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A whole lot of nothing is really known of this new record, Jesus Is King, but what we do know is the album title, release date, and there was a tracklist posted by his wife on Instagram. Kanye has performed one of the songs, "Water", live, and seems to be the replacement album for Yandhi (if that ever comes).

Track list:


1. Glade
2. Garden
3. Selah
4. God Is
5. Baptized
6. Sierra Canyon
7. Hands On
8. Wake The Dead
9. Water
10. Through The Valley
11. Sunday
12. Sweet Jesus

Set for Sunday


Like all Kanye's latest albums, Jesus Is King has been delayed. It's now set for a Sunday (September 29) release. Expect this to leak, and get official streams on Spotify and Apple Music. As well as official downloads on iTunes etc.

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October 25


Another, and hopefully final, album release date has been published. Ye tweeted "October 25" with a picture of a blue vinyl, with the title Jesus is King.

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Kanye debuts album in LA


It looks like the album is actually arriving on time as he debut album tracks in LA. The Face writes that it is indeed a Christian album, with no swearing. "All of the songs he played included allusions to God". Check out a live recording from the night in the source link below.

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