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The 2014 Pain Sunday morning was quite koleanpuoleinen, when the sky poured onto the rain so hard with dedication, because I remember playing the realization of festarointipäivän itself. But after all it was seen as Satyricon, Emperor and had to complain about, so I decided to arrive on time to make sure it hypotermiavaaraa more important point, namely the eturivipaikan. Fortunately, this decision spun away, as if I had arrived only an hour later, I would not be able to say that I wonder who the hell issues like a small local band was buukannut to open the main stage? Fortunately, the band ended up in the plot to perform well hell, and "Skyline Escape 'debut has since remained surprisingly strong in the playlists. Somewhat ironically, after that first contact with a surprisingly Amendfoil has sunk into its own kind of couple years of silence, which the band has fortunately finally emerging in the form of "Empyrean & Ophidian" -levykäisen. And by the way was worth the wait!

The band's distinctive style blending heavier rock, all kinds of metal features, ornate riffs and extraordinary tahdituksia is on the disk just as strongly present than to put up with hope. It is, stoners, is a little menevämpää basic model of rock and well-metallic characteristics. They were among this deck a little headstrong individualist and progehtavampia features, and you'll be relatively close to Amendfoilin style.

"Empyrean & Ophidian" Jari does not start promisingly: "Odious" - and "Pale Horse" songs are indeed comfortable and reaching rallies and contain very catchy choruses, but seem a little too ns. "An infrastructure", which does not itself be fooled by the good beginning of this disc. But that's what these songs are a bit hackneyed, "Dead Wrong" manages to lift the mood so fucking high. One of the main features of the band's sound, its own kind of high liihottava majestic bombast can be reached in this section fully into their own. The production brings to mind his own way maestro Devin Townsend similar rhetoric and HevyDevy-parables to this end at all: the band's singer-guitarist Lassi Mäki-Kala vocal is reminiscent of that of the Canadian bald head out of the way to push higher notes. A good practical example of this can be found immediately following "The Passenger" chapter in the epic chorus.

The album has been promised to be darker than its predecessor, and perhaps totisin proof of this will be "The Catalyst" instrumental pave the way for "Catharsis" in the form of the song, which seems to also be the heaviest album of songs. This again affects the hard Mäki-Kala strong and persuasive voice control. The darker the line to "Darken Waters", which is not necessarily the level of the three preceding paragraphs rise, but includes again to continue strong and convincing chorus and a very atmospheric C-section. A little kepeämpi "Less Than A Ghost" to provide the least remarkable piece plate posts, and does not seem to contain just that much nothing interesting. The subsequent slower track "Quicksand" is, therefore, quite a mirror image of this piece: the devil, if this is not the chorus of the song all the cliché and siirappisesta "you're poison to me", despite the content catchiest things that I have heard this year! "Omnivore" I'll be back a little action-packed cost, bringing to the table loppumetreillään massive boulder riff Break Down, which comfortably leads the board decides "Silver Linings" chapter, which after a slow and atmospheric changes originated in the middle of a massive driving force that leads the listener until the last loppuhäivennykseen.

The band's distinctive style blending heavier rock, all kinds of metal features, ornate riffs and extraordinary tahdituksia is on the disk just as strongly present than to put up with hope, even though somewhat more compact and discreet form. Koukeroisuus is not as significant part of the disc as the disc debut, which may be good, and that on a bad. A few little less interesting song from the disc may be found, but on the whole "Empyrean & Obsidian" Unable to betray: the band is back in all its massiveness one of chorea as ever. If Von Hertzen Brothers break take some time, at least not signatories would not mind if the band Amendfoil place nappaisi Finnish progehtavan expression as the name of the bow.

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Track list:


1. Odious
2. Pale Horse
3. Dead Wrong
4. The Passenger
5. Catalyst
6. Catharsis
7. Darken Waters
8. Less Than a Ghost
9. Quicksand
10. Omnivore
11. Silver Linings

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