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Earl Sweatshirt : Doris

Earl Sweatshirt : Doris
Earl's Major Label debut, coming in 2013! Earlier this year Earl Sweatshirt signed a deal with Columbia Records/Sony to have his own record label imprint, called Tan Cressida, on which 'Doris' will be released. Of the follow-up to his 2010 debut, 'Earl', the teenager rapper has said: "I anticipate a loss of fans. I also anticipate gaining some. So. You know. Yeah… I hope i lose you as a fan if you only fuck with me cause i rapped about raping girls when i was 15… I fucking love how it sounds. And uhh. Thats what matters… Im gonna go out on a limb and say that you can hear the progression." Earl announced the album's release date to be August 20th on Twitter. We also got the official track list and cover added. Watch and listen to the first single from Doris, Chum, below.

Earl’s Major Label debut, coming in 2013! Earlier this year Earl Sweatshirt signed a deal with Columbia Records/Sony to have his own record label imprint, called Tan Cressida, on which ‘Doris’ will be released.

Of the follow-up to his 2010 debut, ‘Earl’, the teenager rapper has said: “I anticipate a loss of fans. I also anticipate gaining some. So. You know. Yeah… I hope i lose you as a fan if you only fuck with me cause i rapped about raping girls when i was 15… I fucking love how it sounds. And uhh. Thats what matters… Im gonna go out on a limb and say that you can hear the progression.”

Earl announced the album’s release date to be August 20th on Twitter. We also got the official track list and cover added.
Watch and listen to the first single from Doris, Chum, below.


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On 08/15/2013, Doris was reported as leaked by 5 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

bnr420 (A Level 1 user with 122 points) reported an album download leak at What.

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1. Pre 2. Burgandy 3. 20 Wave Caps 4. Sunday 5. Hive 6. Chum 7. Sasquatch 8. Centurion 9. 523 10. Uncle Al 11. Guild 12. Molasses 13. Whoa 14. Hoarse 15. Knight[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Anticipation: +283

Album Verdict: 8.9

Earl Sweatshirt : Doris, 8.9 out of 10 based on 79 ratings


  1. Earl has come so far you hear it in chum. Lyrically he is a monster…

  2. Should be a stellar release from DOOM’s heir.

  3. Earl is the best in the game right now, he is one of the best lyricists of all time and he’s not even 20 yet, Earl kills it on every track.

    • He is not even close to being one of the best lyricists of all time. Although this album is said to be a lot different than his earlier stuff you are jumping the gun big time saying he is one of the best. Let’s see how well he can rap about stuff other than rape.

      • Are you crazy? the kid spit pure FIRE he’s up there with HOV, Emimem, Lupe, Doom. Disagree with me now i give no fucks but 4-5 years from now we’ll see who’s right

        • your grammar is horrible but he is great no doubt. hes spits as much hot fire as Dylan. i will give him some time for sure. the rappers you mentioned in your reply are not what anyone with a head on their shoulders would consider the greats.(doom excluded) where is Q- tip, Del, Phife, Slug, jeru, guru, CL smooth on you list of great MCs?

          open your mind to real hip hop then lets just let earl slip into that list when he is ready


          • y’all two nailed all the artists I would consider, i think your both right.

          • I agree with this guy right here (Name). Earl spits and can tell stories and is seriously one of the up and comers but one of the best lyricists of all time? With Nas, Jedi Mind, Immortal, Canibus, Black Star, CYNE, Brother Ali? C’mon now.

          • Amen!

          • Earl is good for his young age. He still needs to mature more.

        • you have to to be kidding with lupe on your list, right?

          • Ummm…have u heard any of Lupe’s mixtapes? Don’t just scratch the surface…Lupe undoubtedly has to be one of the most underrated artists

          • lupe just isnt big because he aint illuminati. jay z wanted to sign him but he refused.

          • you are an idiot

          • Lupe IS the greatest lyricist of all time. Put You On Game. Lupe Back. Dumb It Down. Just a few songs. His songs are conceptual. Of course people with small brains wont understand.

          • tell me why he hasn’t put out more then 1 really good album?

          • Are you kidding??? 4 Albums…..4 Grammy nominations for Best Rap Album of The Year. Are you fucking psycho.

          • No, he isnt psycho, he just knows that he isnt the best out there. So many other artists out there that do spit real hip hop but they never get their due

          • IS the most underrated artist because noone wants to hear positivity…Disappointing world. Really just the U.S. He is super loved all across the world though.

        • nice.

          • i did not once see anyone say anything about aesop rock. and your talking about “AMAZING TOP OF THE LINE HISTORY “lyricists”

          • Kendrick is the best because he always spits hard even when hes just featured and he grew up with a tough life and has something real to sing about.

          • Kendrick a bitch nigga.

        • nah he’s the type to go hiatus i see it happning a lot like MF

        • ummm no you cant compared em to em you crazy.

        • Don’t forget about ghostface

        • Eminem and HOV? they aint even the best

      • Actually……he has rapped about stuff other than rape and drugs, just have to find the music, the ones people don’t hear very often from him.

      • Kill yourself.

      • Not all of these newer releases are about rape…

        • In fact, none of these newer releases are about rape.

          The only “rape”-y thing mentioned is Tyler’s verse on Sasquatch when he mentions stuffing One Direction fans in the back of his van.

    • you sound like an idiot sir. goodnight and don’t ever write any buffoonery like this again

      • Kill yourself. Earl is the best alive and better than those that are dead.

        • There is no way earl is better than biggie, pac, em, big L, or kendrick lamar if u wanna go new school. you must be high on somethin because even though he is pretty good, he is not on their level yet.

          • Kendrick is overrated. His own album is pretty decent but any time hes featured he makes an ass of himself. I wouldn’t go as far as saying earl is the best right now but hes definitely up there and doesn’t deserve to be shit on.

          • Pretty decent? lol and go listen to section 80 better than any of earl’s work and I’m a fan of both.

          • word. kendrick = most overrated rapper of all time

          • loll

          • lol are you now satisfied with kendrick as a feature?

          • lol

          • i agreed with you till you mentioned kendrick lamar his music its ok but hes a fag

          • Big L was a great freestyler and had some good songs but only put up there with the other BIgs and pac because he died I like him but Earl is def better than L and Kendrick is sick but def overrated as timcakes said

          • Kendrick is overrated. He has good beats, but lyrical value? -10/+10

          • Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst has more “lyrical value” than anything Earl has ever done. Those are some soulful lyrics. Fuck Your Ethnicity, Kush and Corinthians and Art of Peer Pressure are just as substantial. He’s a great storyteller, MC and has an ear for beats.

          • your just plain fuckin retarded

          • *You’re
            And you forgot to end your sentence with a punctuation mark. Now that I’ve schooled you, I’m off to fuck your bitch.

          • u dont listen to kendrick lamar

          • Better than biggie and pac, two of the most overrated hip hop artists of all time, only reason any one holds them on the level is because they died before they could sell out. Kendrick is okay but defiantly doesn’t have the raw talent of Earl. Em and Big L are defiantly better lyricists. But you sir are one of those people who when asked about there top 10 favorite rappers probably just drop dead rappers names. “My top 10 is big L, big pun, biggie, pac,..” etc etc.

          • He is better than Pac as far as technicality goes. Way to pick the most stereotypical “rap greats” choices too, no 12 year old with 0 knowledge of rap could’ve done better.

        • im sorry lol but Eminem and immortal technique are still alive lmao earl has mad skills and he is clever but not good enough for that title and even dead rappers? and it depends what dead rappers you are referring to

          • Eminem is a crybaby as nigga, boo hoo he miss his daughter and hate his wife, he need to grow up.

          • Earl kills every track, period.

          • Lol bruh how does Earl’s ass taste? You’ve been over here sayin how Godly he raps but yet Em, Biggie, Logic, Jay-Z etc destroy him. Look I like earl & im excited to go cop his album on tuesday, but I hate middle schooler dick riders like yourself. Eminem is the goat on debating on that. Earl got killed on Rusty by Tyler. Damn bruh go back to your shine & worship Earl so more.

          • thank you!

          • Okay half of Jay.Z albums sucked, ESPECIALLY MCHG & American Gangster. I like Slim Shady, I hate Eminem; they aren’t the same egos. Logic, I fucks with him, he hella dope, right below Earl though. Biggie….FOH. Pac?….FOH.

          • eminem is the best rapper hands down, earl is okay. ima cop this album but just wait till em drops his shit, youll see how much of a “crybaby ass nigga” he is

        • Earl’s great and all, but almost everytime he does a song with Vince Staples, Vince’s verse kills Earl’s

          • FOH. Nigga, Earl didn’t even finish his verse on Tyler, the Creator’s song “Rusty” AND he STILL killed Tyler AND Domo. I’ma slap ya grandma for that stupid ass comment.

          • Tyler’s verse on Rusty is one of the best verses i’ve ever heard. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

        • asap rocky
          kendrick lamar
          schoolboy q
          mac miller
          big sean
          royce da 5’9
          ace hood…
          like what the fuck are you on? i can name about 20 more rappers better than earl and 10 more rappers that died that are better than him

          • WTF! Big Sean, Mac Miller, Drake, ASAP, and Ace Hood are nowhere close to Earl!

          • your crazy! Big Sean is good as shit and his album will destroy earls, i just listened to earls album and its okay. but joey badass is the best lyricist, not earl. he needs to step it up, like kendrick lamar was sayin in control.

          • Hol up, hol up, hol up, HOL UP!
            Big Sean, he is greatness and so is Mac Miller, but Drake, ASAP & Ace Hood?
            Drake= type of nigga that’ll fuck yo girl and try to get y’all back together.
            A$AP= nothing but a typical pothead that says to be “different’ than other pothead rappers
            Ace Hood= Idk why the fuck you mentioned him, just go headbutt a knife for that.

          • hahaha you named mac miller and drake better than earl on lyrical ability. you are a faggot with an 8th grade IQ

          • haha your funny as shit yo, just watch. earls album is ass nigga, so both of you go head butt a dick you dick licking mothafuckaaaaaaa

          • Name them.

      • yeah your retarded, clearly earl is better than shitty rappers like k-lama

    • Bro, do you even listen to music? Krizz Kaliko is the best in the game. Bar none. Now, Lyricism?? Strange Music, Inc. holds that title. This little boy still needs experience. when he’s 4 or 5 albums deep (none of that mixtape shit), then maybe we can consider him a factor.

      • Wonder why noone liked your comment. Obviously need to expand your realm. Start with Lupe’s “The Cool” the only concept album ever in hip-hop… Just saying…

        • Oh, cool, someone who has never heard of Dr. Octagon

        • Or A Prince Among Thieves, Deltron 3030, Black Trash, GKMC etc.

        • MM.. FOOD?

    • Not best in game right now but top 5 lyricist for sure. Lupe is what I hope Earl evolves into within 5 years. Earl is still young so only time will tell.
      I think Doris is a top 3 album of year. Gonna be tough to top Production and concept of “Wolf”. Regardless in my opinion this has been Odd Future’s year.

      • Wolf was essentially trash (at least when you consider the fact that it is supposed to be a rap album… and every verse he spits on it is trash).

        What good is a well-produced rap album if the rapping sucks? Tyler’s verse on Sasquatch is better than anything he spit on Wolf.

    • not the best bruh but he is raw the best in the game is Kendrick Lamar hands down

    • not the best kendrick lamar is the best but earl is 2nd

  4. Avatar of Ty

    Cant wait til this drops. Earl has the potential to make this my favorite album ever.

  5. Avatar of Bob DiBono

    cant wait for this, chum was so good

  6. earl is rap nigga

  7. Avatar of Divad

    i WANT DIS


  9. Avatar of Dave

    New single off this album “Whoa” it is a awesome track that features Earl Sweatshirt of course and Tyler, The Creator. The Song is definitely different then the first single “Chum” and has a closer feeling to his 2010 stuff like Tyler says at the start of the song.

  10. Parts of the new album were previewed at an Earl x Flying Lotus show including “whoa” a few days before its official release as the second single off the LP and “burgundy”, a previously unreleased or nearly unobtainable cooperation with Pharell of N.E.R.D. fame.

  11. Also, so far this album seems to be Earl/EarlWolf… ♥eata€===$

  12. Avatar of Dead.

    Whoa is sounding dope af. I hope the album doesn’t disappoint. I have high hopes for Earl! Probably the only person I can see in the game after OF loses relevance.

    • Avatar of Jackson

      Tyler will produce I think. Hodgy and Domo are both under rated

      • Avatar of Eoin

        Domo seriously impressed me on Tyler’s song “Rusty”… would really like to see him do well

  13. Avatar of TURTLE

    - Chum
    - HIVE feat. Vince Staples (& Casey Veggies?) (prod. by Sweaty Martians)
    - Hoarse feat. Frank Ocean (prod. by BADBADNOTGOOD)
    - Guild feat. Mac Miller
    - Whoa feat. Tyler, The Creator (EarlWolf)
    - Burgandy (prod. by Pharrell)

    • Avatar of Slade

      Lol. It’s nowhere on the internet.

    • this was posted before wolf came out, and has all of wolfs songs right, pls link me to this place

  14. Avatar of Ricardo

    The only reason why a made an account for, yep, doris.

    • Avatar of Jux

      what?! what about nas, big l, stack bundles, kendrick lamar, joey bada$$, common, or vado?

      • common and kendrick, yes. what should i be listening to by joey bada$$? hasn’t impressed me yet

  15. Avatar of JacobP

    Earl is the only rapper I’m blown away by lyrically

    • then you probably havent listened to MF doom, aesop rock, jay-z and a lot of others haha. Earl is amazing no doubt though

      • Doom Yes..Aesop, dope, Jay Z..Uhhhhhhhh, has been.

      • Jay-Z lyrically is trash…Show me something where he aint bragging about money. Post-2003

        • Jay Z Blue

          • still the only thing you could find

  16. Avatar of FrankDallas

    Is there any rumours about a possible release date?

    • Avatar of Johnnyroberto

      I’d guess it will be sometime this summer. He finishes his tour with tyler in may and goes around festivals during the summer which would lead to a solo tour after the release of the album by the end of august.

  17. Avatar of Lee Bater

    It seems that the entire world is waiting to hear this kid. Not only was his debut raps on Earl (album) shockingly good and lyrically mesmerizing, but his hype parade has just been gathering momentum waiting for his official studio release. Make no mistake, Doris is going to shock, awe and capture the hip hop world.

  18. Avatar of David

    What more need be said in praise and demand of Earl? Definitely high on my list of things to look forward to this year.

  19. Avatar of Curse

    Where can I get the song ” HIVE ” ?

    • He just released it on itunes.

  20. Avatar of tom

    - Doris
    - Chum
    - HIVE feat. Vince Staples (& Casey Veggies?) (prod. by Sweaty Martians)
    - Hoarse feat. Frank Ocean (prod. by BADBADNOTGOOD)
    - Guild feat. Mac Miller
    - Whoa feat. Tyler, The Creator (EarlWolf)
    - Burgandy (prod. by Pharrell)
    - 20 Wave Caps feat. Domo Genesis (prod. by Samiyam
    - Hundred 50 Molasses feat. RZA (Prod. RZA)
    - FEET

  21. Avatar of john

    just read an article saying the album is slated for a release in may

  22. Avatar of Dave

    There are a lot of videos of him doing most of the new songs on youtube, can’t wait to hear the actual studio versions.

  23. Avatar of TURTLE

    the wait is too long
    he sould have announced a release date with WHOA..

  24. Ketsado Genesis

  25. New song “Guild” ft. Mac Miller officially released.

  26. Really looking forward to this album. I liked Chum en Whoa, real odd future songs in my opinion. Didnt really liked Guild, just like the mellowhype ”troublesome” its a bit too mellow for me.

  27. Preview of the new track 20 Wave Caps ft. Domo Genesis available on Rockotreez’ soundcloud.

  28. Google search “earl sweatshirt doris snippet thagoodlifereviews”

  29. So when is it supposed to drop? The Fader said late May…


  31. EARL just posted “LATE JULY” for Doris release on Twitter

  32. he tweeted about a late july release date

  33. Said to be coming late July

  34. Said to be coming out late July according to Earl’s twitter page

  35. It’s coming out somewhere in July. Source:

  36. Best Rapper for his age for sure. best rapp at 15, best rapper at 16, etc. listen to FYC by Earl

  37. Just stated it comes out late july

  38. Earl announced at the June 6th show at Enmore Theatre in Sydney that Doris would be released in July. Did not say the exact date however.

    Footage should be floating around Youtube if people want to confirm for themselves.

  39. It Has Leaked , Actually .

  40. JULY 31ST

  41. I swear this has something to do with something.

    • I saw something similar to these behind the fences in the HIVE video. Whatever it is i think it plays a huge role in the story of the album.

  42. I swear this has something to do with something. Source:

  43. Gonna be sick

  44. been waiting on this classic..

  45. Thank the fucking gods there’s a release date!

  46. 3 weeks :-}

  47. not gonna be what everyone expects

  48. finally it says 21 days until release!!

  49. Earl is a very very good lyricist I can see a lot of hype behind this album and I just hope its as amazing and lives up to that hype. The way he rhymes reminds me of DOOM so much, their both geniuses but Earl is way younger! But DOOM will always be the best

  50. Earl just tweeted August 20 will be the release date.

  51. TRACKLIST (according to Earl Sweatshirt on twitter)

    1. Pre
    2. Burgandy
    3. 20 Wave Caps
    4. Sunday
    5. Hive
    6. Chum
    7. Sasquatch
    8. Centurion
    9. 523
    10. Uncle Al
    11. Guild
    12. Molasses
    13. Whoa
    14. Hoarse
    15. Knight

  52. Earl Tweeted new release date August 20th and official track list source

    • Looks really short. Hive is the longest track. Unkle Al is clearly a skit.

      • Altogether is clocks in at 57.11, just under an hour. So it’s not too short really.

        • ?? 44 Minutes you mean ??

  53. Official cover art
    Source: Earl Sweatshirt’s Twitter Avi “”

  54. The official cover art
    Source: Earl Sweatshirt’s Twitter Avi “”


    20 Wave Caps
    Uncle Al

  56. i noticed no one mentioned Eyedea when you all were talking about lyricist

  57. he’s been lagging the release quite a bit, but i really dont mind. i fuck with earl and his flow and wordplay, but as far as content goes, im looking forward to him breaking away from all the rape and shit. his progression and maturity combined with his skill is gonna leave us all speechless.

  58. Doris Tracklisting:

    1. Pre (feat. SK La’Flare)
    2. Burgandy (feat. Vince Staples)
    3. 20 Wave Caps (feat. Domo Genesis)
    4. Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean)
    5. Hive (feat. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies)
    6. Chum
    7. Sasquatch (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
    8. Centurion (feat. Vince Staples)
    9. 523
    10. Uncle Al
    11. Guild (feat. Mac Miller)
    12. Molasses (feat. RZA)
    13. Whoa (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
    14. Hoarse
    15. Knight (feat. Domo Genesis)

    • hoarse is featuring frank ocean according to kanyetothe

  59. Hive drops tonight at 9PM EST.

    Source –

  60. HIVE has been released.

  61. Doris is available for preorder on iTunes

  62. Hive ft. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies (Official)


    01. Pre feat. Sk la’ Flare

    02. Burgundy feat. Vince Staples

    03. 20 Wave Caps feat. Domo Genesis

    04. Sunday feat. Frank Ocean

    05. Hive feat. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies

    06. Chum

    07. Sasquatch feat. Tyler, The Creator

    08. Centurion feat. Vince Staples

    09. 523

    10. Uncle Al

    11. Guild feat. Mac Miller

    12. Molasses feat. RZA

    13. Whoa feat. Tyler, The Creator

    14. Hoarse

    15. Knight feat. Domo Genesis

  64. Doris Available for Pre Order on itunes and his single Hive feat. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies is available for purchase or you can pre order a physical copy from amazon

  65. This will be an amazing debut.

    • Earl was his debut

      • Technically Earl was only an EP, so this is his debut album.

  66. this gonna be dope af

  67. Earl be dope as fuck but the fact you guys are saying he’s the best in the game is just silly as fuck. He comes from a crew that mocks rap as much as makes it and they spit about nothing more than rape, drugs, and being young and stupid. Also about bitches but…. thats just in every damn rap song out there. You wanna see boys that are repping the real check out MF DOOM, Pro Era, Joey Bada$$, Capital STEEZ, Jedi mind tricks, Army of the pharaohs, Action Bronson, Mr. Lif, The Underachievers, Ab Soul, kendrick lamar, Flatbush Zombies, The Roots

    • FACTS bada$$ is the best right now IMO lol

    • Joey Bad is extremely boring tho

    • pretty dope list but Earl has potential to be something more I got to admit. Him and Pharell should collabo more.

    • If you think all Earl raps about is “rape, drugs, and being young and stupid” you haven’t really been paying attention to this album, and therefore have no right speaking on it.

      If you think all OF raps about is “rape, drugs, and being young and stupid” you seriously haven’t been paying attention since like 2011, and therefore have no right speaking on them.

  68. And Clear Souls Forces, they nice

  69. :)

  70. Wow, people are really sucking Earl. He’s good, but not the best rapper alive as some of you proclaim. How about listening to the album first…

    • there’s no such thing as best rapper alive, no body should ever take that title.

  71. this dude is pure trash, im really confused and ive tried to find what people are talking about but i cant find it….. he has no flow what so ever, i rank him with lil b, pure trash!!!

    • 0/10 Troll harder.

      • aint no trollin here, this dude is pure garbage

        • Yep I’m sure that’s why you made an account just to post an opinion on a rapper you don’t like. You aren’t very good at this. If you actually did just for that reason, that’s pretty sad, and I feel bad for you.

  72. Earl is very talented, this album will be a leap in lyrical content for sure. Also, just because somebody is what you consider to be ‘underground’ or ‘real hip hop’ doesn’t make them a better rapper than the next guy. 90′s MC’s who are worshiped weren’t considered ‘real hip hop’ in their era because they stopped using DJ’s. Stop believing everything you read/hear.

  73. This guy has talent but on a different bracket of composer not able to compare him to other rappers or lyricists for that matter, always comparison when it comes to rappers like omfg he is up there with doom,and eminem and shit like that this guy will certainly have his own fan base which is a good thing one person may like him and another may not like him, if you dont like him thats your choice dont comment about dumb shit because you know your not better then him just fuck off and go listen to your mainstream insignificant shit!

  74. “Mocha Desire Jogging” Doris Preview:

  75. Leak damn it

  76. Amazon Pre-order is a Physical Copy right?

  77. Album now featured on the front page.

  78. why the hell do people think this goof is so good? you fucking idiot kids dont know what good rap is

    • what’s good rap then?
      please share your incredible taste in rap with us!

    • youre a dingus this guy rules

  79. this album is gonna be dope as fuck

  80. Very good video of Earl performing “Centurion” live:

  81. 2 weeks.

  82. Every song that has been released is fantastic so far, especially Chum (my personal favorite). If you haven’t checked out the music video for Hive yet, definitely go check that out. Especially excited to hear Burgundy.

  83. WOAH video.

  84. Another album teaser released today with a new snippet of Burgundy

  85. Waiting for the leak anyday now.

  86. 20WaveCaps, Chum, HIve, Guild, and Whoa have all leaked.

    • They were all released… Mainly because they were all ones being performed live at shows.

  87. can this leak already?

  88. leaking TONIGHT

  89. Burgundy (Album version) is out

  90. Full Burgundy track has leaked:


    Burgundy studio version leaked

  92. Leak the damn album before I piss meself!

    • Everyone go and tell her to leak it, lol.

  93. Ok people chill Earl is ONE of the best not THE best but he’s one of my favs

  94. NO


    *five minutes later*



    *five minutes later*

    *sometime in the near future*


    • Yep. Basically me for the last few days.

      • I’ve been checking this at least three times a day for the past two weeks.

  95. I really feel like it will leak before this weekend is over. It’s supposedly being released in Australia soon.

    • Nope we’re not even getting physical copies in some stores (JB-Hifi) till the 23rd

  96. Someone just posted this on a forum

  97. don’t know about you guys, but I’m really keen for sunday. frank and earl always make for a good collaboration (y)

  98. he put it up the traklist someone fix it lol


  100. c’mon man, less than 10 days till the release ya’ll should have been had a leak!

    • Same one thats been up for months with that annoying Illegal CIV 2 audio in the background

    • Somebody get this shit off of here

  101. Earl Sweatshirt freestyling on Sway In The Morning!!

  102. lol, all of these OF rappers say the most random, twisted shit that half the time doesn’t even make sense but they still manage to have these white kids chins stuck to their nut pubes.

  103. Wow, it’s not even counting anymore, lmao.
    You’ve visited this page many times. Last visit: 8/10/13

  104. As of now, 6 songs have been leaked.
    2 Burgundy
    3 20 Wave Caps
    5 Hive
    6 Chum
    11 Guild
    13 Whoa

    • Only 2 of those songs leaked, the other 4 were released, dumb fuck.

  105. This album is gonna be dope

  106. 1. Pre (feat. SK La’Flare)
    2. Burgundy (feat. Vince Staples)
    3. 20 Wave Caps (feat. Domo Genesis)
    4. Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean)
    5. Hive (feat. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies)
    6. Chum
    7. Sasquatch (feat. Tyler, the Creator)
    8. Centurion (feat. Vince Staples)
    9. 523
    10. Uncle Al (feat. The Alchemist)
    11. Guild (feat. Mac Miller)
    12. Molasses (feat. RZA)
    13. Whoa (feat. Tyler, the Creator)
    14. Hoarse (feat. Matthew Tavares, Alex Sowinski & Chester Handsen)
    15. Knight (feat. Domo Genesis)

  107. We need a leak asap!

  108. I just saw an instagram video of part of Tyler’s verse on Sasquatch!!!

  109. Fuck leak already

  110. im going to fuck earl sideways, i need this album.

  111. Patience is a virtue… BUT I WANT DORIS! I WANT IT SO BAD, UGH! FUUUUUU-

  112. Earl. Creativity + Originality + Raw Talent = He Wins. You can hate but he still wins.

  113. Just keep your eyes peeled to the VK site and they ALWAYS leak first

    • Also, if it doesnt leak today, keep your eyes open between early tomorrow morning – Thursday because by Thursday, the leak will hit the net

      • Where on VK should we look (what communities, pages, etc)? I don’t know where most of the albums have a tendency to leak to

    • can u shoot me the link to that site

  114. Also, if you all cannot wait, why not listen to Earl 2: Road To Doris until its out

    • That’s not an actual mixtape LOL. gts

      • Oh well lol – it looked official just as official as a half leak is of this album and they are reporting it as fully leaked and that is not the case – only 1 – 7 and 11 and 13 are out

  115. I am not that hyped for it. But from production credits it seems like it will be very diversive… after new Tylers album and Frankie Ocean, it is time for another OFWGFTA member to blow up with something else than just provocative project. Suprise me EARL!

  116. can this leak like right now.

  117. half leaked

  118. ok it sort of leaked

  119. Half the album leaked

  120. Half of it leaked tf?

  121. Half leaked, tracks 1-7, 11 and 13.

    • Its because 1 Level 2 user reported a leak as well, so, it makes it go to leaked i do believe. If its reported leaked because of the half album that was leaked earlier, then shit, lets go leak happy and report everything

  122. IT LEAKED

  123. I don’t know if I’d consider his Label site and YouTube as a leak…

  124. Only half has leaked. The full thing is not out there yet.

  125. Half of the album has leaked. Tracks 1-7 11 & 13. Pretty awesome.

  126. Whole album will be streaming on Odd Future site every minute… expect streamrip.

    • when exactly?

      • hard to say… observe today or tomorrow. They know anybody could leak it now, so they will be releasing it for streaming… many artists have done it this year (JT, Daft Punk to name a few)

      • They changed it to tomorrow 11am PST, according to OFT

  127. it isnt fully leaked.. sorry guys

  128. Not a full album leak. It WAS the only leak but it was apparently only half downloaded by one person and now the link which is accessible via youtube reads that the “file does not exist”

  129. Thanks jolted JOEL and Eric, our moderator + the rest of you – I’ve reset the leak! It was, just like jolted JOEL said, an incomplete leak…

  130. Half the album leaked! where the hell is the other half?!

  131. somebody leak the whole album please. shit.

  132. Album Stream in a few hours on soundcloud!

    • source?

      • The administrator of OddFutureTalk (which is OF’s official forum) said there’d be a stream going up sometime today via and then people made assumptions about the time and the location.

  133. “Like omg Earl is way better than *insert random rappers name*”
    “Like omg no he’s not *insert random rappers name* is way better”
    *Youre so stupid Earl like takes dumps on that fools cereal he’s so much better.”
    “No way dude, you’re an R-tard. PAC and Em bro. PAC and Em”

    Can’t y’all just enjoy the music? They’re all nice.

  134. The Booklet has been put up on discogs

  135. yall niggas are dick riders earl is nice but hes lyrically not even close to seeing lloyd banks, jadakiss, styles p, big L, and biggie he has a pre mature flow and he will never be as good as the greats those niggas are the ones who made rap what it is if you think otherwise then u dont know anything about rap

    • …so I guess you didn’t take in anything from Jim’s comment below :-P

      • Jim is a wise man. highNiggaPie, not so much. XD

  136. Can people just shut up with the damn opinions? If you don’t like the fucking artist don’t go ranting about how terrible you think they are and how they’ll never be on another artist’s level.

  137. pretty big album hype number..understandably thou..hope it lives up to it.

  138. As a fan I feel like I should wait but… DORIS HAS LEAKED.

  139. Anybody else wondering if its fully leaked now?

  140. there’s a supposed leak out right now, downloading to confirm if its real.

  141. Edit: It’s fake, sorry about that

  142. There are no leaks at the pirate bay this info is false

  143. So another fake leak alert?

  144. The piratebay leak is some other rapper with all the right album titles lmbo! got me good

  145. The Pirate Bay leak is fake

  146. Just messaged Mojib about the false alarm.

  147. Can the mods only send leak alerts once it’s been verified?

  148. ugh it was fake, i hate whoever uploaded that

  149. So it hasn’t leaked? Is no one actually listening to the download before confirming the leak is real? This is really annoying. No knock to the site when I say that, but who believes a blind link is indicative of a leak? All the comments on the torrent at the Bay confirm it’s a fake too. I’m stingy when it comes to anything leaking on the Pirate Bay, especially regarding the quality.

    Someone should either just leak it to get it over with or OF should post a stream, though it’s not like they have to.

    • you said it man. this is the first time hasitleaked has ever stuffed up (for me anyway) :(

    • Just to clarify, in general the site does a great job of moderating these things, and I’m
      sure they’ll fix this one too, so no gripe with them, though I want to
      know why whomever is reporting the leak doesn’t check the details.

      other time anything weird happened was when QOTSA’s last record leaked,
      because someone reported it as available, it got reset, and then it
      leaked the next day. Seemed like the leak was real but couldn’t be
      substantiated so the right thing to do was reset it. Disappointing, but
      the right decision for sure.

  150. The leak people are reporting is a fake.

  151. It’s fake remove that it’s leaked, it’s actually aesop

    • It leaked look harder.

  152. Fake fucking leak at piratebay

  153. is the sharebeast one full album?

    • Link!

    • Where is this Sharebeast file, it may in fact be real other forums are saying it’s leaked and real

      • idk if its full but it takes for ever to download

        • I’ll let you know in six minutes..

  154. The leak was fake wtf, check it out before you assume OP. Both of the ones uploaded were jokes, one was just someone promoting their music, and the other was a bunch of “penis” being thrown around to a beat

  155. Just got a report from a friend that there is a legit leak out there and I’m grabbing it from him now. He has listened to it and confirmed it’s real.

    • link!

    • Where can you provide me with link in email

      • I’ll see what I can do, but you might want to delete your e-mail from that reply unless you want someone spamming you.

    • Let us know how it goes

    • Sorry man, you know we can’t post links here. That said, I’m sure it will be available soon enough.

      • could you send the link to me by email?

        • PM me and if it’s real, will do.

          • ..

          • imma e-mail u the link

          • Raymond can you email me a link?

    • Show the mod if its real

  156. there is a real link

  157. it leaked bruh it leaked

  158. its on whatcd

  159. someone link me please?

  160. im not sleeping till i get the legit link and it’s 1:45am. give. me. it.

  161. It is real this time!!!!!!

  162. YES OR NO!?!? Come on people

  163. просто зайди в паблик ofwgkta, нигга )

    • Уже туда слили! Збс ребят)

  164. i need it

  165. I

  166. Is the 320kbps leak out? Only see 192 on TPB.

    • that’s the fake one from a few hours ago man, don’t bother

    • it was transcoded from another lossy source so it’s not really 320

  167. There is a leak however. I listened through the whole album just now.

  168. i found it

  169. Earl has so much to prove with this album and I think that it will be on point for these reasons:
    • Chum was awesome and that will be on the album
    • Have you heard his flow on ‘Dat Ass’ ???? That shit is fire
    • Doris is amazing
    • RZA is on the album, producing and rapping
    • Oh yeah, and Pharrell is producing ‘Burgundy’
    Nuff said!

    -Daps & Sounds-

  170. Uplaoded an hour ago on Kickass ,320 CBR NimitMak SilverRG ,Check it on Homepage !!

  171. the pirate bay leak is not the real album, not even incomplete

  172. The hightail links are legit

  173. It’s on Atrilli too.. I think it is it, at least.

  174. just leaked fellow fellows

  175. He Tried. There just isn’t a ‘that’s my shit’ song on this album for me. Fell hella flat.

  176. leaked. I got it.

  177. Worth waiting for

  178. Some leaks are Aesop Rock’s Bazooka tooth disguised, and not Doris, double check before you start asking how the fuck did earl had such a change of voice pitch

  179. you know OF would do it right before, same thing with Wolf

  180. What the hell is this crap? What kinda loser calls themselves Earl Sweatshirt and why has this unknown idiot got such a high hype rating compared to all the established bands on the front page?

    • Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean others don’t.
      This website’s for more than one genre.

    • Judging an artist by their name and not their content. Tee-hee. ;)

  181. this album is dope

  182. pop shit

  183. This dude and his ugly ass 8-head Suck!! I seen em at SXSW, Shit was not Hype at all…. Fuckn Gimmick Rappers… #DaBagHeads

  184. Fuck the haters, this album is fucking awesome

  185. A very interesting sound. At first I didn’t realise how young this guy is. It’ll interesting to see what future projects he does.

  186. Even Pitchfork thinks this is an insane album

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