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On a recent tweet, legendary black metal band Burzum announces a new ambient album to accompany game-play in the Varg Vikernes crafted Myfarog role-playing game.

Vikernes described the album-to-come as a collection of spare ambient works:

The working title for the next Burzum album is “Thulêan Mysteries” & it has – as the planned song list show (see image below) – a Thulêan theme.

The intention of the album is to be background music for your MYFAROG game session.

It might well work for others situations too…

Other situations? Presumably he means restoring Western Civilization, but one never knows.

Track list:


1. The Sacred Well
2. The Loss of a Hero
3. ForeBears
4. A Thulêan Perspective
5. Gathering of Herbs
6. Heill auk Sæll
7. Jötunnheimr
8. Spell-Lake Forest
9. The Ettin Stone Heart
10. The Great Sleep
11. The Land of Thulê
12. The Lord of the Dwarves
13. A Forgotten Realm
14. Heill Óðinn, Sire
15. The Ruins of Dwarfmount
16. The Road to Hel
17. Thulêan Sorcery
18. Descent into Niflheimr
19. Skin Traveller
20. The Dream Land
21. Thulêan Mysteries
22. The Password
23. The Loss of Thulê

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