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Releases December 1, 2017

All Music Composed by: Aaron Marshall

By Far and Away Written by: Owane & Aaron Marshall

Rubicon Artist Written by: Cameron McLellan & Aaron Marshall

Guitars Performed by: Aaron Marshall

Bass Guitar Performed by: Cameron McLellan

Drums and Percussion Performed by: Nathan Bulla

Keyboards & Additional Sound Design: Owane

Engineered by: Cameron McLellan

Additional Engineering and Assistance by:

Phil Hotz c/o: Revolution Recording

Ross Hayes Citrullo & Connor Salmoral c/o: RHC Music

Produced by: Cameron McLellan & Aaron Marshall

Additional Production by: Simon Grove | Nerve Recording Studios

Mixed by: Simon Grove | Nerve Recording Studios

Mastered by: Ermin Hamidovic | Systematic Productions

Design Concept & Artwork by: Tim Grove

Management: Brett Powell & Richard Fernandes

Track list:


1. Touch and Go
2. Impulsively Responsible
3. A Different Light
4. By Far and Away
5. Belvedere
6. Rubicon Artist
7. The Waterfront
8. Leave No Stone

Touch And Go

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By Far and Away

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Impulsively Responsible

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Rubicon Artist

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