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Canadian death metal squad Aeternam announced their forthcoming album will be named "Al Qassam". Track list is yet unknown. Achraf Loudiy (vocals/guitars) hinted that it will be about myths related to ancient Egyptian exotic ages. Their previous work included:

The sheer amount of talent and creativity inherent in Aeternam is refreshing and metalheads everywhere took notice once the band’s debut studio album "Disciples of the Unseen" was unleashed upon the world in 2010 on Metal Blade Records.

In 2012, Aeternam's second full-length album "Moongod" was released, receiving an all-out positive review and making it on many "top albums of the year" lists. Having developed in maturity and sound, "Moongod" is a continuation of "Disciples of the Unseen" as well as having grown into a new context: “Symphonic Ethnic Metal”. In 2015, the band announced that they were working on a concept album on which tales of nine rulers of the ancient times would be depicted through both a musical and lyrical odyssey.

"Ruins of Empires" was released in February 2017 and is to date Aeternam's most well-received album. In support of the release, the band went on a streak of shows, working with The Flaming Arts and Continental Records booking agencies to ultimately play the famous 70 000 tons of Metal cruise and tour both Europe and North America alongside Orphaned Land, Tyr, Suffocation and Venom Inc.

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Track list:


1 - Al Qassam
2 - The Bringer of Rain
3 - Lunar Ceremony
4 - Ithyphallic Spirits of Procreation
5 - Palmyra Scriptures (ft. Kobi Farhi)
6 - Hanan Pacha
7 - Celestial Plains
8 - Ascension
9 - Poena Universi

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Al Qassam

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Lunar Ceremony

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Palmyra Scriptures

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