A Mixtape By Kurt Cobain Surface



A 19-year old Kurt Cobain made a mixtape which just surfaced. The previously unheard mixtape sheds light on the late grunge-mastermind’s broad music taste. Remember that this three years before Nirvana and their debut album release, Bleach. It’s titled Montage Of Heck and includes noises, movie, radio and TV samples as well as music featuring Frank Zappa, Shocking Blue, Daniel Johnston, The Beatles, Velvet Underground and Led Zeppelin. It’s a weird, psychedelic trip back to 1986, but nonetheless a trip well worth taking.

The Guardian talked to Cobain’s ex-girlfriend at the time, Tracy Marander. She stated that “He used to listen to it while stoned or on acid too. It always trips people out”. Marander also reveals that there’s other mixtapes out there. “He used to like to make TV montage VHS tapes too. The TV ones are a mix of ’60s to ’80s TV shows, old movies, bad movies, bits of commercials and late night infomercials,” she said.

Kurt Cobain’s “Montage Of Heck” from SpaceEcho on Vimeo.