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Common Courtesy

A Day To Remember : Common Courtesy

A Day To Remember : Common Courtesy
A Day to Remember from Florida formed in 2003 and are being described as a metalcore/pop-punk/rock band. The bands current line-up include Jeremy McKinnon, Neil Westfall, Josh Woodard, Alex Shelnutt and Kevin Skaff. The band is set to release their new album "Common Courtesy" October the 8th. An album which have seen a lot of delays. Common Courtesy was announced by the band with a countdown included. Once the countdown hit zero, first single "Violence (Enough Is Enough)" was released. This was back in December and since there's been a lot of speculation when the album actually will be released. On March 18th, Jeremy McKinnon, announced on Twitter that "Common Courtesy is officially tracked! Now, onward to mixing.". Still no official track list. The band announced Friday night at a show in Michigan that the judge ruled that they could release their album October 8, without Victory. Here is the live video of that announcement.

A Day to Remember from Florida formed in 2003 and are being described as a metalcore/pop-punk/rock band. The bands current line-up include Jeremy McKinnon, Neil Westfall, Josh Woodard, Alex Shelnutt and Kevin Skaff. The band is set to release their new album “Common Courtesy” October the 8th.

An album which have seen a lot of delays. Common Courtesy was announced by the band with a countdown included. Once the countdown hit zero, first single “Violence (Enough Is Enough)” was released. This was back in December and since there’s been a lot of speculation when the album actually will be released. On March 18th, Jeremy McKinnon, announced on Twitter that “Common Courtesy is officially tracked! Now, onward to mixing.”. Still no official track list.

The band announced Friday night at a show in Michigan that the judge ruled that they could release their album October 8, without Victory. Here is the live video of that announcement.



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  1. Avatar of Colton Musselman

    Yes, this will be the title of their next album. Jeremy has confirmed it.

  2. I saw Jeremy reply to a message on Twitter that said “When is common courtesy going to be done?” And Jeremy said “When its finished ;)” So this is their next album.

  3. At my concert in May. Jeremy said “we’ll have a new album out late this year.” So release date is 2012 sometime.

  4. Avatar of Dakota Latusek

    Ahh I cannot wait for this, hoping it’s a step up their last album, but I’m not holding my breath!

  5. I’m beginning to doubt the release will be this year, it’s already November and all we have is the name of the album. Normally, bands have released more information if the album’s going to be out within two months.

  6. It’s coming out on the 6th of this month.

    • Awks moment when its already the 6th and we have heard nothing.

      • hahaha. exactly.

        • where is it….

          • and now its past dec 6th and no album. ur def a goon

  7. Release Date December 21st 2012. ADTR announced today on Facebook and

    • Avatar of Dakota Latusek

      The album won’t be released on the 21st lol. The video is just a teaser to more information being dropped that day. I heard on the 21st we get all the info for the album, pre-order bundles, and a single in January.

  8. New A Day To Remember album, Common Courtesy, to be released on the twenty first. Just go to http://WWW.ADTR.COM.

    • Funny how that was never stated, and secondly how it never happened. Dont pull shit out of your ass.

  9. i caught a glimpse on facebook of their website with a clock counting down to 16 days from tonight which means the 19th of this month give or take the 20th the album will be released

  10. Avatar of Andrew

    12/21/12 :D lol love their release date choice

  11. Avatar of Justin

    fuck yeah, only found out they were even releasing a new album now hahaha and I have to wait 12 days :)

  12. Avatar of Justin

    after watching that teaser video, is it just me or does this seem like it’s going to be a documentary and live concert dvd/cd

    • Avatar of Justin

      actually no, i posted this half way through the video it clearly is not hahaha

  13. Guys, it won’t be released on december 21st… we will simply have more information on the album (release date, pre-order bundles and shit, maybe a new song)

  14. the countdown is to the end of the world… 21/12/12 11.11am thats hilarious and fucking genius!

  15. Avatar of Zane Lyons

    Albums release on Tuesdays. So yep, this won’t be releasing on Friday. New information though of course.


    • Thats pretty sick!

    • yayayay! ive been waiting ages to see this !

  17. such a wonderful fake :)


    here is the actual album art, the one you are using is fake…

    • Avatar of Bryce

      That is not the actual artwork… It has the Homesick silhouette and the artwork doesn’t even make sense.

    • Avatar of Bryce

      That is not the actual artwork… It has the Homesick silhouette and the artwork doesn’t even make sense.

      • i know that :) I’ve made the past 2 fakes on here just for lols, and they’ve both been used on here :) im doing one every night until the release of cc just for fun! i cant wait for this album :) and yeh, i totally realised after i made it that mayans have different temples to eqyptians :P and yeh i stole the silohette :P

        • Avatar of Mojib

          It’s better than nothing. Just don’t claim them to be official next time, or we’ll simply ban your IP.

  19. Avatar of Ricardo

    I can’t wait to know more info about this new album… and I can’t wait to listen to it T-T

  20. This is not the official artwork, because the silhouette in the artwork is the same from “Homesick”

  21. Avatar of

    its coming out in 2013 guys! Alt. Press just showed a picture of the cover for their Most Anticipated Albums of 2013 and Jeremy is on one of the issues so its coming out in 2013, not in 3 days

    • Avatar of Mojib

      Got a scan of that cover?

        • So is Mark Hoppus though and his album came out on 12/18 so…

          • Avatar of

            Blink 182 confirmed that they’re releasing a full length in late 2013 so around November maybe October if we’re lucky, that’s why he’s on that cover too

    • i think you should look at adtr website 2 days so stop making up fake information

    • yes please! a scan would be nice, it doesnt really say it isnt comming out in 3 days no one is sure yet cause ap is on pre-order.

    • I think this person meant it’s a picture of Alt. Press’s magazine cover with Jeremy on it.

  22. Avatar of Justin

    pretty damn sure it’s not going to be released on the 21/12/12 there is no songs out, no pre-order packages, nothing. They’ll release the release date, album art and probs release a song, that’s about it. imo

  23. I went to the ocala concert the day before thanksgiving. They did announce a album will be out before the end of this year and jeremy also announced the first song os titled ” City of Ocala”. I have the video on my phone to price it actually

    • Avatar of Justin

      when did you see them though? was it a while ago?

      • “Day before Thanksgiving

      • …. he said the day before thanksgiving

        • Avatar of Justin

          not american wouldn’t have the slightest clue when thanks giving is..

  24. Here’s what going to go down… ADTR has left Victory, Victory hasn’t endorsed any ADTR announcements or anything like that over the past few months. One of ADTR band members posted a link on twitter a week or so ago to their official merch store, and said “buy all your merch here from the only ADTR official merch store.” Well Jeremy said the entire album is self funded, which means victory has pulled all funding from them. So I believe they’ll release the record January 1st considering next week is Christmas, and They will be under a new label.

  25. 7 More Hours!


    its being released tomorow says adtr

    • Avatar of Justin

      where has it said “the album will be released 21/12/12″? it’s just a hype up for this date, they will release SOMETHING but i doubt it will be the entire album

      • They wouldn’t put up a timer, plus #ADTR21 just for a song preview or something. It has to be the whole album.

        • They did release a song..

        • Well don’t you feel stupid now.

          • Avatar of Justin

            hahahaha <3

        • Well.. the timer is going up. I don’t understand why.. lol

  27. Slowly being release today!

  28. I thought it was supposed to be released today. What is this. Why are they doing this to me. I need it. Holy shit.

  29. Comes out March 2013.

    • Where did you hear that from?

    • Are you friggin kidding me? All this hype just to make us wait for 3 more months? Class A d*ck move if this turns out true.

  30. why is the timer counting up lol

  31. Look for a March 19 release. Hope you all are enjoying the new song.

  32. Avatar of Jonathan

    I was so happy to hear the single and then to find out the album isn’t coming out for months.. sad day. :C

  33. Don’t be fools, there is no date yet… It could be march but it could be january as well, no one knows !
    Just wait and see !

  34. Avatar of OMGnanerpus

    Well this is annoying xD. I was expecting it to be released soon.

  35. Avatar of Barbara

    when is the release date ?

  36. Avatar of Jonathan

    This album needs to hurry up.

  37. Well, there’s another timer up. I wonder what it is this time, another song? Hopefully the album, or at least a release date.

    • No, they just haven’t updated the script. Whatever they were using counts current time from a target time…it’s been 19+ days since Violence came out..It’s counting UP.

  38. Avatar of Aaron

    Going by the violence track their going for the homesick sound again, thank god

    • youre crazy, what separates me from you is their best album…there is no comparison. From song writing to production to the final mix/master. Everything prior to what separates… just sounds “armature” in comparison

      • No no no homesick is by far their best album

      • lol, your obviously not a real fan. what seperates me from you is so plain in comparison to for those who have heart. THAT is their best album. True heart, no fame, nontohing, true music. homesick is a close second.

        • You’re all wrong, And Their Name Was Treason is their best album.

          • All their albums are great guys! True fans love all albums. Every album has it’s strong points and weak points but overall the music they make is from the heart is what appeals to them.

      • youre a fucking idiot.

  39. Friday at 21:21:21 … be there!

    • Where did you hear that information??

      • It’s kind of obvious. #ADTR21 They keep going on about this 21 number and considering the counter is going up one would expect something when it reaches 21. Probably the OFFICIAL Album art and actual release date. No more fakes and speculation.

        • Well, that was simply a supposition… but, you know… nothing happeened

          • Use of big word followed by a typo.

  40. Where is the new ADTR stuff! I figured it would be here at 21 days/hours/minutes/seconds but nothing!

  41. Haha.. I was waitinf for 21:21:21:21 like everyone else and not a damn thing happened >.< IM grinding my teeth over this album HURRY UP!!!

  42. A new song “This is What We’re Supposed to Be” off the new album has leaked!

    The link is on The Prime Fix’s chat box!

    • No it hasn’t you are just trying to spread a virus!!

    • Avatar of bozicb

      Fake and he’s trying to get you to download a .exe, most likely a virus.

  43. Avatar of OMGnanerpus

    The ADTR website has a countdown until the album is released. Can we update the release date on here please? Thank you :D

  44. well they better hurry up! im dying for some new adtr

  45. The countdown timer has been updated to end when the tour starts.

  46. I have VIP passes!

  47. Going on past examples, they are most likely pulling a Parkway. Release 1 or 2 songs a month apart or so, release tour info and then the’ll release the album info (presale, bundles, dates etc) and then from there, the album will come out roughly a month or two before the tour so people can get to know the album long enough before the tour starts…which is roughly around the 20th/21st of March.

  48. Avatar of Austin Galligan

    I will seriously listen to this album on repeat for months when it comes out. So pumped.

  49. The album will most likely be released on March 21st. A Day To Remember was trending #ADTR21. The tour starts on the 20th, and the biggest clue of all.. If you google march 21st, it’s national “Common Courtesy Day”.

    • The website counts down to the 21st of March – when the tour starts. You are correct about “Common Courtesy Day” and it makes sense why they’re starting the tour on that particular day. However, releasing the album on the day of the tour is quite strange. Perhaps the 21st of Feb? Makes more sense at least, and, it fits with the whole ’21st’ theme. haha. It also (obviously) gives an exact month for people to familerise themselves with the new album. :) Still excited for it!!

      • well, bands frequently start touring the day before they release an album, and you know, “common courtesy day”, march 21st, its pretty obvious…

      • Maybe on the 21st of February it’ll be a new song, then the full album on the 21st of March? For some reason I do not believe they will release the full album without releasing another single.

        • I’m sure this album will be out may 21st. Kerrang said it will be out in the summer and the 21st may is a Tuesday so it is completely plausible

          • Do you really think they will tour withotu releasing the new album?

          • @ amnesik
            I do not know for for certain but I do not believe this album can be out in march. Firstly, in kerrang they have said this is not coming out till the summer, secondly the 21st of march is not a Tuesday when albums are released but the 21st may is a Tuesday and finally albums are usually announced at least 10 weeks before release so this really doesn’t seem possible although they could surprise us all and I could be wrong.

      • @Stephen
        When i went to see A Day To Remember in 2010 i saw the November 19th, just a few days after they released What Separates Me From You. They were on tour for about 5 concerts before mine. Its completely plausible they will release the album on MArch 21st. It’s too much of a coincidence to not release it!

    • Avatar of Lanark14

      I’ll go with that.. you win my vote sir!! 21st of march it is, but when will it be leaked is the question?

  50. March 21st is National Common Courtesy Day. March when the tour starts and the 21 is from #ADTR21. Possible release date?

    • I’m pretty sure this is the release date , someone mentioned it to Neil on Twitter and he favorited it.

  51. i am pretty sure it is march 21st as well and its only a little more then a month away, it makes more sense then feb 21st because well whats the point? if it was out that early people here would already have it. i believe this sight leaks 2 weeks or a week before the album hits stores. get ready for next month, because that album will be on my ipod on repeat for months maybe a year on end.

  52. This album isn’t even finished yet they are still working on it. Read 3 days ago on Jeremy’s twitter and you will know there is no way this will be out next month

  53. Yeah but March 21 is common courtesy day you mlght be wrong.

  54. There not gonna go on tour without releasing it there’ way

  55. We’ll see…

  56. Avatar of Colton Musselman

    it kinda makes me mad that it’s been three months with really no new news on their album.

    • There has been, Jeremy said on Twitter they’re all working hard on finishing it.

      • Avatar of Colton Musselman

        i mean like real news, man! like besides just studio updates and stuff. like how far they are coming and stuff like that. instead they just say, “Working hard” etc, etc.

  57. …Funny how they said it’d be out before the end of last year.

    Come on March 21st!!!

  58. Avatar of matt

    when the hell is this happening theres 14 days left on the countdown who thinks it could be the album? i freaking hope so

    • Are you stupid? it says right on the website that’s the countdown until the tour starts. It should be out on marsh 21st, because march 21st is national COMMON COURTESY day.

  59. Still no release date. The timer on their website is only counting down to the start of their tour. Hopefully it releases before then otherwise we’ll be waiting until the end of may after the tour ends to give them time to do a full release.

    • No the countdown end in thirteen days which is a Tuesday so most likely it’s releasing

      • Avatar of Daniel

        That’s for the start of the tour. Read to the left a little bit more -__-.

  60. Well march 21 2013 is supposedly common courtesy day so im guessing thats what there going for

  61. If you look, the countdown is to the 19th and the tour starts on the 20th, so it’s very possible that it drops in the 19th which means maybe even a leak this week!

    • the countdown is for the 20th, you forgot to take into consideration the hours and minutes as well.

  62. its true i knew That it could most likely be coming out with the timer because
    why go on a tour with no album

  63. I highly doubt the album will be released march 21st, something will be released on that date though for sure. I think it’ll just be another single, with the official artwork and release date. That’s just my opinion though.

  64. I freaking hope not I just want this album to be released. why would they go on tour without releasing it.

    • There’s no way the album will be releasing in one week from now with us not knowing that for sure, if it was it would have to have been announced already. Albums don’t just come out with no notice. I do expect on the 21st of march hopefully we will get the release date announced then. I’m kinda expecting it to be may 21st. I don’t think it’s going to be out until after this tour which really sucks

      • have been saying this ages ago it just cant be out in a few days. i totally agree it will prob be may 21st


  65. In an interview with that was released on Feb 28, (you can google it if you just type ADTR Common Courtesy), Jeremy said:
    “We’re not really sure the release date yet, we’re working that out. We’re in the last few weeks of tracking. After this we’re going to head into mixing and mastering and then we’re done. Then we’re going to put it out as soon as we possibly can.”

    If this was done the week of the 28th, to be honest, I cant see the album coming out on the 21st because they were still tracking and mixing and mastering takes ages. Then, they need to find a record company that will help mass produce it and send it worldwide…so, I cant see it coming out in a week exactly…

    I would love to be proven wrong and it actually does hit stores the day the tour starts. :)

    • They aren’t going to get help mass producing it. They’re doing everything themselves, after what Victory did they don’t trust record companies.

      • Avatar of Tom

        if anything they’ll just do what Blink did with Dogs Eating Dogs and make it download only

  66. if it is released on the 21st of this month that would be amazing, why because its national common courtesy day. a day to remember have always released a album the day after the tour starts. people just assume that its going to be next month because thats all they can do.

  67. Some place called new vintage amps tweeted on twitter that they heard the new adtr album Common Courtesy in its entirety (and they said its incredible), Kevin from adtr retweeted it. That sounds to me like they are done with it now then at least.

    • Perhaps they have legit finished it and they might release the release date on the 21st…aswell as start the tour. Then it might come out 1-2 weeks after the tour starts.
      Who knows, they might only sell Common Courtesy at their shows, since they’re doing everything themselves. hehe

  68. There’s been rumors going around saying it’s leaked already? I’m currently searching around and trying to verify it, but it is a possibility since that amp company got it apparently..

  69. Sure being released on the 21st would be INSANELY awesome, especially considering since March 21st is national common courtesy day. but i mean, no pre orders, no reserves. i dont think its gonna happen. especially releasing a cd MID TOUR when they are only playing ONE new song live for the set list.

    • I agree with you that it won’t be out in time for any of the tour too, but how do you know anything about the setlist?

  70. So Addie have you found anything. Also I agree with Tom they might do what blink did. I just want this album out now seeing As it is finished and that the amp company has hear it we might expect it this month or early next. But fingers crossed its this month.


  72. Just saying, what if the people commenting on this are actually members of the band so they’re secretly actually telling us that it’ll be released on the 21st. Haha

  73. Avatar of Adam

    Hyped. Violence was awesome, but, we need another single!

  74. We’re gonna have to wait til May I guarantee it were all gonna get hyped for the release and then bam just cause it’s common courtesy day doesn’t mean it’s coming out and albums don’t release on a Thursday it’s tuesdays

  75. They may release a new song that’s called Common Courtesy that day and still use the date ;)

  76. Avatar of Trevor Young

    funny how long ago i posted this album was coming out and it still has no sure release date haha

  77. 7 hours

    • The count down is the 20th though.
      I’m in Australia and for me it’s 7 hrs to go so that makes it: 4:00 this afternoon, 20th of March.

  78. Im Australian to and no wouldn’t it be 2

    • Haha sorry, yes I meant 2. Posting early morning got to me. When ADTR posted Violence it came at 4. haha

  79. Jeremy just tweeted that they just finished tracking today so probably safe to say it won’t be out on the 21st

  80. So anybody know how long mixing takes? Cause Jeremy just tweeted that “Common Courtesy is officially tracker. Now onward to mixing”. which confuses and annoys me because I thought it already was completely done since that amp place tweeted that they heard it already. And they’re leaving for tour tonight, does that mean they’re not gonna be able to mix it until they get back from tour? :O

    • meant to say tracked, not tracker

    • Well if they’re about to mix the album it means that it won’t be out in another month, that’s for sure.

      Them going on tour won’t change the thing, since the band doesn’t mix the album, proffesionals do it ;)

      That amp place might have heard the unmixed version, maybe in their studio.

      I’m guessing it could be out in May or even June.

      • Well that’s good, I wasn’t really expecting may anymore at this point. The news that it was just starting mixing made me worried that may want even possible anymore. I hope it gets released in may, or at the latest really early june

        • Ugh stupid autocorrect! Probably shouldn’t be doing this on phone so that doesn’t happen. Where I accidentally put “want”, that want is supposed to be “wasn’t”

  81. the countdown is for the date their new tour begins. and more than likely nothing else. album isnt dropping any time too soon. They would be taking pre orders if it was anytime within the next month or two

  82. Don’t think we will get it till next month now. A Day To Remember have confirmed that their long-awaited new album, “Common Courtesy,” has been tracked.

    A message from vocalist Jeremy McKinnon can be found by clicking read more.

    Don’t forget, the band are touring this spring. All dates and ticket information can be found here.

    “Common Courtesy is officially tracked! Now, onward to mixing.”


  83. So basically, now we wait 1 day (roughly) check and see what songs they did and hopefully there will be a few videos on Youtube of new stuff.

  84. Actually tomorrow is national Common Courtesy day, so maybe we will atleast get a new song off of it? Maybe a track list.

  85. Well I’m following this guy on instagram whos in the vip area for the atlanta concert tonight and the vip people got to hear an upcoming single from Common Courtesy that nobody else has heard yet. lucky people, I’m extremely jealous! Anyway hopefully we can expect some recordings of it online soon, although probably bad quality

  86. Just found footage of the new song they played for VIP’s! I think it’s called Right Back At It Again, and it sounds so fucking good! Hopefully they release this tomorrow for National Common Courtesy Day.

  87. Avatar of Scott Edmondson here’s the setlist. the vip got to hear the album version of the new song before the concert, but they actually performed this new song live as part of the set. It is called “Right Back At It Again” just like the tour, so the tour is actually named after a new song

  88. heres the link with the full song. my jaw dropped when i heard this. SO GOOD.

  89. ADTR new song Right Back At It Again live.
    (Should have picked the song title.)

  90. Avatar of Adam

    New song is awesome! I want the album :3

  91. Avatar of Mike

    This one is much better, just better quality. Song sounds good.

  92. Oh my F*cking God….

    That new song way above all awesomeness ever….

    sorry for my bad english i’m from austria ^^

  93. This is the album version of the new song that the VIP’s heard at the concert. I especially love the beat boxing and the “brace for impact!” before the breakdown. :P

    Thanks to Dylan Wright for uploading this.

  94. Okay guys I just read an interview with jeremy and at the bottom it says the album name common courtesy and then said expected spring 2013. So either starting next month or in between June. I hope it’s soon though

    • Link to the interview?

      • Rock Sound magazine and Revolver magazine reported it as a Spring release. On the other hand Kerrang magazine says Summer, so who knows.

        • he posted on twitter that theyre done recording, now they just need need to mix

  95. I have got a link I saw it in a music magazine today.

  96. *i haven’t

  97. Avatar of Adam

    Any news?

  98. Avatar of Adam

    I guess not

  99. Avatar of Rob

    Jeremy said in an interview that the album will have 14 tracks.

  100. Avatar of Carla

    Has anyone heard anything solid lately?

    • Avatar of Dayton

      We need some sort of news, this suspense is killing me.

    • Avatar of Matt

      Yeah. There’s an interview on YouTube that Jeremy did in Michigan I believe. He talks about the record a little bit. Also there was a video update that Adam Elmakias filmed, where I Jeremy screamed something that I couldn’t understand. If you want to find videos or updates, just search ADTR in YouTube everyday, and select the filter, and then press today. That’s what I do. Oh, and they did play a single for some fans, it’s called Right Back At It Again. For actual info, if you didn’t know already, Jeremy said they are mixing it right now.. which could take a month.. depends how they do it. I would expect some more bad acted studio updates soon as well.

      • Avatar of Rob

        Drew Russ (their videographer) said on Twitter a month ago that they had finished filming the Common Courtesy episodes. So hopefully they’ll upload them within the next month.

  101. Avatar of Michael

    This album really needs to hurry up and come out soon!

  102. Avatar of Mike

    I remember in like February when I was excited for this album.

  103. Avatar of Nick

    They shouldn’t have said stuff about this so early. When the countdown clock was going I was so excited and heard Violence and got even more excited thinking this would be out it mid January early February. Well turns out I was wrong..

    • Avatar of Matt

      Yeah, I know what you mean. Just remember, it’s most definitely gonna be worth the wait with all the time and effort they are putting in. They’ve been writing for 3 years and are going back to their roots; no doubt it’s gonna be their best record yet! It should definitely be out by the end of May, so it’s only a month away, or maybe even less!

      • Avatar of Nick

        I really hope so! And no doubt this is gonna be amazing!I’ve been pumped for a while and I don’t think this will disappoint!

  104. Avatar of Jesse Vise

    Maybe they’re aiming for a May release. Albums are released on Tuesdays in the states, and if they follow the 21 theme, May 21st is on a Tuesday next month. Who knows. I might just have wishful thinking, though.

    • I think that ’21′ theme is long dead.

  105. Avatar of Devin

    Is anyone else really disappointed about the lack of information about this album. I mean come on already. No release date. No artwork. No track list. Not one thing has been said about CC since Violence. Major disappointment!!!!!

    • Avatar of Nick

      Yes! I check Twitter, Facebook, and this everyday hoping to find something! I even downloaded a live version of Right Back At It Again just to listen to something new.

    • Avatar of Mike

      They really hyped everyone up too soon by giving us that single in December.

  106. Avatar of Devin

    Jeremy just replied to one of my tweets and he said that the album still isn’t done. I’m thinking a summer release.

    • Avatar of Scott Edmondson

      Yeah it sucks but at this point we’ll be lucky for a June release even, I’m not really even expecting it to be anytime before July really.

    • lol i love how your just brushing off the fact that jeremy replyed to your tweet

  107. Avatar of Rob

    Andrew Wade ‏@thewadestudio 11h
    Well, since you guys keep bugging me :P here’s an update: Today I’m working on the audio for the #CC episodes with @DrewXRuss

    Looks like the Common Courtesy webisodes will be up soon

  108. Avatar of Jean-Seb

    I hope it won’t be too late in 2013.

  109. Avatar of Adam

    It should be out in summer

    • not waiting that long for a release

  110. Avatar of Dayton

    Hopefully we can get some more concrete news now that their tour is done other than some festivals.

  111. Avatar of Jesse Vise

    Almost decided this album is basically never gonna come out…

    • Agreed. It’s starting to get very aggravating.

      • C’mon, really guys? This isn’t Detox and it has only been delayed that one time so don’t get so aggravated over it, these guys have been making Alternative ever since 2005, trust me, they know what they’re doing.

    • They’re pretty much Half Life 3ing it. I don’t expect Common Courtesy or HL3 to ever release anymore.

  112. Avatar of Rob

    Gahh this wait is killing me!

  113. this album is taking forever to come out, i have no intentions of waiting another month or 2 for this album. either it gets released soon or i’m just gonna say fuck it and not care anymore.

    • I am starting to agree. I’m actually getting fucking pissed off..

      • glad to know someone agrees with me, chances are as soon as we forget about it it will be out.

        • I’m already pissed off. They won’t give us anything. I swear if we all spammed their twitter they’d get their shit together. Those guys live on twitter. Such bull crap. First announcement in December and then nothing for 6 months. I mean what the shit.

          • i agree i am half tempted to do that myself, there is no reason that we have to wait about 6 months or more for them to get it into gear.

          • This whole album better kick the shit out of ears for as long ad we’ve been waiting.. I’d at least be satisfied with some official album art

          • I am just asking for anything… literally anything. Some track names… any updates. all that shit. They shouldn’t have updated us in November about a new album… I mean shit.

          • Its not their fault. they have been having issues with victory records and the reason we have no info is because they have no idea who will end up releasing the album. I know it sucks but its not there fault.

          • Morale of the story, no band should sign with Victory. They’ve already had a bunch of lawsuits with bands recently.

          • What the hell! No, it is not ADTR who has ANY say in when it all gets put together. It’s been recorded already, just not released and it’s not their fault. DO you know anything about the music industry at all? Fuck it, I’ll wait, it’s not their fault. They feel bad about it, they even played a few of their new songs live for us on their tour. Get your facts straight, they’re not gonna care if you “spam” their twitter. Get at it, you’re looking like a fool.

          • they announced a new album coming out early 2013 back at Boonstock at the end of June!! Wouldn’t it have made sense to release the album BEFORE going on tour? They didn’t specify early 2013 in this video but they did announce they’re recording it A YEAR AGO…

          • Keep in mind yall after they’re last album there was a lawsuit with their record label. It’s not their fault that now they gotta sort shit out after dealing with those theiving bastards

          • let me put it to you this way, adtr is not working on this album with a company of any kind. they are doing it all themselves and if its been recorded already. then why the hell have they not released it? they do have a say in this album because they are not working with a record company. they shouldn’t have announced it coming out EARLY 2013 if they had no plan on releasing it EARLY 2013. now we are halfway through 2013 and no new album. so stop defending this its just plain sad!

          • Actually, AFTER a band (especially signed) track an album, it gets sent off to be mastered. That can take a few days to a few months PLUS printing the albums/promoting/cover design etc.

            If you get that pissed off with waiting to steal music, then stop doing it?

          • i get the music online to decide rather or not i want to buy the album, if i like it i delete the leaked file and buy it when it comes out, although it seems like a waste of money. music has always been my passion and stress reliever. and getting pissed off with waiting to steal music? please you’re here for the same reason as everyone else so dont act like you’re any better

          • You are a moron. They are still under contract with Victory Records. If they release Common Courtesy” independently they will be sued and lose horribly. They have to finish the current lawsuit with Victory before making any moves. Go read how contracts work before you bitch again.

          • Now don’t you feel stupid. We tried to tell you there was a reason for the delay, but you were adamant you knew fucking everything.

            Or did you give up and say fuck it?

          • Even they dont know yet so chill the fuck out. they have been saying at their shows as sonn as they know we will. alos if you actuallu like a band enough you will wait no matter how long.

          • Of course we’re gonna wait, and that will be worth it, but I feel like it’ll be out like one whole year after this f**kin’ #ADTR21 ^^

        • About that….

      • so, october 8th it is, good work adtr

    • Another “Detox”… -_-

    • naaaah, they’re doing the same thing Asking Alexandria did, “Oh lets release a single then work on the rest of the album for a year…” sounds like a great idea. I know that these bands are not very comparable at all, but still, it pisses me the fuck off.

      • They’ve already announced they’re finished recording it, they actually finished back in December. Not sure why it’s not out yet, but it’s not like AA “Working on it for a year”, they’re just trying to build hype. They recorded the 2nd sucks music video about 9 months before releasing it, they’re a band that likes to build hype.

        • They did NOT finish it in December. They tweeted on march 19th 2013 that they just finally finished tracking it. Since then it’s being mixed and mastered, as far as we know it still is.

    • they’re touring at the moment, they have an australian tour in july so i reckon not long after that

    • feel free to say fuck it and not care anymore. these guys have put out quality material for a while. i’m sure they won’t miss your one sale. or download.

      perhaps be thankful there are idiots out there with boundless creativity willing to forsake a normal life to put out music that speaks to their fans (certainly does to me) that some of them don’t even buy. or go to their concerts. or buy merch.

      or support their efforts in any appreciable way.

      imagine being a tool fan though……

      i for one am thankful they keep putting out music. which bleed the sky, reveille, fear my thoughts, the agony scene, enemy is us……. don’t anymore. i’m thankful for bands like these guys, god forbid, in flames, sylosis, august burns red, as i lay dying (attempted hitman hiring notwithstanding)…..

  114. V lol all these people trying to rush it…. dont you guys see the longer it takes to come out the better its going to be? the band is trying to make the perfect album give em a damn break!!!!

    • do you know why people are rushing it? because its already been almost 3 months since the first single dropped, no one is gonna wait another 3 or 4 months for one album. it makes no damn since to make fans wait that long .

      • well I doubt they’re doing it on purpose though I think they shouldn’t have hyped it up back in December with Violence when they weren’t even finished recording it til middle of March. But as someone said a little bit ago already, it’s not their fault that it’s taking this long. And today is exactly five months since they released Violence actually

      • Yes they are. Why the hell would you NOT get it once it DID finally come out? Because you’re mad at them for not releasing it when you want? How cute. You’ll still get it, whether you pay for it or not. (Which I never pay for my music, not saying that’s a bad thing necessarily.)

      • You’re a whiny little prick, aren’t you?

      • i waited and glad i did 5 dayz dood lol im pretty sure im not the only one who waited too XD

        • 4 days, i hope this leaks soon i have been itching to get my hands on this album for a long time now.

  115. I got some news today at the Skate & Surf Festival in NJ. Jeremy said they got 4 mixed/mastered songs back a few days ago. That basically means 4 songs are done, but that doesn’t mean they are COMPLETELY finished. Thus, if it is 14 songs.. we’ll be waiting for a while since it took them about a month to mix/master these 4.

    • …whoever is doing the mixing and mastering really needs to pick up the pace, if that’s true. That means like around another 3 months if it continues at that rate.

      • And then they’ll also have to solve the label issue, when they released Violence everyone was psyched as fuck, they made a huge mistake by releasing it so early because they’ve seemed to have lost most of the anticipation with fans. Though I’m sure that’ll change when they announce the release date.

        • yeah a lot of people are losing their excitement now but I guarantee basically everybody’s excitement will shoot right back up once they finally do announce more concrete info about a release date

      • Andrew Wade is mixing/mastering, except on twitter it seems he is spending alot of time working with other bands recording and working on his solo stuff. Instead of getting this album fucking finnished already!Q

  116. I quit

  117. After hearing Right Back At It Again and Violence, I am so stoked about this album , I am very annoyed at the time it has taken to release, I’m sure we all feel the same way!

  118. It honestly seems this album is going to be released August, at earliest.

  119. Did anyone get their hopes up for a release date when this appeared on the main page?

  120. any new single?

    • Nope just the 2 we know of nor any leaks of any new songs.

  121. It’s coming out in august I believe. They performed new songs at S&S and it sounds like its gonna be amazing.

    • Skate and Surf? They didn’t perform new songs there.. I was there.

  122. This album will never get released.

  123. I’m starting to actually get really fucking pissed because they aren’t even hinting anything towards the release of this album.

  124. I’m so tired of waiting! This album needs to come out soon!

  125. Okay what the fuck its june. NOT ONE WORD FROM THEM. i quit

    • Can’t quit what never started LOL

  126. Why is everyone whining??? You realize that they are fronting all money for this album. No record label. All albums take about the same time to release. Difference these days is social media. They use free advertising to get extra hype out to sell more records. Im sure it will be worth the wait.

    • Who said they were independently releasing this? They might have funded the studio and album equipment on their own, but as far as I’m aware they’re still on Victory. Everyone thinks that lawsuit made them leave, while they appear to still be signed to them.

  127. Oh for fuck’s sake. Everyone is on here acting like ADTR owes us ANYTHING as a band. Grow the fuck up. They released a single, went on a tour, and played two songs from the album for us. Who cares when it’s coming out? All that matters is if it does. If it doesn’t, so fucking what? It’s not like they promised us a release date. Quit acting like you’re all being personally victimized by them taking their time. Jesus fucking christ.

    • So you are saying that if it does not come out, so what? That makes no sense. I agree with you, but you have to calm down.

      1) This is the internet, people bitch a lot.
      2) You act like you wouldn’t be upset if they didn’t release the record.
      3) If you don’t care if they release it or not, then that means that you are not a fan of them.

      • So what you’re saying is;
        A person who whines and gets angry and threatens never to listen to ADTR again if they don’t release this album is a better fan than someone who decides to be happy with what they’ve given us so far without griping and acting as if they owe us anything but gratitude for our continued support?
        Like any fan, I would be sad if they never released any new content at all. But I’m not going to stop listening to what we already have from them just because they took forever to release an album they never promised would be here in the first place. That’s just ridiculous.

        • I don’t think you understand, honestly, I’m fine with waiting, but I can see why some people are upset with the way things were handled.
          They said they were done tracking ages ago, and that doesn’t actually seem the case, lying to your fans in any situation isn’t exactly the best route to take, which is why you see some people being negative on a release date being sooner than later.
          The band gave their fans the expectation that they would be releasing an album, usually when a single is released, it means that the upcoming album will be released within a couple months, it’s been 7 months since Violence was released.
          You give off the impression that a band can do whatever they want in terms of releasing their own music. When they actually can’t. They have an obligation to the fans, THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORTED THEIR LIVING AND CAREER, a lot of fans and bands consider themselves family, they’ve left a large amount of their fans about this album, they released a single and just went quiet. That’s not the most respectful thing to do, especially considering that this band is some people’s lives.
          Again, this isn’t necessarily my stance on things, but I do think people have the right to be angry and they have no need to ‘grow the fuck up’.
          P.S. you talk like a fourteen year old girl, using that overused phrase of ‘grow the fuck up’ and talking like every other naive, idiotic teen, oblivious and uncaring towards other people’s opinions. I’m 17 and I find that whole charade hilarious. Either way, don’t forget that this is the Internet and you have no power over what people say, so getting butthurt isn’t going to do you any good.

  128. All these people bitching about how it isn’t out yet. Yeah it sucks, i wish it was out as well. But at the same time, i don’t see how a band has to pander to you guys, i’d rather have a product they’re happy with than something that’s rushed.

    • As upset as I am, I’m happy they didn’t do what SWS did with their latest album which seemed very rushed and highly generic.

  129. So its rumored that ADTR already sent the album to someone to add some finishing touches and that’s whats taking so long. If you remember, they said they were already done tracking it like two months ago. I agree with everyone else though. I’ve been waiting on this damn album to come out since last May!

    • Where did you read/hear that? :)

  130. Hi guys, the wait for CC is killing me, and I’m not the only one ‘suffering’ LOL so, if anyone knows anything, even if its a rumour or something, please tell us. :]

  131. Hype down. fuck it. I’ll hype up when they get their shit straight.

  132. Just saw ADTR at KOKO, London and they said it shouldn’t be too long… but you never know

  133. at least give us the studio version of right back at it again…I’ve been listening to crappy youtube vids for long enough.

    • It’s a bad song with awful lyrics anyway. Sure to be the worst off the album when it’s released.

      • Bitch, just get off this page already. All you do is bitch and complain. Do you have PMS?

        • That’s cute. A woman states her opinion and you immediately blame it on the fact that she might have her period?

          And PS: Just because I disagreed with you assholes freaking out over the fact that this album has taken a long time to come out doesn’t mean that I was bitching and complaining…I was doing the exact opposite by being humble and not really caring ~when~ it comes out. You guys are the ones bitching and complaining; saying it’s taking way too long to come out for YOUR personal liking, threatening not to listen to the band anymore, or whining that it’s probably not going to be worth the wait anyway. All I said was that one of the songs they’ve pseudo-released so far isn’t really something I’m interested in. I fail to see how that puts me in the category of “always bitching and complaining.”

          • Can everyone just agree and say enough is enough?

          • No

          • Yeah, we all need to know when enough is enough..

            People can’t understand the reasons that we fight, somethings gotta give..

          • Well you are bitching and complaining because you are complaining about how the song is bad, and also complaining about other people who are complaining.. so therefore, you are complaining. And now, you are the one freaking out, as well. I didn’t complain for shit.

          • I’m with you on this one.

          • Did you just describe yourself as being humble? Are you serious?

      • Yeah…

  134. I’m seeing them July 14th in Melbourne…I really hope the album comes out before then. :)

    • Im seeing them in Brisbane on July 12th. We Will Either Get A New Song Or Information About CC

  135. Okay. A friend of mine went to the ADTR concert in Italy, and Jeremy told him that Common Courtesy will be out at the end of August. :]

    • Thats the release date as of right now. That will change really quick.

      • Are you sure?

        • why would it change?
          As in sooner? or later?

          • Just people being negative. Don’t listen to them.

      • what do you mean by that? It’ll change really quick? whats that supposed to mean and how you know? Right now I am pretty much guessing either end of August or sometime in September

        • Sorry if it came off kinda negative. Its just they have given us a release date once and it changed then they hyped it up and then it was nothing. So this is just another possible release date. Its just gotten hard to believe something that might change instantly. Until i really see a release date (month/day/year) i cant really believe something lol. Once again sorry if its coming off negative.

          • I have to agree, we can’t be certain until they actually announce a release date. Most bands that have albums coming out in August have announced dates, so I don’t know.

          • Thanks for agreeing. I still remeber a band was releasing an album gave a date and all then some where in the month of waiting they changed the date and i didnt know it was changed when to get the cd and it wasnt there lol.

          • Yeah, I hate it when things like that happen, though that’s usually due to label issues.

    • Really? That’s actually not that bad. I was thinking like December or something like that. That’s good news, but bad news. I want it sooner! Haha.

  136. Hey guys! Look what I’ve gottttt!! (high pitched voice)

    They have played a new song during a sound check in which some kids looked between the cracks, larry. So we have what sounds like the intro to a new song/single.

    Enjoy kiddies.

    • Sounding like some Homesick type of stuff!

      • Sounds like My Life For Hire at the high parts

        • We call that “jamming”

  137. For all those who cannot wait for a new song.. I know it’s not the same, but at least it is something, eventhough this song already existed for years, I did not know about it until now :) Please feel free to answere with more Songs with Jeremys awesome voice ;)

  138. Someone recorded them warming up with a brand new song.

  139. I think another delay in the album production is that they may have left Victory. Think about it, they have not officially release Violence or Right Back At It Again, have they? It would have been on iTunes if they had a label, most likely. Plus, they said they were self funding their record. They took a step back and are probably really trying to make the album perfect, just how The Wonder Years did. They wrote their album in an abandoned shop, and it’s one of the best I’ve heard in the last decade. We can expect a lot of great things, it should definitely be out by September, only a year late.. haha

    • Didn’t they wrote it in Jeremy’s Home?

      • Yeah, Jeremy self funded it in his own studio

        • Well did they officially leave Victory? Cause I cannot find any statement or something like that..

          • They never said they officially left. I think it’s likely that they did, though. Their merch goes on THEIR site only, never on Victory’s anymore. And like I said, it would have been on iTunes already.

          • Eventhough those are wild guessings, it all sounds plausible.. Well if they really left, I hope they will sound like they did in FTWHH and in Violence lately..

    • They had legal difficulties with Victory, Victory is famous for those. Victory is probably the worst label out there. By the looks of it, it doesn’t look like their self releasing. So they’re either figuring out things with Victory, dropping out of Victory and searching for a new label, or they just haven’t finished the album yet. All of the above is a possibility.

  140. Have a feeling we may hear a new song at Download. Just saying.

    • here’s to hoping your right!

    • I also had the feeling that we would have heared a new song at RAR, but it did not turn out that way…

    • Did they play something new? I decided to stay near to Main stage for a better spot for Rammstein (who fucking smashed it!)

      • No they didn’t unfortunately. Didn’t even play right back at it again. I really thought we’d hear something new.

  141. So much anger on here, Im sure they will bring out the album when they are happy its good enough to be released.

    Its why we love the band as each album has the best songs possible on it.

    Patience people, im sure its going to be worth the wait and im not surprised its taking this long as they are always on tour.

    Busiest band in the world at the moment….

    • You’re right man and I’m sure that it’ll be amazing when it comes out and worth the wait. However, it’s just annoying because of their choices they’ve made with the album. Such as announce the title at a show a year and 2 months ago, and then consistently say “it’ll be out by the end of the year.” Now, they knew about the ‘court case’ yet they still made the comment as if they were so sure it’d be ready. They released Violence, which is a great song, but part of me now thinks they did it out of fear because it was coming to the end of the year and, no record. The time off they had between violence and Right Back At It Again tour, which they used to finish tracking was the smartest thing they’ve done to date. They played the new song on tour, it’s great, everyone loves it.
      Now, everyone around the band have mucked up and pushed people to be annoyed. That being, Kerrang said it would come out in summer. Well they have a month in order for that comment to be real. Their videographer said on twitter “working on audio for CC episodes”. If your working on audio, that means the video is done and audio does no take this long. And finally. Mixing and mastering. Does not take this long to do. It takes a month, 5 weeks max. So can you sort of understand why people are angry, annoyed

      • Took the words right out of my mouth lol. I really am more annoyed then anything. I am not even mad or even lost in hope. I know this album will be amazing when it gets done and u understand its all self funded which shows real dedication to fans from a band. I just hate how they keep setting false release dates and giving info way to early like the lead single they have and this new one they’ve been playing live. On top of these studio videos (which i love they are awesome to watch especially there comedy ones like Homesick and For Those Who Have Heart) But i just want it to be out soon thats all.

      • Yeah i agree, it is taking a stupid amount of time and its annoying that other people like Kerrang have said it will be out by the summer although we dont know where they got that source from it could be they assummed.

        I just bought tickets to the Cardiff show in Feb 2014, Hopefully it will be out by then.

        I really dont understand comments such as “i will never listen to this album in spite” makes no sense ofcourse you will. In a legal sense or not lol.

        But i will say this album better be awesome for it to take this long to get to my ears lol.

  142. Quote from Victory’s website:

    “Back for more, A DAY TO REMEMBER plans to release Common Courtesy this
    year, promising to be their most dynamic, powerful album to date. Not
    ones to disappoint, the band will be on the road with OF MICE & MEN
    for the Right Back At It Again North American tour, starting
    March 20th. With a constantly growing fan base, larger than life
    performances, and unmatched energy, A DAY TO REMEMBER are geared up for a very exciting 2013.”


    • They release the album on victory, victory steals all the money from them.

      • A very good possibility it’ll be out on Victory IMO. I ordered some gym shorts and they have tons of new merch for ADTR. Pretty upsetting, but who knows, maybe they settled their dispute or are making some sort of agreements.

  143. Give the guys a break; they’ve been hard at work on this album for a long time, now it is just the legal hold up for the most part. i got to go backstage and hear it at their show a few months ago (The NYC show during the “Right Back at it Again” tour) and trust me when i say that the wait will be worth it. Also, the songs that were on the harder side, which i heard alot of, were AMAZING even un-mixed.

  144. All I want is the album version of Right Back At It Again. If they give us that, then I will be happy to wait a bit longer. Or at least the This Is Where I Came From song. I check in here everyday for news, and am disappointed almost every time :/

  145. I am equally as frustrated as everyone else, but we also have to keep in mind that they’re working with Victory Records. Victory is a load of shit that constantly screws different bands over, such as ADTR, Thursday, and Streetlight Manifesto. Bands make music because they enjoy it, so I can assure you if ADTR could get it out, they would. Now, in the most polite way possible, calm your tits, learn some patience, and go listen to something else for the time being. Whining about it won’t make the album come out any sooner than Victory wants.

    • they are not working with Victory, they have already stated this album is made and funded entirely by themselves.

    • unless they state otherwise since then, anyawy.

  146. I don’t think it’s their fault. They aren’t allowed to release it because they are on contract with Victory Records, however, they tracked without Victory’s permission. If they were to release it, they would get sued so hard.

  147. The album is recorded and mastered the reason it is taking so long to be released is to build suspense and hype

    • Yes….suspense and hype…after SIX MONTHS of nothing. I think we are way too hyped up. lol

      • They are also in dispute. With victory over their current contract. So another delay would be the pending negotiations .

        • You’re right bro.
          Anyway, Victory sucks dicks. Just sayin’

  148. Blame Victory Records its their fault the record hasn’t come out. ADTR and Victory are in a legal dispute and Victory is being fuckwads about it

  149. I have a theory. Their last Right Back At It Again show is August 21st in Canada. I think they’ll release more info or the album on that date. It’s just a theory though.

  150. It isn’t…when you’re ready to download it requests a fucking survey.
    My God, I’m dying, I want Common Courtesy NOW

  151. I think it’s becuase they have no money due to being between labels, I honestly think they have fully mastered 1 song, right back at it again and are now touring on it to make some easy cash to pay for the mastering of their album. I doubt we’ll get anything until they right back at it again tour is over :/ but I could be way off, it just sounds logical..

    • They have Violence as well. So that makes 2 songs
      And they’d have heaps of money due to touring and festivals. It’s because of record label stuff, it has to be.

      • if they had heaps of money due to touring and festivals, they wouldn’t need a record label

        • It’s not because they have no money, it’s because of a lawsuit that happened between victory and ADTR

  152. reading all these comments, expecially one from a little while back. really makes me wonder, if we are going to get the album on time. or much later then planned, someone said on here that mixing and mastering only takes about a month to 5 weeks however that depends on who does it, the bottom line is this. This album was hyped almost over a year ago depending on when it releases, fans are getting frustrated with lack of news or information. and other people think thats perfectly fine, and there’s no excuse for that,

  153. Get the reference? :3

    • ….which reference? lol

  154. “Can’t wait for this album!” said me a year ago. Still waiting ;_;

  155. Well, Andrew Wade did kind of say something about the record on Twitter. Some asshole kid tweeted at him saying that he needs to hurry up with the mixing, etc. Wade said that it’s not his fault ; he wasn’t saying why, however. Another kid who was in the argument between Wade and the asshole (this kid is cool), made a speculation that all of the delays are because of Victory, and not Wade (who would’ve guessed). Of course it’s just a speculation, but I think it’s kind of obvious. Wade then responded saying that he wasn’t going to say yes or no, but he did say that he was onto something.

    I think that last tweet basically gave it away. Victory has something to do with it – 100% confirmed. The dispute must not be settled yet, if it ever will be.

    • Waaaait a minute..
      Is that a sloth on a segway? :DDD

      • We meet again good fellow!

        • lol, that was ME!!!! (the cool kid, not the douchey one) Although i don’t know how much of a ‘kid’ i am at age 26, lol. Thats probably why i had the insight about victory . . . cuz i’m not retarded, lol.

          it started as me asking if we could just get the two songs that everyone has heard already as a single for like $2 cuz i’m tired of streaming them off of YouTube and he said they’re not ready yet. Of course, Violence had been streaming for over 6 months and anyone that participated in the VIP experience earlier this spring heard the mastered version of Right Back at it Again over the PA, so clearly THOSE two were done. Then that fucking dipshit decided to call Wade our on taking so long and Wade got pissed off and threatened to block. Having already pissed of Kyle Crawford/Electric Zombie over some NFG design he did back in October, i didn’t want Wade to be pissed off at me too so i backed him up with the Victory Speculation which he indirectly confirmed – as seen on twitter.

          • oooh I saw that. welldone lol

          • You have earned your title as a man. Haha.

  156. so i just got home from a day to remember in Australia birsbane and they said the new album common courtesy will be out soon very soon and all they played was violence and right back at it again

    • Fantastic!! Happy they said something. I’m seeing them tomorrow night in Melbourne, really excited!!!

  157. I saw them last night in Melbourne an it was amazing!! I loved how when Right Back At It Again came on, everyone knew the lyrics hehe
    Um Jeremy also said that the album will be out very soon. So I’m going to say within the next month. For sure

    • If it was within the next month, a release date would have been announced. They wouldn’t release an album that soon with no release date.

  158. I think the album will either be out between July 18th and August 10th OR August 24th and September 15th. If you look on the official ADTR website, you can see that they have extended time off between those tour dates. This means that they could possibly release the album and premiere new music for the 2013 Canada Tour or for Aftershock Festival ’13. This is just my theory so I’m probably completely wrong! Haha

    Btw, I saw ADTR when they came to Orlando, FL a few months ago. That show made my month! Best part was when they began to play Right Back At It Again mid-show. The entire crowd went insane!

  159. Ouch, I’m here everyday to check for release day at least. What the f**k is this? This remind me infinite waiting for Diablo III.

  160. Two of their big albums (Homesick and What Separates Me From You) have both come out on October 1st. Possible release date.

    • I hate to be the guy to ruin it for you lol, but Homesick was released February 3, 2009. And What Separates Me From You was released November 16, 2010.

      • Look at the Itunes release dates


    So Jeremy said that Common Courtesy is coming out soon. The only thing is.. how soon?

  162. I have a feeling that it’ll be coming out soon. They just finished their tour in Europe, and they have some time off. Their next tour starts August 10th in Canada (Right Back At It Again). I would assume that we would get at least a single or at least some information on the album being that they have around 20 days off. Of course I want the whole thing to come out. It’s either going to be over this break here, or anywhere from Novemeber-December since they are taking that time off from touring.

    • Oh yeah, and Jeremy did also say at a show in Australia that it is coming out soon.. but I wonder what he considers soon. haha.

    • I reckon over this 20 day break period we will 100 percent get something and then when the Canadian tour is done they will roll out the CC episodes leading up to the albums release which I’m believing to be on the last week of September maybe first week of October and almost would put money on how sure I am of this. I have a feeling Josh and Jeremy will be flying out to Chicago over this 20 day break to sort out the victory lawsuit hopefully once and for all at this point. The last time they were in Chicago they made it sound as if they were in the final stages of the lawsuit.

      So long story short I’m really confident when I say it will be at in the next 2-3 months which is exciting I’ve been waiting over a year at this point.

      • I’m so excited, I’ve actually stopped listening to Violence and Right Back At It Again. I am getting bored of the two songs because I’ve listened to them so much, so I’m just going to wait for the whole album to come out so I am not bored of the songs when it comes out :D

      • Jeremy just tweeted “Nashville for a few days w @joshuawoodard and Mark Mercado. Always workin!

        • Jeremy replied to a fan on July 22nd.

          jeremy mckinnon ‏@jeremymckinnon
          22 Jul
          @Deebeaaar its still being mixed actually. You’d prefer we don’t finish it? Just trying to make sure its worth the wait.

          So it is not done yet, but I’m pretty sure like at least 2-4 songs are left. so yeah, speculation, mid Sep til start Oct.

          • I really like the way he handled that.. I would have been a total asshole to that kid

      • It’s not Chicago, but I thought about what you said when he tweeted that

  163. I really wouldn’t mind the wait if we just had at least a fugging release date! aha


    According to this interview with Kevin, the album is almost done being mixed and is going to start getting mastered soon. Expect it very soon.

  165. New interview here and Kevin talks a little bit about the new album.

  166. Jeremy Replied to some punk kid on twitter this morning saying the album is still being mixed

  167. Anyone else see the rumored leaks of ADTR doing an american tour starting in September with All Time Low? That’s a really good sign I think towards the release of the album seeing as they already did an american tour 4 months ago so why tour America again if they have nothing new to do it with? So the likelihood of Common Courtesy being out by the time that tour starts are really good i think

    • He wouldn’t say who it’s with but Kevin said there’s gonna be a big American headlining tour again in the fall in that interview that was just posted. Yeah I doubt they’d do two big U.S tours in a row without the album actually being out for this next one.

      • They just announced a US tour running Sept-Oct. Hopefully this means we’ll get some more info on Common Courtesy…

  168. ADTR will tour with Pierce The Veil and All Time Low, it’s an official thing. The first show is on September 11th. So, i think that Common Courtesy will be out before that date. What do you think guys?

  169. This is a detail of the House Party Tour cover! My God, I’m hyped as fuck! *-*

    • Too bad they couldn’t have picked better bands to play with..

  170. This album better be bad ass, or all this time we all spent waiting is just going to lose them fans. LETS GO ADTR, GET THAT DAMN ALBUM OUT!


    Watch the first few seconds of that a couple times, has anyone else seen that banner before? I really doubt it’d be their album art but it’s still pretty sick.

    • Yes! That used to be their banner from about 2011 until 2012 at the end of their rise against tour. Makes a pretty sick wallpaper!

  172. Not sure how relevant this is, but i just saw a post on facebook from victory records selling a new ADTR shirt. Assuming this means that the issues with Victory are settled. Maybe we will get a new song or a release date now?

    • They released new ADTR merch I wanna say a month or 2 ago, so if that’s the case it has to have been settled a while ago. Also if you look at ADTR’s “official merch store” it has some of the same merch that Victory is selling. As to what that means, who knows. o.O

    • I wouldn’t say that stands for much especially because they may have came to a certain agreement that Victory can still produce and sell there own variation of ADTR merch even if they dont decide to stay on the label. Im pretty sure Victory still sells merch from bands that aren’t on the label anymore anyways like Bayside right?

  173. For anyone who might now know Jeremy and Josh are currently in Nashville with there manager, I googled the agency the runs ADTR’s business side of things and they have an office in Nashville so that’s a clear indicator of them sorting out the final touches to common courtesy business wise, Not to mention the fact they day after they announced they were in Nashville they announced the new tour so maybe they are making preparations for what gets announced and when. Also Alex tweeted earlier he is now in Nashville. I’ve seen Josh post an instagram photo a few weeks back of Alex in an office so I guess Jeremy, Josh and Alex take care of all that stuff.

    I can feel the announcement coming especially with Jeremy tweeting people recently that news is coming really soon.

    • Excellent work, detective.

    • What the fuck? Are you some sort of magician? LOL

  174. It has been 2 months pretty much and still no release date,leaks,nothing.,,,i love the band to my hearts entire content but….seriously….what the hell! >< even Kingdom Hearts 3 feels like its gonna come out sooner then Common courtesy!

  175. My guess is a September 3rd or 10th release just in time for the tour because I don’t think they’d tour without new material and an August 20th or 27th release just seems kinda unlikely at this point. Doesn’t mean they won’t stream it or something by then though. That would be nice if they announced the album then streamed it on Spotify because they felt bad we had to wait so long but I don’t see that happening. Or they could release it the 17th along with their buds at TDWP that’d be a wonderful day if that was the case.

  176. My guess is a September 3rd or 10th release just in time for the tour
    because I don’t think they’d tour without new material and an August
    20th or 27th release just seems kinda unlikely at this point. Doesn’t
    mean they won’t stream it or something by then though. That would be
    nice if they announced the album then streamed it on Spotify because
    they felt bad we had to wait so long but I don’t see that happening. Or they could release it the 17th along with their buds at TDWP that’d be a wonderful day if that was the case. But then again we’ve been wrong every guess so far.

    • Btw sorry about the repost this is the comment I made under my account that I made and the other was just like a “Disqus” guest account post or something I don’t really know and I’m not entirely sure how to remove it. The other one hadn’t shown up so I created an actual account and posted it then it did show up and I’m trying to delete it but not sure how.

  177. Heard they are waiting for the lawsuit to be finalized, which is supposedly almost done, before they can release any more songs or album information.

  178. Be patient guys – they’re putting out this album all on their own because Victory Records fucked them over with their last album. The reason it’s going slow is because it’s independent. Besides, they’ve already released a few songs off of Common Courtesy already and they promised it at some point this year.

    • So far they’ve only officially released Violence (Enough is Enough) to the public. Right Back At it Again has only been shown on tour and no official release has happened or been dated. I’d be happy to just get an official version of Right Back At it Again and then it would be easier to wait another month or two of no news. It just seems too hush hush to many of us fans.

      • They haven’t even officially released Violence. It’s available for streaming but not legally to download. The only way to have it is to rip it off the site or youtube or get it from someone who has.

        • And even the version they streamed isn’t the final one, since it was released before the mixing I believe. So it may sound a lot different than that :D

          • I heard about that as well, but didn’t know if it was a rumor. Damn this album needs to come out. -.-

          • It’s not the finished version. It does not sound anything worth album material (sound quality wise).

  179. Another Update:

    So a couple of days ago Drew (the guy who records most ADTR music videos and the studio updates) tweeted he was recording a music video in LA next week but he didn’t say what band. Someone tweeted asking what band it was but he replied that he couldn’t say who it was, then right after someone tweeted him saying “Is it an ADTR music video” and he replied “Its a Drew Russ music video” I have a really good feeling it’s an ADTR video, to me that was his way of letting people know but without officially announcing it because he probably cant because of Victory. Plus ADTR still has time off until August 10th so that’s enough time for them to film a new video because from what i gather ADTR will be in LA filming on Wednesday/Thursday. If anyone is interested drews twitter name is “@DrewXRuss

  180. A Day to Remember tweets.. “Which songs are up pumped to hear us play during @RiotFest in #Toronto? RT & tell us using #RiotFestTO!”

    New songs. I’m pumped for some new god damn songs. Haha.

  181. Okay, so I have some news that may be pleasing to some, and may be an indication that Common Courtesy is coming sooner rather than later.
    So, Hopeless has recently announced that they will be adding a new band onto their already impressive roster. There’s been a lot of speculation that this mystery band is Taking Back Sunday, however, when I googled both ADTR and Hopeless together, I got this.
    This could indicate that they’ve resolved the issues involving Victory.

    • The new band is The Kickdrums..but thank you anyway, bro c:

  182. pretty sure hopeless signed the kick drums and not ADTR

  183. That would be awesome if Hopeless did sign them and we get some more news about the lawsuit with Victory, but I doubt it. I did think it could be ADTR they were signing because of the circumstances going on with Victory, but they released today it is the Kick Drums. Most likely the reason why the ADTR merch page showed up on their website is because of the tour they are going on with All Time Low, antoher Hopeless band. So it could make sense it was just merch for the upcoming tour. I do think its odd though the page even showed up.

  184. Drew Russ is with Andrew Wade right now….just a coincidence?

  185. I just can’t bring myself to be as keen on these dudes as I used to be. Back in high school I was really into them. They were deep and brutal sounding, now it’s just DEFEND POP PUNK, and “guys, we miss being home.”

    • Dude, their new song ‘Violence’ is extremely brutal. What’s wrong with pop-punk?

    • 1) “Defend Pop Punk” is Man Overboard’s thing not ADTR’s 2) I think people over/-exaggerate the whole thing about writing songs about home. They don’t do it as often as people say and there’s nothing wrong with that really. 3) I agree completely with what that guy said about Violence and nothing being wrong with Pop Punk

      • Thank you! Idk why anyone would complain… Even Right Back At It Again has an amazing breakdown! Any true ADTR fan knows they’ve always had a soft side. They also know ADTR always releases the heaviest songs first.

        In my opinion, ADTR hasn’t changed a bit. They’ve only gotten better at recording and songwriting! The band likes to experiment while sticking to their roots at the same time. What’s wrong with that? It’s not like they’re pulling a Linkin Park. lol

    • Put yourself in the mind of the songwriter though and try to understand Jeremy can only write about what he knows and one of the main things would be about home seeing as how often he is away from it. Jeremy could hardly write a song about the in and out workings of a volcano because what kinda experience does Jeremy have with one? Imagine if he wrote a song about what it’s like to British, firstly why would he when 1) he obviously is american and 2) it would be dishonest and people would see straight through it. I know those are strange examples but it’s to make a point what do you want him to write songs about? When you do something personal do you do it to impress other people or yourself because i for one would hate if Jeremy thought he had to write lyrics to please people.

      Also when has ADTR ever said “Defend pop punk” and every single one of there albums has heavy songs? The first single for common courtesy is one of the heaviest songs they ever wrote so what exactly is your point?

    • Probably the dumbest comment I have heard about a band in the last few months

  186. I’m starting to feel the excitement I had 6 months ago.

    • Me too, I just feel an announcement will be made this month for sure I have such a gut feeling about it. It’s going to feel so surreal when we get a new single/album artwork/release date etc. The hype for this album once a proper announcement is made is going to be huge.

      • I really hope once the album is released it’s gonna trending on twitter.
        ADTR deserve more exposure.

  187. i am going to wait till the end of this month, if no news or album shows by then then a day to remember you have my thanks for making great albums. bought them all as soon as they hit the shelves, but i’m not gonna keep waiting month after month after month with no news or results like a mindless sheep.

    • abloobloobloobloo

    • And yet we all know as soon as this comes out you’ll probably buy it.

    • LOL!! I wanna see you avoiding their new album once it’s released and uploaded hundreds of times all over youtube.

      • i have avoided many new albums before this one, due to the long wait period i just lost interest in what the bands brought to the table. the facts are slapping people in the face, and they want to follow every word someone says, be it excuse or other wise about this new album and when it releases. i’m giving them a realistic opinion, i will wait till the end of this month if theres no news, or no album then i have no problem passing this one up. again love it or hate it, thats my thoughts, i’m entitled to them due to this being a free country and all

        • Well nobody really cares if you’re gonna listen to it or not..
          Especially not the band.
          Be patient like everyone else or gtfo.

        • it’s true, you are well withing your rights to be a whiny shallow little idiot, if that’s what you want

        • This is still a lame argument because It’s not like ADTR are holding the album back on purpose? They don’t just sit around thinking about how funny it would be to not release the album because it will annoy you! They are still in the lawsuit with Victory so they cant breach the contract or they will get sued to death if it was up to ADTR the album would of been out ages ago.

          • i really doubt victory would sue, probably one of their biggest sources of their income. and honestly its probably been settled by now and 2 the album has to pretty much be fully mixed and mastered which means it could be released at any time. if the hold up is because of victory then why dont you march down there to where ever they are and have a chat with them about getting their asses in gear for us?

          • But it’s a fact that they had a lawsuit? But doesn’t matter now because It’s out October 8th!

    • Wow, you’re so tuff.

    • Keep telling yourself that bud

    • *Buys album a few months later*

      You’re just like every fed up COD fan… “I’M NOT GONNA BUY THE NEXT ONE, I’M SICK OF THE BULLSHIT.” Oh please, we all know you will get the game, in this case, the album. By the way, I hate every COD since MW2 lol

    • Keep telling yourself that little boy

  188. Hopefully, we should hear something new by the 10th or 11th anyway. The 11th is when the House Party Tour starts and they’ll probably play some new songs!

    • I am going! They added The Wonder Years so it’s gonna be even better! I hate PTV and ATL though…

      • Nice! I’m going too! I’ll be at the Orlando show and I hope to hear something awesome. I like All Time Low and The Wonder Years, not so much Pierce the Veil.


    That soundcheck song has been re-uploaded :D


    Detective Sloth, on the case. I noticed a few things here on this video advertising the House Party Tour.

    First – the video was introduced with a clip that was in the Fast Forward To Common Courtesy video, found here :

    The part I’m talking about is the intro of the House Party Tour ad, and around 1:20 on the FFTCC video. I also find the introductions to be pretty similar as well. Gives off the same kind of feel, to me at least. Interesting… maybe I’m over thinking this, but hear me out here.

    Second – This is On the House Party Tour video (first link up there ^). Pause at around 1:00, you can look to the left where it is faded out. Look at the bottom where the black guy is spinning the turntables. Guess what it says on there? Common Courtesy. Notice how that was the last thing they showed us, and it was for about a second.. that tells me something. How long until the tables turn? Looks like they are turning now.

    Guys, something big is going to happen on this tour. I feel like this tour will be the tour to promote the album before it comes out.. that means a new song(s), a release date, pre-order packages, merch, etc.

    It’s either going to be promoting the new album release, or the album will be out before then and they will play new songs off of Common Courtesy. I am going with my first theory – they will play a new song or two and give us some info on when the release is, etc.

    So excited for ADTR and The Wonder Years. Oh yeah, and fuck you Victory.

    • I LOVE YOU D:

      • I love you too lol

    • When the tables do turn, where will you be?

      • Trenton, NJ @ The House Party Tour hahaha

        • Hell yeah! Haha Orlando @ The House Party Tour

          • Is this the first time you’ll be seeing them?

    • Good theory but I think that the similar footage doesn’t mean much because it was edited by the same guy and he has a load of stock footage from various concerts so he just used them for both clips there isn’t really a bigger meaning other than that.

      For the turntables though yeah I see something but to me we will already know the release for common courtesy before the house party tour starts whether or not the album is out by then I dont know but i know we will have a single before September 10th I think they are just waiting to finish the last round up of the right back at it again tour in Canada and then after that we should expect some news. I dont see why they would tour America again and play the same setlist they played in America back in March and April so I’d say it’s safe to assume that common courtesy will be coming out before our during the house party tour.

      • Hell yeah. I just thought it was weird that they used the same clip from that particular video. Completely ready for this album, better save the narwhals.

    • wrong area (my comment)

  191. This album better not suck, or I’m seriously going to feel like a right lemon for being so patient.

    • It definitely wont, dont worry!

  192. any day now…i been waiting anxiously…to the point that i listen to ADTR almost every day lol

  193. It’s been over 7 months since Violence was released. 4 months since the recording of Right Back At It Again was released. I’ve been waiting very patiently up until right about now. I’m not upset with the band though. Just kind of disappointed in the situation. I’m sure it can’t be easy for ADTR either because their fans are turning on them and it’s out of their control. As many people have said, if we could only get the studio version of RBAIA, that would be enough to hold me over a few more months. At this point I still think we have a couple of months before we hear anything. Maybe I just feel that way because I thought the album was coming out soon when I heard Jeremy reveal the name of the album early in 2012.

  194. Doing a little searching through pacer and the original case filed between ADTR and Victory has been closed. Still searching.

    • I realize this is kinda fucked up on my behalf but public records are public records. The case was transferred to the Northern District of Illinois. The last court activity was this past Tuesday. I have to be honest i’m not really familiar with a ton of the court lingo, so i’m not entirely sure what exactly is going on but the case is still open.

      • You should link where you found the public records and maybe someone can translate the court lingo for everyone.

        • I can’t link it because you have to have a PACER username and password. In order to get that you have to register with the US Court sytems. I can screen shot them and post them on here? There are like 170 entries since 2011 for the court case.

          • Yes please do screenshot them so maybe someone who understands the court systems can explain what exactly it means, does anyone know what it means when a case has been transferred?

          • All they did was transfer it from Tennessee to Illinois. Since those court documents leaked back in 2011, I don’t think anyone has heard anything so I wanted to do some digging and figure out if there is even a close resolution.

          • Could you post some screenshots of the most recent court cases? What do the most recent ones say, do they show any progress in the lawsuit nearly being over?

          • Took some screen shots earlier but was a little reluctant to post them. Screw it, they probably can’t say anything but we can def look and see what is going on.

          • I wish I knew what that meant lol

          • Although I find it kinda weird that you guys have dug this all up, I’m pretty impressed, haha.

          • “The parties are to meet and confer in an effort to come to an agreement as to these issues no later than 12/28/12″

            Meaning, if the case went as it should, the album would have been out in time for the Right Back at it Again Tour earlier this year. Clearly it didn’t work out like that.

          • Are you some kind of wizard lmao

  195. Can’t wait for this album! I don’t care how long it take.

  196. If anyone hasn’t yet see check the newest comments and Adam_K has some screenshots of info on the current lawsuit I and nobody else so far can really understand it so if you have some knowledge on that kind of stuff be sure to let us know. Though one interesting thing to note is that on one screenshot it says “Fact discovery will close on the 8/30/13″ so does that mean the final verdict could be made on that date? I think it’s possible but I’m not sure if that means what I think it might.

    • Both parties have until that date to obtain evidence from the opposing party (such as requests for production of documents) If the closing date for providing evidence is the 30th a final verdict is close.

      • That’s interesting so, perhaps by September this will all finally be over and ADTR will be free to put out new music, here’s hoping they don’t have to put out the album through Victory.

  197. This is a mess, that’s the best way to describe it…

  198. I would love to see the album chart very high on the billboard 200. I’d be so happy if it debuted at #1 but that would take a lot and a good release date where no major pop artists are releasing an album.


  200. They posted a teaser on their Twitter for the Common Courtesy web series

  201. IT BEGINS.

  202. If you pause the new commericial at 0:54 you can see the song names for the album,

    Ones I can make out are in order are:

    - Where I Came From
    - Right Back At It Again
    - I’m a ____
    - Take it _____
    - Dead & Buried (Though I’ve known this one for about a year now”
    - I’m Already Gone
    - I surrender (I have also known this one for about a year)

    If anyone’s wondering how i knew of two of those songs It’s because Tom posted the song chart on his instagram when they were recording last year but he blurred the song names but those two I could make out.

    There are more songs on the list than that though they cant be made out.

    • I was actually just gonna write about that, good job man haha

      • Wait on what site did Tom post it?

        • He posted it on his personal instagram back in either September or October of last year

    • Was about to write the same thing, but you beat me to it. By the way, I’m pretty sure the fourth title track is called “Take It Away.” No idea on the third track though.

    • I think another track will be called ‘I Remember.’ I’ve seen some pictures (including the one Tom posted) and I believe that’s one on there. Don’t quote me on that one though!

      • Yup it will be but I didn’t see it on the board so I didn’t write it down but your right the I remember was been seen before on two separate pictures. :)

    • I believe this is part of “Where I Came From”

    • A reminder that these may not necessarily be full titles. On the signed setlists they’re giving away on Facebook from their London show, the song from Homesick- “You Already Know What You Are” is called “Sidekick” for some unknown reason. They also shorten “I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?” to just “Wax Larry” sometimes. They may just be ‘easy titles’ for the songs that is easier to write on the board.

      • That’s true but I was thinking that though in this case I think they might not have shortened the song titles seeing as they bothered to write such long names on the board like “Where I came from” and “Right back at it again”

      • The reason You Already Know What You Are is called Sidekick is because they sampled the sound of a T-Mobile Sidekick’s battery dying right before the breakdown in the song at like 50 seconds in.

        • ***The More You Know***

          But that’s exactly my point, they don’t always use full titles for these things haha


  204. So I noticed in the teaser for the Video series, the last three clips were events that take place on Sunday, church, football etc. These clips directly come after they cut the announcer off saying “catch the new episodes, debuting this…” I think we’re getting news tomorrow guys.

  205. Some guy on YouTube took a guess at the release date, and it makes a lot of sense to me.

    Basically, he said that it’ll probably come out September 10… here’s why.

    To begin, the tenth is a Tuesday. All albums come out on Tuesdays. The tenth is also one day before the House Party Tour begins. Like I said a while ago, they are going to play new songs there whether or not the album is out. Lastly, there are five weeks from now until September 10th. That means that there will probably be five episodes in the Common Courtesy series.

    Props to this guy, his name is Collin Chandler and he is on this video –

    • Possible.
      The 10th is just around the corner, perfect date for release.
      I’m still waiting :D

    • I think thats wayy to little of a time frame for an album release. I’m expecting a mid October early November date seeing as they are just wrapping up the lawsuit with victory. By the 30th we’ll know for sure IMO

      • I’m saying either the 10th, or sometime late October. They did say they want to get the album ASAP though..

    • Hey I think it could happen! Thanks for the the credit! lol i check this every day didnt think I would run into my own info!!

  206. First episode will be out on August 21st…I think. and, it makes sense with the whole 21st thing if they’re going along with it.
    an episode per week, (if we’re saying that albums come out on Tuesdays) the House Party tour starts on the 11th so it makes sense to come out on the 10th. (Even though im not seeing the house party tour since im in AUS).
    SO! That makes a total of 3 episodes in the next 3 weeks before the tour starts…I really hope im right, just a theory though, hehe

    • I agree with everything, but I think the 21 thing is long gone

  207. I’m wondering if that image with the aliens,ying yang,hot dog and cheetah inside the ADTR has anything to do with the album artwork.

  208. Here’s that song chart that Phillip was talking about from Tom’s Instagram

    • I can see that “I surrender” is the 5th down, but what’s the 2nd one? Looks like “I remember” which is a cool sounding thing. “I Remember” and “I Surrender”. IDK, it’s complete guesswork for now.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s I remember

  209. Hear me out… So the Common Courtesy Sneak peak video came out on August 17th and there first clip in the top right corner flashes “44″ then goes to the next clip. Looked at calendar and about 44 days from August 17th, is October 1st….a Tuesday.
    Just a theory guys.

    • 44 is the number that apparently curses them, so that’s the reason for that. But you could still be right.

  210. Just figured I’d throw a court update in here. Little bit of activity, case is still open

  211. This costs me every time I view documents so i’m trying not to go too crazy looking at all the stuff.

  212. Jeremy is having people ask questions on his Tumblr account, and here’s a fan’s question:

    archuro asked: Let me be the first to ask the most demanded question you’ll get on here. When is ‘Common Courtesy’ coming out?!

    Jeremy: “You mean our new tv series? ;) #CC #CommonCourtesy”

    Sounds like he’s really trying to dodge the question. :/

    • becontentwithoutperfection
      asked: Jeremy seriously when is Common Courtesy coming out? Last May @
      Starland Ballroom, NJ you said it would be prob be out by the beginning
      of the year and now it’s August and I’m dying in anticipation

      We should know a release date very soon, and when we have it, we will let you know!

  213. “”Remember way back when they said this life was a dream? Well, it still is, and I never wanna wake. Standing in my back yard, at our old practice space, hard to hold back the tears from streaming down my face.”

    Those are some new lyrics to one of their new songs. Somebody asked for a lyrical preview, and that’s what Jeremy wrote.

  214. “Remember way back when they said this life was a dream? Well, it still is, and I never wanna wake. Standing in my back yard, at our old practice space, hard to hold back the tears from streaming down my face.”

    New lyrics from a new song. Digs deep, bros. ;(

    • Those are official lyrics from the sound check video. I believe the song is called “Where I Came From.”

      • Actually, scratch that. The sound check video had different lyrics. I’m a little confused.. Jeremy does say “remember way back when” in the sound check, but not the rest of the lyrics here. This could either be part of “Where I Came From,” or a totally different song. Anyways, I really like how this record is gonna tell a story about what these guys have been through.

        • Could be a different verse. The verses start with “remember way back when” but the rest of the words are different each verse, know what I mean?

          • Yeah, I know what you mean. That’s actually what I meant.

  215. Idk if it’s a hoax, but Drew Russ commented on the ADtR Commercial-Video 5 hours ago.

    That’s what he wrote:

    “HEY HEY HEY!! Kids Chill out! Just because their album release has had some delays about stuff they can’t control, doesn’t mean you can’t take a second, breathe, and enjoy some quality ADTR programming. High class television that we all worked really hard on and in no way delayed the album. Just have some fun already, everything is coming soon. Love, Drew (The guy who directed,shot, and edited all of the episodes ever.) Russ”

    Here’s a picture:

    • I can’t find the comment on youtube now though. So it might have been removed as a hoax.

      • it’s on ADTRs facebook page

        • Ah thanks, looks like it’s the real deal cos I went to the page and Jeremy and Josh were on his friends list!

  216. Sure we have all seen this by now, but for those who haven’t…

  217. If anyone scrolls down more they will see Adam_K uploaded an interesting picture on the case and on August 27th a notice of motion will be held, I’m not exactly the most educated in Law but it does kinda seem like perhaps this could be the last hearing especially with ADTR bursting out with the Common Courtesy talk.

    • Notice of Motion means to inform when you’re going to make a motion. The NoM is for Victory to extend the fact discovery deadline past the previous one of August 30th. If the motion was passed that would mean the album’s getting pushed back even more.

  218. I found this on ADTR’s Facebook page. Here’s a little lyric preview from one of the songs off Common Courtesy :D
    “Remember way back when they said this life was a dream? Well, it still is, and I never wanna wake. Standing in my back yard, at our old practice space, hard to hold back the tears from streaming down my face.”

    • Yeah that leaked song in one of the videos on here is what those lyrics go to.

  219. They keep saying that we’ll get information on the album soon.. I’m pretty sure their definition of soon is within a year

    • I’m now beginning to think we’ll get the episodes, going into the House Part Tour. and the album maybe after the tour.
      im hoping they finalize everything by the end of August like the case said, and they don’t have to drag it on.

      • After the tour I think is the very worst case scenario. I can’t see them making us wait much longer than that after wheeling out the hype machine for the second time. I think this time they know that it’s coming soon. Jeremy said somewhere (tumblr I think?) that they are close to working out a release date, and we’ll know as soon as they know because they don’t want any more delays.

  220. So Jeremy said it’s going to be a crazy few weeks.
    Few weeks… like.. 3 to 5 weeks?
    Does that means we’re gonna get the episodes during those weeks and the album right after?
    If so, my prediction was right, I said it’s gonna be released around mid Sep til start of Oct :D

  221. the 20th has come and gone, still no album well time to take a detox from waiting for this album and think about what to do with these next few months.


    • It is a Tuesday, maybe.

    • I THINK SO!

    • Id say so. I just hope to god it is and i swear if thats when the 2nd episode comes out i will scream so god damn loud lol.

    • it is!!!! XD

    • It’s out October 8th, Jeremy confirmed it.

  223. Just watched their latest video on YouTube, October 8th was the date at the end of the video… Release date of the new album?

  224. First episode is up! Check out the possible release date at the end…?

  225. I’d expect a new Episode every Saturday and with the album launching October 8th


    Expect it late September!

  226. Common Courtesy (The Series) Episode 1. The new album FINALLY has the release date of October 8

  227. AND I WAS RIGHT! :D
    Said it’s gonna be released around mid Sep til Start of Oct.
    so close now D:

    • As much as it would suck for them the album will off course leak so maybe even expect it by end of September! :) And off course a new single is 100 percent going to be coming in the next week or so.

  228. For anyone who might be confused don’t be the album IS coming out October 8th! :)

  229. Update ‘Days Until Release’!
    I wanna see that final countdown :D

  230. Since Jeremy posted a screenshot of the date on the end of the video, I’d say it’s official. We finally have our release date.

  231. jeremy posted this on facebook. looks like we have a date

  232. OCTOBER 8th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  233. FINALLY! I cannot wait! Be sure to watch out for State Champs’ new album called The Finer Things on the 8th as well (sooner if it leaks). They’re an up and coming pop punk band, and they are fantastic. This album will be their version of Under Soil and Dirt. They’re gonna be huge in the future. Not advertising, just recommending an amazing band!

    I call the singer “the man with the million dollar voice,” lol.

  234. The time has come.
    October 8th 2013

  235. October 8th 2013





  240. The album will be released on October 8th 2013.


  242. Sooooooooo hyped

  243. October 8th 2013

  244. Common Courtesy gets released on October 8th. Every member of the band tweeted it.

  245. Finally a release date. October 8th! The first Webisode is also up too right now as of 8/24/13. Hell yes!!!

  246. 45 days, I can’t believe we’re finally getting this album. It’s been too long but will be worth the wait.

  247. Release date is October 8th! See

  248. 8th of October 2013!

  249. This fuckin’ album better be trending on Twitter once it’s released! >:D


  251. OCTOBER 8

  252. comes out 10/8/13


    Better Version of “Right Back At It Again” it’s the studio version someone recorded while it was playing out of concert speakers at a VIP event.

  254. Finally, a release date!

  255. This sounds very convincing :) Hope it is not just another way to hype us towards some padding or PR-strategie :(

  256. Now that we know when It’s coming out what’s peoples thoughts on what record label they are planning to put the album out on? Propertyofzack (A music website and a very big one) said on that it would be put out on Victory Records but didn’t leave much evidence of how they know? I’ll be sad to see it come out on Victory if that’s the case but will still buy it none the less but heres hoping they find a far better label.

    • I doubt it’ll be released on Victory Records since Victory didn’t say anything about the release yet. You would think that they would have tweeted about it or something.

      Then again.. it still says this on Victory’s site :

      “Back for more, A DAY TO REMEMBER plans to release Common Courtesy this year, promising to be their most dynamic, powerful album to date. Not ones to disappoint, the band will be on the road with OF MICE & MEN for the Right Back At It Again North American tour, starting March 20th. With a constantly growing fan base, larger than life performances, and unmatched energy, A DAY TO REMEMBER are geared up for a very exciting 2013.”

      That makes it sound like ADTR is still with them. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Labels usually don’t make announcements over the weekend, they typically wait till Monday or Tuesday. The band probably just decided to leak it since they don’t want the fans to get too impatient. I’d image Victory will post it sometime this week with either a new single, or an announcement of a new single’s release.

  257. So this album isnt ever coming out, right?

    • October 8th it was announced today

  258. 44 days until release. It’s the number that haunts them…! :O

    • and 44k views on the first episode as of now. ahaaha

  259. This drops four days before I see them live. I WIN.

  260. A Day To Remember’s new Miniseries “Common Courtesy”!

  261. Release date announced! October 8th!!

  262. Do you guys think we will get a single before the House Party Tour, or will they do what they did with Right Back At It Again and just play it live?

    • That’s a possibility. Or they could play a completely new song live. Who knows!

  263. October 7th?

    • The 8th!

      • I was just joking but yeah after watching the video and reading all the comments, i knew Oct 8th. hehe

  264. We might get a new track on the House Party Tour.

    • Wasn’t that when they were talking about Violence, though?

      • Yeah they were.

        I still think were getting a new single before the tour though because its just little over a month until the album so things like pre orders will be happening ASAP. If the didn’t put out a new song for whatever reason then they wont really be bringing anything much to the new tour at least they could play violence, right back at it again and a new song seeing as most bands play about three new songs when an album is new anyways.

        • If they just play a new song at the House Party Tour, I’m not even gonna listen to it, ‘prefer keeping the surprise until the 8th of this freakin month of October !

          • Are you crazy? Listen to it dude lol

          • Patience, give me patience !

          • Patience [Enough is Enough, We've Done Our Waiting, Seriously]

      • Who knows they might play a new song.
        We will be hearing all of them in 40 days anyways

  265. Who’s pumped for October 8th?

  266. I say tomorrow is a day to look for some new info but if this Thursday or next Tuesday. The album is actually not that far away at all and we will all be hearing it around 30-40 days which is crazy to think so they don’t really have much time to sit around being quiet now is the time for all the marketing.

    • We will definitely get something before the House Party tour.. if not then they don’t know what they’re doing or the lawsuit is still being settled lol

      • Haha I would assume the lawsuit is over or is about to be over and that’s why the date has been announced. You are right though they would be crazy not to put something out before the tour and i know for a fact they will so It’s an exciting time for ADTR fans.

        • still need to know what the official artwork is, the tracklist, and ofcourse a single/music video

          • I mostly wanna see the pre order packages !

  267. According to Property of Zack’s Zack Zarrillo, ADTR lost the lawsuit to Victory, so the album’s definitely coming out on Victory Records.

    • Were did he say this? On absolute punk he said something like this but wasn’t very descriptive. How does he know? Not doubting it’s true I’m just surprised I haven’t seen Victory promote the album at all if they are now in the rights to do it.

      • Mentioned it on twitter.

      • He probably said it on his blog. His posts are usually some of the most reliable imo. Victory will probably promote it a couple days before tour starts, then have preorders available through online and tour as well. If they don’t do that, I will be very shocked. Cause that’s a sure way of preorder marketing, haha.

        • Yeah i agree his posts usually are always reliable just curious as to how he has this information but either way I’m kinda upset if its true really didn’t wanna see it put out on Victory but at this point it’s nice to see it happening.

          Checked out his blog and i see nothing that really confirms it being on Victory he just said “4) Not confirm what record label they are on, even if the label is the devil (666-Vic-tory).”

          • He said it on twitter.

    • I might just download it. I’m not giving my support to Victory anymore, if they are still the label. Maybe ADTR will come out in a live show and tell us to illegally download it, that’s what Streetlight Manifesto did at the show I went to.

      • I get the feeling at least a lot of the money is going to go towards ADTR. They self funded it themselves so really the only money they’ll owe the label for the release is publishing and marketing, though Victory doesn’t seem to be eager to market it. ADTR’s going to sell probably 50-60k so it’s not really the same as Streetlight.

        • If there was any justice, then yeah they would. But if their contract states a certain amount of the album money goes to the band, then the contract overrides all, regardless of the outside circumstances.

    • Even if this is true, at least they’ll get away from Victory after this album. I heard that Victory were angry that they wanted to leave because they signed a 4 album deal or something. They’ve got their 4 albums now.

      For Those Who Have Heart
      What Seperates Me From You
      Common Courtesy.

      I’d have thought that re-releasing ‘And Their Name Was Treason’ as ‘Old Record’ counts as another album release under Victory, but apparently not.

  268. I have a feeling we’ll be getting a lot more than one new song on the House Party Tour

    • Yeah probably one before it starts and another one right before the album hits.

    • They keep hyping it up as usual. Maybe they will live up to it this time! I expect them to play “Where I Came From” and maybe one other song. They keep saying this is going to be their best tour yet, whether that mean more crazy props, new songs, shit blowing up, (etc.), it will still be great. Cannot wait to hear some new songs though!!

  269. so it looks like we finally have a answer to when this album is coming out, 42 days about the same time for panic at the disco’s new album to come out so i’ll will be picking up both probably.

  270. I don’t personally care if it’s Victory which releases it.

  271. Now come on guys, if we all had a bit of Common Courtesy in us, we would’nt be complaining about the wait. :P

  272. Ok what dipshit posted that it leaked?

    • What are you talking about? Hahaha

      • Take it that it was you lol

        • No it wasn’t me lol

  273. What’s everyones guesses on possible guest features?

    Mine are Jessica Ess, Jenna mcdougall and Juicy J if they decide to add a rapper to the mix for a song which i think they will do for some reason.

    I just remember Jeremy showing some love to Jessica and Jenna on Twitter back in the recording phases so i took that with a pinch of salt but also back in the recording process pretty much every single member gave Juicy J a follow on twitter and they are now all talking about his new album which he recorded around the same time as them.

    I don’t particularly care for any of those artists but they seem like realistic guesses in my opinion.

    • I’m hoping for none. I don’t pay to hear other people singing A Day to Remember songs when Jeremy is stood there and could be doing it himself. Vocal inputs from Kevin are accepted, as long as they don’t do anything stupid like give him his own song. Would kill the novelty of hearing his voice on record.

      • Yeah FUCK that i didn’t wait a god damn year to hear vic fuentes sing

    • I know this is never gonna happen, but I would love to hear Soupy from The Wonder Years be featured in one of their songs. I’m pretty sure Jeremy and Soupy are friends.. so you never know.

    • I wouldn’t think too much of the rapper side. I mean, Jeremy has stated that he is a fan of Kendrick lamar on twitter, and that’s as much as it goes for them besides following some hip hop artists. I think if they added a rapper to the mix, they’d really be pushing it.

    • Most likely is either Mike Hranica or Vic Fuentes

    • they said tom denny is doing some sort of vocals so if there is a rap song it’s gonna be that gangsta

      • Tom can do some vox, I’m down with that. But I just don’t want to buy and ADTR album and not hear ADTR. That’s not the shit I buy it for. It was a bad idea on Homesick and it’s a bad idea now.

  274. POZ said a self release is most likely :D

    • Kinda confusing as people were telling me that Victory would put it out but self release seems way more likely. Still curious as to why they can put out an album if the lawsuit is still going on. Excited for them to be away from Victory though.

      • Because they’re still signed to victory and would be a breach of contract for them to put it out through any Other label or by themselves

  275. this album will have more songs on it then homesick FYI its worth the wait if you love adtr ik they havent put out much songs but they got tones on this album

  276. I think the next episode is coming out today!

  277. The second episode is up. Also saw a tweet from a guy named Timmy Carhart posting a pic of Neil Westfall saying “One of my newer signings @nw44 of A Day To Remember. So proud of these guys this year.” From what I can tell he’s head of A&R of Warner Bros Records. Guess they made the jump to major?

    • I really hope so. Because that’d be big stuff for them

    • He’s an ESP guitar rep. Neil is has a contract with ESP and is promoting their guitars now.

  278. Anyone hear that little acoustic bit playing starting at 2:50 on the new CC episode? Maybe a new song?

    Also at 1:50 you can see “Smash Mouth Cover” as a song titled and its titled green instead of black like other songs haha did they do a cover of a smash mouth song I wonder hahaha!

    • No doubt that the acoustic bit is one of their songs. I’d put money on it.

      • Sure hope so it sounds really really nice.

        • I just posted all the tracks that we have so far above ^^ lol

        • It sounds really really REALLY nice. It’s weird because it has a low tuning, which makes it sound different.

          • I don’t know why but it gives me a mumford and sons kinda vibe and I know Jeremy is a huge fan of them.

          • Yeah, kind of.

  279. It’ll be interesting to see the fallout of the lawsuit. If they are successful, ADTR
    will be huge because they’ve fought a record company, said “fuck you”, won and then managed to keep pumping out album after album.
    In the past, bands that have come up against record companies, and won, usually were never touched by another record company again and then, they’d lose heaps of money and basically crumble due to having nothing.

    Seriously hope this doesn’t happen to ADTR.

  280. Alright, update from the new webisode, here are the tracks so far :

    1. Where I Came From
    2. Right Back At It Again
    3. I’m A Slave (just figured that one out)
    4. Smash Mouth Cover..?
    5. Take It Away
    6. Dead & Buried
    7. I’m Already Gone
    8. I Surrender
    9. _____ the hard R (that’s what I see, but it could also be rated R, who knows)
    10. ______ Of Me (I’m pretty sure the last letter of the first word is a t.. so I’m pretty sure the first word is “worst.” Not sure though.)

    We cannot see the rest yet, but that’s what we have so far. I’m really interested to see this smash mouth cover thing, it could be just a troll, they like to fuck around a lot.. lmao

    • If you go to 4:53 on the video you can’t see the song names and there is 17 songs in total. Curious about the smash mouth cover maybe its for a pop goes punk album or maybe they just thought why not put a cover on the album?

      • That is a good thought, but how the hell can you see that there is 17 tracks? Am I blind or something? Hahaha

        • haha just put it on fullscreen and you can see.. The song names cant be read but you can see that there is 17. You probably wont be able to see the smash mouth cover song because its written with green so it appears white on it but in total i see 17 songs. 16 songs if the cover doesn’t go on the album

      • That is a good point actually.. this album is almost gonna be a double album if they put out 17 tracks!

        • The thing is that Jeremy said this in an interview back in December : “To be honest, we ended up working out more than a double album’s worth of material and we’re just trying to trim it down to make it the best it can be, to where it’s an actual concise record.”, then “If you’re putting out 15-plus tracks on a record, that could be dangerous. It’s hard for even your biggest fans to stay with you that long.”
          Makes me sad.
          But, things have changed since this day, and maybe they want to release more songs for their fans, who showed them their support !
          Don’t know what to think ^^

          • They could definitely pull it off with no problem. I haven’t found a single song from them that I don’t like.. and it won’t be any different until they stop playing

          • Oh, there are some few songs on FTWHH which are not that perfect, and… I don’t like “you already know what you are” at all, but it’s right that they are usually perfect !
            But it doesn’t bother me if they put out 50 songs !

    • Haha on the first glance it looked like “I’m a slut” Would have laughed at this one :D:D

      • You never know, apparently Jeremy is an ass kisser so who knows LMAO

    • We must also remember that in 2010, when they announced WSMFY, they announced it with this tracklisting :

      1. The Day That Left Us Love
      2. Months & Years
      3. Falling
      4. Irreplace (Able)
      5. What Separates Me from You
      6. You’ve Got No Chance
      7. The Sirens Break Me Down (feat. Ed McRae of Your Demise)
      8. Ride of Our Live
      9. Nobody Does Empty-Promises My Dear
      10. Reminisce the Past
      11. Eye in the Hole (feat. Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine)
      12. Cracked Mirrors, Stopped Clocks

      So now I’m just not into guessing how many songs will there be, just have to wait 36 days !

      • Did they really? So I guess some of the song titles that we have discovered may not be the real song titles. It’ll leak in about 30 days though!

        • They may not be, as much as they can be the real song titles, who knows ?
          I just can’t wait pre ordering it ! (and f**k the leak, I’ll wait 10/8 !)

          • I’m pre-ordering it too, but I damn sure will be listening to it the day it leaks lol

          • So much impatience !
            Personally, I’m a good fan, I’m waiting until the release date !

          • But.. I’m not a bad fan.. I’m still buying it lol

          • I was joking :p every ADTR fan is a great person, though

          • True

      • That tracklist was fake and Jeremy confirmed it back in 2010 when that hit the internet he said something along like lines of “Damn that tracklist is fake but Florence is awesome” So It’s safe to assume all track names we have seen are real with maybe an exception of song names changing.

        • I hope so !
          Thanks god it was fake, “The Day That Left Us Love” would have been a terrible song title. Their worst of all !

    • The tenth track could be “Part Of Me”

  281. If you look at that chart in the background, that smash mouth cover is the only one with a checkmark under production. Interesting.

  282. for anyone who may have missed it. I know @hasitleaked-88dcc5a4bd60facf01829dc481c65c8e:disqus already listed it but here’s the photo. Apologies if it’s a bit blurred.

    • This man is nothing but a god. Period.

      • Who, Jeremy? Lol

        • yeah ! he’s sooooooooooooo cool !

          • Gotta agree lol

          • Honestly, who can disagree ?

  283. I really hope they cover Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” not even kidding. I can hear it in my head, and I hear HEAVY SHIT. We’ll have to wait and see. We will have the album by what, like the 1st of October maybe?

    • I can see them covering Everyday Superhero. Just saying.

      • I can see that too.

        • I’m blind about this, I’ve never heard about this band xD Is it famous in the US ?

          • Yeah, they’re famous here. Not sure if you have seen the movie Shrek, but that’s basically how the song got big. Let me know if it sounds familiar haha


  284. It will be released 8th of october!

  285. OMG but but but but but… If there are 17 songs, ICAN’TWAIIIIIIIIIT !

  286. I remember hearing Jeremy say that they have a couple “different sounding songs” on this record so that tells me that there is a good chance that acoustic bit is part of a new song. He also recently posted that the heavy songs are “HEAVVVEEYYY” so I am very excited to see just how diverse this record is.

  287. Can’t fucking wait for this album. Sure as hell, I’ll buy it. Even if I will have to order it from USA merch sites (I’m italian). I will wait. I’m just so, so happy! Long live ADTR!

    • Same here, but in France !
      Check mate !

  288. Don’t think it’ll be 17 songs on the album. 15 songs for the standard issue of the album. Cover not on the album, probably bonus track on special editions and stuff and other song will be a bonus track (i.e. Why Walk on Water…-style)

    • Makes sense to me

      • I think Jeremy said something along the lines of “More than 15 tracks on an album is overkill” so it would add up. I’m sure he definitely said that 15 songs is about the most you can get away with a while back.

  289. Does anybody know what acoustic Skaff uses? It looks like a Gibson, but I’m not sure. I am sure that it is a very sexy guitar though.. haha

  290. I really hope we get a new song by the start of House Party which is in like 8 days

    • We more than likely will. This week will be exciting for sure.

    • We will, no doubt about it.

  291. Really could use a new song right now. This last month of waiting is gonna dragggggg so much.

  292. We’ve finally got a music video, but not what I was expecting.

    • Where?

    • What music video? Are you talking about the webisodes or something else?

      • The full length Golden Eagle rap video

        • Yeah saw it before, I actually downloaded it lmao

  293. The album hasnt been released because of their legal battle with victory over their contract

    • Patience young padawan. October 8th…

  294. From the Property of Zack website:

    A Day To Remember “Golden Eagle” Rap Music Video

    This is obviously not going to be on Common Courtesy. The question is, is Common Courtesy
    real in the way we expect it to be? We are now just about one month
    away from the album’s release with no pre-order, artwork, track listing,
    or label information (most likely because there is none).

    Sleeping With Sirens sold over 60,000 copies of Feel in its
    first week – the album has now sold over 117,000 copies. A Day To
    Remember are a bigger band than Sleeping With Sirens, but will look
    pathetic next to them if they do not get a true marketing plan out
    there, if they do not let fans buy their apparent album, etc.

    The mindset must be that the band needs to have a new album released
    before going on an arena tour, which they do. But if the band actually
    goes through with releasing this album on October 8th with no marketing,
    it’s a waste. Might as well let Victory Records win.

    • Just remember that this isn’t towards you in any way.. only towards Zack :

      “We are now just about one month away from the album’s release with no pre-order, artwork, track listing, or label information.”

      The album is coming out on October 8th, label or no label. For me personally, a pre-order, a track listing, and artwork are not important at all. As long as I get new music from them, I’m happy. It could be just a plain black background with all the tracks called “untitled” and I wouldn’t care. It’s about the music.

      What is Sleeping With Sirens? I thought it was a solo artist band called Kellin Quinn! Seriously though, I would say 90% of the people who bought “Feel” are teenage girls who think they will get to feel Kellin Quinn in their asshole. I am also pretty sure that SWS (Kellin Quinn) is almost as big as ADTR, mainly because of all the fan girls they attract. I’m not saying ADTR doesn’t have fan girls, but seriously, I’d rather chop a finger off than sit at a SWS show with 5000 girls screaming in my ears. That is literally the only reason why SWS (Kellin Quinn) sold that many copies of “Feel.” There is nothing special about that album at all, it’s the most generic album I’ve heard all year. That’s just me though.

      To say that releasing the album on the eighth without marketing is a “waste”… you gotta be kidding me right? They have self funded the album and Jeremy built a studio in the back of his house. Does he even know how much it costs to build a studio? If they release this album without a record label I’ll be extremely proud of them, no matter how good or how bad the album is. (Then again, I’ll definitely be proud of them if they do it with a label as well, considering that this record will KICK ASS)!

      Self releasing the album shows that they are still doing what they love, for their fans, and not for the money. They’re gonna lose a shit ton of money if they do this without a label.. and I’m assuming they are gonna lose a shit ton of money from Victory too. Of course a self release isn’t likely, but my point is that either way, the release of this album is not a WASTE. Are you really going to call it a waste after all the hard work that they’ve put into this album?

      Watch your words, Zack. Remember, this is all directed towards him.. not you. I could send this to him, but that will just lead to a bunch of drama, so I’m not doing it. Can’t wait for this album.

      • You are 100% right here Sloth.

        I think marketing is about to begin they have Adam Elmakias flying out to them now I bet it’s to take some promo photos for the album before he goes on the road with them but also Alex just uploaded a picture of there old tour van maybe the pictures will be themed about were they came from or maybe the van is gonna be used for a music video of some sorts seems like it would be fitting for a music video for Right back at it again or Where I came from.

        • Yeah, I saw that before. Didn’t really think of that, but that does make sense. We got a new episode coming tomorrow also, if I remember correctly, it’s every Friday now?

          • Drew posted photos of him in a house party kind of set just now too and he’s with ADTR. Probably just promo photos for the house party tour. Yup should be one tomorrow, looking forward too it!

  295. The album was delayed due to lawsuit issues plus they have funded the album themselves so give them a break if you was a true fan you would not care

  296. Okay, I analyzed the release hour of the first two episodes of the CC Series. And I think that the third episode will be out at 17 (west coast time) – 20.00 PM (east coast time) for the american adtr fans and at 1.00 AM (of september 7th) for the european fans.
    Yes, I have nothing to do, lol

    • It’s the thought that counts

  297. So, Victory posted this for their fall catalog and this is obviously the new and upcoming releases page… notice who’s missing…

    • YES!

    • YES a million times. So happy about this.

    • So it’s definitely a self-release. Undoubtedly.

  298. Album details? music video?

    • music video?

    • Hmm…then I wonder why they would address SoCal specifically with this news and not everyone.

      • Yeah, I’m wondering that too.

    • I know this is kind of way out of line, but Rockstar made Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V also takes place in Los Angeles, which is in Southern California. Just a random thought, maybe they’ll release a new song for GTA V?

      • Rockstar Energy and Rockstar Games are completely different things though I would love ADTR in GTA. Maybe it’s another tour date added to house party tour or a rockstar type festival that ADTR will play? Wish it was a new song but they only targeted SoCAL

        • Well I feel retarded. I was actually thinking that they would do a tour considering the amount of cans Andrew Wade drank in the first episode lmao

          • The House Party tour is already sponsored by Rockstar Energy.

          • Yeah. The only thing I’m confused about is what Socal has to do with this. Maybe there will be a Rockstar Energy tour.. maybe they will play a free show in California? I have no idea.

      • While they share the same name, Rockstar Energy and Rock star Games are very different, haha. I think they are also based in the same area.

  299. http ://www. youtube. com/watch? v=aWPYhgjzmW4 I KNEW IT! Ahahahaha

  300. You think the album will leak before release?
    and if it will, when?

    • Probably late September-October 5

      Some albums leak like 3 weeks before release, some leak like a day or two before release, and some release like 5 days before release. They usually release around five days before the actual release. So I think October 2-5 is most likely.

    • If it’s a self release like speculated then maybe 5 days before its initial release I can’t see it being earlier but I really wanna hear it! I have a feeling they might stream the album in its full before the 8th on there site anyways.

  301. I might just take the 8th off to celebrate this release

  302. Anyone notice the music playing in the background of the latest episode? It was the same music used for the ADTR21 video. Think it could be an intro for a song, maybe the opener?

    • I dunno if it will be on the record, but I was bugging Andrew Wade to get it on the record somehow.. it’s such an epic intro

    • They walk onto stage to this music. I’m guessing this will be the intro or interlude that goes into violence (enough is enough)

  303. ADTR’s twitter retweeted about something big happening, along with Neil Westfall’s tweet saying ‘tomorrow will be a great day’. Expect something today.

    • YES! I hope its more info on CC or a new song or a date for a new song.

    • Yeah there is 100 percent ADTR news today, just not sure If it’s news we wanna hear or not. Definitely ADTR news none the less.

  304. I hope this isn’t the only “big” news we get today, but ADTR just came out and said they’re having a concert this Saturday in California, promoted by Rockstar Energy…

    • I hope not either. Less than a month away, can’t they at LEAST give us the studio version of Right Back At It Again? I think we’ve been waiting long enough.

      • Seems like it is the “big news”… Disappointed

    • Possibly a curve ball til something released later tonight?

    • We better get something else. It was my first day back to school today, and I was expecting something to cheer me up…

  305. Anyone else think there is a chance the album will be delayed? :(

    I love this band more than anything but it’s starting to get confusing with the lack of pre order info and no new single yet. I really have faith they can get it out by Oct 8th but maybe something not in there control could change that because of Victory.

    • Nah, won’t be delayed. Album is finished and it’ll be a self-release so there’s no real reason for it to be delayed. In the next week or so we’ll get a single, pre-orders and new merch and stuff.

    • Well I don’t think they would have been announcing the release date as October 8th unless they were sure of it.

      • There last album was delayed after they announced a date for it too though.

    • I agree…

    • I swear @ warped tour 2014 I’m gonna go to the victory records booth destroy that shit

      • Kill the liars and start the fires!! :P

        • Be careful, there’s a Danger In Starting a Fire.

          • But it creates a Monument and The Price We Pay is Common Courtesy, the end of the Victory booth and then we’ll all be Better Off This Way.

          • There’s no need for more Violence- Enough is Enough!! It’ll be The Downfall of Us All. Patience is a virtue For Those Who Have Heart, and Heart Means Everything, so don’t be Heartless. Where I Came From, we were more civilised than this! Have Faith in Me, and Breathe Hope in Me, for now they’ll be just fine, now that they’re back on their own. They were just another promise that Victory couldn’t keep.

            If it comes out on Victory, we can just pirate the album and send them the money in the post. I’m alright with being a thief.

            But…. If It Means A Lot to You, then START THE SHOOTING!

          • I love how they did this sort of thing in the intro to the House Party Tour…Kind of makes me feel like they saw it and said…we’ll do that.b :)

  306. Well today they were announced as part of the annual 97X’s Next Big Thing concert in Tampa, Florida which is on December 7th. Big news if you’re in Tampa area like I am

  307. Check out the new TDWP album. God damn is that thing good. It leaked yesterday.

    • Ehh Im not liking it too much. The screamer is losing his voice and you can sort of tell. I mean the lyrics are great and all and I’ve loved all the albums before that but a self release wasn’t a great thing to do for their new album idk just my thoughts

      • A lot of people are saying that. I really don’t think that’s the case.. I feel like there is just more emotion in his voice in this one, and that’s gonna make him lose some of his vocal power. Just my thoughts as well. I can understand if you don’t like it for other reasons though, they took a big step outside of their original sound.

  308. According to the court documents, today at 10am there is a status hearing. Potentially an agreement could be made and the entire lawsuit could be over, or they won’t be able to reach an agreement and the case will drag on for longer, which may cause another delay in common courtesy.

    (see entry 154)

    • I swear, if this thing gets delayed any more, I may actually cry.

    • Maybe I’m looking wrong but were does it say on that picture a hearing was today? I cant see today’s date on it?

      • I fucked up, check out entry 152 not 154

        • Sorry no problem reading it now. :) Thank you!

    • are there any newer court updates?

      • Unfortunately the picture I posted was one that somebody else posted in this page earlier. They had access to the court website to look at the documents. I tried to get on the website and look at them but it costs money and I can’t justify spending that right now especially since I just blew a bunch on house party tour tickets lol

  309. Hey guys! I was wondering…do you think that they will play a new song on the House Party Tour?


    It seems as if Jeremy and the rest of the guys don’t give a fuck anymore and are putting the record out no matter what. THAT right there, is some good shit. Down with Victory!

  311. Jeremy did a huge interview with AP (sadly it’s only text and no video.. here are some important parts) :

    “I’m not going to let someone sit on my career and ruin our album.”

    “Maybe people will think we are cool because we didn’t try to sit on our album and make a bunch of money. I hope people understand that when this comes out, we will be in a weird position as a band. That doesn’t matter to us. All that matters to us is just playing music! We never started playing music to make money. We never started any of this for any other reason other than we love the music and we love what we do. We love this band that we created, and we love playing shows. We love to make people laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. People can actually find meaning in our songs, and that is so much more important to me than money. I think that is why we’ve been so successful. People need the realness in all of this stuff and to see that it’s genuine. I don’t think any of this will matter if people like the music, and hopefully, they do. We’re going to get it to them as soon as we physically can.”

    I’m so proud of Jeremy, Josh, Kevin, Neil, Alex, Tom, Big Boss, Chad, Drew, and anybody else who helped make this album. A lot of bands would just give up and say, “fuck it, we’re done,” but not these guys. That says a lot about who they are.

    ” We announced that we were going to put out the album, and immediately, someone tried to take that from us. We knew that we had to, though. If we don’t put it out, it could end our career.”

    Like Philip said, that right there was just a punch to the stomach, I don’t know about the rest of you guys. Those last 5 words…. damn. They also talk about the album later on in the interview. I’ll leave the rest for you guys. They are releasing this album no matter what. They won’t be held back, they can’t be held down.

    Click the continue reading button at the bottom of the page once you get there.

    • The saddest part about that interview is how he said Victory could possibly end there career. Man I feel so bummed out about that.

      • I think we should all tweet at Tony Brummel until he decides to jump off a fucking cliff.. wait never mind he is too much of a bitch to have a twitter

        • I’m going to buy this album more than once and get as many people ADTR fans or not to show them some support. They deserve it I wanna see the little guy come out on top for once.

          • Are we gonna be able to buy this album? I’m really not so sure right now.

          • To be honest If it does get delayed again I do understand and wont be mad that interview really gives a new perspective on the whole thing.

            I’d say it might be put on bandcamp and you pay your own price or it becomes free. I will find a pay to pay them somehow.

          • I’m gonna get all of their addresses and send them my bank account for this shit

          • Really wanna see them come out on top over Victory. I think people who hate Victory will come out and support them anyways even if they aren’t ADTR fans.

          • And there are still gonna be people calling them sellouts after all of this..

          • That interview screams everything but sellout.. So sincere and I like his attitude towards how It’s about music nothing else.

          • Couldn’t have said it better.. and I can’t be anymore proud of them

  312. We’re under a month’s wait boys!

  313. If you think about it this really sucks but if victory wants to be assholes like this fuck em let the lawsuit go through release the album anyway put it under a different name victory has contract with a day to remember put it out under a different name and continue the fight and then re-release it when a good record company comes their way then victory can see how bad they fucked up they have a chance to makes millions with all the hype this is drawing in it’s all about a dollar amount with them ADTR just wants to play the music and do it for the fans it’s pathetic what’s it’s come down to and I don’t blame Jeremy for saying the things he said if the album is leaked there is nothing victory can really do about it… They may have announced a date but it’s really not official leak it on another day to fans it’s not going against contract if the money is not directed towards them like you guys said we can pay directly toward Jeremy or Kevin etc. it doesn’t need to be put on a cd stream it I’m all about this album coming out but if we have to wait I’m gonna support them no matter what ill wait because I know what potential these guys have and I know this album is gonna kill it so I know I can speak for all of ADTR fans and say FUCK VICTORY thanks for keeping amazing music from great people and thanks for trying to destroy a great band no matter what they will keep making music and what they make won’t be going into your pocket for being collective rich assholes that really don’t seem like you know shit about music and what it means!!!!!

    • Sorry guys had to vent I hate record companies ESP ones that hurt good bands

      • I still love you Victory!!!
        lol jks. :P

  314. I reckon ADTR should go back to Indianola to release Common Courtesy. :P
    Seriously though, if/when they break away from Victory, They should go to Epitaph. Could you imagine, Parkway Drive, Bring Me The Horizon, Skip The Foreplay, The Ghost Inside, Bad Religion and then ADTR…the tours would be amazing!!!!!!!

    • did u forget falling in reverse sry?”’?1!!’!!11!

      (p.s. just joking)

      • lmao falling in reverse hahahaha

    • Epitaph would help them bring out their heavier side too, since that’s their bag really.

  315. Well guys, someone asked on Neil’s twitter “Are you guys gonna play songs from CC on the House Party Tour?” And He replied “Yup!”. Not too much of a surprise but at least it’s verification.

  316. I’m just worried that when they get away from Victory, no other labels will want them.