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This is Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's feature film, A Star Is Born, and its impressive soundtrack. It's a country heavy soundtrack - with a host of different americana artists like Jason Isbell. But we also get Mark Ronson and Sweden's Miike Snow. Almost all of the songs were performed by the duo and recorded live on the set.

You can also look for the movie leak and download at our sister site, Where You Watch. See the source link for more. And except for being out on streaming and digital download, the soundtrack will get a vinyl release.

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Track list:


1. Intro
2. “Black Eyes” – Performed by Bradley Cooper.
3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
4. Fabulous French
5. “La Vie En Rose” – Performed by Lady Gaga.
6. I’ll Wait For You
7. “Maybe It’s Time” – Performed by Bradley Cooper.
8. Parking Lot
9. “Out of Time” – Performed by Bradley Cooper.
10. “Alibi” – Performed by Bradley Cooper.
11. Trust Me
12. “Shallow” – Performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.
13. First Stop, Arizona
14. “Music To My Eyes” – Performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.
15. “Diggin’ My Grave” – Performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.
16. I Love You
17. “Always Remember Us This Way” – Performed by Lady Gaga.
18. Unbelievable
19. How Do You Hear It?
20. “Look What I Found” – Performed by Lady Gaga.
21. Memphis
22. “Heal Me” – Performed by Lady Gaga.
23. “I Don’t Know What Love Is” – Performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.
24. Vows
25. “Is That Alright?” – Performed by Lady Gaga.
26. SNL
27. “Why Did You Do That?” – Performed by Lady Gaga.
28. “Hair Body Face” – Performed by Lady Gaga.
30. “Before I Cry” – Performed by Lady Gaga.
31. “Too Far Gone” – Performed by Bradley Cooper.
32. Twelve Notes
33. “I’ll Never Love Again (Film Version)” – Performed by Lady Gaga.
34. “I’ll Never Love Again (Extended Version)” – Performed by Lady Gaga.

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