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Andorran progessive death metal band Persefone are back with metanoia, their first album in five years, and leading the charge for the forthcoming 12-track release is the music video for the new single, "Merkabah."

The group embraces their progressive leanings with utmost sincerity, crafting a song with a thrilling sense of emotional range that is unpredictable from moment to moment. The versatility on "Merkabah" foreshadows what will likely be a challenging adventure over the course of the full metanoia album, requiring repeat listens to fully absorb the breadth of Persefone's ambition.

Speaking about the song, the band stated, “metanoia is all about a musical journey for a spiritual breakthrough. 'Merkabah' is a vehicle to elevate, 'Merkabah' asks for meditation and trust in the process. With this song we wanted to mark a pivotal moment in the album and write about a personal detour from the old self, a painful and needed transformation to reach new heights, to leave fear behind, to embrace life as the amazing experience we have been gifted with… 'on my knees, I still believe.'”

Regarding the album on the whole, Persefone continued, “metanoia is the next step in our personal pursuit for existential growth through music. This album is a call for a deep change, a call for an inner journey through fear and pain, a call for a leap into a meaningful and rooted place. Making this album has forced us to face many musical and personal hurdles and fears, and the result of that confrontation lives within all the notes and words captured on this new chapter in our journey. May you will find meaning in all this musical chaos."

Watch the music video for "Merkabah" below and view the metanoia album art and track listing further down the page. The new record will be released on Feb. 4 on Napalm Records and pre-orders can be placed.

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Track list:


01. "Metanoia" ft. Einar Solberg
02. "Katabasis"
03. "Architecture of the I"
04. "Leap of Faith"
05. "Aware of Being Watched"
06. "Merkabah"
07. "Consciousness Part III"
08. "Anabasis Part I"
09. "Anabasis Part II" ft. Steffen Kummerer, Angel Vivaldi und Merethe Soltvedt
10." Anabasis Part III"

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