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joice aliens, the wait may finally be over. Along with the announcement of the second edition of the Mothership Tour, Skrillex is on the cusp of releasing what could be his first full length album. After years of questions, the release that fans have been salivating for since the Bangarang EP dropped in 2011, appears to be just around the corner. In the most quintessential Skrill-esque way, the album’s release is marked by an over-the-top novelty and hint of enigmatic charm; as details regarding Recess begin to reach the wire.

Sonny recently updated his website that is guarded by a lovably exasperating little extra-terrestrial figure. His website redirects to an application on the iTunes store called “Alien Ride.” The app is a space themed game reminiscent of Galaga, that bears the word “recess” before entering the game. However the apps real appeal to the OWSLA-naut’s hungry fans is the 8-bit folder on the game’s main page that is locked and labeled as “secret.” The application features a timer that is tantalizingly ticking away, and as fans grow more and more restless, some early speculation as to what Grammy award winning producer has under the hood is beginning to flood in.

The secret folder has since been cracked, exposing 11 unnamed tracks, complete with iTunes and Google Play pre-order codes, stream links, and time-stamps. The folder hacking is the tip of the iceberg as speculation continues to get juicier and tension continues to build among Reddit conspiracy theorists and voracious fans. A snapshot photo from the end of the recently released recap video for the Brooklyn-leg of the Takovers Tour Sonny just capped off, shows the producer pointing at his computer screen with an iTunes folder visible in the background titled “Recess.”

Further digging has fed to the rumor of Best Buy’s stock list including an album titled, Recess, to be available on shelves on March 18th. With the countdown timer quickly coming to its final hours, we will soon know some truth to these hearsay details. We will be sure to keep you updated as information continues to unfold.

Update: The Alien Ride application’s timer has finally reached zero. Taking the user to a new menu inside the game, a chain of sleeping alien figures are connected together as the game’s starscape background zooms by.The first snoozing alien features a 30 minute timer next to it. The sleeping space-beings are connected down a line, which eventually reaches a much larger, ominous flame-shooting alien. Whatever Skrill is up to, it has fans waiting at the edges of their seats just a little bit longer. Check back for further details as the updates unravel.

Update: It is official, shout it from the rooftops. The first track from Skrillex’s first full-length album Recess, is now available on the Alien Ride application, along with the pre-order link on iTunes. The first song is called, “All is Fair in Love and Brostep” and reintroduces the classic, bulldozing, grimy Skrillex sound that has been feverishly anticipated. The next sleeping alien is marked with the timer, with more new music only moments away.

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1. All Is Fair In Love and Brostep
2. Recess
3. Stranger

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