This Site is just about worthless

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    I say that because if your looking for a specific release, if its not something known to the masses, you will never know if it leaked it or not. A released I shared on this site was leaked today, but I guess im the ONLY one who knows who it is, so it never got marked as being leaked Fucking stupid


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    @Foodstamp420, I don’t really think the sight can be rightfully blamed. Because people do not share the same musical taste is not the sites fault. Users are the ones that are responsible for marking an album leaked and not the proprietors of the website.

    If you want to get people interested in your posts and see if their are individuals with like minded musical taste then start a post in the general music discussion.

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    Sorry to hear you feel that way @Foodstamp420

    But the more users we get, the more leak reports are coming in. One important note – When you add an album it clearly states that “add as much information as possible”. You didn’t add any info to the album. It makes it difficult for fans of the album to find your addition.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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