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""Odyssey to the West is an exploration of myth and the use of narrative archetypes, as we all as a deconstruction of (and perhaps even an homage to) religious allegory.

The story itself is one as old as time: a pilgrimage to the holy mountain by a lone wanderer, with trials, tests and the occasional moment of lucid beauty leading to an ending that links together and explains the universe our back catalogue occupies."

With a description like that, it makes me want to really hear the album now. Be on lookout for Slice The Cake's upcoming album in 2014!"

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Track list:


1. The Exile I
2. The Exile II
3. Silver and Stone I
4. Silver and Stone II
5. Silver and Stone III
6. Westward Bound I
7. Westward Bound II
8. Pieces of Ruins
9. Unending Waltz
10. From Shell to Shell
11. All is Knives
12. Destiny's Fool
13. The Holy Mountain
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1. The Exile I. The Razor’s Edge
2. The Exile II. The City of Destruction
3. Stone and Silver I. The Mountains of Man
4. Stone and Silver II. The Horned God
5. Stone and Silver III. The Man of Papyrus Limbs
6. Westward Bound I. The Lantern
7. Westward Bound II. The Pilgrim’s Progress
8. Castle in the Sky II. The Tree of Life
9. Unending Waltz
10. From Shell to Shell
11. The Dark Carnival
12. The Man of Ash and Rust I. The Torn Thread
13. The Man of Ash and Rust II. Nameless, Faceless
14. Destiny’s Fool
15. The Holy Mountain

Odyssey To The West (Album Teaser)

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Stone And Silver I. The Mountains of Man

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The Exile Part II - The City of Destruction

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