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During the '90s, Marcus Füreder DJ'd in nightclubs, which led to production and label operation. Under the name Plasma, he released the 2001 album Shadow Kingdom on his Bushido label. A few years later, the Austrian first used the new and more lasting alias Parov Stelar, the name credited with an impressive quantity of recordings released during the 2000s and 2010s. His "electro swing" sound proved to be popular in the compilation and DJ-mix market, including Stéphane Pompougnac's Hôtel Costes series.

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Track list:


[DISC 1]
1. Demon Dance - 3:29
2. Keep This Fire Burning - 3:14
3. Hooked on You (feat. Timothy Auld) - 3:30
4. Clap Your Hands - 3:17
5. Hit Me Like a Drum (feat. Timothy Auld) - 3:31
6. The Green Frog - 3:09
7. I Need L.O.V.E. - 3:42
8. Djangos Revenge - 3:59
9. Gin Tonic - 3:18
10. Don't Mean a Thing - 3:29
11. Josephine (1930 Version) [feat. Anduze] - 4:34
12.Berlin Shuffle - 5:13
13. Hit Me Like a Drum (Club Version) [feat. Timothy Auld] - 4:08

[DISC 2]
1. Six Feet Underground (feat. Claudia Kane) - 3:16
2. The Sun (feat. Graham Candy) - 2:54
3. Summertime (feat. Maya Bensalem) - 4:44
4. Walk Away (feat. Anna F.) - 3:47
5. Josephine (Candlelight Version) [feat. Anduze] - 3:24
6. Magenta Rising - 3:32
7. Golden Arrow (Demon Diaries Version) [feat. Lilja Bloom] - 3:04
8. Don't Believe What They Say (feat. Angela McCluskey) - 4:32
9. The Sea (feat. Harald Baumgartner) - 4:02
10. Keep This Fire Burning (Stelartronic Remix) - 5:34
11. The Lonely Trumpet (The Demon Diaries Outro) - 6:05

Total length: 1:33:27

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Demon Dance

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Demon Diaries Snippets (Official)

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