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The band was founded in September 2002 by A.Kudrashov and A.Nesterov. Since then the band's structure changed a lot: D.Ochkov (keyboards), who joined in 2003, played in the band at it's first concert. It took place in the night-club called "Manhattan", it was "Death party (in memory of Chuck Schuldinner)". Rhythm-section changed in January 2004: Oksana Poudanina (bass) and Igor Andreev (drums) were invited. Later Alexandr Jurasov joined the band as a vocalist. D.Ochkov left WFT in April 2004. Olga Chekmareva (keyboards) changed him (took over). In July 2004 the band decided to change O.Poudanina (bass) for Andrew Meunargia (bass, ex-WFT). But a bit later Andrew left the band. He was changed by Elena Firsova (bass). Two months later O.Chekmareva (keyboards) decided to leave WFT and asked D.Ochkov to come back. In spring 2008 Alex Nesterov (giutars) took a role of a singer (took over singer's duties). In September 2008 Maria Zvjagina came in as a keyboard player. This is today's structure of Wine From Tears. The band played with such bands as: Darzamat, Saturnus, Ablaze In Hatred, Frailty, Boney NEM. First release, "Through The Eyes Of A Mad", came out at 27.03.2009 on the Bad Mood Man Music (sub-label Solitude prod.)

Submitted By Berker Bozdağ

Track list:

01 - For Those Who Died Asleep (Intro)
02 - Allergic Sun
03 - What Are You Waiting For?
04 - In Memory of The Truth
05 - Let Me In
06 - Like a Fallen Leaf
07 - The Light at the End of the World
08 - Silence No More
Submitted By Berker Bozdağ

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