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    I dont know why, and im sure im not the only one, but I hate having an album added, and then someone comes around and adds the “Deluxe” version. ITS THE SAME DAMN ALBUM. There are just a few more songs. The mods on this site, if their are even any, are lazy as hell. If someone forgot or missed the few extra tracks off the deluxe version, then put it in the comments. Dont go and make a whole new post just for it. Thats bullshit in my opinion. There are users, myself included, that can go into someone elses post and edit things to make them right. If your not one of them then tough shit. Step your game up and get the jump on albums before someone else does. This goes for “Updated” albums as well. If someone posted before the cover or tracklist was released, dont go behind them and repost the SAME DAMN ALBUM. Supid fucking people. Just post it in the comments and someone will probably fix it in the existing post. There are hella people getting points from adding albums that are already added, and I dont know why, but it annoys the shit out of me. Anyways thanks for reading. Where are the mods even at? SMFh

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    this has been addressed, but I would also like to make a different point, sometimes deluxe albums are released at the same time as the standard album. those ones i would say to ban, other ones are released over a year after the standard those ones id like to see on the site

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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