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Trouble Will Find ME

The National : Trouble Will Find Me

The National : Trouble Will Find Me
The National just announced the impending release of Trouble Will Find Me, their fifth studio album. Singer Matt Berninger calls the self-produced album “immediate and visceral.” In a press release, Aaron Dessner says, “The songs on one level are our most complex, and on another they’re our most simple and human. It just feels like we’ve embraced the chemistry we have.” Trouble Will Find Me is out 5/21 on 4AD.

The National’s dark, brooding tales of suburban strife and existential terror sounds like the audio equivalent of sitting down in a well-worn leather chair in a very dark room with a glass of scotch in your hand. Their sound is rich and menacing, backed by the mumbling growl of lead singer Matt Berninger.
The National broke out onto the scene with their 2007 classic Boxer, an album that received tons of praise upon release (and deserved every bit of it). Boxer spun tales of quiet menace and the hidden evil under the surface of everyone’s lives. The band followed it up with the more psychological High Violet in 2010, an album that saw Beringer’s fears turn more inward and existential, but equally as powerful.
The new album, Trouble Will Find Me, due out May 20th alongside a documentary about the band, Mistaken For Strangers, which debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival the previous month.

"Trouble Will Find Me will showcase a much more confident band, not just in their abilities, but also in Berninger’s outlook on the world"

The album seems to find the band in a different place than their previous albums. The success from Boxer and High Violet has rocketed the band into the forefront of the indie rock scene, causing the press and fans to finally take notice of the band that has been putting out excellent material for more than ten years. In an interview about the new album, Berninger said “For the past ten years we’d been chasing something, wanting to prove something. And this chase was about trying to disprove our own insecurities. After touring High Violet, I think we felt like we’d finally gotten there. Now we could relax—not in terms of our own expectations but we didn’t have to prove our identity any longer.” To me, this means that Trouble Will Find Me will showcase a much more confident band, not just in their abilities, but also in Berninger’s outlook on the world. Whereas Boxer and High Violet dealt with deeply personal themes and fear, Trouble Will Find Me may hearken back to the band’s earlier, more raw albums like Alligator.


Listen to the new single Demons below.


Another exciting element about Trouble Will Find Me was revealed during a recent interview at Gothamist with drummer Bryan Devendorf, who says that the album will feature vocal collaborations with Sharon Van Etten, Nona Marie Invie, and St. Vincent’s Annie Clark, along with beats and other electronic embellishments provided by Sufjan Stevens. For a band that has typically eschewed collaboration in the past, it will be incredibly exciting to see Berninger’s vocals intertwining with immensely talented vocalists like Clark, Van Etten and Invie, and how the band’s deep, droning sound will be affected by Stevens’ electronic flourishes

The band has released the tracklist:

1. I Should Live In Salt
2. Demons
3. Don’t Swallow The Cap
4. Fireproof
5. Sea Of Love
6. Heavenfaced
7. This Is The Last Time
8. Grace
9. Slipped
10. I Need My Girl
11. Humiliation
12. Pink Rabbits
13. Hard To Find

It’s notable that all these songs appear to be new material, tracks that the band hasn’t performed live (unless they’ve renamed them).
The hype for this album is huge. The band has shown a great evolution of their sound over their five previous albums, so I can’t wait to hear what they deliver on Trouble Will Find Me.


Here’s a great article from Consequence of Sound with the band performing six of the songs from the new album.

An album feature written by Sean May for Has it Leaked. Other articles by May.



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Trouble Will Find ME Leak Updates

On 05/09/2013, Trouble Will Find ME was reported as leaked by 4 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

unabashed (A Level 1 user with 35 points) reported an album download leak at Ateaseweb.

(A Level 0 user with 0 points) reported an album download leak at mega file sharing site.

groovesnark (A Level 1 user with 29 points) reported an album download leak at What.

seancasey (A Level 3 user with 535 points) reported an album download leak at Exystence.

01 “I Should Live In Salt” 02 “Demons” 03 “Don’t Swallow The Cap” 04 “Fireproof” 05 “Sea Of Love” 06 “Heaenfaced” 07 “This Is The Last Time” 08 “Graceless” 09 “Slipped” 10 “I Need My Girl” 11 “Humiliation” 12 “Pink Rabbits” 13 “Hard To Find”[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Album Verdict: 9.1

The National : Trouble Will Find Me, 9.1 out of 10 based on 65 ratings


  1. Avatar of Myself

    So friggin excited for this one!

  2. Avatar of

    This will be good.

  3. Avatar of Ben Austin

    I really cannot wait for this release. Most anticipated album of the year, easily.

  4. Avatar of Michael Descendre

    High Violet is one of my favorites albums. I hope the next one will be on the same level or even better!

  5. Avatar of Ben


    [Thanks, but its already added]

  6. Avatar of JD

    I loved High Violet. Waiting for Exile VIlify to be in here! :D

  7. Avatar of Korova

    I cant wait. I hope this album will change my life, like High Violet.

  8. Avatar of Jurgen

    They’ve played ‘I Need My Girl’ before!

  9. Avatar of fred earle

    First single ‘Demons’ here –

    It’s really basic, and great.

  10. Avatar of ThomZorke

    New song from the record “Don’t Swallow The Cap”, sounds great!

  11. Avatar of Re

    Top 3 albums I’m dying for

  12. Avatar of Mango Nebula

    Super excited about this one after high violet. Yet, something about songs like “Demons” that sort of hits you over the head with the whole “National” thing are a little disappointing. Like “Sorrow” sort of I guess and their earlier albums. I hope there’s more walking with spiders and soaring with swarms of bees on this one.

  13. Avatar of hobbesthecat

    they’re playing tonight in NYC – possible they may debut another new song live

  14. Avatar of

    This will be the magnum opus of The National’s career thus far. So excited for this release.

  15. Avatar of Govinda

    **NEW SINGLE** – “Don’t Swallow the Cap”

  16. Avatar of hobbesthecat

    track by track review via GIGWISE of the new album – interesting read—trouble-will-find-me-track-by-track-review

    • Avatar of paul


    • Avatar of Aleo

      That review is so positive I have trouble believing it to be true. But I want to… Thanks for the post!

  17. Avatar of Bob Sakamano

    This album is really good. Seems like a natural follow-up to High Violet. After only one listen so far, Graceless and Fireproof stood out to me. I can only assume a full leak is coming sooner than later.

  18. Avatar of Brett

    Hey Bob, I am so looking forward to this. How did you get a copy? Do you work for a review website?

  19. Avatar of seth

    he only heard the live versions i guess and is acting big here.

  20. Avatar of seth

    someone has any idea when this gonna leak? damn i cant wait anymore

  21. Avatar of

    Polish radio Trójka have played fragments of “This is the last time” and “Hard to find” last thursday.

    “Last Time” is a class!

  22. Avatar of

    Album hasn’t publicly leaked but i have a copy, pretty good album.

  23. Avatar of Imbrie

    Do the right thing, Bob Young. Be the hero!

  24. Avatar of


    • Avatar of Paul

      Ok, so you have the album art and some renamed mp3s

      • Avatar of

        I was lucky enough to get the album, I’ve already pre ordered it anyway. Believe what u want, but it is real, and I do have it. Sorry but leak won’t come from me. Support the band.

    • Avatar of hobbesthecat

      Windows Media Player? gross

    • Avatar of hobbesthecat

      j/k Bob

      if he has it great – we’ll get it within a week. even if it doesn’t leak this week there s/b physical copies of the album being sold @ the ithaca show

  25. Avatar of Ser Jorah

    You could be our man Bob. People all over the internet would sing your praises for generations to come!

  26. Avatar of Unabashed

    Bob, why would you want to tease us so? Could you share your spoils with a fellow wanderer?

  27. Avatar of Imbrie

    Where did you obtain your copy Bob?

  28. Avatar of Unabashed

    Bob, you’re becoming famous. A house hold name. You’re going places buddy; we can put YOU on the map. Now all you got to do is hand over the merchandise and you’ll be rewarded. I’m not kiddin’ Bob. You have the power. It’s all down to you now princess.

  29. Avatar of Imbrie

    But equally, we can make things go the other way but, we like you Bob Young and, we’d like to help you.

    • Avatar of

      Know someone who played on the album.

      • Avatar of Imbrie

        Bob, I beseech you to leak it.

      • Avatar of Unabashed

        Why come on here bragging if you never intended to share? Most people here will be buying the album anyway. Man whatever gets your kicks.

  30. Avatar of Unabashed

    Bob, we see so many ‘bright young things’ slip through the proverbial colander. We don’t WANT that to happen to you, Bob. We see something bright in your future, Bob, but as you know, all bright things burn out. Bob, do you want to burn out? Act fast Bob, before they hear us. Before someone else does what you could do TODAY. You’ve got the power Bob. Just you.

  31. Avatar of Baula

    This gentleman Bob is teasing us my fellow Nationalists. We must endure!

  32. Avatar of Unabashed

    Leaked on Atease it seems.

  33. Avatar of Ser Jorah

    No it hasn’t. People just like to bullshit over there. It’s still up to mister Bawb Young.

  34. Avatar of Unabashed

    Rumbled. Sorry man. I just wanted a flood the lying bastards.

  35. Avatar of Paul

    There’s always gotta be a liar or two who feels the need to flex their “ha ha look at you all get jealous and envious of ME” muscles over this stuff.

    You either don’t have it or are proving unnecessarily dickish by flaunting it in front of the rest of us.

    • Avatar of

      belive what you want, i guess im being dickish.

      • Avatar of Paul

        I don’t like having to take this out on you, but if you’re posting on a leak-tracking site and refuse to do anything but hold this over our heads, that’s pretty lame. Especially for those of us who’ve already committed to buy the album in some form of media.

  36. Avatar of Imbrie

    Bob Young, are you wiling to post the album?

  37. Avatar of seth

    he hasnt got it. everyone can rename tracks lol.

    • Avatar of Unabashed

      You’ve no reason to not believe the man.

      • Avatar of seth

        i have cause hes so boldy teasing us its not even funny anymore. whats the point in posing here with that. i may be wrong but then he can get the fuck out and stop posting here cause that’s driving me mad.

  38. Avatar of Imbrie

    Be cool.

  39. Avatar of

    A couple drips happened on At Ease

    • Avatar of Ser Jorah

      Nah, just more fake bullshitting, having a laugh at the expense of us hardcore fans. :(

    • Avatar of

      Nevermind. False Alarm

    • Avatar of Unabashed

      It’s already been debunked: these jerks are just pranking one another. This has to leak!

  40. Avatar of Brett

    Ugh someone posted on twitter they’re downloading the album now….Can anyone confirm, what is going on?!?!

  41. Avatar of Sam

    exystence blog has “I Should Live in Salt” and “Fireproof” studio versions. Just look back in the shout box for the user King Rat.

    • Avatar of Tom

      yes! I found it. Thanks….so I think now its close :)

    • Avatar of hobbesthecat

      +1 x infinity Sam

      how the hell did you come across that?

      thanks man

    • Avatar of Tom

      maybe this King Rat is our Bob :) and he posted 2 new songs for us :D

      • Avatar of seth

        ye cause bob failed and bob is now not our friend anymore!

        • Avatar of

          You’re a disappointmet, Bob.

          • Avatar of

            guess so, people quick to jump all over someone for not being quick enough to post. i changed my mind and was going to post it today. too many douche bags with there comments. my link was real on exystence and forgot to append the decryption key. i stepped away form my desk cause i have a job and get banned. whatever

          • Avatar of Unabashed

            Dude you only got banned in a blanket banning because people were acting nuts and flooded the site with spam out of excitement.

  42. Avatar of J

    If you want this brilliant band to continue to release good music, make sure you remember to show your support and buy the album.

    Having said that, I’ve bought the deluxe vinyl boxset. Now LEAK, LEAK, LEAK!!

  43. Avatar of

    First post (ever!)

    There is now a Bob on the exystence blog talking about uploading this album!


  44. Avatar of seth

    what you guys think of the 2 new songs? (I Should Live in Salt, Fireproof) Well i think they work pretty well in album context but i cant imagine them out of it. still excellente tho.

    • Avatar of hobbesthecat

      i think I Should Live In Salt is my new favorite – not a huge fan of Fireproof at this point though

      just happy Matt’s lyrics are still going very strong – compared to other songwriters who seem to lack in depth as they age

      • Avatar of seth



  45. Avatar of seth

    bob is even swinging the fakehammer on exystence, hes everywhere O.O

  46. Avatar of Unabashed

    Bob, why are you taking these fools’ rudeness to heart? If you leaked this you’d be doing a lot of good people a favour who are big fans of the band who already buy their work and support them. Don’t take any notice of a bunch of chumps being obnoxious on a message board.

  47. Avatar of paul

    Leave the key here Bob, please.

  48. Avatar of Ser Jorah

    Yeah, some people are just a little bit tense because they desperatly want to hear this record and unfortunatly there’s always going to be one or two idiots then crossing the line and starting acting rude. It would be a shame if you let them ruin it for everyone cause I think most people here would be very grateful towards you if they’re able to hear this album. After all, most are just die hard National fans.

  49. Avatar of Unabashed

    What Ser Jorah said. You were going to the wrong people Bob.

  50. Avatar of X

    Bob is also trolling at exystence. What he actually has is a mess of existing leaks and webrips of live tracks. It hasn’t leaked.

    • Avatar of Ser Jorah

      I’m not on that site but that’s probably just another person who called himself Bob. This Bob is legit as he has proven himself earlier on this page.

    • Avatar of Unabashed

      This Bob is an honest bloke. He tried to leak this over at Exystence and they banned him for no reason.

      • Avatar of Ser Jorah

        Yep, he was and trolls over at Exystence and people here who are apparently not smart enough to think for 2 god damn nanoseconds chased him off. Good going Seth, Michael, X and co.

        • Avatar of

          C’mon guys. In real life this guy is propably a great person. He is National fan after all. But here he is a classic example of troll. We`re feeding him with our attention. That`s how it works:-). No hard feelings, Bob. Much love.

          • Avatar of Ser Jorah

            Yeah, so for your information: he’s the guy who leaked those 2 tracks that yesterday. Maybe you should redifine your definition of the word “troll” cause right now Bob is the only reason you’re listening to those tracks.

          • Avatar of Unabashed

            You can’t feed him: he’s been banned!

  51. Avatar of Ser Jorah

    And if Bob Young is banned he should be unbanned right this second cause he did nothing wrong.

  52. Avatar of Unabashed

    Can we get Bob unbanned, please? He wasn’t trolling; he was trolled. The fact that we are listening to the two new songs is testament to his innocence.

  53. Avatar of seth

    bob didnt uploaded the 2 new songs it was someone else but k

    bob posted a link of TWFM but with password protection. faked.

    • Avatar of Unabashed

      Seth, if it wasn’t Bob, then who uploaded the new tracks then?

      • Avatar of seth

        he was kalled King Rat in exystence

        • Avatar of Unabashed

          King Rat got those from At Ease MB and they got them from Bob.

          • Avatar of seth

            oh my god wheres bob my savior :D

        • Avatar of Unabashed

          Banned! Just like Christ himself, he was turned on by his own when he was just trying to help.

          • Avatar of seth


  54. Avatar of Ser Jorah

    Maybe send a message to expassion or another mod… But I sort of doubt he’s going to want to come back.

  55. Avatar of Unabashed

    Shiiiit. Missed this. seth get in touch with that person who upped it maybe they’ll leak it.

  56. Avatar of seth

    he do not answer : / maybe its a fake

  57. Avatar of Sonny Rene

    This album will be one of the best of 2013 without a doubt. The anticipation grows with each passing day…

  58. Avatar of Paul

    Called out and he turns into a drama king. Oh well, guess someone else will get credit for finding the leak when it drops.

    • Avatar of Ser Jorah

      Or maybe throwing an album on the internet is not that obvious and internet kids should stop the tough guy act cause *surprise surprise* it’s rude and counterproductive

      • Avatar of Paul

        What’s counterproductive is saying you have an album and then doing nothing about it. What does that accomplish?

        • Avatar of Ser Jorah

          He leaked 2 tracks, that isn’t nothing. We should be grateful for this instead of acting like a bunch of entitled kiddies.

      • Avatar of Paul

        At least he’s gone now, so this is all a moot point.

  59. Avatar of X

    The two tracks Bob had have been in circulation for days, and are nothing special to Bob. A mod at exystence has told me that the other rip posted at exystence was also by Bob under a different name. (and was those 2 tracks, plus live versions, and only 6 songs) He’s trolling you all, ffs. That’s why he’s been banned both here & at exy’s. Talk about naive! If there’s a release, it’s pretty likely the guys at exys or somewhere will have it before some random guy called Bob, doncha think?

    • Avatar of Ser Jorah

      Bob has given me 2 complete legit studio versions of tracks on tis album. Tell me mister X, when are you going to give me tracks?

  60. Avatar of Unabashed

    Well if you can kill Laura Palmer by possessing her father, you can obtain and leak unreleased material.

  61. Avatar of Jean Chandon

    Hello from Crest, France. We’re waiting as well, out there…

  62. Avatar of J

    This is pathetic. You only need to wait less than two weeks for a release you’ve already waited on for three years. Stop feeding the trolls and destroying your anticipation.

  63. Avatar of andrew james

    Don’t leak it Bob!!! Although I’m sure you don’t have it not that I care. The National has got to be one of the lousiest most boring bands I’ve ever heard. But my point is anyone who come to HasItLeaked to say they have an album but won’t leak it is a major jerk!!

    • Avatar of Murmur

      I have to agree, everytime you hear the leader singer spit out a note it sounds like he has a cock in his mouth.

    • Avatar of Jennimandy

      I have to agree about this band being boring. I just don’t get the big deal. Although I said it was one of the most anticipated albums of the year, doesn’t mean I buy into the madness, but I was hoping this album would be different and surprise me. Unfortunately it did not. I found it be mediocre.

  64. Avatar of hobbesthecat

    full album is out – sounds amazing

  65. Avatar of J

    Looks like it has made an appearance. Check Twitter.

  66. Avatar of J

    Somebody who is a member needs to grab it from

  67. Avatar of Paul

    And all is forgiven.

  68. Avatar of a

    It sounds awesome.

  69. Avatar of Marcelo Bustamante

    found it on zippyshare. downloading first to check it and, if its legit, i’ll report the leak

  70. Avatar of X

    NOW it’s at exy’s (in the chatbox)

  71. Avatar of X

    confirmed legit 320s

  72. Avatar of Re

    I’ll got late at work because I’m waiting the download finish. lol

  73. Avatar of Baula

    Is anyone else kind of sad because the anticipation is gone? I love the album and am enjoying it but I liked the hunt and the wait!

  74. Avatar of Del

    i wanted it to be more “So you think you can wait” than “mr november” so i am quite pleased.

    • The same reason that I’m a little let down by it. That said, the more “Boxer” like songs are my favorites on the record (Graceless, Sea of Love, Humiliation). It’s not a bad album by any means, I’m enjoying listening to it, but I’d take Boxer or High Violet over it in a second.

  75. Humiliation is my favorite. So calm and poetic.

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