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Releases May 4, 2018 on vinyl, cassette, CD, and digital download.

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Own Dandelion Gum? Rewind 1:28 on track 1 on the CD, you're welcome.

Black Moth Super Rainbow is one of those bands that gave you what you didn't know you wanted. Eleven years ago, I remember driving around town, listening to the local college radio station and I had to pull over and stop when I heard 'Drippy Eye'. I immediately called KJHK and asked them what it was. They non-nonchalantly said, "Oh, it's Drippy Eye' by Black Moth Super Rainbow", to which I replied, "black moth super drippy eye, wait, what? are you fucking with me and just saying random trippy combinations of words or is this really the name of the music?" Yes it was real, and the names fit the music upon further inspection.

Track list:


1. Panic Blooms
2. Baby's in the Void
3. Rip on Through
4. One More Ear
5. Bad Fuckin Times
6. New Breeze
7. Aerosol Weather
8. June July 28
9. Bottomless Face
10. Permanent Hole
11. To the Beat of a Creeper
12. We Might Come Back
13. Harmlessly
14. Backwash
15. Sunset Curses
16. Mr No One





Bad Fuckin Times


Baby's In The Void






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