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Currently riding high on the critical success of their sixth album, ‘We Are Not Your Kind’, Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan recently confirmed an album of unreleased stuff is inbound.

In the interview with Loudwire, Crahan stated that it was a 11-track record of outtakes written and recorded during the creation of their 2008 full-length, ‘All Hope Is Gone’. You can read our report on that here.

Since then, vocalist Corey Taylor spoke out further on the project during a recent appearance on SiriusXM‘s ‘Trunk Nation’, stating that the project is tentatively titled ‘Look Outside Your Window’.

“We’ve been trying to find a way to release those songs for God knows how long. They were actually something that we were recording… we had two different studios going on. And one group of guys was recording what ended up becoming ‘Look Outside Your Window’, and then the bulk of the band was making ‘All Hope Is Gone’.”

He later went on to talk about the material on the record a little further, comparing it to Radiohead.

“The stuff from ‘Look Outside Your Window’ is really, really — I mean, there’s no real way to describe it. It’s experimental, but it’s super vibey, super melodic. It’s really good. It’s hard to explain. There’s something about those songs. They’re very solemn, very energetic, very artistic. For people who are used to a certain way of Slipknot sounding, this doesn’t sound anything like that. It’s much more of a rock vibe. Honestly, it’s much more of a Radiohead vibe, to be honest.”

As the band tend to have their album cycles last for about two years, we can expect that the album of ‘All Hope Is Gone’ outtakes – ‘Look Outside Your Window’ – should be released at some point between now and 2021.

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In an interview with Mosh Talks podcast host Terry ‘Beez’ Beezer, Clown – seemingly despairingly – addressed the issue surrounding the eventual new release, saying, “Don’t make it confusing.”

“Don’t make it something it’s not. Don’t call it something it’s not. Accept it. It’s music. It’s art. It doesn’t carry the Slipknot name.”

Clown continued in the interview to emphasise that the album’s non-release wasn’t being done intentionally to upset fans, nor was it to “prove a point”.

Confirming the album has been mixed and mastered and is “ready to go”, Clown stressed it needs to be released when the band can properly prioritise it, saying it can’t interfere with Slipknot’s other commitments.

Clown confirmed there were several potential release dates over the course of last year but added, “We have never really had a tentative [release date]. We speculate.

“So we get a speculation. We get a date under speculation. But we don’t even really make it tentative. We just kind of throw it out there – speculate.”

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