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Random Access Memories

Daft Punk : Random Access Memories

Daft Punk : Random Access Memories
Daft Punk is an electronic music duo consisting of French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. Random Access Memories is Daft Punk's proper new album in eight years. Its set for a release on the duos label Daft Life Limited, under Columbia Records. May 17th is the official release date, but your guess is as good as mine when we'll see an album download leak. The album has been confirmed by several news outlets since it was listed on iTunes. It's been announced that Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers, and Panda Bear will feature as collaborates. A radio edit of first single "Get Lucky" leaked recently, and since there were fakes floating around with the ads and promos simply mixed together, many questioned the songs legitimacy. Turns out the radio edit was in fact real and you can read our full report about the singles official launch. Below you can listen to Get Lucky making its debut on a dutch radio station.

A featured album, written by Matt Doyle.

Since their last original release Human After All 8 years ago, mainstream electronic dance music has gone down a darkened path. The dubstep generation, the Apple spacebar jockeys, the dissolution of boundaries and standards between pop and dance are all symptoms of the EDM dystopia that we are subjected to daily. After years of watching us folly however, our android overlords of groove will return in a blaze of white-hot glory, while the Guettas and Skrillexes of the world will rightfully look on in awe. Join in as we wait for the Random Access Memories album download, and get updated about a possible advance leak.

Who could possibly blame the French duo, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, if they were to call it quits. After leading the revolutionary rise of French house in the 90s, pervading the worldwide psyche and changing dance music forever with hit after hit after hit, Daft Punk have no obligations to continue working and nothing to prove. Bangalter developing tinnitus, partial deafness, in 2004 would have been an apt yet sad ending to an award-laden career spanning three decades, but thankfully, the robots could not be stopped by pesky “doctor’s orders”.


"Like the legend of the phoenix…"


And so, ‘Random Access Memories’ from Columbia Records is set to release on the 21st of May. The world waits with arrested breath, not just on the return of Daft Punk, but to witness the amalgamation of great producers and artists who have fallen by the wayside in recent years. TheCreatorsProject on YouTube have released a fascinating series entitled ‘The Collaborators’, interviewing the people that Daft Punk surrounded themselves with for their return. Each video gives a new insight into Punk’s creative process, the mindset behind this record and what we can expect once RAM drops. The excitement in each collaborator is so palpable and genuine, that it is hard not to be carried away along with them.

Todd Edwards, journeyman UK garage producer and remixer, speaks about the androids’ experimentation with live instrumentation on this record. Drum machines and electronic samples have been discarded. Multiple takes through different filters of live bass and guitar are overlapped. Vocals are recorded, shredded up into micro-samples, restrung together and morphed into the leading chorus line. Edwards seems like a guy who has seen it all, yet is still enthralled by Daft Punk’s innovations.


R&B and dance stalwart Nile Rodgers marvels at Daft Punk’s ability to draw the best out of their collaborators. Rodgers is unabashed to point out his success, but he still feels inspired to strive to be better when around this creative talent and enthusiasm. ‘They make you up your game, even though your game is pretty good…!’. To put this larger-than-life producer and legend in the industry into such a formative and complimentary mood once again speaks volumes.



"They went back to go forward"


It’s occasionally forgotten that the eternally youthful Pharrell Williams (he’s 40 ladies) was once one half of the Neptunes, the producing team behind literally almost half the US radio hits of the early noughties. Pharrell’s vocal talents can be heard on Get Lucky the juggernaut first single from RAM, but the clear reason for Williams’ collaboration with Daft Punk is his past as an intuitive, incessant hit maker on the forefront of original pop production. What can I say about Get Lucky that hasn’t been said already a million times. It has already become the most streamed song in history, and been remixed to near death by anyone who gets their hands on it. The hype this single received since its humble SNL ad break spot could have resulted in the killing of the track. But instead the simple quality of the song prevails, all its collaborators just doing what they do best, heralding the comeback of groove, soul and funk. As Rodgers states, ‘They went back to go forward’.


Unfortunately, Daft Punk have no plans to take their universally lauded live show on the road just yet. Bangalter told Rolling Stone, ‘We want to focus everything on the act and excitement of listening to the album. We don’t see a tour as an accessory to an album’. In another bucking of the trend for the androids, RAM will receive its worldwide launch when it is played live in small farming community Wee Waa (yep… Wee Waa) in New South Wales, Australia. The first live listening of the album will occur at the 79th Annual Wee Waa Show, alongside the dog high jump event and the baby show, under the picturesque Narrabri Observatory.


Ultimately, whatever people say, this album did not need to happen. The scale that Daft Punk have gone too, according to their starry eyed collaborators themselves was not necessary. But the robots are gracious, and they’ve chosen to stay here on your planet for one more turn at least, rather than jetting off to the futuristic world they came from, to bless us once again.




Our own Matt Doyle has written an extensive review of Daft Punk’s album.




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Random Access Memories Leak Updates

On 05/13/2013, Random Access Memories was reported as leaked by 3 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

thattooleguy (A Level 1 user with 130 points) reported an album download leak at WeTransfer.

hullavaloo (A Level 3 user with 553 points) reported an album download leak at twitter.

loku24 (A Level 1 user with 25 points) reported an album download leak at KickAssTorrents.

1. “Give Life Back to Music” (featuring Nile Rodgers) 2. “The Game of Love” 3. “Giorgio by Moroder” (featuring Giorgio Moroder) 4. “Within” (featuring Chilly Gonzales) 5. “Instant Crush” (featuring Julian Casablancas) 6. “Lose Yourself to Dance” (featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers) 7. “Touch” (featuring Paul Williams) 8. “Get Lucky” (featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers) 9. “Beyond” 10. “Motherhood” 11. “Fragments of Time” (featuring Todd Edwards) 12. “Doin’ It Right” (featuring Panda Bear) 13. “Contact” (featuring DJ Falcon)[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Anticipation: +419

Album Verdict: 8.3

Daft Punk : Random Access Memories, 8.3 out of 10 based on 138 ratings


  1. Avatar of Mojib

    Album is now featured on the front page.

  2. Avatar of Alx
  3. Heard a ton of the music got on soundcloud through some kind of official source, but it got taken down shortly after… guessing no one caught it and downloaded it?

  4. Avatar of Caio

    Fucking acesome

  5. Avatar of JD

    Track 8 rumored to be called ‘Get Lucky’ or ‘Up All Night’.

  6. Avatar of Bla Bla

    Hell Yeah
    Finally some good news

  7. Avatar of Trevor

    From Pitchfork, “If previous reports are correct, the album will feature Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers, and Panda Bear….” PANDA BEAR?! HOLY. FUCK. YES!

  8. Avatar of Guissauro

    Finally! I’m so excited for this album that I drawn the art cover in some minimalist way:

  9. Avatar of James ALLEn

    Hear rumor of album leak :00

    • Avatar of Mojib

      It has been reported as fake on What.

      Torrent 30725997 (Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (2013) [MP3/V0 (VBR)/WEB] (66.21 MB)) uploaded by dankgoat was deleted by Entrapment for the reason: User Compilation. ( fake upload. ) (1C231B29019504E346DA381A20BFE57ABDF92EB4)

  10. Avatar of Chad

    You must not recognize what Avicii sounds like. That leak is confirmed to be fake.

  11. Avatar of david

    pharrel is rumored to be on 3 songs

  12. Avatar of chopito

    Waiting! :D

  13. Avatar of rick

    “get lucky”‘s voice remind me of “harder, better, faster, stronger” -Discovery. Great!

    • Avatar of Natasha

      Is that what it’s saying? For some reason I thought it was ‘get funky’.

  14. Avatar of JaganBSlamma

    They are releasing a series of YouTube videos, about the collaborators with the album. The first video has a few new bits of the teaser track:

  15. Avatar of Bryce

    Daft Punk is going to kill with this new album, I can’t wait!

  16. Avatar of Chris

    that will be EPIC^^

  17. Avatar of Martim

    I’m speculating here, but I’m thinking “RAM” is going to be a masterful blend between the styles of “Homework” and “Discovery”, what do you guys think?

  18. Avatar of

    I don’t remember an album with so much worldwide expectancy as this one. It’s going to be bliss and it’s going to change the music map like Thriller did

  19. Avatar of

    Album line-up:

    1- Nile Rodgers (Guitar), Paul Jackson, Jr. (Guitar) – 4:34
    2- Instrumental – 5:21
    3- Giorgio Moroder (Synth) – 9:04
    4- Chilly Gonzales (Piano) – 3:48
    5- Julian Casablancas (Vocals) – 5:37
    6- Nile Rodgers (Guitar), Pharrell Williams (Vocals) – 5:53
    7- Paul WIlliams (Vocals and Lyrics) – 8:18
    8- Nile Rodgers (Guitar), Pharrel Williams (Vocals) – 6:07
    9- Paul Williams (Lyrics) – 4:50
    10- Instrumental – 5:41
    11- Todd Edwards (Vocals) – 4:39
    12- Noah Benjamin Lennox (Panda Bear, Animal Collective – Vocals) – 4:11
    13- DJ FALCON – 6:21

  20. Avatar of Alx

    Awesome! Julian Casablancas is featured! A guy told me he would be a couple of months ago but didn’t believe him!

    Probably a sample though, right? It would be cool if it’s something new.

  21. Avatar of Brandon Levy

    cant wait

  22. Avatar of Will Fisher

    Cannot wait for this album. So excited.

  23. Avatar of JD

    Track 6 is called “Lose Yourself to Dance” or something like that. Also, weird thing that Giorgio Moroder doesn’t appear as vocals in a track. Wasn’t he supposed to have done a monologue for a track?

  24. Avatar of TURTLE

    some death grips maybe?

  25. Avatar of Agent Cooper

    Only Daft Punk can stay on the trending list for so long that new albums that were just announced and new albums that recently leaked will come and go while RAM stays there the entire time.

  26. Avatar of David
  27. Avatar of MetaCloud

    Episode 3 of Collaborators Nile Rodgers is up!

  28. Avatar of natalia

    3rd collaborators video out!!!!!
    feat. nile rodgers
    link —->

  29. Avatar of L. Paco Zúñiga

    There is a video from Coachella:

    They are with Pharrel, and apparently the song’s name is “Get Lucky”.

  30. Avatar of JD

    I’ve said this already, but
    Track 6: “Lose Yourself to Dance”
    Track 8: “Get Lucky”

  31. Avatar of Francisco

    [Edit: Track list added to album info]

    • Avatar of L. Paco Zúñiga

      Yeah, that’s correct; here it is, but with collaborators:

      01. Give Life Back to Music (ft. Nile Rodgers)
      02. The Game of Love
      03. Giorgio by Moroder (ft. Giorgio Moroder)
      04. Within (ft. Chilly Gonzales)
      05. Instant Crush (ft. Julian Casablancas)
      06. Lose Yourself to Dance (ft. Pharrell Williams y Nile Rodgers)
      07. Touch (ft. Paul Williams)
      08. Get Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams y Nile Rodgers)
      09. Beyond
      10. Motherhood
      11. Fragments of Time (ft. Todd Edwards)
      12. Doin’ It Right (ft. Panda Bear)
      13. Contact (ft. DJ Falcon)

  32. Avatar of Rachel

    I am so pumped about this album. Everything I’ve heard about it has been great so far. Encouraging enough for me to grab a preorder from so excited

  33. Avatar of L. Paco Zúñiga

    And today on SNL:

    Get Lucky ad

    • Avatar of thanat0s

      sounds great! really excited for this!

    • Avatar of Julian

      I can’t get enough of it, thanks for posting! I was watching SNL last night and looking through all the commercials and they didn’t play it. I live in Canada, I guess they only air it in the US?

  34. Avatar of JD

    Teaser for ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’ released. Nile Rodgers played it on his collaborators video, so it’s real.

    • Avatar of Agent Cooper

      I don’t know if that’s enough for it to be real. Plus the part Nile Rodger’s plays in the video isn’t similar enough to be sure.

  35. Avatar of Georges

    Get lucky sounds so boring. I hope it’s not Human After All pt 2

  36. Avatar of JD

    ‘Get Lucky’ comes out tomorrow.

  37. Avatar of Andrew
    • Avatar of Mojib

      It’s fake. Those are the ads simply put together into one mix.

  38. Avatar of Cooper

    What the world needs right now is for this album to leak!

  39. Avatar of L. Paco Zúñiga

    I found it on Tumblr and reposted. I dont’t know if it’s official or not, but it sound good:

    • Avatar of Adam

      nice find. here’s what seems to be that mp3 … [Edit: No direct links to copyrighted MP3 files]

    • Avatar of Mojib

      Heads up, this is simply the ads mixed together, and not an official version.

      • Avatar of Adam

        it’s way better quality then any of the videos. Also seems to have parts that aren’t in the video, could be wrong but seems pretty legit to me?

  40. Avatar of natalia

    new song teaser?
    can’t find the source, so not sure if its fake or not…

  41. Avatar of natalia

    but new collaborators video up! featuring pharrell

  42. Avatar of Nimit Mak

    Tracklist Updated !!

  43. Avatar of Cooper

    I think “Get Lucky” has leaked. Even if this one’s a fake I’m sure it’s not far from what the song will be

  44. Avatar of Tiago Carvalho

    This needs to leak right now!

  45. Avatar of Steven

    get lucky gets a friday release, confirmed on Belgian radio station, for real this time

  46. Avatar of Julian

    This was supposedly the real version of Get Lucky

    I have been listening to it all day until 20 minutes ago…

    It was taken down “due to a copyright claim” by SME” (Sony Music Entertainment)

    Leads me to believe it was the real thing, I am looking all over for that same track, it sounded like a Daft Punk production.

  47. Avatar of MIG126

    Tracklist leaked

    [Edit: Official track list is the same as the unofficial which has been floating around for a while]

  48. Avatar of L. Paco Zúñiga

    And Columbia Records posted the tracklist on Vine:

    • Avatar of natalia

      So the correct name for track 10 “Motherhood” is “Motherboard” can someone correct this?

  49. Avatar of eddie

    “Get Lucky” is amazing!

    • Avatar of Joshua

      have you actually heard the real song? Not the bullshit mashups people have made?

      • Avatar of JD

        The radio edit HAS leaked. Can’t tell where, but if you search on twitter with #GetLucky there’s someone who has it already. Heard it, and this is DEFINITELY legit.

        • Avatar of Sparky Harvard

          I can also confirm the radio edit has leaked considering I have it. It’s out there if you do some searching.

      • Avatar of elliot

        It’s the top post on reddit in r/music at the moment. 128kbps but a legit radio edit.

  50. Avatar of JD

    Guys, track 10 is MotherBOARD, not MotherHOOD.

  51. Avatar of Mojib

    Just want to confirm that the single Get Lucky (Radio Edit) has indeed leaked. However, we don’t do singles, so please don’t post or report the single.

  52. Avatar of Chaywie

    Sources ? Who told you it was the real song ?

    • Avatar of Chaywie

      Big fake ;)

      • Avatar of Agent Cooper

        It has verses that have never been heard before in any of Daft Punk’s promos. Unless someone snuck into Pharrell’s bathroom and recorded him singing the song in the shower, it’s most likely real.

  53. Avatar of Sascha

    Its real, I’ve been listening to it on repeat for an hour.

  54. Avatar of Will Hamilton

    Just like to let you know that “get lucky has been leaked and i have it!”

    • Avatar of JD

      The RADIO EDIT. The album version has NOT leaked.

  55. Avatar of Jamey Puccio

    I believe the album version of the song will blow away the radio edit. I have a hunch that the robots allowed the radio edit to leak in order to set our expectations. I bet they’re planning to blow us away with the album version. A guy can only hope, right?

    • Avatar of Mojib

      Disappointed by the single? To be honest, I think the album version will simply be longer – But not actually elaborate or contain more than this. I mean, DP love looping stuff.

      Remember that Columbia/Sony is promoting this album like there’s no tomorrow, its bound to disappoint if you’re waiting for the second coming ;)

      • Avatar of Jamey Puccio

        In no way am I disappointed by the song. i just think that that extra two minutes in the album version will bring an even cooler progression to the song and how it ends. The robots can (or will) never disappoint me.

  56. Avatar of L. Paco Zúñiga

    Amazon posted a listing for the “Get Lucky” radio edit, which clocks in at 4:08. They also revealed the single artwork…

  57. Avatar of David

    The “Radio Edit Version” is FAKE billboard has just confirm that….

    • Avatar of Alex

      The “extended studio version” was definitely a fake, as the billboard article points out, but the “radio edit” version that has been circulating today features new lyrics sung by Pharell and is definitely real ;)

    • Avatar of Mavis Beakon

      Billboard confirmed that the “Extended Studio Version” was the one that was fake and a rehash of all of the stuff that came out prior. This radio edit has already premiered on various radio stations in Europe.

  58. Avatar of Adin

    sooo is the radio edit is fake or not because it sounds not bad for a radio edit even tho its not the album version

  59. Avatar of Wikulio

    It seems that the radio edit is indeed a fake (but a very very good one)
    look at the description

    I like this version anyway, the sound quality is also not bad and I will probably listen to this song for the next 3 weeks :D

  60. Avatar of Pubsted

    I can’t wait any longer. Get Lucky is awesome!

  61. Avatar of Jamey Puccio

    That awkward moment when you check to see if there is a new video while in class and you forget about the song when it opens and everyone looks at you like you’re crazy…

  62. Avatar of JD

    Why won’t you change the tracklist? Track 10 is wrong. It’s “Motherboard”, not “Motherhood”.

  63. Avatar of David

    So has everyone accepted the radio edit is real? I’ve seen people claiming that the vocals were supplied by a Pharrell soundalike and that the track was nothing but loops. In four hours it’ll be official, but there has been too much craziness regarding the legitimacy of this track, and it’s obviously the real deal.

  64. Avatar of 666g666

    “get lucky” is on zune, right now

  65. Avatar of Brandon

    I Think that Daft Punk is the best electronic dup ever that is not a lie

  66. Avatar of Agent Cooper

    So the Radio Edit that leaked was the real version. I kind of wish they released the full version but I can understand putting the radio edit up, since that’s what’s going be played everywhere.

  67. Avatar of Brandon Levy


  68. Avatar of gio

    get lucky is disappointing :( it seems like it’s pharrell feat. daft punk and not the opposite :( it was so good without the vocals!

  69. Avatar of Julian

    Get Lucky (Radio Edit) is available for purchase on Itunes. It is 4:07.

    The really weird pitchy vocal stuff from Pharrell is really in the song.

  70. Avatar of Martim

    Already bored with Get Lucky…yawn. That’s what you get when you “overhype” the shit out of a song.

    • Avatar of Antonio

      i guess they (sony and columbia) overhyped the album because Daft Pun is a band that both adults and kids or teenagers can enjoy. Their music style is kind of like the 70s but refreshed, which seems to be enjoyed by most people. Perfect plan by Columbia if you ask me

    • Avatar of Antonio

      I’ve already heard this song everywhere! Hopefully we will hear something new soon or the song will get boring for most people

    • Avatar of Jon Hasson

      Couldn’t agree more. It was quite disappointing really.

      I wouldn’t have been so disappointed were it not for all the hype. No earthly music can fulfill the expectations they’ve created.

  71. Avatar of JD

    So apparently Game of Love will have our beloved vocoder, Doin It Right will be the most futuristic song, along with Motherboard. Touch has more than 250 layers and Lose Yourself to Dance is extremely simplistic, as is Within. Beyond is also supposed to be this more ethereal track.

  72. Avatar of Meshuggah

    Can’t wait!

  73. Avatar of L. Paco Zúñiga

    Get Lucky, first live performance (or first live playback):

  74. Avatar of Alex B

    This album should be epic!

  75. Avatar of Pubsted

    Get Lucky broke the record for most streamed song in one day in UK and USA. Awesome

  76. Avatar of Erik Lewish

    It looks like this album is being released on May 17th in Australia, so we may be able to find some bootleg version around then!

  77. Avatar of Martim track-by-track comment by the Robots themselves ;)

  78. Avatar of Alumenad

    I feel like I’ve been waiting “too long” for this album. It needs to leak now “around the world”. There’s just so much “emotion” when I think about this new record, I almost “short circuit”. For now this is the “end of line”. I’m going to listen to Get Lucky “One more time”, it sounds so “Fresh”, It’s “Off the grid”. Think I’m gonna “Fall” in “Digital love”.

  79. Avatar of JD

    Episode 5 of the Collaborators with Panda Bear out now.

  80. Avatar of michael

    Here is the second single (Lose Yourself To Dance) with the download link!
    [Link Removed: No downloads + see comments below]

  81. Avatar of Jean-Seb

    I’ve been waiting 8 years for this album, I’m sure it’ll be awesome !

    • Avatar of Dan

      I can’t wait for this…if they were touring somewhere in the US I’d be there ASAP but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

  82. Avatar of Agent Cooper

    Did anyone else get really excited when they saw the article had some stuff added to it, thinking it leaked?

    • Avatar of Alex

      Yeah I thought the same thing lol! False hope :(

      • Avatar of Matt

        Sorry to disappoint!

        • Avatar of Agent Cooper

          It’s alright! You’re helping provide this free service to all of us. That’s more than enough.

        • Avatar of Alex

          Yeah no worries, it’s just cause we are so excited lol! Nice article too :D

  83. Avatar of Julian

    This album seriously needs to leak, like ASAP.

  84. Avatar of Chiara

    The italian page Electro Italia just posted a status with written “Random Access Memories… LEAKED!”, do you know something?

    • Avatar of Agent Cooper

      It probably doesn’t mean anything. If the album really leaked you would be almost 100% certain that it did.

  85. Avatar of Agent Cooper

    New Collaborators with Chilly Gonzales.

  86. Avatar of JD

    Apparently many people have been reporting the album just leaked.

  87. Avatar of David

    Would be quite nice if it has leaked! That said, give it a few hours and we’ll know for sure.

    I was on soulseek the other night and, just for laughs, did a search for Random Access Memories. Tons of fake crap, most without song titles. Why do people do that still?

  88. Avatar of bigf74x

    The reports of leaks are probably just more fakes capitalizing on the fact that DP finally allowed journalists to publish track by track reviews. With the rumored legal hoops you had to jump through to listen I doubt this thing leaks 3 weeks early (esp. after the HAA debacle)

  89. Avatar of David

    I don’t know bigf74x, it could still leak quite early. Chances are there are a lot of copies around now, so it wouldn’t shock me if it happened, though I’d bet on it being a webrip. That said, what is HAA?

    • Avatar of David

      Nevermind that, I’m a dumbass. HAA=Human After All. Total brainfart on my part.

    • Avatar of bigf74x

      Normally I’d totally agree but I think they’re taking pretty insane precautions this time around. I’ll try and find the link but I remember a reviewer saying he had to sign more paperwork to listen to RAM than he did for his mortgage.

      • Avatar of David

        On general principle I agree, but there is a massive difference here between other releases. A lot of people use the Jay-Z/Kanye West Watch The Throne CD as an example of how not to let an album leak, but it almost certainly was in the hands of listeners before its release, Jay-Z simply spent an inordinate amount of money to have all links squashed by outside supporters. In other recent cases, like Justin Timberlake’s physical copies weren’t provided until very close to release or only to a very select few reviewers. Here, while there are parties and listening sessions, copies are being circulated in large numbers, probably in the mid-hundreds. It’s almost a certainty that someone has sold a rip of their copy to an elite bootlegger or collector which will result in it showing up. It’s only a matter of when.

        I won’t say how but I can vouch that the Timberlake album was around prior to the iTunes stream. I’d heard some of it, I could tell it was legitimate, and they were the same versions on the album. The people that had it knew they’d be fingered if they leaked it though, and while I respected that, they weren’t going to share it with me regardless. I understood and respected their stance and still do. I know not everyone does respect that position, but these days that’s the best way to remain safe if you are blessed with early access to some of the most wanted content in the world.

  90. Avatar of Martim

    This is torture! Reading all these track by track reviews of how awesome this album is!! This needs to leak soon or I’m gonna loose my shit.

  91. Avatar of JD

    iTunes will stream it on the 13th.

  92. Avatar of JD

    Update on iTunes stream: “”Das Album gibt es ab dem 13. Mai in voller Länge im Stream auf iTunes.”", the sentence that confirmed this, was deleted. I think Columbia isn’t happy about this being revealed.

    • Avatar of Tiago Carvalho

      If itunes is gonna stream on 13th maybe we’ll get a leak even earlier :D

      • Avatar of JD

        Who knows? But 13th already makes me happy.
        Also, after investigating with my folks on the Daft Club, we found out that the LYTD “leak” is in fact the song “Tonight is The Night” by Yellowire, which is nowhere to be found online now.

  93. Avatar of JD

    So the Japan bonus track got a name, FINALLY. ホライズン , which translates to Horizon.

  94. Avatar of Tiago Carvalho

    So many reviews of the album and we dont get to listen anything, it’s not fair T.T

  95. Avatar of David

    Not leaked yet. Why, Internet, WHY?!

  96. Avatar of Jamey Puccio

    Apparently this is an early version of the final track on the album “Contact” performed by Bangalter and DJ Falcon in 2002. Who knows, maybe the real song is completely different, maybe this version is simply the inspiration of the true track, or maybe this entire version of the song is BS. idk I just thought everyone would appreciate something more on the album.

  97. Avatar of Jamey Puccio

    Apparently this is an early version of the final track on the album “Contact” performed by Bangalter and DJ Falcon in 2002. Who knows, maybe the real song is completely different, maybe this version is simply the inspiration of the true track, or maybe this entire version of the song is BS. idk I just thought everyone would appreciate something more regarding the album.

  98. Avatar of Julian

    Collaborators Video Episode 7 with DJ Falcon is out!

    • Avatar of Agent Cooper

      Is this the last one? It seemed to be culminating everything near the end, showing every collaborators guest.

      • Avatar of Brandon Levy

        no, they still havent done julian casablancas

        • Avatar of JaganBSlamma

          There is also Paul Williams, who they actually showed when they were flashing through all the different collaborators in the DJ Falcon video.

          • Avatar of Julian

            Yes, I thought I recognized Paul Williams in that flash by! But yea, Julian Casablancas and Paul Williams still need to be uploaded.

      • Avatar of Tropik

        Paul Williams and Julian Casablancas still need to be done… Also, you can see a snippet of Paul Williams video by the end of this one, wby would you think its the last one then :)

  99. Avatar of Muzik

    The album comes out the 17th in Ireland, so if the itunes stream isint correct the album will leak sometime before the 17th if not on the day

  100. Avatar of David

    Just ordered the lp.

  101. Avatar of Tropik

    Some guys wrote on the forum, that at least a few shops supposedly received the shipment of CD’s, it seems it will leak soon.

  102. Avatar of JD

    Giorgio by Moroder LEAKED. (3 mins out of 9) but LEAKED. Kinda like Veridis Quo meets Aerodynamic.

  103. Avatar of Luigi

    I just want to sit in front of my computer and refresh this page all day

  104. Avatar of Vinicius Candiogo

    I really need this album RIGHT NOW!!!

  105. Avatar of Tiago Carvalho

    C’mon people, that leak of Giorgio isn’t enough, we want the full album *.*

  106. Avatar of Carl Hutson

    dont get me wrong, but im kinda pissed off of dat “giorgio by moroder” leak .
    Is this “pocket – mic – recording” the only leak that is out there, or were there other versions of dat in the net, before i came online and everything was deleted :P

  107. Avatar of Arthur

    I always listen to all the leaks an album has even if it’s just a preview of one track. Well, not this time. I want to listen to the whole thing. That’s the leak I’m waiting.

  108. Avatar of Tim Toole

    I can’t wait for this album. After hearing Lose Yourself to Dance and Giorgio by Moroder, I seriously can’t wait. Thomas and Guy-Man are going to bring the heat.

    • Avatar of Tropik

      Sorry to break your bubble, but that “Lose Yourself to Dance” SNL ad was fake, proved by multiple people who actually heard the album. So you didn’t hear that track yet :)

      • Avatar of Tim Toole

        I’m aware. I was able to hear the real version of it from a friend. I know my Daft Punk

  109. Avatar of Camille

    Really great, but we want moooooooore.

  110. Avatar of JaganBSlamma

    An interview with Guy-Manuel and Thomas just aired on an Australian radio network, and is available here to listen to:

  111. Avatar of Adam Rosner

    I can’t wait to get lost in another masterpiece.

  112. Avatar of Anon Mouse

    Not particularly a fan of the genre, but kudos to Matt for writing the feature. Great job! It’s got me keen to have this one.

  113. Avatar of Dominic Provenzano

    This record needs to leak already so I can move on with my life.

  114. Avatar of natalia

    daft punk speak to pete tong

  115. Avatar of Victor

    is it true that iTunes will stream the album on the 13th???

  116. Avatar of Harold

    Leaked part of the song Doin’ It Right feat. Panda Bear.

  117. Avatar of Anji

    Doin’ It Right ft. Panda Bear LQ Leak.
    [Link Removed]

  118. Avatar of Julian

    I absolutely LOVE Give Life Back to Music! Can’t wait to hear it at album quality!

  119. Avatar of Chris

    as they watch this album leak:O ;/

  120. Avatar of Muzik

    Anyone care to take a guess as to when this might leak??

    • Avatar of kam

      probably in the next few days. It’s streaming on iTunes on the 13th so we’ll be able to hear it by then at the latest

    • Avatar of Agent Cooper

      It has to leak at least by the 13th, since people will probably be ripping it from the itunes stream.

    • Avatar of Bruno

      11AM, Eastern Standard Time, USA, May 12th.

  121. Avatar of Craig

    Just preordered my Vinyl on amazon. Can’t wait for this.

  122. Avatar of Phil

    Look at the album hype rating… Just crazy…

  123. Avatar of MPATHIA

    ▲“Everybody will be dancing and we’re doing it right.”▲

  124. Avatar of Kory
    • Avatar of letofzh

      Doesn’t work in Switzerland too :(

    • Avatar of Agent Cooper

      Doesn’t work in US either.

    • Avatar of Rory

      I don’t think it works anywhere

    • Avatar of David

      Yeah, the Spotify thing apparently doesn’t work anywhere. They simply can’t make it easy for us. Furthermore, I refuse to listen to any of these low quality leaks. If I’ve got to wait till it streams or leaks properly, fine, but I’m not going to play sub-AM radio audio for a preview of something that really sounds nothing like the actual music in question.

    • Avatar of Tiago Carvalho

      That was the full album to listen or just 30 sec of each track?

  125. Avatar of Ruben

    One more time we’re gonna celebrate!

  126. Avatar of Hani


  127. Avatar of Tony Hutchison

    dat hype rating…

    has anything on this site reached such a level?

  128. Avatar of Phil

    Guys, I didn’t mean the WHOLE song, it’s just a 2min snippet but sounds damn good

  129. Avatar of Tiago Carvalho

    Sooo is this gonna stream or what?

  130. Avatar of Phil

    Giorgio By Moroder STUDIO VERSION snippet:

  131. Avatar of Joeri

    Expect a leak today or tomorrow folks. The album is out on May 17 in my country and that’s only 4 days away.

  132. Avatar of Cameron

    Here is an iTunes stream that will probably be up 12AM 5/13. (that’s in an hour)

  133. Avatar of John

    We’re all fans of DP, we’ve all been waiting for years, we’re so huge fans since Homework, blah-blah-blah… But despite that we refuse to wait and disrespect artists’ will to release it on May 21. Funny, isn’t it?

  134. Avatar of David

    Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 will be playing new tracks from RAM at 7pm BST / 2pm EST /11am PST Monday stay tune!!!!!!

    • Avatar of Caleb Stultz

      Maybe that means that an iTunes stream is more probable now that we know others will be playing the songs on the radio? I sure hope so!

  135. Avatar of Martim

    I hate to be “that guy” but I don’t think we’ll get a leak before the 17th. I’m just sayin’, never heard of itunes streaming a full album before, it kinda defeats the purpose of selling the album. But, let’s hope I’m not “that guy”.

    • Avatar of John

      Zane Lowe promises to air some tracks today, leaks are coming anyway :)

    • Avatar of bigf74x

      iTunes streamed Justin Timberlake and Vampire Weekend’s albums recently. I was skeptical of DP streaming because of the WeeWaa stuff but an ad went up tonight confirming it. Go to pitchfork, turn off adblock and f5 a few times and youll get the ad.

    • Avatar of Bad Turtle

      Are you from the year 1999?
      How have you never heard of an iTunes stream before?

      • Avatar of Martim

        Actually I’m from 1985! But you’re telling me that iTunes streams FULL SONGS from albums that aren’t even out yet? Besides the 30 sec usual snippets, I’ve never heard of such thing…mainly because it’s stupid…any person with an external recorder could rip the album easily. I don’t get the point of it…sorry.

        • Avatar of John

          As well as any person with a gun can rob a bank… theoretically. :)
          iTunes indeed streams full albums prior to release dates, it’s not the first time.

          • Avatar of Martim

            I’ll take that back then.

        • Avatar of fabripav

          Are you really from 1985?

          • Avatar of Martim

            No, actually I’m Jesus Christ and I’m going to turn “NOT LEAKED” to “LEAKED” :P

        • Avatar of Brad

          Yes, Depeche Mode’s newest album was streaming in full on iTunes a week before its official release date. It happens.

        • Holy shit, you’re Marty McFly!

  136. Avatar of fabripav

    Seems like the streaming will be up here it’s a matter of hours.

  137. Avatar of Mojib

    A word of advice to all Daft Punk fans! If the site hasn’t reported it as leaked, don’t get too excited about a commenter making claims about a leak. And until it is reported as leaked, Google isn’t really your friend. The chances of someone finding a random file sharing link, and that happens to be the leak origin, is slim to none.

    We have our leak reporting system in place, to prevent people from downloading fake files.

    • That’s not always the case though, as I have found leaks in the past through this comment section and Google around 24hrs before this page reported it.

      • True, but with a major release like Daft Punk – Be sure this is going to get reported within seconds of a confirmed legit leak.

    • I can’t wait for all of these people Googling “ram leak”

  138. Avatar of rayy

    Or just wait a couple of days?

  139. Avatar of dbcooper

    People are actually traveling through time to hear this album

  140. Avatar of Phil

    This thing is reaching its culmination. Hype rating – 411. I’ll go crazy if I don’t get that stream today!

  141. Oh. My. Holy. Fucking. Shit. Can’t. Wait.

    • Had the biggest grin on my face after watching that…cannot wait!

  142. video of daft punk unboxing random access memories (featuring preview of Give Life Back to the Music)

  143. who da fuq switched the chat chronic upside down … :D

  144. wtf happened to the comments section :o I like it though, nice update.

  145. Just to let you guys know, we’ve prepared ourself for the leak – We got support from Amazon’s email system, we can send you 14 email leak notifications per second without ending up in a spam folder. Also, we added more RAM (how ironic IS that) to our server to handle the traffic. This new comment system also puts less constraint on our server.

  146. Pretty sure in total I’ve spent about 3 weeks of the last month refreshing this website…Oh, how stupid I’ve been, trying to outsmart the Robots! ;D

  147. I can’t wait anymore / Non posso aspettare oltre / Je ne peux plus attendre / no puedo esperar nunca mas /

  148. Has anybody else felt like their chest is about to explode for the past 3 days or so while refreshing this page constantly?

    • Moar like the past 4 weeks haha

      • But yes the pain has been getting progressively worse

      • Ha, i’ve been able to keep myself to checking once per day for awhile. The past few days, though, I’ve been checking every 10-30 mins…

        • First world problems ay…

        • Third world countries are lucky they never have to have this feeling lol.

  149. I’m downloading something that seems pretty legit at the moment… I’l let you know guys if it’s real or just one out of many false leaks

  150. No, it’s fake. Too suspicious. I might catch a trojan or a virus. Will continue the search.

  151. Will we get a leak today. Columbia UK just tweeted the entire album will be played in it’s entirety in London tonight. Someone will get a leak from that.

  152. Oh, I just can’t wait!

  153. The Pitchfork thing is real too. Just went there in Chrome and was trying different User Agents to see if I could find the Stream banner myself and it popped up…

  154. Coworkers reeeaaally starting to get tired of me blasting Discovery and Alive 07 to prepare for Random Access Memories. C’moooon itunes stream.

  155. Anxious in anticipation aswell it’s gonne be today!

  156. Zane Lowe has just say that theres not going to be new songs todays we will have to wait till tomorrow program sorry =/

    • That’s a bummer, still, if they’ll have them tomorrow, something has to go down tonight.

    • We still might be able to hear the album streamed on iTunes today though, so there’s still hope.

  157. OK, so here’s what i think is gonna go down: There is a confirmed event (see : @ColumbiaUK Today the Daft Punk album Random Access Memories will be played in full @shardview for its first major event since opening. ) I’m sure i read somewhere that they would be attending such an event / listening session. I only can’t find the link anymore.

    Sooo, it’s most likely that the streaming will start after that event has taken place, still, today.

    • Yeah sounds about right, that’s what I think it will happen. So probably around midnight UK.


  159. IT LEAKED!

  160. It leaked!

  161. Leaked. Listening now.

  162. YEP IT LEAKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. So I have the album…
    how can i prove it for you guys? since you don’t allow links…

  164. plz someone pm me!

  165. Can’t fucking wait, 5 minutes

  166. Yes. It’s out. Confirmed and all. However, it’s a transcoded version – Which means its not for audiophiles.

    • Let me see if i get it, if it is for audiophiles, it means is a high quality version?

      If yes, no big deal.. the other way around would be a bad leak, but a quality leak will do no harm.. am I right?

  167. If its leaked how do you mean its for audiophiles? can we not least have a hint where we can find it?

  168. Yeeeeeeees!!!

  169. Found it, Its fantastic, Cant believe had to wait so long

  170. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD.

  171. Awesome! Listening to it now :D

  172. Wow luck at the album rating on here, fantastic never seen one so high

  173. It is Leaked now… today, minutes ago…

  174. there´s a SECOND LEAK OUT NOW! better rip quality without that distortion in the lower sound parts! -

  175. years from now theyll ask us: where were you when random access memories leaked?

  176. We want your opinion! What did you make of the leak? First impressions?

    • I think the album is amazing. They better win a grammy for this thing. I’ve already got a digital and physical copy preordered. I do kind of wish there were more Discovery-type tracks on the album, but that’s by no means a negative. This album is just different, and Daft Punk continues the trend to make each record they put out completely different from the previous one. 10/10 for me. Can’t wait till they hit the road touring. This masterpiece is gonna sound amazing live.

      • Read the description above man, they won’t be touring for this album.

        • I remember people saying no one could get down with “robot rock” and that “television rules the nation” was to repetitive and boring… 8 years past and this ideas sound like a bad joke.. The thing is, just as “Human After All”, this is a album that you can only digest after hearing a lot, getting the concept, the message behind it and interpreting the songs in your own way.

          That’s not even the final form of this album, Thomas and Gui-Emanuel already said that there will be a remixed RAM coming out, and my guess is that when it comes, we will be able to see the whole picture, kinda like what happened with “Human After All” and “Alive 2007″…

          As for the album itself, I really enjoyed, it builds up on space and rhythm, and there’s a lot of emotion into it, after becoming humans, these robots look like they’ve been through a lot, some songs are underpinned by a sad, or perhaps melancholic feel, and deal with missing, either something or someone.

          These moments interchanges with the love that these robots have with music, and how they really enjoy it, the most rhythmic and lively songs come from these musical (and dance) references (give life back to music, loose yourself to dance, get lucky and doing it right).

          The last track itself leaves a lot of questions, after all these emotions looks like they’re going somewhere, there’s some obvious references to being out there in space and coming back.. it makes a lot of sense, this alum thoroughly explores emotions, the very last track for “Human After All” is called “Emotion” and just like RAM tells what happened after these emotions, the next chapter of their quest will tell us what happens after “Contact”.

          • I’m trying, trust me. I still somewhat like it and it’s growing on me. My comment about Giorgio was simply because they layered the song with the Giorgio interview and I think it majorly detracts, unless I got a fake song and I’m wrong (plz tell me if this is true) I stand by my statement that you cant dance to a song that consists of background music and a bunch of talking…. correct?

            and as far as rhythm i still think they missed the mark. some of the parts where the lyrics start to catch a proper rhythm then just hit the wrong scales and such… idk I’ll continue listening because I want to love it, so badly…

            PS I loved Robot Rock and television rules the nation since the moment that sweet nectar tickled my eardrums LOL

          • Thank you for talking me into giving RAM another chance! You are absolutely correct about having to listen and really feel the album. Sometimes the best records are the ones that are misunderstood at first. Those seem to be the records that can be enjoyed for years and years.

          • You’re welcome..
            But don’t need to thank me, let’s all say thanks to Daft Punk and their music!

            Cheers mate!

    • I like Daft Punk and I liked the lead single for the album, but this was far from my most anticipated album of the year (that goes to The National). That said, I was incredibly underwhelmed. Although the low quality stream leaves much to be desired, you can tell that the production is top notch here. However, good production doesn’t equal a good record. I applaud groups going in different directions but there is a point where you mess up a good thing and that is exactly what happened here.

      Daft Punk are supposed to be fun but there simply is little to no fun beyond “Get Lucky.’ What we instead get is a tribute of sorts to the artists that inspired them to make music. Which is fine if you’re recording the album for them, but there is a large group of fans who want to dance, recognize, and feel a part of the Daft Punk experience.

      Music is subjective of course, but I’m having a tough time understanding how the Daft Punk die hards are defending this record.

      • I agree 100% with you.

      • “Daft Punk are supposed to be fun” : they aren’t supposed to be anything. Just legends for those who like them ( even love ) and musicians for others.

      • No fun beyond Get Lucky? Have you not listened to Lose yourself to dance, Giorgio by Moroder or Give life back to music? Those songs are so much fun to listen to…. and they’re not sad.

    • this album is incredible. nobody expected it but they gave enough hints that it would be totally different. its not dance music nor funk, its art. almost like a musical. every song is like a painting that displays a diffrent scene and emotion. still every song has this continous desire for warmth. its simply beautiful. i feel like just through those 4 daft punk albums i really know those guys and RAM is just another peace of their lives. its so honest, it almost makes me wanna cry.

  177. Love it! Worth the build up

  178. ugh, album is mostly all 70s disco crap.. reallllly disapointed.

    • I think it’s more like Soundscapes…

    • if it was 70s disco stuff i’d be ecstatic, it’s definitely not in that wheelhouse.

    • 70s…. disco…. crap? Daft Punk isn’t for you if you don’t like 70s style music or Disco..

  179. Yes the leak is out but dont get so excited. It’s a bit of a miss… I was on the edge of my seat waiting but I’m a bit disappointed. I like maybe 3 songs outta the entire album. Please don’t flame me, just my opinion and I’m a Hardcore Daft Punk fan. Not funk, not disco, just sorta soundscapes really. Please god let this be a fake leak like Death cab for cutie did with Narrow Stairs!

  180. Anyone would post a link of a good quality of the album?

  181. How good is Giorgio? WOWEEEEEE, its phenomenal!

  182. I just downloaded the album, folks!

    I just started listening to it, and it’s legit.

    I’m so excited, I made this account just now, just to share the news with my fellow Robots. :D

    I know we can’t link to leaks on this site, so let me just say that you should GOOGOL it, and you’ll find it at a site that starts with a “Z” and rhymes with “HIPPYSHARE” (you should know it or be able to figure it out).

    Grab it before it’s struck down, and thank me later. ;D

    I now await the CD and vinyl next week.

    EDIT: I think Googol took down the search result (can’t find it anymore as of this comment), but the bippyshare link itself is still up and running. Go to bippysharesmp3 dot com and just search for it.

  183. This album is INCREDIBLE. It’s different Daft Punk, but dear god… this is Daft Punk at their finest. They are just going with what they feel, making the music they want and not trying to please fans. This is their Masterpiece.

  184. Just heard the album in real 320 kbps quality after some googling -> simply AMAZING and exceeded my expectations, definitely buying a physical copy of this! Now I’m out for a 4th listen :)

  185. I absolutely love the album I must be on my 10th or more listen…

    You can feel the chill and calm… It’s so relaxing to listen. Really enjoyed the day listening to them. Every studio albums by Daft Punk are amazing and RAM touched me the most.

    Touch, Sweet touch You’ve given me too much to feel/
    Sweet touch You’ve almost convinced me I’m real/
    I need something more I need something… more

  186. After some digesting I’ve come to the conclusion that Yes I do love this album. Sadly not for the reasons I would like, I was wanting a Discovery-esc sound. Even so I’ve found the beauty in this album in it’s own right. Listening to this album feels exactly like standing on a mountain and overlooking the beauty + wonder of music as we’ve lived it. Rather than a steam powered dive forward it is essentially a look back and for that I applaud you Daft Punk.

    When I want to dive back into the heart-pounding pleasure that is Alive, or Discovery I do just that… revisit it. These past albums (and remixes) are timeless enough to last me this lifetime and the next.

  187. Any links to the files?

  188. Well. This might be one of the most overhyped albums of the past few years. Kinda dissappointing if you ask me. Tho, Get Lucky is awesome.

  189. There is a CD quality leak on a certain torrent site I have done a spectrum analysis on the Flac files and as fare as i can tell it is legit, so one of the reviewers is a very naughty boy/girl.

  190. this album is historic

  191. OnlyFan

  192. Just search for daft punk on piratebay and click to order it by seedings.

  193. This is a great album.

  194. Daft Punk is good but this album isn’t the best. The song ‘Get Lucky’
    seemed to catch a lot of people attention and inspired many artists such as Kellee
    Maize whom came out with her own version of the song

  195. Horizon (Japanese Bonus Track)

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