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Brace for impact as the astral terrors converge, heralding the imminent onslaught of ‘Finitude’ ! We are once again very proud to have sealed a pact with the first-class The Artisan Era to present our latest offering, fruit of many sleepless nights of hard work, fights and introspection. Eight tracks of extreme symphonies of Death, a one-way journey to the very end ! No turning back !

You may see Stortregn labeled as progressive death, melodic death, technical death, blackened death and all other forms of death metal out there, so let me clear out the haze for you. It’s ALL of them. Throw a dash of jazz in the blender as well. But it doesn’t sound as if the band alternates between all these genres, rather like there’s a certain percentage of influence from each of them making its presence known at all times. It’s a mix-breed colossus between most of the known facettes of extreme metal coming together as a whole. I’ll try to build an idea for you from the ground up. The drum part is extreme in both speed and sound. It is loaded with blast beats and double pedals evoking the black metal influence but the insane tempo and clarity of the pedals twists it into technical death. This alternates with fast kick-snare structures akin to the more traditional death metal and with endless details boosting the progressive influence (See the polyrhythmic transition in Grand Nexion Abyss) as well as a wide range of syncopes off-beat cymbal play and drum rolling on the snare. The full structure sounds like multiple forms of grinding at once. This is the support structure for a psychotic mush of roaring guitar riffs, epic harmonized lead melodies and technical bass parts flowing in and out of each other and taking turns in the spotlight. Epic melodic themes are such a dominant element that despite the brutality, you can actually feel that the instruments sing (which is a good thing cos that’s the last thing on the vocalist’s priority list). The solos are very technical but they circle around the song’s themes a lot so a solo is never a just a momentary flash of technicality but a musical phrase cleverly weaved into the maze of textures that the entire band creates. Then, the vocal part comes in to boost the aggression in both high and low registers of death growls with a dash of black metal shrieking. It’s nothing out of the ordinary but it’s very well delivered and fits like a glove with the band’s sound. To top it off, there are also some spoken word and whispered parts that make the attitude even more menacing.

Track list:


1. Finitude
2. A Lost Battle Rages On
3. Xeno Chaos
4. Cold Void
5. Rise of the Insidious
6. Omega Axiom
7. De Inferno Solis
8. The Revelation

Xeno Chaos

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A Lost Battle Rages On

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