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Love Lust Faith + Dreams

30 Seconds To Mars : Love Lust Faith + Dreams

30 Seconds To Mars : Love Lust Faith + Dreams
LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS, the new album from THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS, will be released on May 21 by Virgin Records.

LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS, the new album from THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS, will be released on May 21 by Virgin Records.



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Love Lust Faith + Dreams Leak Updates

On 05/16/2013, Love Lust Faith + Dreams was reported as leaked by 3 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

razoreye (A Level 2 user with 208 points) reported an album download leak at The Pirate Bay.

alex (A Level 1 user with 36 points) reported an album download leak at Scene Release.

creative (A Level 4 user with 1183 points) reported an album download leak at getalbums.

1. Birth 2. Conquistador 3. Up In The Air 4. City Of Angels 5. The Race 6. End Of All Days 7. Pyres Of Varanasi 8. Bright Lights 9. Do Or Die 10. Convergence 11. Northern Lights 12. Depuis Le Début[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Anticipation: +67

Album Verdict: 8.4

30 Seconds To Mars : Love Lust Faith + Dreams, 8.4 out of 10 based on 35 ratings


  1. Avatar of Daniel

    Idk about this. Single was just not my cup of tea hope full thing is better

    • The single sounds a lot like This is War, with a little more Pop (for the better). I liked the single, and I have high hopes for this album to be amazing.

      • Avatar of Drizzle

        is it true you;ve sucked dick in most of your adult life?

        • Avatar of Anon Mouse

          Is it true your apostrophe key doesn’t work because a large drop of sticky fluid landed on it?
          -Would explain your screen name.
          Let opinions be opinions or GTFO and go sticky up more of your keys.

  2. Beautiful Lie was amazing This Is Wars was more Pop but it was still amazing as ith had Good Melodies like Stranger In A Strange Land, Hurricane, Night Of The Hunter….this new single just sucks – it is like Mars’s variation of todays radio shit hits

    • Avatar of Bryce

      I wish I didn’t, but I agree with this, I really hope the rest of the album isn’t like the single.

    • Avatar of Noah Combs

      This is War was their best yet, but every band has to go through some sort of musical evolution. I don’t know why you would want a band to keep making the same stuff on every album. Let artists be artists.

    • you forgot their first cd with capricorn (brand new name)

  3. I prefer Electronic Mars to Rock Mars ( I know not all will agree with that aha) But I’m looking forward to this one.

    Wasn’t overall impressed with the new single however. I find all the fans singing in the background rather annoying. It just seems to make their songs all sound too samey (Vox Populi, Kings & Queens etc).

  4. electronic isnt bad – stranger in a strange land was the shit – but thisnsucks (single)

  5. Avatar of Brian

    New single sucks, totally turned me off to this album!

  6. Avatar of Alex B

    The single isn’t really the band im used to them being :/

  7. Avatar of JD

    New song on the Up in the Air video credits. Is there a 2 minute song on the album?

  8. Avatar of ORoxo

    This band just brings me back so many memories. I’m very hype for this!

  9. Avatar of Ryan

    Conquistador was released on Youtube.

  10. Avatar of James

    Really looking forward to this album :) just heard the preview of all the tracks on iTunes. sounds like a great album

  11. Avatar of ORoxo

    It’s released a week from today in Germany, Australia, Italy, New Zeland and Irland so I guess shops are getting it. It’s only a matter of time until it’s out there.

  12. Avatar of elliot

    Annoying interviewer but quite a lot of info on the new album:

    2:30-9:10 and 18:00+

  13. Avatar of Arthur

    Just listened to the previews. It seems like it’s going to be a good album. I didn’t have high hopes for it anyway. “Do or Die” sounds awesome.

    • Avatar of James

      Do or Die and Northern Lights sound like the two best tracks (besides the so far released tracks)

  14. Avatar of James

    The suspense waiting for this albums release is driving me crazy, the iTunes previews aren’t enough anymore

  15. Avatar of Lewis G.

    CITY OF ANGELS & BRIGHT LIGHTS sound amazing!! I’m surprised how far this album made it without being leaked. Anyways I’ll be buying this for sure.

  16. Avatar of Dayton

    Come on and leak!

  17. Avatar of Richard

    It’s 4 days until the release date for the EU and it hasn’t leaked yet… i can’t wait anymore :(

  18. The album is about to leak for sure. Australia gets it on the 17. Someone will leak it before that I guess.


    • what is ffs???

      • Acronym for “for fu*k’s sake”

        • Correct – and it should have leaked by now as the CD is out there!!!!

  20. it has leaked on so i would say get that seeding

    • I doubt it…
      It’s better to wait for a reliable source rather than download fake stuff.

  21. Someone got theirs today should hopefully soon!

    • Uhhh, if it’s out there for public it will surely leak in a matter of hours…

      That one is just a fan who doesn’t use internet for sure regarding her comment on the last photo, she won’t leak it but if she got it I’m sure more people did!

      • Yes, that guy won’t leak it. He said that on his twitter but hes not the one that got that CD.

        • Yeah, I agree

          • I’m really surprised it hasn’t actually leaked yet. Remember a few years ago you could almost count on an album leaking 2-4 weeks prior to release. I’m buying it no matter what, just want to hear it.

          • That’s the point. People who really care about bands and support them are going to buy the album anyway so I don’t know why not to leak it. It’s not because of a leak that people won’t buy the album, it’s just because they’re not interested in it or in the band itself.

          • Yeah, Echelon is echelon.

          • On the other side of that… Being in my mid thirties… there was always something special about buying the album the day it came out, having only heard maybe one single off it and getting to listen to it and read the lyrics and look at the booklet, etc. But, those days are dead so leak it already! ; )

          • You won’t be dissapointed.

  22. Daft punks new cd is due out the same day and it leaked yesterday so not much longer guys

  23. TODAY !! The Race going to be dropped on youtube..

  24. New song, The Race, lyric video

    • This album seems to be more about relationships. I’m curious to see what comes out as a final result.

  25. I’m downloading a torrent now, everybody said it was real, when it’s ready I tell you if it’s real.

  26. I’m trying to figure it out how it hasn’t leaked yet.

    • I’m really surprised it hasn’t either, This Is War leaked out quite a bit before the release

  27. 34 hours til it hits shops in New Zealand and then Australia a couple of hours later.

  28. I find it hard to believe that it still hasn’t leaked, despite the fact that copies have been delivered to some people

    • It’s true. A lot of people are twetting about it. I’m amazed how it’s not out there yet.

      • I’m just so impatient to hear it now, hopefully my deluxe CD/DVD will ship soon

  29. Some ppl are just anal and too passionate to leak.
    Since when leaks have actually prevented or affected the artists themself>
    If anything, this has promoted the artists as their source of revenue still come mainly from concerts. Any fan who would download a leak source would still pay for tickets to see them live.
    Everyone in this forum who has dropped in comments are obviously fans of the band, hence you drop by to in anticipation for a leak.
    Thats passion!

    • I downloaded the leak of their last album, but I already had it on preorder, plus I went to two of their gigs that same year. I only download leaks because I’m impatient. I still pay for the music.

  30. Come on, Amazon started shipping it already. How long will it take?! I’m getting hyped for this x)

  31. This is someone else who has it. I quite like how the back shows which songs link to either ‘Love, Lust, Faith or Dreams’

    • That is a brilliant design choice they went with. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive

    • He/She doesn’t. That photo is from a Portuguese girl who works on a radio station. I would ask her to leak it regarding that I’m portuguese too but I’m sure she won’t.

  32. At this point with so many people having it, it’s not like it would be considered “leaked” anyway when or if it’s ever uploaded. I’ve already preordered it from the MARS store. I just want to listen to the damn thing. They should at least stream it!

    • I’m not sure where are you from but we’ll get it at least on friday due to the release in Germany I hope so

  33. it’s leaked?

  34. If someone doesn’t leak it within the next 24 hours…not telling what I’m going to do …dear god somebody please…Most of here already pre-ordered and just want to hear the damn thing :P

    • I completely agree, I have it ordered, just want to hear it already. Wouldn’t be so bad if it was released worldwide on the same day, rather then some countries getting it earlier

  35. I should have my CD/DVD edition within the next 1-3 hours :) Can’t wait!

  36. this is unreal.

  37. Got it. Check Instagram for mikeatron85 :)

  38. fuckkkkkkkkkkk me leaked fo the god sake i can’t wait a second anymore D:

  39., not sure if this is legit, doesn’t look like it is, but all the comments say that it’s real and it has over 2000 views and a large amount of likes. So..I don’t know. Maybe if you guys wanna check it out? (:

    • I tried it and it says you have to download the password to extract the files, I’m pretty sure it’s fake.

      • Yeah, it didn’t seem at all too real to me, the audio had an acoustic guitar playing over the song and it was posted a couple of days ago, so I found it peculiar that it hadn’t leaked anywhere else. Though, those comments gave me a little hope. I’ve been checking up on this like every half hour xD

        • I literally have been every 5 minutes! haha I need to hear it so bad.

          • Man, I feel your pain, I check back on this holding my breath everytime the page loads. Though its been released in New Zealand so only one nights rest for me and I can finally hear it.

  40. If only my Japanese import of the album would arrive on time :( still can’t wait for this and still can’t believe it’s not out there somewhere

    • It’s on the New Zealand ITUNES!!!!

    • its on itunes now! nthe new zealand one!!

  41. I can not believe it , that the album still has not been leaked… I mean hundreds of albums are leaked one week before release , why not this?

  42. It’s now available for download from the New Zealand Itunes store!! I don’t have an extra $18 to dish out since I ordered it for $15 already from the MARS store

    • I would happily pay for a second copy, just to hear it early, however I don’t have access to the New Zealand iTunes store :(

      • Yeah. I live in the U.S. I actually tried to make a new account but the billing address is obviously a U.S. address so it forces you back into the U.S. store. Oh well, hopefully we will get to hear it soon!

        • Same for me, except my billing address is a UK one. and hopefully it will make its way onto the internet soon, so excited to finally hear it :)

          • God it’s so frustrating to know that so many people are hearing it right now. Hopefully we will soon! :)

          • This has literally got to be the only album that hasn’t leaked before it’s release date, that’s quite an achievement.

          • It’s the only album I know of that hasn’t leaked

  43. Seeing as it’s available for download in New Zealand, I’d say this has “leaked” now. Just a matter of time.

  44. One Lever 1 user has reported this to be leaked?

    Must have been in the last few hours because it was no reports earlier.

    • Probably fake. No reliable sources that I know have dropped it but i think it won’t take too long.
      Anyone of you have german friends? If so ask them for the album x)

      Edit: It’s not a leak anymore but i don’t care. I just want to listen to the damn album! Is out in Australin in 1h.

      Edit2: Found a reliable source but i have to download all the album and upload it. It will take a while.

      Edit3: I will pm everyone as soon as possible 8 minutes remain for the upload to finish.

      • Can you PM me a link?

        Or is that forbidden?

        • Me too if possible please!

          • Tres.

        • I only have 9 sounds out of 12. I will upload it now. If you want a link pm me and don’t spam this page please.
          I understand you’re concern about if it’s fake or not but the 9 tracks are legit so you have to worry about.

          Edit: It’s 128 Kbps but the sound is not bad and I guess we can’t ask for more xD

          Edit2: I will pm everyone as soon as possible 8 minutes remain for the upload to finish.

          • All 12 are there

          • Awesome – PM !! can’t wait to hear

          • I only found 9. Convergence, Northern Lights and Depuis le début are missing or, at leats, I don’t have them.

            Edit: Forget about it guys. It’s out there already in with 12 tracks. Go for it. It’s pretty cool ;)

          • If its where I found it, they were further down ;)


          • Is it real?

          • Okay…how do I PM you haha.

          • I have no idea how to pm

      • Never seen that since Chinese democracy! If your source is legit, can you PM too? So far all my trusted sources dont show the album yet, just fake ones around it seems

      • Pm me? Im pretty desperate :(

      • Please PM me if you can. will really appreciate it

      • Yeah, send a PM this way thanks!

      • Can you PM me too buddy

    • I still haven’t seen it on a trusted site, only ones I can see are all fake and say that you need to do a survey to get the password or codec to play them

      • Same here, should be on them in a couple hours, though I have exams tomorrow and its 11:30 pm so im hoping for news soon, or else im just gonna go listen to the new Pallisades album

  45. It has leaked. Well ‘leaked’; its been released. Search for 30 seconds to mars on twitter, a russian guy links to a site where you can listen to it :)

  46. Leak! Look ah BoerseBZ

  47. It is out there folks :)

  48. Right, I don’t know how to pm in this new comment thing… -.- has the real deal guys, go there
    I’m sorry but i really don’t know how to pm you

    • Wait, so is it real? And the one on the Russian site is just half the album?

    • Does it have all 12 tracks? Bro, came up with porn for me

  49. in OMGFILES site I saw leaked album :)))

    • That’s not real

      • I downloaded 20 minutes ago and it’s real Album:))

        • No, you just set up a fake download.

          • If you don’t believe don’t download it – I downloaded it and I know it works:)

  50. can some one please upload the album to torrents sites it wont let me download it

  51. where the hack is real leak? pls tell me guys!

  52. People who think they have only 9 songs. Do you extract them into iTunes?

    Have a look at the bottom of your iTunes library, there are 3 songs which have no artist or album info. That means it’s just the song titles. They wont be with the rest of the album ’till you edit the info.

    • ^ What he said, Make sure you check the tags, even in windows you can see they are not tagged correctly but all 12 are there

      • Track “convergence” is gangam style…

  53. I can’t find a good leak of this. Please tell me when their is a good one that works!

  54. I cant find a leak of this that works :/

  55. IS Gangham Style on everyone’s leak? Haha

    • I think so x)
      Does anyone have Convergence real track?

      • I have all the tracks except Convergence. Dammit.

    • yes it was haha

    • I believe it is :( either way, at least we can listen to every other track from the album. the real track will surface soon enough

  56. The version on Kick Ass Torrents (96MB with open filenames) is legit. SO HAPPY!

  57. This album is average compared to all the other stuff released to date. The vocals are great as usual but the lyrics are mediocre and the electronic gimmick does not put across the usual anthem like chorus’ this band are capable of.

    • oh wait this is even worse than their other shit albums? guess i have nothing to do here then

    • I actually really like the album, its definitely a new direction for the band but its a direction i’m glad they took.

  58. Why gangnam style haha?

  59. Fake. Attempted to download a few times and it doesn’t work.

    • Take me your email and i send to you album from this site:) maybe you will change your mind

      • confirm :)) works:)!! on website are updated links:))

  60. Requires a survey to download. Fake

  61. Guys I could get the real deal, only missing track 10. I’m uploading it right now, and as soon as it finishes I’ll post the link

  62. Guys I could get the real deal, only missing track 10. I’m uploading it right now, and as soon as it finishes I’ll post the link

    • You can’t post it otherwise you’ll get banned, watch out.

      • Oh… But how people are posting it down there? (How do i do it now? lol)

    • HEY! could you tell us where are you going to upload it??? I’d really like to know, given it’s the only one missing and I cant find it anywhere on the internet. Not a link, but a name’s page or something. i’d really apreciate that

  63. download with surveys but real working album:)

  64. on getmetal there’s scene album rip without gangam style in convergence song :)

  65. The album is fucking amazing :3 Best songs are: The Race, Bright Lights, Northern Lights, and Birth. Does anyone know of a FLAC version?

  66. Album here at 320 kbps.. Still gonna buy the album. Fav band and i gotta say its not that bad. Bright lights and Do or Die or pretty good. so are the rest :P Torrent Require for this one!

  67. The version I downloaded has a fucked up version of Conquistador, the volume is way lower than the rest of the album.

  68. What the hell happened to “Witness”? >:(
    I have been looking forward to that song for most of a year!

  69. 30 seconds to Mars Love Lust Faith + Dreams Full Album.
    No Surveys, No FAKE, Its True 100%… Download in 4 Shared


  70. I’m surprised this never leaked. It literally only surfaced on the internet after it was released in Aus + NZ. Great album though!

  71. Just checked out the album. What a hunk of shit. They forgot they were a rock band and turned into a mellow 80s synth band.

  72. This album is exactly what I was expecting, it’s pretty cool.

  73. I uploaded FLAC on what and waffles, yesterday ;) full scans too.

  74. check out my upload 100% clean files no need to register
    mp3 320kbps
    Track Listings
    1. Birth
    2. Conquistador
    3. Up In The Air
    4. City Of Angels
    5. The Race
    6. End Of All Days
    7. Pyres Of Varanasi
    8. Bright Lights
    9. Do Or Die
    10. Convergence
    11. Northern Lights
    12. Depuis Le Début

  75. What the fuck happened to this band?? Change is always welcome but this album is garbage! Did they use a guitar on the album?? I cant tell!

    • Agreed. They either sold out or just suck. Sounds like pop music or something.

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