Has it Leaked is Not a Business

Has it Leaked is basically run by one person, me. I’m Mojib.

I got a lot of questions on Twitter when I changed my account’s profile pic. So I thought I would clear up the confusion once and for all as the site is heading into its fifth year online. The site wouldn’t be anything without its community, it’s just that it’s being maintained by one Swedish guy (I’m referring to me again). Obviously I get amazing help from my coder pals, Prakhar and Tanja, and the guest writers and community mods. But it’s not a business. And it’s not run by a massive team.


The downside is that I might not have time to answer all your feedback, requests or questions. And the progress on the movie version of the site is slow, but almost complete. However, you’re always welcome to contact me about anything!

Cheers everyone! And let’s get back into music again ;)