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Amoral is a band established by founders Ben Varon and Juhana Karlsson in Helsinki, Finland in the late 90's. The band's music is best classified as Classic Rock For The 21st Century: versatile, heavy and riff-driven, yet still melodic with a power groove. Skillful ensemble and crisp performance have characterized Amoral, which is internationally recognized as one of Finland's foremost bands. The brave and independent development of their music can be heard throughout their five albums.

After three well-received albums, the band's constant development culminated in 2009 on ” Show Your Colors”, the 4th album, where the previous growling vocals were replaced with clean vocals and big choruses. The album was the debut of singer Ari Koivunen and bassist Pekka Johansson. Amoral´s music was earlier characterized by the media and fans as death metal due to the growling vocals, but now the classification varied from power metal to progressive rock. ”Show Your Colors” received a lot of praise upon its release. The album's first single, "Year of the Suckerpunch" was the most requested song of 2009 on the Finnish national radio station YleX. The album was ranked by public voting as the fifth best domestic metal album at the Finnish Metal Awards 2009. ”Show Your Colors” has also been released in Great Britain, Germany, USA, Canada and Japan. By this time the band had played over 200 shows, everywhere from Japan to Russia and all over Europe.

Now the Finnish ambassadors of Classic Rock Of The 21st Century are back with their 5th album ”Beneath”. The album continues on the path Amoral started with it's previous album ”Show Your Colors”: The emphasis is still on solid songwriting, big hooks, fresh arrangements and interesting guitar riffs. Though on ”Beneath”, the palette is wider than ever before: From 9-minute epics (”Beneath”) to straight-forward rock anthems (”Silhouette”, ”Same Difference”), to nods to the band's death metal past (”(won't Go) Home”) and unorthodox marriages between acoustic guitars and industrial landscapes (”Wastelands”), the band simply refuses to limit itself in any way.

Equipped with a new guitar player Masi Hukari (who shared the lead guitar duties with Ben Varon on the new album, as well as co-wrote two of the songs), the band felt hungrier and more inspired than it had in ages while writing, practicing and recording the new album. That attitude and energy can be heard on ”Beneath”, the band's brightest moment yet.

”Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows is very likely the best melodic progmetal album of 2014, and the solo in the ballad "See This Through" is the best the genre has seen since 'November Rain'." - Mape Ollila,

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Track list:


Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows tracklist:

1. On The Other Side pt. I (7:14)
2. No Familiar Faces (4:07)
3. Prolong A Stay (7:39)
4. Blueprints (4:20)
5. If Not Here, Where? (9:15)
6. The Storm Arrives (6:25)
7. See This Through (6:39)
8. On The Other Side pt. II (9:14)

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  • Charlie
    December 18, 2013 at 11:07 am

    Just created this page for this album. A new song is gonna be pre-released in early January and if anybody found something on the net he’s welcomed to share it here with us.
    Let’s hope it gets leaked fast ! :D


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