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From Kill Rock Stars: "After 2 decades of launching drums, guitars and pianos through the shifting interzones between harmony and chaos, Quasi are a genre of their own. Mole City, their ninth album, is the Quasi Song Book: Parlor Sing-alongs for the Last Century. Shakin’ blues, precision freak-outs, air-guitar-worthy riffs, heavy round droplets of time, fuzz everything, wah wahs, ya yas, ooh ahs, grunts, shuffle struts and chiming minor seventh chords - this is rock n roll." Janet Weiss (Wild Flag, Sleater-Kinney, the Jicks, Drumgasm) and Sam Coomes (Heatmiser) are back with their first Quasi album since 2010's American Gong. Mole City is a 24-track double LP, out October 1 via Kill Rock Stars in the U.S. and Domino in Europe. Check out a video trailer for the album below, and lead single "You Can Stay But You Got to Go" further below.

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Track list:

01. *
02. You Can Stay But You Got to Go
03. See You on Mars
04. Blasted
05. Chrome Duck
06. Chumps of Chance
07. Fat Fanny Land
08. Nostalgia Kills
09. R.I.P
10. Headshrinker
11. Bedbug Town
12. The Goat
13. Geraldine
14. Loopy
15. Double Deuce
16. Gnot
17. Dust of the Sun
18. Mole City
19. An Ice Cube in the Sun
20. One and Done
21. The Dying Man
22. Clap Trap
23. New Western Way
24. Beyond the Return of the Sun of Nowhere
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