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Dogs Eating Dogs EP

Blink 182 : Dogs Eating Dogs EP

Blink 182 : Dogs Eating Dogs EP
The holiday EP from Blink-182 titled "Dogs eating dogs". According to drummer Travis Barker, the new music is “100 times better” than their last album Neighborhoods, siting the band’s chemistry had been restored by merely recording in the same studio together. Boxing Day has recently been aired on BBC and has since been spread around the net. The EP cover has also been released and added to our page. We added the two minute trailer below!

The holiday EP from Blink-182 titled “Dogs eating dogs”. According to drummer Travis Barker, the new music is “100 times better” than their last album Neighborhoods, siting the band’s chemistry had been restored by merely recording in the same studio together.

Boxing Day has recently been aired on BBC and has since been spread around the net. The EP cover has also been released and added to our page.

We added the two minute trailer below!



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Dogs Eating Dogs EP Leak Updates

On 12/17/2012, Dogs Eating Dogs EP was reported as leaked by 2 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

rocknrollme (A Level 1 user with 34 points) reported an album download leak at GetMetal.

goncaloshred (A Level 4 user with 10083 points) reported an album download leak at Just Leaked.

1) When I was young 2) Dogs Eating Dogs 3) Disaster 4) Boxing Day 5) Pretty little Girl[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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  1. Avatar of Matty

    long time fan im curious to what a “folky” blink song will sound like.

    • They said Neighborhoods had an Alt-Country song on it. I love Blink, but I’ve learned to take their descriptions with a grain of salt.

    • No mark said he wrote an alt-country song for for his son that he wanted on the record but he could not get the recording of it right so it was scarped for neighborhoods. I think they are musicaly adept enough to give accurate descriptions of what they sound like.

  2. Avatar of Blue

    eh not too excited, blink-182 + Christmas music? never in my life…

    • Don’t you remember the blink song Happy Holidays, You Bastard

    • Avatar of Ben

      It’s not Christmas music.. it’s just coming out around Christmas.

      • No, it’s a christmas themed EP, they meantion christmas a few times in the lyrics

        • they mention christmas in i miss you, would you call that a christmas themed song?

          • Yeah cause I miss you came out a few days before christmas too.

          • Plus the song I Miss You is about the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. So uh, yeah.

        • Boxing day is the day after christmas, the song is obviously about that day… talking about waves and shit.

          • Exactly man.

    • Blink-182 did release a Christmas song in the past. It was called “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas.”

    • i wont be home for christmas?

    • The album art on here is misleading, it will not have Christmas themed album art.

      • Its not christmas themed. One one mentions christmas

    • not christmas themed. i read an interview with mark and he said its got nothing to do with christmas

    • What about i wont be home for christmas

  3. Same here, Im hoping this will leak soon. Been a long time Blink fan

    • Avatar of Matt

      Definitely won’t be “soon” – Tom tweeted on Monday (I think) saying that it hasn’t even been mixed yet. And Mark and Travis were back in the studio with Tom yesterday to put the finishing touches on the tracks.

      • That’s weird cause someone already reported a leak for it. I guess that happens here a lot eh?

        • Avatar of Andrew

          Yeah, it does sometimes. With Green Day there are fake leak reports all the time. =/

          • Yeah I saw that…that’s very annoying.

  4. Avatar of Jonathan

    I hope it gets leaked soon, I love this band so much. My gf would love it too. :D

  5. Avatar of

    new song called “Boxing Mitt” is going to be released along with the tracklist on Monday or Tuesday!

  6. Avatar of Jordan Johnson

    wouldn’t think it would leak early since they have their own label now

    • Yeah, and it’s digital only so no one is getting it early

  7. New song called ‘Boxing Day’ being played tonight on BBC Radio 1.

  8. They are releasing a song sometime between now and the next 2 hours on this station.

  9. Avatar of Gav Charlton

    New song from this upcoming EP “Boxing Day”

  10. Avatar of Jordan

    I just want this already. These days need to go by quicker.

  11. Better youtube video with full album art!!

  12. Avatar of mandy

    omfg boxing day is perfect

    i can’t wait for more

  13. Track listing available on european iTunes;
    1) When I was young
    2) Dogs Eating Dogs
    3) Disaster
    4) Boxing Day
    5) Pretty little Girl

  14. Previews also available on there ;)

  15. Avatar of Gav Charlton

    I made an interactive album sampler. HD&HQ

  16. Listened to all the previews, it’s definitely better than neighbourhoods.

  17. Avatar of

    hey guys here’s a link to some previews for the songs on the ep!

  18. Don’t want previews, want LEAK! Neighbourhood’s leaked like 4 weeks before it’s release.

  19. I have a promotinal version of the new EP :)
    It is awsome !!!!!!!

    • Avatar of Ben

      explain yourself

      • He’s messin with us. You think they would say that and just be quiet by only saying “It’s awesome!!!”

    • Leak it or it didn’t happen.

    • Promotinal full version? Or the Itunes version?

    • What what what?

  20. Avatar of elliot

    Did someone say leak?

  21. Avatar of Ben

    This is going to be dope.

  22. Avatar of spidermickey

    Just heard the preview for this EP. They sound so awesome.Can’t wait for the EP to release.

    • YEA! It’s on iTunes! Cheers! It’s going to be RAD!!!

  23. The Folky Song IS Called
    “Boxing Day”
    Check It Out on Youtube

  24. Avatar of mandy


    • you apperently do not know the definition of ‘leak’ than, do you?

    • No it hasn’t that is just the full preview

    • Thats just the previews :( wish it had though.

  25. It only has one acoustic song. Go over to itunes and listen to all the songs right now! They’re up to preview! They are F-ing awesome! Cheers all!

  26. Avatar of Brandyn

    Somebody please explain to be how this hasn’t leaked yet. Realistically, how hasn’t it?

    • It’s probably because it wasn’t a physical release

    • Considering that this EP is being released independently and not by a label, could you REALLY expect it to leak? The EP is in their control. One would think that they’d do a pretty good job at not leaking their album that they’re only asking $5 to purchase. And I think the fact that it hasn’t leaked proves that.

    • Foreal, they must have this shit on lock

    • It’s probably because it’s an indie album, I think the guys in the band may be literally the only ones with the songs right now, considering how it’s self produced, promoted and released.

    • Avatar of Tom

      because it’s a digital EP and is only being released in that format. And since the band is unsigned now they are the only ones with the album, I highly doubt it’s going to leak before any of it’s release dates if they’re different in other states etc.

      • Avatar of Nicos

        +1 on this one. Pretty obvious that being that indie (no record label at all), the band has full control over their music.

  27. I’m assuming it hasn’t been leaked because there’s no physical copy. I always assumed leaks happened because physical copies were shipped/distributed early. Could be wrong though.

  28. It won’t leak. Digital only LOVE part one release by AVA didn’t either.
    If we’re lucky it’ll be Monday. Because some people’s orders might’ve come in too soon.

    • Avatar of Mojib

      While you’re probably right, a digital only release doesn’t mean that it can’t leak. Promotional copies are still being handed out and are often physical versions. I’m talking about radio, journalists etc
      And as we’ve seen before, sometimes a country screws it up and accidentally release it ahead of its official release, on iTunes or Amazon.

  29. people are listening to it on so maybe we can hope for a leak? the people with it are people who review albums for sites.

    • Avatar of Mojib

      Remember that it’s pretty easy to fake tag MP3s, to make them appear as Blink-182 tracks on

      It happens with all major releases and have not yet been an indication a leak is circulating.

  30. Guess we’ll have to wait until Monday (18th) I’ve searched “high and low” for a leak and there is noting out there. Can’t wait for the EP. It’s going to be soooo good!

    • I’m still going to purchase, and give Blink their “due” for their handwork, i just wan to hear it now! LOL! Please, does someone know of anything out there!?

  31. Avatar of Billy

    It’s absolutely fucking incredible that this EP hasn’t leaked.

    This is unprecedented.

    • Avatar of Peyton Cornelius

      They left their record company. So I imagine its a digital EP, since most Eps aren’t in CD format, and the band themselves are the only ones who have the EP.

  32. Avatar of elliot

    The previews on iTunes are so good. Can’t wait! :)

  33. So AVA’s album just leaked, so why can’t Blink’s album leak too? Since theyre both independent labels…

    • Avatar of Alex

      AVA’s leaked because people got their copies of CDs early. If blink was releasing hard copies of this EP then it probably would have leaked by now.

      • I think it was a digital download as well. It’s their EP.

    • Ohhh, Ohhh! Please tell us the link, or email me???

      • I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you where to download it….but I can say just do a quick google search for it (and add the word download or torrent)

  34. I agree with adeeb if the Ava album leaked why can’t blink’s ep leak?

  35. Boxing Day is the folk song, and is about the first show they had to cancel in 2004 due to tensions between band members. That show was a show that had Tsunami in the name and was going to happen on Boxing Day, to clear things up

  36. Have patience! It will be worth it.

  37. Avatar of Sean

    2 hrs and 40 minutes until its the 18th in Australia and still no leak. Today has been the longest freaking day

  38. The album is out on NZ itunes now

  39. Here’s to hoping that it gets released midnight 17th on the Aussie iTunes store!

  40. Does anyone know if it comes out at 12:00 tonight in Australia?

    • Yep, it does! Same with all iTunes music.

  41. I hope so! I’m wondering if I should stay up or not haha… Fuk I want it!!!

  42. Apparently it’s coming out on Australia iTunes in about half hour. already available on NZ iTunes

  43. I need to befriend some NZ people…

  44. Avatar of Matthew

    I guess its the 18th now in australia, so yeah im waiting :)

  45. Have i ever mentioned how amazingly generous Australians are? Because i should of; youre awesome….

  46. So i know some ausi’s got it!!!! lets be kind and good hearted and help us less fortunate

  47. I really want new blink :(

  48. It’s not out in Australia yet

  49. The EP is out on the New Zealand iTunes. Can’t wait to hear it.

  50. Avatar of Sean

    Please pm me a link when it’s up

    • Lol no. Who the fuck cares about you?

  51. Oh cone on…I know someone has it!!!

  52. When’s the Australian release? Been waiting all night :(

  53. I’ve been heavily waiting for this album for almost a week. If it’s released in Australia… When is someone going to have it available for download?
    Also.. What about in the US? :O

  54. It seems to be the 17th… Not the 18th.. Or am I incorrect?

  55. The first 2 songs on the EP have leaked

  56. Avatar of Nicos

    Its out in the wild people. Check out on YouTube, user b182fan97 has the songs uploaded.

    • Thanks for the user name, hes got them! You made my day!

  57. Avatar of Nicos

    Proper iTunes .m4a files are surfacing. The whole thing is up on blink-182 Spain.

  58. it definately leaked at justleaked but not 320kbps

  59. Avatar of Steve


  60. Avatar of Max

    i can confirm full 320kbps EP download is out there people!

  61. Dogs Eating Dogs sounds like hallucinations by ava

  62. Finally :)

  63. New Dropkick Murphys: ******

  64. Avatar of Benoit

    Great album

  65. Avatar of DAV-E-VAD

    Huge disappointment of a release. I hope the next full length is better than this…

  66. Avatar of Dayton

    Unpopular opinion but I kind of like Neighborhoods more.

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