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If you've joined the atmosphere established on the debut """solo""" album of singer-songwriter, actress etc. Letícia Novaes, now the emotions will be intensified.

"If before it was a state of heavy weather, now it is in tears", she says, stressing that it is not just a cry of melancholy. "We also cry with joy, longing, when we enjoy ... It's not just sadness."

Letícia also says that everyone in her band participated in the album's creative process, which includes features from Lovefoxxx and Liniker. "It is a very dense album. The compositions are still my madness, and I continue with my weird good humor. It has everything, even samba. A Twin Peaks-y samba, David Lynch-y, but it is a samba. There's also music to dance, to cry, to give courage."

When embarking on a "complete human tour" for the new work, which will be released through the Natura Musical project, Letrux reaffirms her taste for living as many experiences as possible. "After all, I don't cry just out of sadness. I also cry watching a beautiful video of a baby who managed to survive."

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Track list:


01. Déjà-Vu Frenesi
02. Dorme Com Essa
03. Fora Da Foda feat. Luisa Lovefoxxx
04. Eu Estou Aos Prantos
05. Contanto Até Que
06. Vai Brotar
07. Cuidado Paixão
08. Sente o Drama feat. Liniker
09 El Día que no me Quieras
10. Abalos Sísmicos
11. Salve Poseidon
12. Esse Filme que Passou Foi Bom
13. Cry Something Awkward

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Déjà Vu Frenesi (Official Video)

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