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The Dear Hunter is an American progressive rock band originating in Providence, Rhode Island. It began as a side project of Casey Crescenzo back when he was a member of The Receiving End of Sirens, before becoming his main band in 2006. The band's sound features a wide variety of instruments and styles.[1]

Most of the band's albums, starting with their 2006 debut album Act I: The Lake South, the River North, are concept albums and a part of a common storyline, planned to conclude with a sixth album; the most recent addition is 2016's Act V: Hymns with the Devil in Confessional. Additionally, they have release two stand-alone albums, The Color Spectrum in 2011 and Migrant in 2013.

On September 12th, 2017, The Dear Hunter announced a headlining tour with The Family Crest and Vava. On September 13th, The Dear Hunter announced a six track EP entitled All Is As All Should Be. It will be released through Cave & Canary Goods. All Is As All Should be will be the second album released by The Dear Hunter that does not have a concept. The anticipated release date is 12/1/17.

Band Members:

Casey Crescenzo

Nick Crescenzo

Maxwell Tousseau

Nick Sollecito

Robert Parr

Gavin Castleton

Track list:


The Right Wrong
Blame Paradise
Beyond the Pale
Shake Me (Awake)
Witness Me
All Is As All Should Be


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We’ve never had a hit song—never been invited to a late night talk show—never had a song in a movie… but somehow, we are here in a place I never imagined possible. The Dear Hunter has been able to become the band we are today due to over a decade of passionate support from so many of you.

When I wrapped up Act V, and we discussed our touring plans to support it, I felt it could be a great opportunity to do something we hadn’t done before. After navigating through a few different ideas, one hit me, and within a few seconds, I was committed to seeing it realized. Our goal would be to invite our friends—fans of the band—into the creative process… to be a conduit for their hearts and minds.

In the past, I’ve been clear about my desire to create for myself—to try and cut out the idea of perception while writing—to essentially pretend the music will never be heard until it is. This is different. While every single one of you is wholly unique, this EP, and these people, represent the extended family of The Dear Hunter - all of you leaving a fingerprint on these songs, and this project.

Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do, for us. Thank you for this EP.

Article About the Making of All Is As All Should Be


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