the only musician who loves a game of poker. That being said, she has been playing for several years now. She began playing casually around the 1970s and ever since then, she has developed a strong love for the game. She has even talked about her love for the game in her songs. If you listen carefully then you will be able to hear her talk about in the Song for Sharon, which is a major hit amongst fans and a personal favourite for the artist.

Jonathan Davis Is Partial to Zelda

The frontman for Korn is certainly a huge fan of the game Zelda. He has said time and time again that he loved the Wind Waker game so much and that he appreciates the world-building that goes into the game as well. He enjoys the Silent Hill franchise as well, along with Crash Bandicoot. These are all fantastic games, to say the least, but it just goes to show that even though he likes the more intricate games, he is still more than willing to do whatever he can to play the classics when he has time.

Drake and Twitch

Drake playing games has gone somewhat viral lately. He has shown up on Twitch to play some games with Ninja and he is a vast Twitch streamer. He has said time and time again that when he is not in the studio, he is usually playing games, and this is a great way for him to relieve stress where possible. He is dedicated to the games that he plays, and he is always willing to try and go the extra mile if it means getting achievements.

Marshmello with Fortnite

Not many people have the chance in this day and age to make history. He had the good fortune of being a trendsetter in the electronic scene but since then he has gone into the world of gaming. He is the first person to do a live concert with a video game and he also participates in gaming when he can. He loves to play epic Fortnite battles, and he has his very own YouTube channel as well.

Snoop Dogg and COD

Snoop Dogg is another rapper who loves to play COD. His favourite game happens to be COD Ghosts and inside the game, he even has his very own voice pack. He doesn’t just play Call of Duty though; he has been seen playing Mortal Kombat from time to time. He is a major fan of games, and he has said before that he will stop at nothing to try something new.

Zedd and Valorant

Zedd is a top producer, and he has played a lot of games during his time as well. He is a huge gamer, and he is very enthusiastic about his passions. Zedd has a love for the game Valorant and he even has a skin pack as well. This is called Spectrum.  He grew up loving games such as Counter-Strike, but he easily fell in love with the mechanics of the game Overwatch too.

Since then, he has been solely a Valorant player and his understanding of the game has helped to give him that competitive edge. If you want to find out what he has to offer, then you can play with him online. This is a great way for you to delve deep into the gaming mechanics and it also gives you the chance to go up against him in a competitive environment. Why not see if it’s possible for you to game online with him today? It has never been easier for you to get the experience you are looking for.