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Periphery : Juggernaut

No confirmed date, cover or setlist. It would be the third full lenght by Periphery, to be released via Sumerian Records


Artist : Periphery Title : Juggernaut Release date : forseeable future Genre : Metal

Track listing

Not yet.

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it has not leaked


days until release


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Juggernaut Leak details

Juggernaut was added by Pierre Diaz, is expected forseeable future. Discuss the album below or at the forum. The album has been reported as leaked by 0 Level 1 user(s) and 0 Level 2 user(s). The Juggernaut album download leak needs to be reported as leaked by either 3 Level 1 users or 1 Level 2 user. Note that Has it Leaked doesn't provide album download links for music and it is strictly forbidden to post links to file sharing sites (Rapidgator, Uploaded etc), torrents or to sites which in turn link to or host copyrighted music files. Any links to ZIP, RAR, MP3 or FLAC files will be automatically result in a ban.

Not yet.


  1. Avatar of Steve Colin

    Release date is set for December 2012, but no exact date yet!

  2. Man so much for them releasing this back to back with the other its been nearly a year! Still looking forward to it though.

    • Avatar of trent

      its set to be released sometime this year due to the “clear EP” they have been working on juggernaut from what ive been hearing from anonymous sources its supposed to surpass anything they have done before it might be released in the summer sometime

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