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EDM star Avicii announced that his new album would be a revolutionary rehashing of overused EDM ideas and an album that he hoped would maintain the musical status quo by offering no flashes of unnecessary and alienating innovation whatsoever.

“I’m really thinking inside the box for this one,” explained Avicii. “Sometimes you get bored with searching for new sounds and ideas that help push the scene forward. When that happens you just have to go back to basics, because it’s a bit hard to come up with new stuff.”

Rather than throwing away the rule book, Avicii claims he’ll be “adhering strictly to the rule book” on what has been described as his latest “dance music by numbers project”.

“What’s the point in having a well worn rule book if you’re just going to throw it away?” asked the producer. “When I’m sitting down to a game of monopoly with the Swedish House Mafia do I just throw away the rules? No, I don’t. I follow the rules to the letter because it makes the game more fun for everyone.”

Describing the sound of the work in progress as “more of the same” Avicii drew comparisons between his current project and everything he’s done before, “you’ve heard Levels right?? Sorry, of course you have. It’ll sound broadly similar to that”.

“There’ll be some amazing sounds on this album that the typical listener will definitely have heard before,” continued the excited Swedish producer. “So listeners should really be excited by how familiar the album will feel when they listen to it.”

Listing what we can expect on the album Avicii claimed there’ll be about ten tracks of “brash electro-house full of heavy bass drops” with some “arbitrary and novel collaborations” thrown in for good measure.

The album, entitled Still True, is expected to hit shelves later this summer.

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