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The most suitable adjective to define the career of Dark Lunacy is "cyclic", the Parma band chooses from time to time to retrace roads already jokes, just to better themselves, almost impossible task for one of the best Italian metal bands that our country has ever been able to offer. Yes, because the history of Dark Lunacy is dotted only with masterpieces, album ever thrown to the case of compositions ever submitted to enumerate whim, record only released to the whim to make up the numbers. 2016 so this brings us a band in the usual, extraordinary form, that aside for a moment the love for the history and the Russo-Soviet culture (widely present in two absolute posters named 'The Diarist' [2006] and 'The Day Of Victory '[2014]) to return to the more intimate side, and in a certain, melancholic sense of their discography, a stretch already exalted in' Weaver of Forgotten 'and especially in the embryonic stage of the group.

' the Rain After the Snow ', the title of the new work of Dark Lunacy, album written and produced by Jacopo Rossi, bassist of the group, and interpreted by the unmistakable uvula dell'inossidabile Mike Lunacy. Already by the words chosen to name the full-length can be heard on the meat the feelings and emotions that Parma want to unleash the listener, an inner storm that detract from the public's mind in a whirl of notes and symphonies that can not leave us indifferent . One can appreciate this from the very beginning with the mighty and overwhelming 'Ab Umbra Lumen', where the opening classic melody and orchestral frequent references mingle with the typical impetuosity of the death of the Dark Lunacy class, instrumental section accompanied by a text bleak and oppressive ( "I have become the heartless one / An epitaph of myself / Deity's shame / No paradise / I'm lost / In the dark / in pain", so recite some verses of the song). Nostalgic atmosphere that permeates the entire disk, the sufferer 'Howl' (with seductive bass lines by Rossi) where the soul becomes weaker, devastated by deep and ancient scars, wandering in a shrill limbo in which reigns voice of Mike Lunacy. It is a short step from there to enter in the Arctic realm of 'King With No Throne' and 'Gold Rubies And Diamonds', trapped in the form ethereal and retained by the inexistence frost, from that nature gives and then, merciless, off. A touching cry of abandonment can be seen later in 'Precious Things', one of the most emotionally powerful traces of 'The Rain After The Snow', Symphony of a spirit broken in the fall of Pindar among the millions of tears, an ocean of sadness where the limbs sink in 'Tides Of My Heart'. With the bombastic title track, adorned with solemn choirs, continues the path of despair in the sea, reaching regret lightning and awareness 'Life In The Deep Lake', ending the desperate journey to the afterlife in 'The Awareness'. It closes the poignant instrumental 'Fragments Of A Broken Dream'.

In conclusion it is inevitable to add and praising the presence of dozens of musicians that make up the orchestra that creates the notavole symphonic plant 'The Rain After The Snow', so no samples , only refinement and feeling. A question that can arise spontaneously at the end of this record is "Where have arrived now Dark Lunacy?" The answer wants to say "I'm back home."

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Track list:


1. Ab Umbra Lumen
2. Howl
3. King With no Throne
4. Gold, Rubies and Diamonds
5. Precious Things
6. Tide of My Heart
7. The Rain After the Snow
8. Life Deep in the Lake
9. The Awareness
10. Fragment of a Broken Dream

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